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Well it seems that the furore over MP's and their Expenses is far from over.

I have just heard on Sky News that as many as 100 MPs will be asked to justify their expenses, indeed that charges may be brought.

I hope this is the case.

Watch this space.
ceader bhoy
QUOTE (carmella @ 10th Oct 2009, 07:17pm) *
Well it seems that the furore over MP's and their Expenses is far from over.

I have just heard on Sky News that as many as 100 MPs will be asked to justify their expenses, indeed that charges may be brought.

I hope this is the case.

Watch this space.

i whould love to know what the claim on there tax returns for there salary is ?
It bugs me that the MPs used some of these expenses to improve their homes, then sold them for a fortune and were not expected to repay any of the money they claimed.

Also claiming for their food. They had a second home and I presume would have a cooker in them, so why claim for food when if they were at home, the food would still have to be paid for from their salary, the same as the rest of us.

They seem to treat their salary as pocket money and expect the tax payer to pay for everything else.
If they cannot explain their expences and they have commited a fraud I think they should be charged by the police just as I would be charged bythe police if I claimed wrong expences from my boss, or if I did not work and claimed something that I should not have claimed from the government. Or at least they should be made to pay everthing back and be given a heavy fine if it is proved they madewrong expences claims.
This is posted elsewhere

... the previous incumbent MP of Glasgow NE spent 1400 in limousine hire to visit Celtic Park and a few other places during his time as an MP - the driver waited outside.


Yer Honour!

No guilty, ah forgot I had 3 houses, it was a simple clerical error.

Aye right!

So. it's nearly back to school time for this shower of trough swilling potbellied hogs. Loads of them should be getting the dreaded buff envelope in their mail slot.

Might have the pleasure of seeing a few resignations, even Boring Brown has to explain some of his expenses. Just what we need in another boring run up to a General Election.

This expenses rammy is not over.

Ding Ding... Roond 2.
Rabbie I love your post - well this has bothered me since it first made headlines.

Let them all be brought to book and charged (criminally) where appropriate.

Now, they think we are all idiots with some of their explanations. Of course, they were ripping the tax payer off - they thought they would get away with it, claiming for more than one house, when one or both had no mortgage, or the dearest mortgage was the main home, so what the heck just claim for that the taxpayers will never know LOL.

The one I love the best is Margareet Beckett I saw a picture of her wee hoose, and like me she just loves her hanging baskets, I know when I do mine they cost me a fortune by the time I've bought all the bits and pieces, then spent the time doing them.

But, did you also know that we paid for hers and not just once mind you - so she can hardly describe it as a wee mistake now.

This wee wumin made a 600 claim for hanging baskets and pot plants. She dismissed the claim as a "mistake" although analysis by the powers that be of her expenses shows she made three similar claims on previous occasions. So there, I saw a picture of the front of her hoose, and thought it was just beautiful.
... shower of trough swilling potbellied hogs.

Is this sort of colourful language apprpriate? Is it really an accurate description of a certain group of Members of Parliament?
Back in the 1980's Michael Martin MP used to send his laundry to Glasgow by post - using the free MP's franking post dispensation. He would send his sloggis and other stuff up mid-week so that when he came home at the weekend it was all fresh and washed for him.

I am not joking. See link below.


North Canalbank St
QUOTE (pumps100 @ 11th Oct 2009, 08:28pm) *
Back in the 1980's Michael Martin MP used to send his laundry to Glasgow by post - using the free MP's franking post dispensation. He would send his sloggis and other stuff up mid-week so that when he came home at the weekend it was all fresh and washed for him.

I am not joking. See link below.



Scary thing is, he been found out, how many others were up to the same miserly tricks and did,nt get found out.
Sounds like the actions of a real tight fisted git.
Heard on the news yesterday, and reading today in the Mail how ONE MP may go to trial over expenses issue.

