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Full Version: Do You - Did You - Have A Pet?
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I would quite like to get a dog but never have... the closest I got was a giant goldfish!

Do you have a pet who brightens up your life?

Or, did you have one who has since passed away?

Hope youve got the hankies ready Martin for when the wee sad stories start smile.gif
We have had several dogs over the years [57 variety type part lab part?] all called Dusty but our Last Dusty was the most endearing and smart and we were all heartbroken when she had to go to sleep, the Cat next door used to come and sit on our window ledge till Dusty went out then they both used to feed out of the one bowl from the other wee cat down the roads dish
Its amazing how a wee animal can brighten up your life we have had numerous budgies goldfish, tortoises but have decided not to have any more now as we move around a bit and wouldnt be fair to leave pet with family when we did
Scots Kiwi Lass
Hi Martin

Over the years, my family had many pets - dogs, cats, lambs, bantam hens, bobby calves, rabbits, tropical fish. However, there is one dog who stands out - Barney, a chocolate labrador. We lived in a small township of 300, surrounded by farm land. Barney was born just before my two children and they all grew up together. He had a habit of wandering down to the main highway and sitting outside the butcher's shop. It started with the butcher giving him a bone, which he would bring home, then go back to the shop for a repeat. Everyone got so used to seeing Barney sitting outside, it was commonly thought that he belonged to the shop owners!

As with other pet dogs, after Barney had gone to doggie heaven, I felt that he had given us much more than we gave him. How's that for soppiness?
My grannie had a wee dog called Trixie and when we lived in town I used to go up to Hamiltonhill and take Trixie out for walks.
Trixie was a right pet and part Corgi and I don't know what else as she had the Corgie face and body but longer legs. When mum did grannie's shopping she was told to get mince for Trixie and not the cheap stuff because Trixie didn't like cheap meat.

When grannie took ill she went to stay with one of her daughters who lived in Balornock. Grannie died shortly afterwards. By then we were living in Barlanark and mum was told the aunt was getting Trixie put down. I was 15yrs old by this time and was really upset so I got the bus fares from mum and went to Balornock and rescued Trixie.

He was a right family pet and used to sit on mum's knee and get petted like a baby. He was kept downstairs during the night but first thing in the morning as soon as the living room door was opened, he ran upstairs and sat outside our parents bedroom door waiting for it to open then he went in and sat by the bed near to mum.

I remember one time when our parents were on holiday and due home, myself and others in the family who were married by this time, went to Barlanark to wait for mum & dad coming home. Suddenly Trixie started barking his head off and running to the front door, we hadn't a clue what was wrong but we opened the door just as a taxi came round the corner and before the taxi stopped at the house, Trixie ran down the three stairs at the door, leapt over the gate right into mums arms as she came out the taxi.
We never could figure out how Trixie knew mum was in that taxi before it even stopped.

When Trixie took ill the Vet told dad there was nothing could be done as Trixie was about 80 yrs old in human terms, even his whiskers were pure white.
Dad was never much of a drinker but he said when he left Trixie with the Vet he had to go to the pub for a couple of drinks as he was so upset, we were all in tears.

I'm not really an animal lover as I was bitting by a dog when I was only about 10/11 yrs old, but I loved Trixie she was a wee darling.

Some of the family had dogs and when I get used to them I'm OK, but even to this day if a strangers dog runs at me in the street, I freeze and get worried in case it is going to attack me.

I have hated cats since one jumped into my 6 months old sons pram and lay right across his face nearly smothering him. I had left him out while taking the shopping upstairs and was glad I had come down right away to get the baby or God only knows what could have happened.
We never went out of our way to have a dog or cat. They all seemed to find our home. Stymie was a Black Lab mix who became our pet when my family was growing up. He was one smart, intuitive dog. If I had worries, he would come and lay his head on my lap and when I was out he would take my slippers and climb on to our bed. Sadly, he got out of the yard one day, made his way to I-95 and was killed. His death about broke my heart. Cats became our pets and I loved all of them. They lived long lives and I knew when to let them go. Att our pets are buried in the garden of my former home in Fairfield.

Now here in Georgia I rescued a stray in 2007. The temperature was in he 100's and the wee soul was crying outside my door. I took water to him then decided he would be cooler in the house. That was it. At first I thought the cat was a female, pregnant with kittens, and planned on taking the cat to the shelter. Before I did that I took the cat to the vet and she said that I had a male, neutered cat, who had been fully declawed. I decided to keep him and he now has a beautiful smokey grey coat.

