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Full Version: Old Glasgow
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Here is a wee gem I stumbled across.

Thought you like it

Old Glasgow

And fur the weans, in full colour.


An for the wee weans, a hurl on the bus!

Glasgow Bus Tour
It is a gem Rabbie, very nice.
You've done it again Rabbie.
Grate..I mean GREAT, honestly.

My everlasting memory of the trams was running with my mate and leaping onto one as it "flew" round the corner and while breengin', dead gallus, up the brand new "Apache" single by the Shadows ( and a whole weeks pocket money ) slipped out of the sleeve and bounced down to the platform where I saved it from bouncing onto the road by ......jumping on it !!
Dum-Dum Dum-Dum... Aye Dumb-Dumb !!
Awee, did ya like that!

My maw told me I nearly got knocked doon by a tram, ah cannea remember it though. As fur them trolleybuses, silent death those were.


Rabbie even although ah'm here in Glasgow and can walk those precious streets all day at will, I still feel that I want to reach into those old photographs and cuddle everything and everyone that's in them. Thank you, they are abslutely lovely. smile.gif
When did the old market spring up at the back of the Barley Mow & the very old market become the fish market Algy?
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