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QUOTE (glasgow lass @ 18th Mar 2009, 02:01pm) *
Jist slightly off topic ,,,,,, whit dae' yi mean Rabbie " get rid of the hangovers before flying " blink.gif

Glasgow Lass, ah hope ye dinnea mind I if ah create a jist new topic, so as not to detract from Stuarty's thread:)

Okies, tae answer yer question, if yer a wee bittie under the weather, or huv a bit o a hingover, having a few quick snorts of 100% O2 clears the heid fur a bit.

It's a method that groundgrew and aircrew practised to clear sair heids during the morning after. Trouble wus some o the pilots where still so minging on whisky fumes had to make sure they didnae spark a fags up. Bit of a cumbustible mixture there.

We had some real Wild West Cowboys over in Oman, used to do sorties into The Yemen, scart the bejezzus oot of me when used to go on jollies up the wadis. They used to fly so low, I got metal rash oan me hied an gravel rash on me erse.

Jezzus, I could write a book oan the antics.

Heres wan, playing chases!

Click to view attachment

This car, travelling between Muscat and Thumrait, was hit by a low flying Jaguar, one of the belly fins on rear of fusalage impacted on roof of car.
Luckily, the driver was uninjured, as was the aircraft. However, the car had its air conditioning system permanantly modified.

An they moan aboot low flying here!
extremely interesting photo Rabbie. When were you in Muscat ?
Rabbie, I hope your not superstitious, that reply...I've just noticed...was the "666" ...........oooohhhhhhhhh !!


Nah, its ok I ain't superstitious. Wifie is a wee bit, she covers up mirrors during lightning storms, ah jist go out wi a big metal brolly and tempt fate*wink*

As a wean, I spent too much time playing hide and seek in the Necropolis at night. The Gravie, as it wus known as locally, was just 100 yairds down the hill from where I lived in Alley Parade. Thats the bit thats under the new royal noo.

I think the new materity hospital is on the site of my old tenement. Kinda make me giggle a bit, new life being born in the space of my old house. I think thats much better than being derelict or another bloody poxy tesco site.

I have been in Oman off and on during 70's 80's 90's and nip back for a wee breaks from this nanny state, from time to time. I love the place, its people and the laid back life style.
It's a great place, with a conservative development policy. Its grand if you just want to be alone for some serious chill time, metaphorical speaking, as it is hoat enough tae crisp yer nuts tae a frazzle.

Been over a lot of the place during that time, diving in some of the unspoiled reefs, nights out in the empty quarter. I was mainly based in down south in Dhofar; Salalah and up the jebel in Thumrait. But did get up Muscat, Khasab and Masirah quite often. All lot of the time was spent bondo bashing, sailing and diving. Had an active buffs and HHH scene too.

Life was good!

I consider myself very fortunate, considering where I was brought up, to have had these experiances.

Playing Chases #2

Click to view attachment

From this angle you can see just how lucky the driver of the car was!
Tony Dray, my brother-in-law back in the seventies was there in Salalah. Named his house in Lincolnshire after it...then lost it his wife after they divorced.
Was Tony an Airworks liney working on Skycans / Islanders?

Ain't too many Drays around.

I deffo knew a Mac Dray in late 80's at RAFO Salalah.

I can remember Mac Dray see off a few of these on WFRs (Western Frontier Resupplies) calls sign *withheld*

Click to view attachment
Yeah Tony was Airworks. Told me about the Seconded (RAF) pilots who returned to Blighty to resign their commissions to go back out to the Oman
on private contracts.
They saw more action in a week there than they could ever see in the mob. Scrambling in pyjamas to get chasing rebels etc.
Tony showed me a nice ring he, along with a couple of others, got from the Sultan for "services above and beyond the call of ...contract ? "

I worked on the "cans" myself with Fields; I think that might have been Castle Donnington If my memory serves me still.
glasgow lass
Aye well ah wiz begining tae think ah wiz chopped liver tongue.gif amazing, thrilling and scary photies. Next time I fly I'll run the crew through a breathalyzer test before aha sit doon,,,,,,,,, thanks for the great read Rabbie,,, Lass.
I think we are talking aboot same guy, after his divorce, did he not buy a hoose in York? Jist around frae the train station, he used to tell me aboot the Shreddie nanna net curtain peeking brigage that lived there. IRC, Mac was from some god forsaken island way up in Western Teuchterland.

QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 19th Mar 2009, 12:56pm) *
Tony showed me a nice ring he, along with a couple of others, got from the Sultan for "services above and beyond the call of ...contract ? "

Oh aye, thanks for jogging my fading memory, many of the lads got those rings

It was awared for staying aff the pish for 2 hours or more. Believe me that was highly commedable for yer average Airworkie.

This wan will show ye how the roof of yon car got a wee dent. This was a high level beat up.

Gonna no dea that, nearly spilt me beer.

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QUOTE (glasgow lass @ 19th Mar 2009, 02:26pm) *
Next time I fly I'll run the crew through a breathalyzer test before aha sit doon.

Wit ye expect to sit doon when yer fly. Try Aeroflot, cattle class, eets the only wi to travel! They goat park benches that sit twinty peoples across aon them, real community spirit.

They even gi ye free boak bags and dinnea charge ye to use ra cludgie, unlike some budgit airlines!

Stellos, or wit efer yer name is, ah got yerr number! But I willnea be phoning to make a booking, wid rather walk, its quicker wink.gif

Take care Lass


oh rabbie my ex hubby was raf regiment fireman and he used to go to fairford and stand with a kidney harness and ear protectors and they would test concords engines with him standing under them he was a dare devil a bit like me we were fearless both of us we took chances in stuff we should not have and used to sneek off camp with another wee pal of mine gary GEORDIE armstrong when we were doing taci-val oh and jumped oot many a pub window with the snowdrops no far behind us but a was so small a could get through a fox hole in the hedge a was offski and back in to nbc suits oh a hated them smelly things but a did work with the 43 squadrobn phantoms my god did them guys live dangerously low flying that was an understatment rolleyes.gif a think when they when past my hair grew 2 inches longer with the Gforce laugh.gif oh happy days on detatchment with them in kinloss as the runway cracked up at leuchars in 1979 but they lived for the moment as they could be dead the next oh poor pilot officers shoes got weed in and the horrible stuff they did was discusting but it was called hi junks but if we mere airwomen of the lower ranks did somthing we would be hauled up for insubordination oh it was a happy time right enough
Aye good times right enough Stuarty, got up to some unforgetable antics. When at Kinloss we had the dubious pleasure of a visit from Prince Philip, an awe the bullshit that goes with that sad.gif

We hud a Guard of Honour, an as HRH was doing the rounds, this Aircrew Sgt chucked up his guts as he was going buy. The SWO throw a wobbley, as SWO's (Git aff ma grass!) and try as may not to laugh, we could not. It wis jist like being up in front of the Heidmaister or in Church and someone lets a huge ripper go hehe.

They even hud us painting the grass green!

Also during the parade there wus a couple of Hawks, prolly dead sparrows, up doing some skywriting.
It was a lovely clear day and they sky writed a complete set male family jewels, which was apt as we all thought it was a load of old bollocks anyway. This would have been seen from Nairn tae Elgin and prolly beyond.

No sure wit happened to the pilots but I would bet they would have been oan ra cairpit withoot hats oan.

I had a RAF fireman friend, he was from Glasgow. Wee guy called Jonnie Garth, he suffered some pretty horrendous burns, no sure how it happened, I think he eventually goat demobbed.

I knew a bombhead called Geordie Armstrong, he worked in the bombdump in Thuggieland, Oman. Ah cannae recalled his furst name, but ah dinnea think it is Gary, but ya nefer know!

Oh I remember when 43 Sqn tombs where at Kinloss in 79, noisy buggers! Remember the beat up when they departed, nearly took the roof aff the Tower hahaa! I was on me treader going to work when the buggers went over.

Remember a leckie called Dicky Duff? He was on 43 Sqn tombs then got posted to NMSU in Kinloss, then over to Gin Palace in Guttersloh, then got his Chief up and gaot posted to Gin Palace in Lossie. He and his missus Cathy had a disabled boy called Alistair, god he must be nearly 40 noo. Scar..

Oh aye, Rank distinction!

For example,

If a mess was trashed during Squadron pissup, this is how the behavoir is classified.

Officers' - High Jinks
SNCOs' - High Spirits
Airmen/wimen - Sheer bloody vandalism.

