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Hi there, I posted a message in here this afternoon......
Glasgow Guide Boards

Now, I certainly don't mean to be presumptuous, and I don't want to stand on anyone's toes,
but I decided to copy the results of my origional intentions (from the post thread above) in here because I'd like to post other images from some other locations in Glasgow and post the results in here if it's of some interest to anyone.

Oanyway, we didnae see oany wee lassies on there bikes to stand in the photy.

So I showed a wee boy's mammy the origional photy, and asked her if it
wid be awericht if her handsum wee son stood at the same spot as the wee
lassie, who wiz tryin tae huv a go oan her bike.

We started chattin efter the photy wiz took and she telt me she had lived in the
furthest away top hoose flat in the furtherst block oan the left.

I hud missed taken a photy wae the originul flats by only three years,
whit a scunner. dry.gif

Ah couldnae get the exact angle but here yooz urr oanywy.
Origional photograph.

New photograph taken today.

penny dainty
Hey that,s really good cashma, it's the same but not the same , if you get my drift.
nice photies Cash. tongue.gif
glasgow lass
I think thats really great to still see a lovely comunity there, and not just a heap of rubble, one question though >>>>>> where are the trees?.
Great idea Cash, well done.
Love your signature too.
Nice photographic perspective there cash!
Tam blair
Great stuff cash keep it comin smile.gif
Wan difference is that they wee wummin' in the photie wid never huv dreamt o' huvvin' their ain motors!!! Nicely done Cash!
Pretty Neat good Idea biggrin.gif
Excellent GMG. biggrin.gif Looking forward tae hunners merr!!! tongue.gif
Thank you for taking the time to post in your kind comments,
I'm only too pleased you like the idea. smile.gif

I don't know why the text in my origional post is all over
the place, it was ok when I ran a preview page, strange!!

Anyway, Here's the modern pic again, but in black and white.
I like B&W photographs.

Tell me what you think is best B&W or colour.

By the way, I wonder why there's a need for a spy camera. ohmy.gif
Mibbie they were watchin me and ma better hawf takin pics. lol


ah like b&w photies tae. but ye'll need tae wear darker troosers in yer sig!! At first ah thought ye were a floating heid!! tongue.gif Course that could be ma auld eyes! Merr Merr Merr please. biggrin.gif
Och, yer awfy hard tae please 27stowst. rolleyes.gif

Is this oany better furr ye.

Cash tongue.gif

Aye that's much better. tongue.gif Ah'm no hard tae please, ah jist like perfection!!!! laugh.gif
Haw 27stowst.
Ah'll see you at the school gate at Four. biggrin.gif
Ma mammy's meeting me ya big bully!! tongue.gif laugh.gif
After me bummin ma load about this I haven't
managed out to get some more photos done.
Both my computers died, fizzled oot, took a sickie.

It's 2:30am Monday morning and I've just got the basics
of my main PC up and running after working on it nearly
all week.
I've still to tackle my backup PC, but that can wait till a bit later.
Only thing is there's photos in the backup PC that I'm going
to have to rescue, but I've a program that will do that for me,
then me and the Mrs will be oot wae oor cameras again.
I'm looking forward to that.

Cash. mad.gif
QUOTE (27stowst @ 10th Aug 2009, 09:30pm) *
Ma mammy's meeting me ya big bully!!

Well I'll be bringin big Bella McGovern frae up the stairs wi me then. biggrin.gif
Aw gonnae no!! No Big Bella!! Keys. tongue.gif
stop it nae fightin efter school or a will tell the janny on you laugh.gif

great pics btw
Hauners Stuarty, ah think he's bigger than me, gaun by his avatar!! (NO much bigger right enough!!) biggrin.gif tongue.gif
QUOTE (27stowst @ 17th Aug 2009, 06:26pm) *
Hauners Stuarty, ah think he's bigger than me, gaun by his avatar!! (NO much bigger right enough!!)

QUOTE (Cash-Ma-Giro @ 17th Aug 2009, 06:01pm) *

if his trousers get any higher they will choke him simon cowel style laugh.gif
That's funnee laugh.gif laugh.gif
QUOTE (stuarty @ 18th Aug 2009, 07:11pm) *
if his trousers get any higher they will choke him simon cowel style

Haw, just h-h-h-hawd oan there a meenite. For awe use yins know
a' COULD be Simon Cowel putin' oan a Glasgow accent.
Aaaand big Bella McGovern could be living next door tae
me wae her hubby wee shooie.

So just watch it right, or a might just get Big Bella tae come and sort
yees awe oot in her own inimicable raw manner.

An' wan mare thing, there's nothin' wrong wae ma breeks,
there comfy an' that's awe that matters.

Cash tongue.gif laugh.gif

Ah'm jist jealous cos ah cannae wear a belt!! If it's no' elastic waisted it disnae fit me!! laugh.gif tongue.gif
QUOTE (27stowst @ 18th Aug 2009, 10:54pm) *
Ah'm jist jealous cos ah cannae wear a belt!! If it's no' elastic waisted it disnae fit me!!

Always remember you are not alone. laugh.gif
penny dainty
laugh.gif @Stratson
IKNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad.gif
Well I managed to restore all my images
but a lot of them are useless, I'll need to
try another Data Recovery program. If
anyone can recommend a good one would
you post it in for me please.
I think I'll put another request somewhere
in the forum as well.

