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Hi Hubert, happy birthday to you, have a great day...HOW OLD!!!

Anne Perth Aussieland wub.gif
wee mags
to Hubert {N. K ] I hope you have a happy birthday. and anne I wish you a happy birthday to wink.gif
Happy Birthday Hubert and Anne, have a nice day!
Margaret P
Happy Birthday Hubert and Anne hope you both have a great day biggrin.gif
Hubert and Anne,

Hope this Birthday brings to you Everything you'd like it to, and hope the year you start today is wonderful in every way.
Have a perfect day. rolleyes.gif
Happy Birthday Anne,I know 21 is a wee bit young to be among all us wrinkly ,crinkly ,nutters,but am sure you can put up with us.Wishing you all the best kid,an don't stay sober
Hi ya Hubba, another year aulder eh, dis that mean yer mellower noo, only kidding, a great big happy birthday tae Anne and Hubba, have a really fandabidosy day. wub.gif
Happy Birthday Hubert,an get yer erse back in here pal.The Tick are going well so we need you,here to keep up the momentum on the fitba thread.I have been trying to post this ,but keep getting "error,flood control" dae ye think Martin is trying tae sell, incontinence knickers?!!!! biggrin.gif
Happy birthday dear Hubert happy birthday to you
All best wishes come from me to you
Have a great day then maybe we'll see
You're erse back in here these words I echo from jimmyd

ENJOY rolleyes.gif
There's an awfie echo in here cos ah'm echoin Jimmy and Betty...cmoan, Hubert *sniff*
Hope you have a lovely day:)

Anne, Happy Birthday, wisnae too hoat fur ye, wis it?
huvnae bin oan in a couple o' days so ah see ahve bin remiss oan a couple of birthdays, here goes

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Hubie
Happy birthday to you.

I am not forgetting you Anne

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Anne
Happy birthday to you.
Thank you all and happy birthday Anne, had a great day, Thanksgiving here and the whole country celebated tae!
Noo I wont say the biggest turkey lives in the White Hoose, but then again I can think that! LoL
Yes 65 is middle aged noo in this world, so there you are you see!
Great to see you, hubert!!!!!!!!!!!

Noo away ye go somewhere and dae some posting tae annoy Catherine when she gets up:)
She'll no be knowing whether tae laugh or greet when she sees them!
Hi Guys, thanks to all for all your best wishes, I had a lovely day, I had lunch with hubby and then he went to golf ans I went to the bingo, I didn't win but my mate Pat won $20 and she bought the drinks. I had a party last Saturday when the relies were here from Scotland and a great night was had by all. Getting taken away for the weekend (didn't say dirty did I ) here's hoping !!!!

Anne Perth Aussieland tongue.gif
Happy Happy Birthday to Anne and Hubert looks like you both had a grand day.
Many Happy Returns, Carmella.

Hope you have a lovely day:)
Hi there, Carmella!! How have you been?
Hope this finds you well. Happy Birthday!!
Hey I see i 'v missed a few birthdays Happy birthday Hubert, Anne, and Carmela.Hope you all enjoyed the day .
David Lowson,

Enjoy yourself
Whatever you do
Thats this birthday
Wish for you.

A very happy and "Fruitful" birthday. biggrin.gif

Jean and Stuart.
Thank you all very much, another year and another year older, but a very happy day it was indeed, one of the best birthdays I've had in a long time.

Trust Hubert to have an entire nation celebrate his birthday LoL
Sorry I missed your wee birthday Hubert, all the best to you and yours and many happy returns.
wee mags
haw david Happy birthday tae yae !!!! I hope your day was great
Many Happy Returns David ... kick up yer heels pal !!

Happy Birthday Priestyned - ave a great 'un !!

Teeny tongue.gif
Happy Birthday, David!!
ah havenae checked yer date so ah'm hopin ah havenae missed it...if ah have...well, ah hope ye had a great wan;)
Priestyned annaw?
Hope ye have a guid wan, son...a' ra best:)
Happy Birthday Priestyned I hope you have a lovely day and all the best to you.
Have a great day Priestyned, Happy Birthday!!
Belated returns Carmella, glad ye had a lovely day.
Priestyned have a super birthday !!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kathleen an David...ENJOY ENJOY biggrin.gif
wee mags
Happy Birthday to you !!!!Kathleen and David biggrin.gif and many more
Happy Birthday David and Kathleen hope you both have a lovely day and best wishes to the future. smile.gif
happy birthday, Hope you have a lovely day, that you get to have your proper b/day celebrations and that they dont end up getting 'wrapped' up with the Christmas ones:)
See you, Jean??
ah got quite confused when ah came i the night (easy done, ye say?? AYe, well!!) ah saw there wis a David they were sayin happy Birthday tae and ah thoat...cannae be aussie David...he had his earlier oan.. ..WRANG!!

Happy Birthday, this time, David:)

Kathleen, hope ye have a lovely day:)

Ah'm away tae dae ma bit for ma man...he's in the Christmas show (bit part)...and ah'm waitressin servin the dinner afore the show.
david lowson
thanks Mary nice chattin wae you, got a sair heid though
LOL..AH know whit ye mean, David but it dis sound like chattin wae me gave ye the headache! hahahahah
serves ye right:)

Happy birthday and a good new year. cool.gif
Happy Birthday, eddie:)
Ye should have a guid wan, eh? or are folk too busy sufferin tae help ye celebrate?
Happy Birthday to ye Eddie! Awrabest for a great 2004 from up north in Pittsburgh. Ah noticed that ye're in Florida - ahm ah no a wee Sherlock Holmes? rolleyes.gif
Mary - that's a great website! Enjoyed looking at it.
wee mags
happy birthday Eddie and many more hope you enjoy your day biggrin.gif
happy Birthday eddie best wishes.
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you! Eddie, and Happy New Year too!
Marion Dougan
Happy Birthday Eddie..... Awrabest fur 2004
Hope therr's plent muney it yer door
Good health, good cheer tae you,
May aw yer dreams come true
Margaret P
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE hope you had a good one biggrin.gif
Coocaddens Lassie

Happy birthday, hope your day is filled with all the things that bring happiness to you. rolleyes.gif
Happy Birthday Coocaddens lassie , hope you have a special day!!
Marion Dougan
Happy Birthday Elvis, may you rest in peace. Gone but not forgotten.
Happy birthday to all on gg board too!!
Happy Birthday Coocaddens Lassie, Hope ye have a lovely day biggrin.gif
whyteinch and lisaann

Couldn't forget a greeting when your special day is due,so here's a message to wish the best of everything for you!

Happy Birthday. biggrin.gif
wee mags
Happy birthday Whiteinch and Lissann,
Hi lissann havent seen you for a while hope all is well and by the way did you see what the Patriots have done off to the Super Bowl !!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Lisa Ann & whiteinch & too all who have a birthday this month
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