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Full Version: Scotland V Australia
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Scots Kiwi Lass
Well done, Scotland. I didn't see the game, only highlights but it looked like Scotland defended like true Scots!

I am hoping Scotland is named in a pool game in Christchurch in the World Cup in 2011, or maybe a quarter-final, as we are having two of those. I've got my scarf all ready - bought it at Murrayfield in 2007. Mind you, it is half Scotland, half All Blacks! Would love to see Scotland doing well, so here's hoping they are building towards the World Cup. I'm saying nothing about the All Blacks maybe winning this one but we can only live in hope.

It was so exciting to watch - edge of seat stuff at the end. You would have put money on it being another typical Scotland tale of woe. A try then the conversion in overtime - signals that would suggest we had had it! We were hiding behind the sofa in true Doctor Who fashion.

But he missed the conversion and we had a great night.


Scots Kiwi Lass
Hi Ian

Glad you enjoyed the game. I see that like me, you don't live in Glasgow and I've been wondering if rugby has actually grown in popularity at all in Glasgow. I read somewhere on GG that Firhill Stadium is the home ground for a local team but can't remember their name. When I lived in Glasgow I hardly knew what rugby was.

I've got Sky TV and pay for Sky Sports channels. These include any games or tournaments that the All Blacks play in and some of the English games live but I've yet to see any Scottish games. You have to pay extra for the Rugby channel to get those and apart from the extra cost, I would spend too much time watching rugby!

It's much the same with football - we get regular English games live but no Scottish ones. It's a bit off I think but maybe there is not so much demand for them. In another life, when I lived in Glasgow (from birth up until 1963) my sisters, my dad and I were all Rangers fans and travelled all around Scotland to watch them. We sorely missed football when we moved to New Zealand and although there were plenty of local and national teams, it was never quite in the same league as the British comps.

Mind you, New Zealand has just last week qualified for the World Cup next year! I think the last (and the first) time they made it was in 1982. I was still a bit into football then and watched the NZ'rs playing Scotland, Brazil and I think Russia (what a pool). Needless to say, they didn't progress any further but I don't think Scotland did either.

My allegiance now is with rugby and our local Canterbury and Crusaders teams give us a lot to be proud of. Two of the biggest names in NZ rugby, Dan Carter and Richie McCaw play here in Christchurch.


Betty T.
Hello Betty,

I know how appreciated in NZ any victory over Australia is! The local team in Glasgow is Glasgow Warriors who play at Firhill the home of Partick Thistle FC. These are professional rugby teams who play in a league and they often ground share with football clubs - as during the football season the rugby team will play when the football club is playing away. My own local club is London-Irish who play at Reading FC's ground.

There are many Tongan's and Samoans' who play Rugby professionally at club level.

With regard to televised Scottish football (and you are not missing much) this is now available via the american sports network ESPN. Formerly it was via an Irish operator called Setanta - they paid too much for the rights and consequently went bust at great cost to the Scottish premier league clubs (Rangers FC financial crisis is largely down to this).

It is good news that NZ qualified for the World Cup. Scotland could do well to learn from NZ in terns of their global dominance in Rugby - why NZ? Probably because it is played at every level and development is actively encouraged via the schools and other organisations. Youth development is Scottish football is a joke - Rangers invested heavily - but with little real results. Easier to import ready-made foreign players and forgo any youth development cost.

Anyway, I have droned on too long.

Best wishes


Perhaps too long but also too right. biggrin.gif

I love watching the rugby- at least they always have the spirit. I played at school but only while it was compulsory, I fear.
Scots Kiwi Lass
Ian, you are so right that we "Kiwis" enjoy it when some Australian teams lose. Having said that, I have a lot of respect for the Wallabies, maybe not just at the present time as they seem to be struggling. They never give in and you can't rule them out till the final whistle goes. The Aussies I tend to dislike are the national cricket team, not because they are so good but because of their unfailing arrogant attitude! Did I mention I am also a big cricket fan?

I was surprised to hear about the lack of development in young football players in Scotland. Now that is sad. When I was a Rangers fan in the 50s and 60s, most players were local, with only the odd South African. Trouble is, I guess, that with all the imported players, there is not a wide field of Scottish players to select for national games.

Football here still lags miles behind rugby. I don't take much notice, to be honest, and only got interested when the All Whites were in a play-off with Bahrain to qualify for the World Cup. There is only one professional team, I believe - Wellington Phoenix, who play in the Australian A League. I'm not sure of the ratio of rugby players at schools level against football but I've heard that a lot of promising football players give it up around secondary school age.

My son played football for 4 years, in Sydney and in Tai Tapu, a small country village on the outskirts of Christchurch. Trouble was that country areas are the heartland of rugby here and my son got so much pressure from mates that he gave up football and took up rugby. He did okay too for a while as he was a winger and could run like the wind, being selected for the country teams several times. However, when he was 13, he gave up rugby because by then his dad had got him a speedway bike and he had to devote his time to racing.

Although rugby is the national game here in NZ, the crowds going along to games are definitely dropping. Some say we are getting too much rugby - after this end of the year tour by the ABs, there is less than two months till the Super 14 tournament starts again. Myself, I think that as more and more people subscribe to Sky, more of them opt to stay home and watch in comfort. and get the commentary as well. At least, that's how I feel, though I manage to get along once or twice a year to see a live game.

By the way, it is only the last couple of years that Aussies and Kiwis have been calling football "football". Up until then it was, and still is by some, referred to as "soccer".

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