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Full Version: Plane Cruelty Or Plane Crazy?
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From the New York Daily News today:
A stir-crazy Scottish passenger trapped on a JFK Airport tarmac for 2-1/2 hours tried to make a break for it by yanking open the emergency exit door, prosecutors said.

Robert McDonald, 60, of Glasgow, apparently had enough of the wait inside Delta's Flight 149 to Las Vegas on Sunday night when he went for the escape hatch, prosecutors said. He had just completed the transatlantic leg of his journey and had to change planes at JFK, prosecutors said.

The flight crew grabbed him before he could swing the door fully open and deploy the inflatable chute, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

McDonald's flight left the gate a little after 5p.m., but was stuck on the taxiway until 7:45 p.m. because of bad weather, prosecutors said.

He was arrested by Port Authority police officers and was expected to be arraigned at Queens Criminal Court last night on charges of reckless endangerment and criminal tampering. He faces up to a year behind bars if convicted.

One New Yorker agreed with the Glaswegian's actions:
The man should sue back for unlawful detention and try to get 1 million dollars back from the airline for this stupidity. Nobody deserves to be forced to sit in an airline for that period of time. He was the only smart one to try to escape the situation. This is one of the reasons people won't fly and the airline industry is such a financial disaster.

Fair enuff...BUT...YOU DON'T DO THAT!!
Plain heidcase.

Loast fur wurds here.

Some people are jist beyond belief.
glasgow lass
Aye whit a very silly man, but maybe the guy panicked for some reason he's lucky that there were no air marshals on board. He could have got a bullit in the back.
The man surley panicked after sitting there all that time, but he was in a no win situation.
The Airline were just thinking of a quick take off as soon as conditions improved and not the discomfort of the passengers.

This happened to us one time coming home from a holiday in Spain.
The air-conditioning on the plane was not working but we were not informed of this until we had all boarded and had to sit in the terrible heat for an hour or more until it was repaired.
The Airline were just thinking of a quick take-off and no thought for the discomfort of the passengers.
That night at home, both my husband and I took ill and when we told the Doctor of what happened on the plane, he said those conditions were a breeding ground for germs and he was sure we would not be the only one's who were on that plane to take ill.
I should have started back at work on the Monday but was on the sick for two weeks with a chest infection.
That doesn't surprise me Heather.
Have changed filters in aircraft air-con systems.....yuuuck !
Anyone know if this man was convicted?
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