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Been off the board for a wee while,Happy Belated Birthday to all that I missed. wub.gif

LOL, Eileen, ah wisnae expecting a phone call from you so the fact that you even thought of phoning is lovely...there's certainly nothing to forgive you for!
You dont sound as if you've slowed down any though...have you??
I'm still having organiser troubles..ah keep forgetting to put things into my new one...ah dont like it nearly as much as the auld wan the dug got a hauddae! Ah've still got the Shiraz details in it:(

So many people...thank you all very've all helped make it special wub.gif
Happy birthday, kas:)
Hope yer not having to many of those green pints!
Make yer hair curl so they dae...mind..ah dont even know that ye huv ony left...have ye? LOL

Marion, whit wis the word? sber?? aye, hen, ah wis sober quite so sber the night! heheheh
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAZ , HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY....Think we're mibbe a day late here...but whits a day atween friends eh laugh.gif
Hope ye's had a lovely time, an managed tae stay a bit mare sber'r than some oan here {guffawguffaw an winky winky}
Andy, Hope you had a great day!

Catherine's got me confused here...
noo, whit's new?
she says we're a day late and it's already ower oantae the 18th here so dizzat pit ye in the 17th wae kaz or oan the 16th wae me?

whitever..ah hope ye had a great day...ah'm away tae sleep it aff noo:)
Kaz the 17th andy I think the 13th but may be wrong there mary. smile.gif
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! smile.gif
Happy birthday Kas and to you Andy ,hope you had a great day . I thought Andy you told me you were at the end of March like me. rolleyes.gif
Many happy returns to Mary48, Kaz & Andy !!
Happy Birthday K32r1rm...Hope ye had a lovely day biggrin.gif
{sorry pal, couldnae mind aw the letters so done ma best fae memory}
Oh, K32:(
I thought you were kas which is why I didn't wish you happy birthday if you're not (does that make sense? LOL)

I hope you had a good one:)
Well there ye go!!!! just as ah thought ma birthday wis a well kept secret......oot it comes.

Still trying to work oot how ye got that info MARG?????????

Ah told a colleague that after 30 ye stop counting....his reply??

Well ye must hae stopped counting a Long long time ago!!!!

Bliddy cheek.

Quiet day am might hae been St Patricks day but ah'm no intae Guinness.

So thanks for all the Birthday greetings....ah wis well chuffed cool.gif
happy Birthday K32..... hope you had a good one
Kaz you told me last and I remembered it's the same day as my neice. rolleyes.gif
wee mags
Happy Birthday George !!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear George
Happy Birthday to you biggrin.gif
I hope you have a good one
Happy Birthday george !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have great day and many more to come , all the best pal. smile.gif
biggrin.gif Happy birthday George.
Happy Birthday to you George, have a great day.

Anne Perth Aussieland cool.gif
annie laurie
Happy Birthday George, enjoy your special day,
Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Happy Birthday George heva a good day rolleyes.gif
Many happy returns on your Birthday George

Have a great one pal !!

Teeny tongue.gif
All the best on your birthday George. biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday George, hope ye have a brilliant day biggrin.gif
Happy birthday, George:)
A' ra best, mite!

That's ma two accents in there fur ye LOL
Happy Birthday George, have a nice day! smile.gif
george have a wonderful birthday, & many happy returns on your special day, karen & I thinking of you of you, enjoy enjoy
cheers Jessie
wee mags
to wee bud ,known to me as Cathy
I hope your birthday is happy
am no wae yae to wish you cheer
but in ma heart your right here
so sis its yer day
and as the oldest I just want to say
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Cathy
Happy birthday to you wub.gif
wish a wis there
George Muir
rolleyes.gif To all my dear pals on the GGBB, many thanks to all of you for your sincere birthday greetings. You sure know how to give an auld guy a lift when he's feeling a wee bit down.
George. XXX
Luv it George laugh.gif
Sorry you're feeling a bit down on your birthday George so watch out for a big hug from Kuala Lumpur.

In the name a the wee man Grace......That's some hug yer givin him....pit him doon afore we huv tae call the medics, George is gettin oan noo, he's a wee bit farail, {but he's goat some grin oan his face mind you } laugh.gif

Happy Birthday Wee Bud, hope ye have a lovely day!
wee mags
hoi Mr lixx hope you hiv a nice day, oh aye
Happy Birthday !!!!! biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Misterlixx, hope you have a great day off to the beach I bet.
Happy birthday Isobel, I know your birthday is soon but not known the correct date , hope you have a great day as well. smile.gif
Happy Birthday Mister, have a great day. biggrin.gif
hoy George a belated Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day

Mrlixx Happy Birthday to you tae .
All I can say George is SORRY SORRY SORRY I missed it my PC has been out of action since last Thursday !! BUT, many happy returns Mate ! & to you too Mr Lixxx !!!!!!
Hope you have a lovely birthday, mister:)

Leen, give me a ring, hen will you?
I know!!
It's me that should be ringing you for a change but when you ring this time tell me to get my organiser and put the details in it!! LOL
Jan Williams
Have a brilliant birthday misterlixxx.
Many happy returns Misterlixxx. Have a great day!
A Very Happy Birthday to you Rena, and many more to come
I hope you have a lovely day xxx
Thanks Marg ,yes todayTHE 29TH was the big day . I actually celabrated yesterday with some friends and family , so today was pretty quiet .Phone calls from my daughters, plenty of cards and lunch with best girl friend. Going out this Friday night with all my pals to the Celtic club. Hope EVERYONE ELSE CELEBRATING TODAY HAD A GOOD ONE biggrin.gif
Oh Happy Birthday Isobel....Whidgiget? laugh.gif
Happy Birthday Rena , may all your days be bright and I wish you all the best my friend. wub.gif and from the grey haired boarder.
A Happy BELATED one Isobel... glad you had a good one & enjoy the rest of your celebrations wink.gif
wee mags
to Isobel and Rena may you have many more ,
Happy Birthday ladies wink.gif
Happy Birthday Rena, Hope you have a wonderful day biggrin.gif
Hi to all...Happy Birthday to all this week, have a good one.

Anne Perth Aussieland cool.gif
George Muir
Happy Birthday Rena and Isobel
Happy Birthday to you both, Isobel and Rena wub.gif

Have a great time Friday night, Isobel.

Rena, have a lovely day,
hope you both have a great day wub.gif
Thanks to all who have taken the time to wish me a happy birthday. Much appreciated. Happy Birthday to you Isobel. Looks like we celebrate on the same day. Thanks George for the bouquet,and may I wish you a belated Happy Birthday. Marg,a lovely birthday card,and an enjoyable phone call from you both, thanks. If I have ,missed someones birthday,I apologize. Haven't posted much lately...Rena wub.gif
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