Now this is seriously funny, out of all the issues this raised, they have found only one!!! Come on - what about Hazel Blears for one who did not declare Capital Gains Tax, and all the others!
trough swillers is it appropriate? its the same name i called them on another site i was on . these conmen ,perverts think the gay welsh pervo , with there snouts forever stuck in the trough suckin every red cent they can out of the public purse while refusing to allow a decent amount of monies to be freed enabeling the young men they threw into a unjust war to be properly equipt ,as an ex squaddie this sticks in my craw. why in the first place were charges not brought agin them,its down there in black and white the sum of there fraudulent missdeeds. naw its wan law for them and another law for us. once upon ah time scandal of any kind meant instant dissmisall ,not now these so called leaders of the people have become so corrupt and its so wide spread there is no one to answer to ,its just one rotten corrupt entire party. brass neck ,witness gordon brown the other day reading out the names of the dead in afhganistan with misty eyes and weasel words ,this from a man while chancellor cut the monies set aside for war department equiptment to a bare minimum . thats what were dealing with folks self interested ,lying ,trough ,swilling scum .
QUOTE (Guest @ 11th Oct 2009, 09:52pm) *
Is this sort of colourful language apprpriate? Is it really an accurate description of a certain group of Members of Parliament?

Three MPs and one Lord to face charges of theft.

Click to view attachment
Mind yer fingers.. < CLANG!>

Well seeing as four of our finest have had their collar felt I suggest we have our own court case on the matter.

Elliott Morley (MP for Scunthorpe), David Chaytor (MP for Bury), James Devine (MP for Livingston) and good old Lord Hanningfield have been charged with counts of false accounting under the Theft Act.

Now these fine upstanding chaps deserve a fair trial and I suggest we appoint them with the best legal heid in the outfit, none other than 'Philadelphia Lawyer' Lord Alex of Surrey.

I'll be the unbiased observer and just give a bit of support to either side. Who can we have for the prosecution, step forward in to the breech and lay claim.

Right as the neutral observer may I say to my learned friend, Lord Alex of Surrey, they ur guilty as sin do we need to go any further, will your clients just put their hands up now or are you going to attempt to drag this out.

I await the case for the prosecution, Will Lady Murn of Quebec wish to take the case or is there another out there inclined to take the reins. What is Lord Rabbie of Auchenmurder doing this weather, is his diary free for the period of this trial.

Anyway my neutral view is 'Bang em up guv'nor'
Lord Rabbie o' Ra Clabber Mansions, QC, LLB(hons),RAF(rtd).
c/o Argue & Phibbs, Solicitors.

Git it right ya bampot, jist cannea git the staff these days,

Och damn eet man, kin a no git a wee meenits peace when trying tae huv a fly swally my mah private chambers.

Onywi, ahm awa on ma all expences paid holiday (curtesy o' ra taxman) fur 8 weeks.

Kin we just no declare the 3 MPs guilty an sentance them tae 6 months hard labour in ra Afghan slopping oot in assorted squaddies cookhooses and cludggie. As fur my no so Rt Hon fellow peer, we can jist let him aff.

Jist fur the record am all fur a fair trial; hing 'em first an try them later. Fur MP's thats a fair deal.
As the totally unbiased observer I just knew we would get the right man tae get this lot banged up. Lord Rabbie I can't see Lord Alex of Surrey even attempt to thwart your eloquent prosecution speech. I think it was neat how you were even willing to let the Scottish wan aff as long as the dirty English wans go doon, seems dead fair to me.

No worries aboot intruding on yer holidays Lord Rabbie this kin be the first case tried over the internet and the jury kin vote at anytime except for anyone who says they are innocent, we'll just delete their posts.

As the totally unbiased observer ah must say yer playing a blinder, let's see if Lord Alex formerly of Surrey now of Philadelphia has the bottle to take up the cudgels fur the defence.

The unbiased observer says guilty

Over to you Lord Alex fur yer opening gambit
I find it hard to believe only four of them are to face charges. To me, this looks like some form of appeasement to the rest of us, but has left me fuming. Many more than four heads should roll over this. It seems the establishment are covering their collective backs yet again as weasel words spew forth from all the respective Party leaders.
What's the betting that their lawyers will plead parliamentary immunity from the charges anyway? I can't see the judiciary beating the legislature anytime soon.
Did you see the pathetic performance of Livingston MP Jim Devine on TV News ?

" I didn't know - I was told it was ok - I had no training - a whip said it was ok to move money around - I thought it was acceptable to print up a fake invoice to justify money intended for stationery to be spent on staffing "

How this man ever got elected to be more than a milk monitor beats me.
I think these 4 may jist get a conditional discharge.

Wit wid ye give fdor this trail, assuming it gets that far, to be televised.

Ye can bet these scunners have got TOP breifs ready to waffle for them.

No sure wit section of the 1968 Theft Act they are being done under. So fur arguements sake assuming it is Section 16(2).

If I recall correctly in order to secure a conviction under the section 16(2) of The 1968 Theft Act, grounds have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt that.

