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Full Version: Reginald Secker - Does Anyone Know Him?
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the brauns
Reginald Secker, where are you?

I've recently found a first communion remembrance card in my Dad's WWII service envelope. The envelope held his service passport and has his number and his 4th Hussars unit written on it. Inside was a remembrance card with a picture of the Last Supper on one side and the "souvenir of the first holy communion and confirmation of Reginald Secker. In the Chapel of The Sisters of Menzingen Munchwilen Switzerland 9 July 1944. "

I have overlooked this card countless times during the years since my Dad's death. This card was printed in Switzerland and has been carefully stored away by my Dad ever since then. Now I am trying to find out who Reginald Secker is.

My Dad, a Scotsman, escaped Italy to Switzerland in Sept 1944 with a South African, and two Englishmen. I can't think of who Reginald Secker would be or why my Dad would have his card. Was he a child or an adult who converted to Catholicism.

Does anyone have a similar remembrance of this event? Quite a mystery......
how very interesting, from another point of view I am assuming this was given to your Dad fromthis child or his family in remembrance of his first Holy Communion . Many soldiers in W.W.11 were befriended by families in the country they were stationed.

An idea would be to find a Swiss Daily Newspaper, write your story to the editor, he may well publish and seek Reginald Secker, alternately you could place an add in the Personal section yourself. Reginald Secker may well hold this event as a dear memory. Good Luck.x
the brauns
Hi Stratson, I imagine it was given to my Dad sometime after the event when he escaped to Switzerland. I know he made some friends when he stayed with a family there and have two names on pictures, but they are not Secker. A young boy with an accordian's picture has "much love from your friend, Eugen" on the back which I have been able to translate from German. Another of a young woman says "Your friend Aupirette Obiebaud 1944" (or as it states "tier amiccalement Aupirette Obiebaud".

All this has piqued my interest to say the least. I would love to find Reginald.

I have tried emailing the Sisters but I think my "English" might have gotten in the way. I suppose they speak German or Italian.

I am looking for someone to translate my email into another language and will try again if I find someone. Perhaps a letter to the editor of a paper in Munchwilen might be another way to try.

Thanks so much for your suggestions!

To make matters even MORE interesting, the envelope also included a prayer card of St. Rita of Cascia, who I believe is the patron saint of lost causes.
the brauns
I have since learned that the lady's name is not Aupirette but Au Pirette. The Au being a noun. You can tell I don't know French well wub.gif
if you send me what info you have or what you want translating I'll See what I can Do. I also have a friend who might be able to check out the french name, she is some kind of Govt worker so would be a help although French names are also common on the swiss side of the french borders as borders were subject to change around here in the distant pass. The french on the Rhein area have difficulty even today in. knowing who they are.
The name Secker comes from Littleport UK, probably a reference to 'Sacker' which was an occupation.. Reginald Secker is on the war memorial in St Ives square as he died in WWI, however his son was also called Reginald Secker (my grandfather) and emigrated to New Zealand with his mother after WWI.
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