The story doesn't end there. Last September Suzy was outside and she heard a cat crying in the bushes. She thought it was a kitten and brought out some food. Suzy is a nurse and works nights. When she came home next morning the cat was still in the bushes so she brough it in. She already has five male cats who get along with each other. Well, the "kitten" is actually a young female American shorthair. She wanted no part of having five brothers so Suzy suggested that maybe my cat, Sweetie, would like a companion. I didn't think so but was willing to give it a try as long as Suzy took the cat to the vet. She had been neutered but has claws although she uses scratching posts. I dont think Sweetie wanted a companion. When she comes near he growls and she always seems to want to know where he is. I cant be housebound so I always hope that nothing happens. If I want her attention I open the computer and she jumps up and wants to sit on my lap. Suzy had placed a note on the entrance to our subdivision but no one claimed her. So, here's hoping there is a truce.

Anyone with ideas what will make these two friends?
I had a hamster called Tinker years ago . When i got married i had a cat called Fluffy , he was a beautiful animal , half persian . When i was ill he would lie in front of the settee and not move till William got in from work .Used to lie round my neck like a fur collar . When our wee flat was broken into our first thought was for Fluffy , in case they had injured him , or he had got out through the broken door , fortunately he was fine , although they took just about everything we had worked hard for over that first three years . Found out two weeks after that i was expecting our first daughter , so putting having a family on hold to build our home up again was no longer an option.
No. 10 Girl
I have three dogs a Heinz 57, llasa apso and a cross Pomeranian/ Shitzu when we took the wee Pom cross to the vet for her first check up "Ok says the vet what is she?" when I told him he replied " So she's Sh---ypom then! Actually she was very much so at the time smile.gif
Marion Niven Dougan
I had Fluffy in 1984 for 1999 a wee mutt, bit the best wee mutt ye ever met. Then we got Fergie a Bullmastiff, friends of ours were killed in an auto accident so we aquired Fergie. Did not have her long she had Cancer. Then I bought My Aonghas Bullmastiff, gave him to the kids when we went back to Scotland in 2006 CAME BACK TO USA IN 2007 ADOPTED HEATHER French Mastiff, sshe is a gentle giant, my baby, well trained 140 pounds worth of joy, she's my girl
glasgow lass
My friend had a gold fish, she had it for about eight yrs, said tae me one day hey Lass am going to europe for six weeks can you look after mah wee fish huh.gif Aye well I'll do mah best by it aha said, away she went so happy her wee fish was in good hands, That night , aye the very furst night that she was away aha fed it, changed it and thought oh this is eazy peezy nothing tae this. Before aha went to sleep I had a wee look in on Moris the fish, there he was floating on his side so aha thought he might be asleep, well he ate all of his food so he's fine, looked in soon after and realised he wiz deed. Aha broke into a cold sweat of fear and panic.
laugh.gif @ Glasgow Lass.....I get that terrafyed feeling every time my wee friend leaves her Gorgeous Japanese fighting fish with us to look after when she is away visiting her family in Victoria.

I adore Dogs & have had several over the years that held my heart in their hands ,you see Dogs are just so communicative & such wonderful companions one just cannot help but submitt to them & remember each one as being individualy wonderful as the last one was. We Had our German Sheperd Temba for 11 yrs & we were all saddened by his natural causes death in our home but we at the time were helped over our grief with Ashy,a wee dog we had been asked to take in a year prior by my sons friend.

Ashy was a rescue dog John saved from horrible abuses,he is a wondeful dog to this day,he is a wee blueheeler crossed with something else not sure what since the heeler attributes are so high in him, Ashy is now 6 yrs young & if it weren't for Ashy I think my grief for Temba wouldve hurt a lot longer,ashy was so nurturing to Temba[all of us actualy] in his last days I shan't ever forget the things I wittnessed ashy do for Temba,he washed him grooming him tenderly each day he lay down into the curled up body of Temba that was obviously sore,somehow Temba just seemed so pacifyed by Ashys pressing lttle body into his hurting body.

Ashy brought toys to Temba every day & they would try a very sad & gentle tuggawar with their rope[a very special thing they both enjoyed may I add]Temba went peacefully in my arms through the night with Ashy settled nearby to him also, when he went Ashy came up to lick my face filled with tears & as though to tell me it was going to get better for us he daily stuck to us like glue, he was grieving tembas loss too,he even tried to dig him up from his grave in the yard where we planted a Frangipani tree on top of him,each day ashy sat by that tree for a few minutes as though remaniscing he even took his wee toys to place under the tree which grew like wildfire may I say.

