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Happy birthday to wee Mags and shamus,and all others on the GG who are celabrating. My god Mags thats a year already . How time flies when your having fun. Hope you and the yank had a great day. biggrin.gif
Hi Wee mags an' Shamus.....sorry Ah didnae get a wee birthday wish in fur ye...hope ye hud a great day onywey.....

An' a Happy/Happy tae you bit yur no gettin' ony younger..ur ye?......bit then nane o' us ur....huv a rerr day tae yersel biggrin.gif
wee mags
Hi Jakka I hope you have a great day enjoy wink.gif
Happy Birthday
Angela Chick
Happy birthday jakka have a lovely day
Jakka.....hope all your birthday wishes come true! Happy Birthday! biggrin.gif
jakka...have a great day and many more

....and belated best wishes to all the others I have missed....

annie laurie
Happy Birthday Jakka,
Many, Many ,more to Come have a good Year, tongue.gif
Jakka have a great dau, and many many more biggrin.gif
Tori G
Jakka have a most wonderful time with your Birthday Celebrations.

Happy Birthday Jakka
Tori G
Happy birthday to all the others I have missed, have a Good One
Happy Birthday Peaches! Enjoy your day! biggrin.gif
Angela Chick
Happy Birthday peaches have a good one
Angela Chick
Happy birthday Italia and Strawberrythistle have a good day
Tori G
Happy birthday StrawberryThistle Have a nice day.

Buon Compleanno Italia
Buon Divertimento
Joan 7
Happy Birthday Jean
hope it was a good one also belated wishes to Marion (Itaila)
and Alfie for yesterday

Hi Jean....sorry a'hm a wee bit late...Hope ye hud a lovely birthday,
wis the auld man good tae ye?...huv a great year biggrin.gif
Angela Chick
Happy birthday hankjay have a good one
Happy Birthday Nell! Enjoy the day! Hope you have many happy returns! biggrin.gif
Well hullo there Thistle 46..and of course the illustrious Mr Lowson

Wishing you both a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the Land of the Maple Leaf..

Huv yursels a rerrterr!!!!!! smile.gif
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Happy Birthday biggrin.gif Well,half a cake is better than none
Angela Chick
Happy Birthday Thistle and David have a good one
[COLOR=purple]Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Thistle and David...Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a grand day! tongue.gif
Tori G
Happy Birthday to All that I forgot to say Happy Birthday Too
keelie gal'
happy birdy hope you both have a good one, biggrin.gif
happy bellybirthday whitshisname the big 40 enjoy life begins at 40
Angela Chick
Happy 40th witshisname have a good one
Thanx Angela Chick,another year older and a few less
I am coming home next april and hope to look around the old neighbourhood,hope Mario's fish 'n chip shop is still you for the birthday wishes.Thanx everyone for the kind wishes.
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Marion, happy birthday to you!!! lets all sing it at wance!! can ye hear us,that Catherine is the loudest, Melody is right behind her! wishing you a happy birthday Marion and many, many more!!
Tori G
Happy Birthday to You.....Ha....ppy Birthday to You....Ha...ppy Birthday....

Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you....Marion have a most enjoyable time, Enjoy Enjoy!!!!!!!.....

Love and hugs from Tori,..xoxoxoxoxox
[font=Impact] [font=Optima]HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARION
wee mags
Happy Birthday Marion ,I hope you have a good wan wink.gif
keelie gal'
[COLOR=purple][SIZE=7]happy birthday marion hope you have a lovely day biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday,again Marion. Many happy ,happy returns ,hugs jakka13
Marion Dougan
Thanks guys. Hope they are aw drunk in the Horseshoe an hain a rerr terr, cause am gonna the night when ma weans ur here. Weans eh, wan nearly 40 an wan nearly 34. An ma wee Haydan 13 in March, aw naw a TEENAGER. She jist started Junior high in August, trying to unlock her locker the second day, she's tryin n tryin an the boy she likes came up and tried, guess whit, she wis trying the wrang locker, poor Haydan a big riddy. Kinda like oor Catherine, aw naw take that back quick.... jist jokin hen a love ye
Tori G
Haaaaappy Birthdaaaaay tooooo you.....Haaaappy Birthdaaaay tooo you.....Haaaappy Birrrrrthday

Keelie gal

Have a Wonderful day/afternoon/evening/year

Luv from Tori xoxoxo
Angela Chick
Happy Birthday Keelie gal have a good one biggrin.gif
happy birthday to you keeliegal
Happy Birthday tae Witshisname, Marion & Keelie Gal

Sorry if ah'm late

Cheers all - Teeny tongue.gif
QUOTE (marina @ 21st Oct 2005, 12:02 PM)

"Aw Ra Best" & Many, Many, More "In Good Health"!!!
Happy Birthday Keelie, hope ye have a lovely day biggrin.gif

Belated wishes to Whitshisname, yer jist a babe winkwink

{hoi looby ah jist read that, Haydens no faur fae ma tree}
Happy Birthday Keelie gal. Hope you had a good day.
Happy Birthday,Keelie Gal, and many happy returns . I hope someone sang to you today .Just incase they didn't I'll sing the birthday song for you right now.Cheers jakka
Happy Birthday Marg, hope ye have a lovely day biggrin.gif
{wherr are ye?}
The Rogano is seventy years old today!

Happy Birthday Rogano ! Yer still the most glamorous place to go in the city. Ah jist kid on ah'm on the Queen Mary when ah'm in there. How lucky we are to have the Rogano and to enjoy those beautiful surroundings. No tae mention the delicious food. wub.gif
big tommy
Hi Everybody
My birthday is on Boxing Day 26th December .The day after Christmas ,so I usually get just one present to cover both days .
Dont forget to put the date in your diaries .
Tori G
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to my Dad Happy Birthday to You

Have a Great Day glezgaman

Lots of Love from your daughter Tori, Tim and Julian.

You Know We Love You Heaps and Heaps and Heaps

O.K, glezgaman , if Tori is your daughter ,you've raised a smasher .Happy Birthday Tori's Dad la la la .Cheers jakka13
Happy Birthday Glezgaman, have a great day biggrin.gif

Didnae no Tori wis yer daughter...things ye fun oot sittin doon huvin a coffee eh? winkwink

appy bellybutton birthday glesgaman 21 again rolleyes.gif and the rogano a dozen oysters with lime juice oh yum yum delish
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