The person alleged to have committed an offence;

1) Deliberately and knowingly acted dishonestly to in order to precure property or financial benefit

2) Intended to permanantly deprive the owner of property.

3) Had no intentions of returning property.

Think it carries a max holiday of 5 years in the pokey.

Thats aff the tap o' ma napper, so dinnea throw the book at me as I am no sure wit the exact legal jaggoneze is, but I think it biles doon to the above.

Nea doobt we have some hard core forum barristers that will brief us for an inordinately large sum of money.
I believe that there is a more recent theft act but provisions are much the same.
Tommy Kennedy
The two most corrupt institutions in the world give themselves hypocritical unproven/undeserved titles:
Politics: ‘The honourable member……….
Religion: Reverend - Holy Father etc
Gorbals Mick left a legacy after they got rid of him. This wee legacy now means that MPs who have been shamed can still have all the perks of the Houses of Parliament.

Aye, well as we've said many times before, they are all in it for what they can get out of it.

Of course, there are many decent and, hard working MPs so we should not forget that with the bad you also get the good.

Saw this article and, it had the heckles up on this lovely Sunday morning.

Talking about Michael Martin, did anyone see the terrific drama which was shown on BBC last week of him in Office, leading up to his leaving? It was shown on BBC4 "On Expenses" - great acting I thought.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought it was telling and funny (if any of it was true), made for good viewing in my opinion. Brian Cox played Michael Martin.
Click to view attachment
laugh.gif that's funny.
Well the day has arrived when three MPs and a Peer will appear in court on fraud charges because of the Expenses Claim. Elliot Morley, David Chaytor and Jim Devine as well as the Peer, Lord Hanningfield. The MPs will be claiming their ‘parliamentary privilege’. I wonder if they will get away with it. They have been charged with false accounting. I would say, however, that these four men should not be standing in the dock alone. Today we also hear that Harry Cohen is also being investigated. I think the MPs who claimed for all the things we have discussed should be in the dock also.

It is reported that if these men are found guilty, they could spend seven years in prison. I heard Jim Devine say he was ‘not guilty’.

Interesting to see what the outcome of this will be, is this going to be a ‘test case’ I wonder, with other cases to follow.
I have always believed that the only man to enter Parliament with honourable intentions was Guy Fawkes so I do not have much sympathy with greedy MP's.

However I think retrospective legislation in any form is unjust and contrary to the rule of law.

That this power be handed to one man is indefensible.
I also believe that the reason many MPs have announced they are not standing again is, simply because if they were really honest, they would tell us that their gravy train has been curtailed - you'll notice I did not say stopped, as it has not been despite all the talk.

I saw all the beautiful hanging baskets and, the garden of one of the Labour MPs - none other than Margaret Beckett who claimed 600, would she have had so many if we were not paying for them, despite her salary - I doubt it. She dismissed the claim as a "mistake" although analysis of her expenses shows she made three similar claims on previous occasions we were told. How can that possibly have been seen as a legitimate expense? Then, there are the other stupid expenses claims which we all know about.

Meantime, all of them without exception, have in their constituencies people who struggle both young and old to make ends meet. I believe this to be none other than criminal.

Just think of how our own lives and, those much poorer in this country, if we could find some way to claim such huge amounts!
QUOTE (carmella @ 11th Mar 2010, 10:17am) *
I heard Jim Devine say he was ‘not guilty’.

That's at least an improvement on his previous 'statement'. When the story first broke and he was confronted by the press he could only mumble something along the lines of "why are they picking on me when they were all doing it?"
Well it goes to the next stage now, today was more of a first opening formality, the case against them is certainly not being dropped that's for sure so there's plenty of evidence to suggest they were doing wrong.

Let's wait and see what happens.
When you consider what a lot of those Expenses were used for, it's ridiculous that only three MPs have been charged.
Hanging baskets, garden fountains etc.

Does Parliamentry Privilege mean they are above the Law??
This entire debacle sickens me; because they seem to think we ra people are a bit naive.

They are nothing short of crooks, who put claims in for the stupidest things thinking they would get away with it, and of course, in most cases they did. Lies about why they thought some of these expenses were legit, yes right pull the other one.

All any of them (and not just those facing the charges), were doing, is trying to claim anything they could rather than spend their own private money - nothing new in that, if you can get away with it. We are being ripped off in this country right, left and dead centre. Most of us are powerless to do anything about it.