Oh gawd the piss ups, though the fence into the Stables (Kellies) and the Abbey. That was the days when we all knocked off early on Fridays and everyone from the WO down went oot on the razz at dinner time.
It was customary for the higher ranks to get them in and by the time it came doon the riffraf, they where completely steaming. I remember getting carted back to MQ's by 2 of my oppos, they dumped me at door, rang the bell and legged it at a rapid rate of knots, as my ex missus wus a Bundy Pollock Heidcase, she took no prisoners haha. She could clear a pub with one look *shudders*

Great times indeed Stuarty!

Here is one tae make yer ears ring.

Click to view attachment

and here is the culprit!

Click to view attachment

Take care now


Jeez Rabbie, they're crackers,especially that S.O.B. wi' the Goggles.
Got to tell you this one though.
Probably entitled "How to make your presence felt, or not to as the case may be."
Early '67, just completed trade training at St.Athen and 4 of us away to our first posting at Marham, aka.. Al Adem with grass, in Norfolk. We report to GHQ and the guy is telling us the history of the squadrons there 214; 55; and 57 and TTS.
One takes 214 another 57. The corporal tells us when me and John Harrison ask "What's TTS?" that they are having a piss-up right now, so we both opt for TTS and head off down there.
Tanker Training Squadron,were indeed having a piss-up and me and John enter this big de-brief room as the new guys (LACs) to witness a squadron "do" in full swing.
We ask which one's the Boss and are directed to a circle of guys about 4 or 5 meters in diameter. The Boss is tucking his drawers in and closing his flies. In the middle of the circle is a big flagon and the floor all around it is wet.
Get the picture ?
So we join the circle and with a "Heh, nae bother, watch this" I take out my willie and aim a stream of piss at the bottle to the utter amazement of all those gathered. Went down like a Lead balloon with some and raised hoots of laughter with others.
After I'd explained myself (?) my knew boss told me he'd just been showing the newly passed-out Victor Aircrew the underpants he'd had tailored from a "Stars and Bars" that he'd nicked from a US base somewhere.
Still. It was an introduction that no one was going to forget.
Boss was brilliant. Fred "Good ol' Fred" Smith.
Got us out of lot's of trouble. lot's of times.
Oh Aye, that little S.O.B was the 8 Sqn Mascot. Wus prolly the only sober thing on the base.

Think it got run over by an oxygen trolley being towed by some pissed up liney. Poor wee thing, aw say... Awweee

Marham, you name dropper, Tanker Wankers!!

Seem to recall at some display airshow at Mildenhall having a pissup with some of the 55 guys, hard to remember, wus living oot a duffle bag and tripping all over the bliddy shop. Really worked wonders for my marraige too, I was hardly ever hame, the Ex luved it, prolly why she is my ex noo. Ah well, its awe waater under the bridge noo.

Good choice, going to the outfit thats having the piss up, I wid have done the same.

Was really weird after you come yer mechanics trade training and hit the real set up. Talk aboot a culture shock. And did the swines take the pish out fresh sprogs.
Did my A mech E stint at Halton, then back again fur me A fitt E course fur a year. Passed oot the same day as John Lennon got topped. And then passed out again that night in some pub in Wendover. One of lifes defining moments that day.

Was great doing fitters course, was in living in MQ's oot at Bicester and drove to Halton during the week, eventually passed oot as a J/T earning more the WO discips. They really hated Techies with a vengence.

Haha, the piss pot, looks like the rotten sods set you up for that wan PMSL. I dont think anywan would forget that in a hurry, a true classic!
Pint fur the CO!, cuming up sir! *grin* "Psst, pass this around to the CO, and don't piss in it." CO splutters oot, "Hey, I say you bastards, this lager is a bit warm."

Ah think, giving the set up and times, you wid have made the right impression. Sqn life was pretty hard graft, with some shitty hours in all weathers, but by hell did we play hard too.

Straight doon the pan.

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hey Rabbie I gave birth to my twin boys at RAF halton do you remember a nurse called thomson she was in the delivery room with me as was nearly everyone on shift change over as twins were a rare thing as it was only a wee ward and only had 2 incubators and my boys were given them oh and a lovley lady civillian nurse callled mrs swallow she was so nice oh and flying officer flintock and flight lutenant partington he was in shock as my twins were his first twin delivery and was as proud as punch a was so exhausted but they were worth it wub.gif
a wee bit too much information teeheehee just a heads up on that ettiquite of the board thing
Morning Stuarty,

Hope today finds you feeling well!

