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doremi when you were wee You used to peel the Tatties
now your big & u can JIG & also kiss the laddies
have a great birthday Rena, Isobel & everyone having a birthday.
with a great year to follow for everyone.
from 2 beach bums Karen & Jessie
Rena hope you are having a great day . Mine was yesterday the 29th. Quite quiet had lunch with ma best pal ,and wondered if a should be happy about the fact im waiting on the pension arriving or be sad that the big birthday has arrived.
I want to thank all ma friends on here for their kind wishes . Its really nice to come on and see how many people are thinking of you . Cheers Isobel wink.gif
Happy Birthday Rena and Isobel. wub.gif
Happy Birthday Cameron, Jazzyb and Bantonmains hope all three of you have a wonderful day and many more . smile.gif
Happy birthday guys ,hope you have a great day , biggrin.gif

By the way George thanks for the beautiful flowers, Isobel
Lucky day, eh?

Happy Birthday ..Hope it's a good one for the 3 of you and that the year to come's good to you:)
Jan Williams
Have a fantastic day,jazzyb, cameron & bantomains.
Happy Birthday all, hope it was a good one for you, with lots of nice pressies. wink.gif
Hi Heather, Marg, Wee Mags, Teeny and last but not least Jessiemac:
Tonight I discovered the birthday board wub.gif so I just have to thank you all for the good wishes, better late than never right.
August 26
Happy Birthday to yoo(s)
March 'n April's hid a ferr few
Happy Birthday tae e'biddy
Happy Birthday tae yoo(s)

(so's nae tae miss onybiddy oot)

Teeny wub.gif
wee mags
Hi Russ happy birthday ,and you to Linzah I hope you both had a good yin biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Russ..long time no see....Happy Birthday Linzeh...wherr art thou?....Yer both missed biggrin.gif
david lowson
Happy birthday Norah, hpoe its a good one.
Happy Birthday Nora, I hope you have a lovely day and Archie takes you out the wallet there Archie. I s he taking you to dinner and buying you lovely pressies. All the best !! wub.gif
wee mags
Hi Norah I hope that Archie opened his wallet the day ,Iam sure he did ,All the best for a lovely day Happy Birthday to you wink.gif
Happy Birthday Dear Norah Happy B-day to you & Many & best wishes from the wild west..sandi & jessiemac too..& Lisaann & wee izzy..they always ask for you & ARchie..Now I can tell them what Archie was really saving his $$ for..Norah's Special Day
Happy B-day to all the other I've missed this month..Here's to a great new year in your lifes
Archie Millar
Don't talk aboot it--went up for a meal last night -wis on the wine-- hud a bottle o' Spanish Riorca an' a bottle o' some bloody Australian stuff called Sun Hill ---Still sufferin',especialy in ma wallet ohmy.gif
Belated Birthday Wishes Norah, I hope you enjoyed your meal and have a lovely day, Archie's sufferin' poor soul. Take Care
Birthday wishes to each and everyone who is celebrating their special day. Aw the best tae yes. Hey,nae wonder there are soo many moths flyin aboot, oor resident skinflint (not) opened up the auld purse tae treat Nora. Sounds like it was a smashin meal. Again Happy Birthday Nora....Rena wub.gif
Happy Birthday Nora....Hope ye had a lovely meal an goat the maest expensive item oan the menu {keep him oan his toes} laugh.gif
Wishing you a happy birthday, and a really great year.

from the land down under.

Archie this should help pay for the wine. "clink" "clink"

Marion Dougan
Happy Birthday Norah. So Archie ur ye pink lint noo. Hope you both had a great day. Two boatles o wine, cripes his bookie line must huv came up lololol
Norah ,missed your birthday. Sounds like it was a good one. Anyway belated happy birthday and many many more. wink.gif
Margaret P
Happy Birthday Norah hope you had a good one biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Nora ... (somewhat belated)

I'm sure you'll have had a wonderful day.

A wonderful man you have there in Archie who wine's you, dine's you and whisks you off to exotic places around the world ... what more could a woman ask for wub.gif

Best wishes - Teeny
Happy Birthday Lorna 50 eh !!! We had a good time at your party on Saturday night.

Anne Perth Aussieland cool.gif
Happy birthday Lorna 50 or as we say in glesca hauf a hunner have a great day
betty2 in dear ol glesca toon
wee mags
hey there Jockberry,Happy birthday to you ,and may you have many more biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Jockberry , I hope you have a wonderful day, all the best. smile.gif
Happy Birthday Jockberry, have a great day...and belated wishes to you Lorna....hope ye had a lovely day too biggrin.gif
Happy birthday Jockberry and Lorna hope you both had a great day
Happy birthday wishes to Lorna & Jock berry--- & many more happy healthy b-day wishes to u both
Margaret P
Happy Birthday to Lorna and Jock hope you had a great day all the best biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Jockberry and many more xoxoox

Anne Perth Aussieland cool.gif
Happy birthday jockberry have a great day
fae betty2
Happy Birthday Solitary, hope ye have a great day biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Big Ell , I almost missed it there hope you have a great day why not come up to the meet with Kaz would be great to see you All the best smile.gif
Happy Birthday bigell, have a great day biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday to you bigell, long time no see, have a nice day! smile.gif
wee mags
Hi Scotty I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, many more biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Scotty, have a great day biggrin.gif
happy bellybutton birthday to kerryblue and have a great day too biggrin.gif
wee mags
hey Alfie HAPPY BIRTHDAY biggrin.gif and many more ur yae gonnae go tae the pub for a wee drap? if a ever get there I will buy yae wan ,fae the wee valley wummin on the board ,maybe catch you on msn later

Fae Sunny Scotland cool.gif

Have a great day.
wee mags
hey Gemini Happy Birthday fae me fae me wink.gif a hope you make it back fae yer Alaskan cruise better you than me I would keep thinkin wan o them big Icebregs were gonnae hit me or should I say the ship [my heart will go on }jist a wee song
Happy Birthday Gemini, hope you had a lovely day.
hi Katz, wee mags and heather, thank you so much for the birthday wishes, today is Saturday the 11th and I just got in about an hour ago had a great time in Alaska and also down in Georgia, looks like maybe I will be moving there tell you all about it later. On ce again thankyou wink.gif
wee mags
tae ma Big Yank Happy Birthday wink.gif
Angela Chick
happy birthday big yank all the best tae ye biggrin.gif

Happy birthday wishes tae the YANK
fae his favourite pole dancer rolleyes.gif
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