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However you decide
to spend this special day,
here's hoping it turns out to be
just right in every way!

Happy birthday to a nice and helpful lady. biggrin.gif

Jean and Stuart.
Happy Birthday Jessie. Hope you have a lovely day.All good wishes Kate. biggrin.gif
Hi Jessie, have a wonderful day and, make every moment count.
Best wishes..

Which famous writer and comedian share your birthday? Jist thought I`d ask laugh.gif
Jessie, hope you have a wonderful time on this special day!
Archie Millar
Happy birthday Jessie -hope you hiv a smashin' day, and make SURE you get drunk!!!!!
Happy Birthday Jessie - hope you have a smashing day!

Thanks Everyone for all the birthday greetings. The gg members are great. Birthday cheers from all parts of the world & arrive on our special days, these messages were spirit lifting .We're all born with the spirit of innocence & good,then experience some bittersweet its a challlenge we all meet.
Gosh never mean't this to be a poem, sorry
Happy birthday Ivan, & many more enjoy your special day
Margaret P
Happy Birthday Ivan hope you have a great day wink.gif
Happy birthday to HelenD & Iancameron enjoy your special day & many happy returns of today
Happy Birthday, Helena D & Ian Cameron, Here's a wish to wish the best of everything for you biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Ian Cameron, hope you have a great day and keep the jokes coming.
Happy birthday Helen ! smile.gif
wee mags
Ian Cameron best wishes for a happy birthday adn I love your jokes keep them coming ,and Helen D happy birthday biggrin.gif
Best wishes to Ian and Helen on your special day
david lowson
Happy birthday Betty and Zascot.
Many Happy Returns to one and all. Hava a fun filled day. Rena cool.gif
wee mags
happy birthday to our ain wee poetess and to you zascot biggrin.gif
Happy birthday to y`all!
Cripes ahv missed hunners here....HAPPY BIRTHDAY Helen and Ian, Betty and Zascot. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL time biggrin.gif
Hi to all, I hope everyone has had a lovely day, happy birthday to you all...

Anne Perth aussieland cool.gif
Best wishes for a smashing birthday to Ian, Helen, Betty and Zascot.

"For they are jolly good fellows
For they are jolly good fellows
For they are jolly good fellowwwws
And so say all of us.
And so say all of us..."

Happy Birthday Zascot, Betty, Helen and Ian.Hope it has been a great day. Lang may yer lum reek. tongue.gif
Happy Birthday all.
Happy Birthday to you all Have a great day!
Happy birthday to Betty & zacsot & many more

have a wonderful day

Kas & jessie
Happy Birthday to all tongue.gif
Thanks to all who took the time to wish me a happy birthday and to those who shared that same special day i wish you all thats good in life. Am a bit late wae this due to circumstances outwith ma control but noo am back oan the planet earth i wish you all well and a very special thanks to my friend eileen for the beautiful flowers XXXXXXXX to you all rolleyes.gif
Little Bernie

Wishing you the kind of day that leaves great memories Happy Birthday. ( Hope you get that trip back to Scotland next year. )
Happy, happy birthday Bernie. Wishing you a day full of joy and happiness. biggrin.gif
wee mags
hi little bernie Happy birthday hope its a good yin !!! biggrin.gif
Happy birthday wishes to you bernie have a good day. I would also like to give birthday wishes to heather's mum who i believe is 92 years young today and still living in her own home A grand old lady i'm sure rolleyes.gif
Hope you have a lovely day LittleBernie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY biggrin.gif
Oops forgot yer mum too Heather, what a wonderful age she is....Congratulations!
wee mags
for heather and august 26 happy birthday to your mom ,jist saw it there biggrin.gif
wee mags
hoi there Mary hope you have a nice day ,
Happy Birthday!!!!! biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Mary, ahm right ahint mags in wishin ye aw the best biggrin.gif
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY, we hope you have a great day, mind no have a lot oh the red biddy !!!!!

Anne Perth Aussieland cool.gif
Thanks very much, Ladies:)
My birthday started early today with a phone call from my Mum at 12.20am!!
Needless to say she woke me up hahahahaha
We had a good wee blether though:)

I'm just thinking about getting ready for going out for lunch with an old friend.
Thanks again for your good wishes!!
Happy Birthday Mary, nice to see you back posting .I hope you have a good day and many in years to come. smile.gif
Happy Day Mary 48 & many happy returns. Hope you had a nice lunch with your "old" friend! LOL was she as old as you? Both of you I bet are young & beautiful
Jessie & kas
Mary 48, Happy birthday, hope you have a great day. Nice to see you back on the board. biggrin.gif
Thanks, marg, Jessie & kas and Jean (and Stuart, of course:))

I've had a busy afternoon/evening wae lunch, visitors and phone calls...Fortunately John's had to go to a meeting tonight so ah've got some time off:)

Jessie...ah'd a wee laugh at yer message...aye, Jan's older than me ah'm no tellin you how much older though:) It was her birthday yesterday so we were actually celebrating both birthdays.
We lived next door to one another for 18 years and always have a lot to talk about when we meet up. hehehehehe
Mary, Honest to GOD I was going to call you this morning to wish you Happy Birthday, I had the card all written out but went against posting it incase it was in the middle of your flit! BUT, would you believe I even forgot to call Erin too sad.gif ? By the time it had come into this grey matter of mine I was on the road & by then she had already been in school for a wee while & you would have been half plastered !!!!!!!!! So I hope you forgive me mate and I wish you all the very best for this year & many more to come
Love & Best Wishes Eileen xx
jist a wee happy birthday fea me as well,hope you have a grand day there Mary 48
Happy birthday to you Mary. Hope you had a great day and lots of presents. rolleyes.gif
Happy Birthday Mary hope you have the greatest of times. Lang may yer lum reek... biggrin.gif Kate
Marion Dougan
Happy Birthday Mary 48, are you sber????? I missed a bunch of b/days, sorry, hope you all had a good one
Happy birthday Mary, have a lovely day!
All the best, Mary, for a wonderful birthday!! Many happy returns!!
Happy Birthday KAZ !!! Hope you have a great St. patrick's day as well. ( got you). wub.gif All the best for many more.
Andy I think I missed your Birthday so Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Retirement , I wish you all the best in both. smile.gif
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