Sorry babes, I dinnea know any o them. I wussnea permanant staff at RAF Halton, jist done me aircraft leckie mechanics and fitters courses there.

I was a hard core techie at heart. just wantit to get back on the Squadrons and travel aroond patching up pranged cabs.

I wus at RAF Halton aff an on 76 -80, wus a scaley beansteeler billeted oot in married quarters at COD Bicester, Caversfield. That's another story that wid fill a book.

My darling ex, Wee Mary would have put me Halton hospital, or a widden boax, if I was seen anywhere near nurses!

I bet yer were a wee bit puffed after delivering your lovely twins, I nearly faintit after seing my first daughter born in Raigmore, Inverness.

The midwifie says, "Och come oan noo, jist stick yer heid doon here and watch wit happens." After picking myself up aff the flair, "Aye, ah see wit ya meen."

We used to cairt preggy wimen, camels goats, coos and sheep, pissed up squadies, you name it, if it could fir in the back, it wid.
Na kidding, used to stick goats and sheep inside big plastic bags, with only thurs heids poking oot. This was done to prevent the airframe and components from the obvious. The back of the Skycans sometimes stunk wurs than the Auld Sockie (Molindiner) on a roasting hoat summers day. An that wus jist the squaddies. Where efer the Army goes, the Pongos.

This wan wus on a resupply run up the Jebel, pilot made a wee bittie of a erse of the landing.

What you see is not a road, its meant to be the landing strip, lumps, bumps an awe!
Mair bliddy wurk for the boys straighting that wan oot. This was not uncommon, some of the landing sites wid scare the living daylights oot ye,

Slighty used Skycan for sale, only wan careless owner.

Click to view attachment

a used to do circut and bumps at brize it was for my training as an air stewardess and after about the 10th circut and bump a was gone green at the gills a tell you but a would have been a guinea pig for anything daring stuarty daredevil try anything once was my motto and tried to say never,,,,,,,, a think that was why a was a tomboy as 3 big brothers were my example to life experiances so a followed my brothers standards but a was the only wan daring enough to join the forces just call me martini a would have gone at anytime anywhere thats martini laugh.gif laugh.gif
CLICK HERE to see low flying!
OH RAB a bet he had a wee accident noo that was very low flying laugh.gif laugh.gif
No too bad at all!

Thats wan way of getting a free haircut!
QUOTE (stuarty @ 22nd Mar 2009, 01:59pm) *
a used to do circut and bumps at brize it was for my training as an air stewardess

I tried to dae my fair share o circuits and bumps with hosties, but always got a knock back and failed with distinction.

Goat told this *joke* by a BA Hostie.

She was dealing with a guy who thought he was Superman and she asked him to fasten his seat belt.

He replied, “I am Superman and dont need a seatbelt.”

She responded, “Superman don't need a plane.”


Wit dea ye call a preggy hostie? Pilot error!

Ah better stoap there! tongue.gif
am a paid up member of forces mail and a went on to look old pals up and found my ex hubby on it he only went on because a told my son to tell him one of his ex firmen were on it and he said not interested in it so if thats the case why has he suddenly joined it and he wont be to happy about my profile as a said still in the hoose a moved to in civvi st way my EX husband so a know he seen it thats what he gets for being a nosey git laugh.gif
Might huv to update yer profile, not biggrin.gif

Too right , the poke fur nosy folk!

How to Impress a Woman
Wine her, Dine her, Call her, Hug her,
Hold her, Surprise her, Compliment her,
Smile at her, Laugh with her,
Cry with her, Cuddle with her,
Shop with her, Give her jewelry,
Buy her flowers, Hold her hand,
Write love letters to her,
Go to the end of the earth and back for her.

How to Impress a Man
Bring beer.
laugh.gif laugh.gif
oh you old romantic Rabbie whit beer is it you drink laugh.gif and if that man you wrote that does all those nice things exists send him to stuarty junction 6 m25 a will meet him at anne summers roundabout any time laugh.gif
Och Stuarty, am no awer fussy at awe.

Ah will jist aboot yaffle doon jist onything thats goat ethyl alkahol init. I prefer Irish Stouts, Dark Ales, an if it is free ur oan the cheep thats a wee bonus!

