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Marg have a great day its your birthay!!! Go open them gifts and blow out them candles lol
Thank you one and all for the many birthday wishes on here ,by pm and e-mail it warmed my heart. I had calls from my sisters and brothers , my mom came to visit and became ill I had to drive her home , my in-laws visited while I was out so missed them and have heard from one son ........I bet the other forgot.No I didn't get taken out to dinner but hubby did give me a card and a cake .Thanks again!!!! wub.gif
ohmy.gif Better late than never! A happy birthday tae ye, Mag!! And many, many more.
wee mags
happy birthday Margaret P
Happy Birthday Margaret P......It's a biggie hen, you go for it laugh.gif
Margaret P. It's a special one...Hope your day is filled with all the things that bring happiness to you ( Did you get your Astra )

Happy Birthday, Margaret p, hope you have a great one... tongue.gif

Anne Perth Aussieland
Have a wonderful birthday Margaret P

Happy Birthday Dear Margaret P happy B-day 2 U & many more!
happy birthday margaret p, la la la la have a wonderful year with tons of happiness & good health, cheers jessiemac
Hope you had a lovely birthday and got yer headphone mike!! LOL
Talk soon:)
Hi Marg: Sorry I missed your birthday - hope it was special. All the best an smile.gif d many many more....thistle

Hi Margaret - Happy Birthday to you too - a special one at that!!

Many happy returns.
Hello Margaret P and a very happy birthday to you hen. Enjoy the day and tell us all about it. biggrin.gif
Margaret P
Thanks everyone for your kind wishes going to dinner with all the family dident get the Astra yet (new car ) might get it tonight with a bit of luck the kids all put in and got me a 1k ring it's just lovely wub.gif
Margaret happy birthday! I hope all your wishes come true when you blow out your candles lol laugh.gif
Happy Birthday ElizabethR......Hope ye have a great day!! biggrin.gif
wee mags
happy birthday Elizabeth R, biggrin.gif
Margaret P
Happy Birthday Elizabeth R have a great day biggrin.gif
happy birthday Elizabeth your a great person I hope all your wishes come ture!!
david lowson
Many happy returns from up north. See that you like bushwalking, get up to Binna Burra or O Reillys liz wonderfull walks through the rainforests, happy birhday
Happy birthday, ElizabethR:)
Are we dues anither queen's birthday holiday for this?

Hope ye have a great day, hen:)
Happy(belated as usual) Birthday Elizabeth, hope you had a super day!!!! wink.gif
Got loads of work to catch up on & might not get on line so just to make sure I am not late again!!! "Happy Birthday Toerag" hope you have a beaut day!!!!!
Happy birthday to Elizabeth belated and to toerag , hope you both have all the best on you day and many happy returns.
wee mags
Happy birthday toerag biggrin.gif
Elizabeth R
Well I am quite overcome by all the Birthday Greetings I received.

I went out to dinner last night and will be catching up with some friends on Friday night - stretching it out
Elizabeth R
Stretching it out - the waistline is suffering
Thank you Catherine, Wee Mags, Margaret P, Peaches 82, Mary 48, Leeninaus and Marg
Elizabeth R
Happy Birthday toerag - hope you enjoy your's as much as I did yesterday - but blowing the candles out gets harder every year!
Margaret P
A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Toerag biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Big Al , hope you have a great day all the best!
George Muir
Happy Birthday to Elizabeth R, Toerag, and Big Al
Elizabeth R. Toerag, Big Al.
Wishing you a happy birthday and a really great year.

Have a Happy Birthday day Toerag biggrin.gif
Have a great day Toerag, Big AL, you to Elizabeth.
Happy Birthday, toerag...a' ra very best for the year ahead:)

same wae you, al...have a great day!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Have a lovely day Big al, toerag, and Elizabeth smile.gif
Happy Birthday to Elizabeth R, Toerag, and Big Al.

Have a great one guys !!
Toerag and Big Al have a great b-day !!!
Have a lovely Birthday Toerag smile.gif Happy Happy tae you too ma Armani x
Hello everyone! just wanted to say thanks, and how much I appreciate all the good wishes for my birthday!1 Its amazing when I look at all the wishes, Australia, Canada, USA, and dear old Glasgow toon!!! Its a small world after all (but ah widnae like to paint it!!!) thanks everyone!!
Happy, happy birthday to Elizabeth, Toerag and Big Al. May all your wishes come true. wub.gif
izzit today?

Happy Birthday, al:)

(ah dont hink ah like that "events coming up in the next two days" bit LOL)
big al
Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes for me - they were much appreciated.

Archie Millar
Happy Birthday to youse a'---Big Al hivnae seen you postin' fur a wee while? sad.gif
Margaret P
Happy Birthday Big Al hope you had a great day biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday to Big Al, Elizabeth R,and Torag hope you all had wonderful ones.
Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their special day recently. And if I may send just a wee special hug to my and your friend Big Al. Trust all is going well with the new job Al...Yours Rena rolleyes.gif
Happy Birthday Hubert.....Ya auld grump ye tongue.gif Hope ye have a great day!!
Anne have a great day, Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Hubert and Anne , hoping you both have a great day and happiness through out the years to come. smile.gif
Happy Birthday Hubert and Anne.

Have a great one !!
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