The antics of Ashy still to this day reflect both Tembas personlity as well as his own & when he comes to play tuggawar I hate to refuse him since he misses our Temba & I do to ,so together we tuggawar with the toys & my heart is warmed with peace & joyus memories of Temba & seeing Ashy grow in nature & personality before us this past year has been ever so sweet he is still nurturing & playful & very very sweet & gentle with us all, he has come a long way from the damaged dog who bit me my husband daughter & friend all in the 1st few days of meeting him,he was afraid thats all he was in his 3rd home in a year he trusted no one yet nowadays he trusts loves & plays so freely I love him to bits & hopefully we will get a long prosperous life out of Ashy whos start in life was hard yet he gave out so much despite his own pained start.We want to give Ashy the best contiuing life ever & we do spoil him & he is so cheeky & funny at times I just never want to stop laughing & playing with him,Dogs are so communicative & are wonderful companions that do more for us than we realise at times. wub.gif
glasgow lass
laugh.gif Aye linda aha tried to replace the fish so a few days before she came back I went into every pet shop that I could find to see if there was another fish that looked like her's. wacko.gif.
I found one, thought that it might do the trick, bought it and gave it back to her as Moris. The funny thing was that she knew right away this was not Moris LoL.
I grew up always having dogs in my life.

When I got married we bought a wee Yorkshire Terrier and named her Brandy, this was in 1970 and she died about six months after moving to my present house in 1986 - she was a wee charmer and spoiled, and loved rotten.

Later we got Ted and Benji - two Yorkies, because after Brandy we fell in love with that breed. It would break my heart even now, if I told you about their subsequent deaths, because they are always part of the family and no two dogs are ever alike - just like people. They're in my heart always.

I often think about wee Brandy, and often think about wee Ted and Benji.

Almost eleven years ago we bought Bobby and Bubbles. Bobby is a quiet wee man, and often lies at the opposite end of the couch when I'm watching tv, occasionally pushing his rear end into my leg, just to let me know he's there, he's very loving but not soppy. Bubbles, on the other hand, will want always to lie and sleep on my knees, every now and then, coming up to give me a wee lick on the side of my face or neck.

I have loved all of them to bits, and miss the departed ones every single day. But my heart is filled with wonderful memories of them, and the funny or mischievous things they used to do.

See now you've got me with the wee tears running down my cheeks, because I've just had an awful cute vision of some of them in my mind.

Help ma boab, paper hankies to the fore again.

Martin believe me, until you've had a pet, you will never know what you are missing, and the total, complete dedication they have towards you.

i had my cat floyd for 15 years, took a rescue one when floyd was 13 and we named him skippy, then floyd died quite suddenly and we were all broken hearted but took another rescue kitten for skippy cos he was used to the company we named this one charlie, and he went missing 10 weeks ago and im broken hearted again, i live in hope that he will return but the longer it goes on the more unlikely it is that we'll get him back. i am not going through this again its terrible.
I always wanted a dog when iI was younger but it never happened for various reasons...

Now that I'm slightly older....We got Wee Molloy a lovely West Highland Terrier...who breaks everybodys heart that meets her.....shes a great wee thing and loves to do loads of tricks...
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this is my wee boys. Bobby to the left and Bubbles to the right.
thats a nice photo ,Carmella. smile.gif
we had a english collie for 16yrs she was amazing me and my younger brother still talk about her ,a lady i worked with asked me if i would have one of her dogs pups i said yes never asked my ma or da we hid her from our boss at work all day and i put her inside my blue nylon overall took her in the door my ma said to me whats that you have in your overall i said keep quite dad will hear you how the hell are you going to hide her from your da i said i will think of something then dad shouted in whats going on in their my ma said you had better tell him he wont let you keep it my da was dissabled and could go down very easy mum said what if it gets under his feet my heart just sank and daid to her i didnt think about thatanyway dad just looked at her and melted he said she can keep me company even tho he was dissabled he still worked long distance .he took lassie up the north of scotland and he lost her dad came home devasted we all cried all that week my young brother couldnt eat two wks llater at 5 in the morning she heard whimpering and got up to look and lo and behold their she was all tattered and torn weak mum got her in and started shouting lassies back we all jumped out of our beds it was the greatest thing that ever happeened to us we just loved her and she and we got her love back ten fold i still love and miss her after all those yrs now i have a lovell black lab who i love just as much A.H.
We've had 5 different boxer dogs over the last 30 year period
This was one of our many boxer's
QUOTE (carmella @ 7th Jan 2009, 07:29am) *
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this is my wee boys. Bobby to the left and Bubbles to the right.
Carmella,our neighbour had five just like yours all at the same time,you'd think you were in the jungle when someone knocked at the front door!
Update on the critters in my home. Sweetie wet twice outsde his box and I knew that something had to be wrong. We took him to the vet and he had some crystals in his urine. This causes painful peeing. She also gave me some advice on where to place the two litter boxes since he could have been avoiding the one Charly uses. I wasn't sure of that because Suzy has two boxes and all her five boys take turns using them. While at the vet he had his updated rabies shot. Since he is an indoor cat, I would not do that again. When I brought him home he was more lethargic. Our neighbor had the same problem with her cats after their shots. He was so listless and wouldn't eat or drink so I had to take him back to the vet. Just in time. If I had waited another day he would have died with all the urine backed up in his body. They put a catheter in him and he stayed there over the weekend until she was sure he was out of danger. Vets are definitely not cheap in the US but we take on these animals as part of our familiy and their care is in our hands. He is on a different food from the vet which will prevent the crystals, as well as some meds. I give the same food to Charly.