I brew oor ane stuff, usually huving aboot twinty gallons on the go at the same time. Disnea last lang in this hoose! I keep a supply o minging cheep stuff fur the "guests".
But me and the missus love to get oot down the toon. Ain't pub prices a bliddy scandal, and they winge that they are huving to close doon, because Supermairkits are undercutting them.

Mibe if they drapped thier prices a wee bittie, they wid stiy in bizness longer, as people would be mair likely to go out it wis a bit cheaper.

It's sad that mair an mair character pubs ur getting bought oot by wutherspoons an scunners like them. They end up like plastic cloned fast grub dives, souless and wi the character o a undertakers overcoat.
Every swally shoap needs it's resident alky. A wee bowelly legit guy wi a big rid nose an wearin a tartan bunnit These wee guys ur usually to be found propped up in a corner, smoking a pipe, talking a load of keech!

Ye know the type. "Hey son, kin ye len me a tennur fur a cup o tea". "Ehhh, whit ye pitting init, twa boatles o Lannie? Go oan, ya clatty wee middin, beat it! Afore ah stick boot richt up yer erchie!"

Nooo, ah wid like to meet Anne Summers, but knowing mah luck, its prolly a bloke thats hud a sex change!

Jist when ye thought it was safe, I had a wee recall to my 360 RN/ RAF Sqn days..

I first remember singing this,whilst on a mass (borrowed?) bike raid to the 'Disco' at Akrotiri whilst on the usual 6 week detachment in 1970, challenging 92Sqn to jousting contests, all fuelled by Cochinelli and Keo beer.


Jam 'em all, jam 'em all,
The Russians there missiles will fall,
They'll never get over the white cliffs of Dover,
360's the best of them all

Oh, they say that the 17's a mighty fine kite,
This we no longer doubt,
When you're up there with a Red on your tail,
This is the way to get down and get out,
Yes, keep calm and keep cool and sedate, mate,
Don't let your British blood boil,
You need have no fear, 'cos we've switched on the gear'
And smothered the bastards in oil*!

We don't care if you're white or black,
Cos we're all 360
And we take it up the back,
Tiddly Oi, Tiddly Oi,
And we all like it!

* This is a reference to the amount of silicone oil that used to leak from the ECM kit.

Ah the memories...
QUOTE (Rabbie @ 5th Dec 2009, 01:39am) *
Jist when ye thought it was safe, I had a wee recall to my 360 RN/ RAF Sqn days..

Bugger it ya wee toerag. You n' me were in Akrotiri at the same time.
Were you in the Pen Club the night the Mountain Rescue went berserk and the Snowdrops blootered every one who exited by windows or the door? ( me and my mate played dead on the floor within arms reach of our pints tongue.gif )

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
Tommy Kennedy
Rabbie/THH do you remember:

'Look out boys here comes the Air Vice Marshall, he's got lots of rings but only one.................'
... ersehole.

The "unofficial anthem, for use during a "General Salute"

That wan oot when Pontius wus a pilot and THH was sticking patches oan Sopworth Camels.

Missed oot on that wan Tomi, nea doobt if as wis there I wid have been lifted by snowdrops as well. They hated us lot with a passion, even the SWO tried to ban us from camp.

"Git aff mah grass, pit yer beret oan, git a haircut and yer oan a fizzer!" .. "

"Aye, up yours.". wid be the typical 360 reply.
QUOTE (Rabbie @ 5th Dec 2009, 01:06pm) *
even the SWO tried to ban us from camp.

Funny thing that Rabbie, he caught a group of us waiting to get a lift back to dispersal and we were wearing baseball caps ( Newly issued with the British/American Phantom.) I'm not kidding he stormed off screaming " ... in MY Camp" (sounded like Mein Kampf) tongue.gif biggrin.gif
THH. Watch out - they're coming!!
Well Rab, that was very nice of you. I did enjoy that.
Sometimes when you're driving through Switzerland, heading for the border with Como, Italy, you get a nice wee photo-op when the aircraft come out of the hangars built into the mountain and taxi under the motorway.
Tommy Kennedy
THH - See your PM - A case for Sherlock Holmes rolleyes.gif
Cheers Rab, nice clip, pretty tame "flying" tho.

Noo then, another wee story...