Anyway, here's one I did manage to restore, and
the wifey took the modern one.

The barber sign has gone, but Fusco the barber,
is still operating in the same premises.

Corner of Hill St & Cambridge St.

Ah CMG, memories!! I wiz born and bred roon the coarner fi' therr! Thanks. . . . . An' yer right enough ....that's Bella's maw!! biggrin.gif tongue.gif
Gardner St Partick. 1870

This was hairy, I had to stand as lookout as wifey took her pic.
She had to jump out and take the pic as quick as poss.
Though it doesn't appear like it, the road was very busy.

Caird Dr Partick 2009

The trees block out a bit of the small crescent on the right.

Another friendly Glaswegian agreed to stand where the
other Glaswegian stood at the post box in the origional pic.

Aye, were a friendly lot us Glaswegians.

Grand stuff CMG. Hope yer enjoying doing this as much as we're enjoying the results. biggrin.gif
Apart from the cars, these pictures of Partick look the same as they did years ago.
Sir Walters Cross....
Well he may very well indeed be cross ,
but do you where in Glasgow Sir Walter's
Cross is?
I've posted a colour pic this time to let
you see the inscription better.

Somebody's bound to know old Walter. smile.gif


Rab asked me in another post "where did I
get the origional pics".

Well it's quite interesting actually Rab.
Years ago I took a chance and bought a PC
from the Glasgow Fruit Market week-end
car boot sale, only paid about 20 for it.

When I got it home I cleaned the inside ,
tweaked a couple of things before I booted
it up and up came the screen.
Then I heard the disc drive trying to start up
so I had a look and there was a CD inside.
I gave it a clean, put it back in the cd drive
and discovered the old pics of Glasgow.

The PC only lasted about 9 months, but as
far as I'm concerned it was well worth it. smile.gif

So where is Walter's Cross CMG? Ah notice there are merr chimneys noo.............that's unusual intit? smile.gif
Brilliant. Keep them coming.
Isn't it somewhere in Partick? huh.gif
Cash, these are great keep posting I know I love them got any of (my old stoppming grounds )

Maryhill or Ruchill ?
Sir Walter's Cross dissects Gardner and Lawrie Street ohmy.gif
Jiat catchin' up on this one...whit a brilliant idea Cash, ah'm dead jealous of yer photy find biggrin.gif

Ah'm also laughin' away at ye sendin the missus intae the middle o' the road tae take the photies while you 'keep lookout' ...where exactly were you staunin? laugh.gif
Great pictures CMG, thank you for sharing.
I'll give you a clue where old Sir Walter sits
high above keeping an eye on everyone....
It's near a place where the people are very
friendly but would, if you are not very
careful, stitch you up without giving it a
second thought.

Lennox, I've only a couple from Maryhill,
we'll go there as soon as we can.

Java, The wifey was standing in the middle
of the road, I stood exactly in line with her but on the pavemant,
her life policy is worth more than mine so a' thought, ach tae pot
she can stoand oot there.
Nah only joking, she can move faster than I can, I'm a
bit disabled.

I'm pleased you all like the pics, I wasn't quite
sure how the idea would be received.
We both enjoy finding these places, and it gets
me out with the wifey. She's become enthusiastic
about being involved and she loves taking photies,
She's still got her auld Brownie box camera frae
1909. hee hee only joking again, last year I bought
her a braw digital camera.

QUOTE (Cash-Ma-Giro @ 2nd Sep 2009, 11:05am) *
Lennox, I've only a couple from Maryhill,
we'll go there as soon as we can.

I'm pleased you all like the pics, I wasn't quite
sure how the idea would be received.


Cash, don't put yerself out to get Maryhill photoy's but if you are near there I for one would love to see.

How can we not like these photo's they are briiliant !!
penny dainty
Agree wi lennox.
QUOTE (27stowst @ 30th Aug 2009, 03:03am) *
So where is Walter's Cross CMG? Ah notice there are merr chimneys noo.............that's unusual intit?

Well spotted 27, or are my eyes getting that bad? unsure.gif

Cash, the girls are right these are brilliant. Lots of effort there. That CD was a lucky find indeed ...
can I have it back noo ? laugh.gif
All From The South Side
It was very overcast when we snapped these.
When I got back home and converted the
modern pics into black and white I noted some
of them are not as good as I would have liked.

Royal Samaritan Hospital for Women 1915
Victoria Road - Coplaw St
Click to view attachment
Royal Samaritan Hospital for Women 2009
Victoria Road - Coplaw St
By the looks of it the hospital has been
converted into flats

Pollockshields Library 1907
Kenmure St - Leslie St
Click to view attachment
Pollockshields Library 2009
Kenmure St - Leslie St

Pollockshields 1906
Looking North along Kenmure St

Pollockshields 2009
Looking North along Kenmure St

Pollockshields Primary School 1958
Melville St

Pollockshields Primary School 2009
Melville St

Nithsdale St 1931

Nithsdale St 2009

Garage at corner of Pollockshaws Rd
and Nithsdale Dr 1928

Garage at corner of Pollockshaws Rd
and Nithsdale Dr 2009

Those are brilliant as usual GMG..........Thanks again. biggrin.gif I am struck by how little has changed, how clean the streets looked in the old pics. smile.gif
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