Strange thing is that Charly, the new addition, doesn't seem to want to bother him. I gave her quite a bit of attention when he was in the vet instead of telling her to leave him alone. I wonder?

I am sure that Victoria Stillwell is a favorite among dog lovers in GB and now she is in the US helping families with their dogs. Animal Planet is one of my favorite shows.
I have always had some kind of animal in my life mostly dogs whiskey was a bitsa as a wee lassie he got runover with a side car a cried for months then corgy the cat she got run over also then jason he was with my mum until she had to give him away as the flats at bogeny would not allow dogs then they started to allow them then i had an afgan hound called scruffy oh he was so mighty handsome dog and won prizes at dog shows then a had a cat and another dog called mad max a had to give him away as he would not let any men in the house my ex husband being the main person then we got trudy1 she was my first yorkie she lived 13 years then when she went a got trudie 2 she is now 10years old oh and we had 2 budgies and 100es of marine fish and vertabraes and other exotic things in the tank i still have 116gallons of water it is still in use but onlt tropical fish in as marine were to expensive with the up keep oh and my chickens and khaki cambell ducks and a got so much plesure from them oh mice the boys wanted and am sure a have missed some pets it will come back to me eventually but this is my trudie 2 now or trudy anyway it is spelt she wont know will she ha ha oh and the fish in the pond but that is being filled in thisyear due to frogs killing the fish off trying to mate with them duh oh she has green eyes do you no think
So many Yorkshire Terriers!!
We've had several Yorkies over the years, and yes- there have been many happy times and broken hearts as they have passed on to the "Rainbow Bridge"... gone but never forgotten, as they say... Terry, Shayne, Jerry (1st), Trinkie, Corrie (2), Shona, Poppy. They mostly all died of old age.
At the moment we just have Jerry - hopefully we will get him a wee mate this year and have the happy yappy sound of puppies next year.
We also have two cats, William and Barnabas, a cockatiel called Spencer and a budgie, Bhoy.
Barnabas recently had his back leg amputated after an altercation with (we think) a car.

Jerry is a lovely dog in all ways - a real terrier, intelligent and lots of fun. And such a terrible sook!!!
This was him at Christmas - waiting for Santa.
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All of these wee dogs are just adorable.

It is just awful when a pet dies. People who have never had a pet, no matter of what kind, just do not understand the heartache which comes with a death. We who do have pets, know what they give to us in our daily lives. We know all their little foybles, the cheeky and the funny things they do sometimes just to get our attention, or 'feed me - in case you forgot it's that time' hahaha.

Mine will push the dishes until I notice it's that time of day, even if I'm on the phone.

They bring such a lot of joy to our lives.

I would love to show you all of my dogs, but none of their pics are in my computer. The last pic is Bubbles lying sleeping on his back at the side of my desk in the office. The other is Bobby sleeping too - taken last year. Everywhere I go, they go.
Charlyt is off doing something and is not trying to climb on to my lap as I sit at the computer. I was thinking of my brother's goldfish, Buster. This happened many, many years ago when we lived in Ardoch Street. We were going on holiday and my mother asked Mrs. Tough (that was her name) who lived next door, if she would watch Buster for my brother. Well, we came home and when my brother went to pick up Buster she wouldn't give him back. How do you tell a wee lad that he cant have his fish? My mother was mad but she saved the day and told Mrs. Tough she would go to the store and buy her a bowl and her very own goldfish. She did just that.