If ye have effer been "lucky" enough tae have flown the front seat of a Hunter, doing interdicts and wadi strafes in Oman, thats real crap yer pants flying, but the piss up after sorties always made up for it.

A wee story here, wan of my diving buddies. Paddy Johnson, was a vet nutter oot there, Sadly, I was entrusted with instructing him in the finer arts of power dives, as in Sub Aqua. The B'stard responded by entreating me to power dives of the acrobatic sort. <boak> Wit a waste of Scanny Black. After I cleaned up, I took the fatigue meter readiings. The cab was grounded fur 3 months, the B'stard pulled 9.5g haha.

Well thats mates fur ye, ah suppose.

Well, to cut a VERY long story short, Paddy was claustrophobic <sp>. He hated being under water, because he could not see "very far."

Noo then, I helped him overcome this irrational fear, I stuck his heid in a coral outcrop, and indicated "look here".

He wus instantly mesmerized, and subsequently hooked! A great big moray eel took exception to this unauthorised incursion. So oot with a chicken leg, borrowed from the mess and ah hud to placate the poor wee thing.

Moray eels get bad press, jist like Noah's Arks / Nobby Clarks, I have feed moray eels with raw eggs stuffed in mah gub, and they will gently remove them withoot yaffling yer hied aff.

Underwater, is an amazing place!

An ye canny fly much lower than that... unless ye know different!
QUOTE (Tommy Kennedy @ 6th Dec 2009, 11:25am) *
THH - See your PM - A case for Sherlock Holmes rolleyes.gif

Tommy, there's nothing there unsure.gif
You're a laff Rabbie. The first time I went diving under the surface and under the influence I had a moment when I wanted to heave/chuck and thought ohhh nohhh but then let it go (better oot than in) and was so surprised. Naturally it goes with the exhausted air ... and wee fishes came and feasted right in front of my very eyes laugh.gif laugh.gif
Rabbie. Your tale reminded me of a pal of mine who was on training in a DH Vampire returning to Abbotsinch (HMS Sanderling now Glasgow Intl)) back in the 50s. The approach was over John Browns yard in Clydebank and the pilot decided to go under the jib of a yard crane. Despite protests from my pal, he got away with it, but not the punch that Pete gave him after they landed and he took off his helmet!
Just a wee reminder how lucky we are

Last night, at a reunion we were regaled by this;

Belleau Wood

Oh, the snowflakes fell in silence
Over Belleau Wood that night
For a christmas truce had been declared
By both sides of the fight
As we lay there in our trenches
The silence broke in two
By a German soldier singing
A song that we all knew

Though I did not know the language
The song was "Silent Night"
Then I heard my buddy whisper,
"All is calm and all is bright"
Then the fear and doubt surrounded me
`Cause I'd die if I was wrong
But I stood up in my trench
And I began to sing along

Then across the frozen battlefield
Another's voice joined in
Until one by one each man became
A singer of the hymn

Then I thought that I was dreaming
For right there in my sight
Stood the German soldier
`Neath the falling flakes of white
And he raised his hand and smiled at me
As if he seemed to say
Here's hoping we both live
To see us find a better way

Then the devil's clock struck midnight
And the skies lit up again
And the battlefield where heaven stood
Was blown to hell again

But for just one fleeting moment
The answer seemed so clear
Heaven is not beyond the clouds
It is just beyond the fear

No,heaven is not behind the clouds
It's for us to find it here

Wit else can be said.. this give me severe goosebumps.


Be nice to each other, it so easy!
1,800 Yanks died at Belleau Wood.
Click to view attachment
Funny thing happened there Rab while I was looking at that sombre scene.
I had a vision of World Leaders sending out Xmas Cards with that scene on the outside and the poem inside.

Peace on Earth to All Men.
Rab, me auld mucker, that scene is so harrowing.

If our so called "leaders" had been on the sharp end of yon, maybe this world wid, jist maybe, wid be a we bit better.
QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 6th Dec 2009, 02:30pm) *
You're a laff Rabbie. The first time I went diving under the surface and under the influence I had a moment when I wanted to heave/chuck and thought ohhh nohhh but then let it go (better oot than in) and was so surprised. Naturally it goes with the exhausted air ... and wee fishes came and feasted right in front of my very eyes laugh.gif laugh.gif

Oh yeap, them fishes like nibbling! Great fun to be had feeding moray eels and groupers. They are all individual, with different personalities, and after a while they get quite tame. They know when ye have brought scran for them and hell mend ye if ye haven't!