I personally feel that a lot more MPs and Cabinet Ministers should be facing charges, perhaps there are more to come. If there are not, then there should be.

Most Expensive MPs.

1 Eric Joyce... 187,334 (Falkirk)
2 Michael Connarty... 183,466 (Linlithgow & Falkirk East)
3 Alistair Carmichael... 176,190 (Orkney & Shetland)
4 Ben Wallace... 175,523 (Lancaster & Wyre)
5 Mohammad Sarwar... 174,882 (Glasgow Central)
6 Charles Kennedy... 174,232 (Ross, Skye & Lochaber)
7 Janet Anderson... 173,556 (Rossendale & Darwen)
8 David S Borrow... 172,706 (Ribble South)
9 Jim McGovern... 171,989 (Dundee West)
10 Fabian Hamilton... 171,824 (Leeds North East)

I would imagine that some of the above are expensive because of where they represent or, travel from. This is not to say that any of the above have had huge expense accounts, but these are the top ten most expensive.
Tommy Kennedy
These 4 are just the 'scarificial lambs', to satisfy the public - they think - Maybe these are ones who 'know less' of where other bodies are buried - too dangerous too prosecute others who know 'too much' - Hey, prosecute me and I'll take a lot down with me!
QUOTE (Heather @ 11th Mar 2010, 11:51pm) *
Does Parliamentary Privilege mean they are above the Law??

These people seem to think so.
I totally agree that these are the 'token' MPs being prosecuted, as you say Tommy to keep the public happy, these are the sacrificial lambs to the slaughter - and I'm betting they know it!

Could be they know too much!
wee davy
Anybody watch Question Time last night? A likely prospective candidate for election actually proposed a bunk up of their pay to a 100K !!
Yep,... thats not a misquote - even though it mightve been a bit tongue in cheek, it was said LOL The all lady audience took it quite calmly!

Something to cheer you all up - I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the other day all the outgoing MP's are entitled to claim 'resettlement grant' of 75K. If my math is correct, 75000 X 400 = a lorra lorra spondulees. About SIXTY MILLION !!! That ought to soften the blow of having had to pay their around 3000 pounds fine for 'creative accounting'.
What a bunch of suckers we get taken for.
The wages of b***dy sin grrr
I have never in my life heard of an MP current or retired who is poor!

Perhaps this tells us why.

I watched Question Time last night and couldn't believe it, when 100K was suggested - that's the same as a GP earns and Surgeons and Consultants - no way should an MP be on the same salary - just my 2c worth.

We talk often about big bonuses being paid out to Bankers and others in the City, well put MPs in that line - they get constant bonuses.
All out going MPs should be treated the same as the rest of us when we leave our place of work.

If no longer Elected, then Redundancy payments equivalent to the years they served as MPs.

If they resign, then the pay due for that month and any holiday pay due to them.

But no, the MPs are above the odinary working man and will get the usual golden handshake.

As we all know, MPs made special rules that applies to them and other high heid yins when they move out and on to other high paid work.

Absolutely right, Heather but all we will ever do is moan about it on boards like this and swear about it down the pub. Maybe the British are too "civilised" for their own good.
Not only in the UK but also ...

Just read this little snippet in TIME :-

"If limos, chartered aircraft and sex clubs are where they think their donors money should be spent, who are we to judge?"

Brad Woodhouse. Democratic Party spokesman, after news broke that GOP expenditures filed with the Federal Election Commission included nearly $2,000 at the bondage themed night club Voyeur.
Bondage, eh? It only proves Marx wis right. Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains. biggrin.gif
wee davy
LOL laugh.gif Which 'Marx' ur ye oan aboot, benny??
GROUCHO MARX if this threads enny thin tae go by laugh.gif
wee davy
wuz groucho the wan wie the cigar, wombat?
aye davy laugh.gif
See those poor MPs who had to repay lots of money will be reclaiming most of it back again. This will happen after the election so as not to cause a rumpus before it. It has been decided that many thousands of repaid money can be rightfully they do not enter the equation. My, how they think we are all idiots.

MPs get their money back
Latest is that 3 of the 4 MPs facing criminal charges over their expenses claims have been granted Legal Aid. Apparently the ruling is that if you face a prison sentence for your crime, you are eligible for Legal Aid - irrespective of financial status. However, this only applies in some jurisdictions in England, as some areas have already moved to a means-tested system, which is being phased in. Talk aboot addin insult tae injury!
I'd be surprised if any of them actually end up getting prosecuted.
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