Reminds me of a wee story.

Wan Hogmanay, whist slumming it on the beach, as ye dae, a group of us decided to see in the new year underwaater. Noo a wee problem beset us, how where we goona celebrate by have a wee swallie while getting oor hieds wet in the ogin.

Na bother, so a wee "procedure" wus developed.

Kit up, get wet.

On the stroke o twelve.

1) Tinnies oot!
2) Dive Knifes oot!
3) Demand Valves oot!
4) Crack tinnies.
5) Laffing tackles around tinnies.
6) Stick knife in can, withoot sticking it in yer napper.
7) Swallie content of tinnie withoot droonin'.

Happy New Year, <in sign>!

Needless to say, the "slighty" pressurised bevvy nearly came sqooshing oot oor noses, eyes an ears. Talk aboot being in hysterics.

A rather unorthodox, yet innovative way to yam sing yer bevvy, it sure goes doon in wan!
Moved frea Mountain Insurance

Gezzus Tomi, much the same happened when I was involved in a post major servicing recovery of a Grimrod at RAF Kinloss. I was up front in air eng seat, all four donks were cranked up to 90%. Then apparently some wee guy wandered too close to wan of the engine intakes and whoosh, in he went.

I have done more than my fair share of engine changes post bird strikes and ye'll know how much damage that does to the engine, no to mention the unusual smell of well done seagulls.

Rabbie! thats OC Eng and Station Commander on the phone fur ye.

Ach jist tell them ah'm jist ringing up fer a comp waash and ah'll see them fur a pint /debrief in Kelly's Stables when a knock aff.

Heres wan I made earlier.

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Yer safer working in the shed, God knows how any of us survived on the line!

QUOTE (Rabbie @ 1st Mar 2010, 01:29pm) *
a Grimrod


Oh ye remember the old joke about RAF Wytons' 51 Sqn R1's?

"There's more pricks on the inside than the outside."

For the poor sowels that had the good fortune to miss out on this sad downpouring of "elitist" dial twiddlers who enjoyed playing exclusively with themselves.

Here is the Servicing Procedure (SP) In Accordance With (IAW).. cannea tell ye. haw haw.

Standby, for standby! Ach bloody 'ell. The hooters gone again, git yer NCB kit aon and hunkle doon fur the next fortnight.

This was an allusion due to the "reverse porcupine effect" in that an R1's airframe had a multitude of strange phallic like protusions in the form of aerials, probes and surrveillance devices.

However, from a groundcrew perspective there was a larger number of knobhiedit aircrew contained within said airframe.
Heres wan to make yer ears ring, just look at them cabs pop the sonic barrier.

Mind yer hied!

No so sure that this is better than sex, it certainly looks a lot safer than some instances.

Geez Rabbie, I had a Jolly in the Nav seat of a Phantom FK4 over Singapore, just enough knots not to qualify for the Ten Ton Tie ... we would have had to go to the ceiling because of the externals etc. and I didn't have a pressure suit ... so the jockey compensated by dropping out of the sky at almost 1000 miles an hour to give me a round of aerobatics ... without a pressure suit !
Better than sex?
Better than sex and drugs and rock and roll together.
Then we came down over Changi and dashed out to sea - at sea level - turned on a sixpence and skated back in to do a bomb run; leaving my gut still four and a half miles out at sea behind me. (and I'd been on the piss the night before down Bugis Street)
I have a big photo of that phantom behind me on the wall right now, 40 years old in July it will be. XV419. Broke the world record for a non-stop fighter/bomber flight London Radar/Singapore Radar, 1970, a few weeks before my flight.
Guy that flew me was like a little fairy on the ground and like a Bat out of Hell in the air, Flight Looie Mick Flynn. Great wee Irish guy. Never forget that wee Irish psychopath. One of the RAF's Finest. tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Wonderful stuff.

Breakfast in Tiiffany's. pfft . Breakfast on canopy, now clean it up.


Look wit ah found. Ready to cream yer shreddies? Here she is at RAF Whatashame. c'92.

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Aint's she a cracker, beats the erse aff anything them brown joabs have.
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