I love those wee Yorkies and would have loved a dog but when I travel I would have had to put the dog in a kennel and I would not want to do that.

Martin, this was a nice post. Brought back so many memories.
There's fancier versions of this on YouTube and other websites, but just reading the words is sad enough for me...

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...
great poem but if its true that all my animals will come back to me a will feel like st fransis of assisi and thats the truth a love all the pics of the yorkies mine is no a wee yap thank heavens as a know others that are but she taps things she wands and also she steals tic tacs from my bag and then flicks the box in the air until she opens the box then throws it up in the air to get them out and she loves extra strong mints the stronger the better the little dog with big big hearts they would take on the world to defend their owner wub.gif i did put my pictures in the images chats of the pet pictures
What a terrific poem, it's lovely. I would love to think that all my wee pets would be with me when I die, that would be true happiness.

I agree with Bunty about putting animals in kennels. In all the years I have had dogs, I have not done this once. When my parents were alive they would look after my dogs. We took them to my parent's house the morning or night before we left.

These days I have rarely gone away outside the UK, if I do go I take them with me. If outside the UK then I have a very good friend, or my nephew who comes to the house and stays with them. I'm lucky that way.,

If it meant putting them into kennels, the choice is easy, I just would not go away.
I have never put any of my dogs in kennels either a have either got my sons to look after her or because my sons were going away abrod lastyear the sametime i was going to scotland a took her with me she was great and was with me for 6weeks a stayed there because she was with me and a would have only stayed 2 weeks mnax because a would have missed her too much
I had a German Shepard when I first moved to Castlemilk in early 70's,we left him in the Kitchen over night & one night i got thirsty and went in for a drink and he jumped up on me and scared the S**t out of me,So parents gave him away sad.gif .
For the next few yrs it was a combination of having Budgies or Canaries,Just before coming to Canada My Mother caved in and bought me a wee Wire Haired fox Terrier.
I was excited as we had to go up to the breeders house and see aww the wee puppies and get my choice of them.
Sadly I only had him for a few months before I found out about us coming here,Luckily My Uncle was willing to take wee Dougal in.
I just regret not taking any pics of him.

Here's a pic of the Breed.
mary the cloggy jock
och aye ,i had a wee westie,, her name wis alba, she would talk tae me,, a wee doll she wis,, a miss her.. also had cats,, bonny and clyde,, wee buggers miss them too,, also lizards,, mork and mindy,, nano nano, they died too fast ,, dont know why,, but i want another cat , cause they are good company rolleyes.gif
just remembered we had 2 terripins and when a was a wee lassie a had goldie the hampster and one saturday morning Iwas playing with it and she fell onto the electric fire and ran up and got burned on her head the schreams from her and myself were curdling my dad jumped up and as i was in shock and sobbing a told him whay had happened he bathed the hampster and it took a month or so for the burn to heal but a still remember that dreadful morning it still makes me feel sick sad.gif
QUOTE (stuarty @ 13th Jan 2009, 12:19pm) *
just remembered we had 2 terripins and when a was a wee lassie a had goldie the hampster and one saturday morning Iwas playing with it and she fell onto the electric fire and ran up and got burned on her head the schreams from her and myself were curdling my dad jumped up and as i was in shock and sobbing a told him whay had happened he bathed the hampster and it took a month or so for the burn to heal but a still remember that dreadful morning it still makes me feel sick sad.gif

awwwee thats a sad wee story stuarty ahm gled the poor wee thing got better though ,quick thinking frae yer Daddy ahd say . wub.gif
we have a cat called fishbone it was a stray from the moter camp across the road it has a stump for a tail somebody had choped it off the reason we call it that i had to entice it whith fish that was four years ago still here biggrin.gif tongue.gif
I had two extremely close relationships with pets, firstly a German Shepherd whose mothers mother was a full wolf. Laika, as she was called, could be dangerous at times, would always walk half a length in front of me, never to heel, and watched every one who passed with a bodyguard's glare. She was a handful but she would genuinely have laid down her life for me, I day I was swimming in the Rhein and got caught in a current, I called Laika at the pitch of my voice and she plunged into the river and headed straight for me. I knew I only had to grab hold of her choke-lead or her tail and I'd be o.k. She came to within a few feet of me and must have felt that the strength of the current was too much for her to handle and moved away out of the current leaving me to my own devices. I got out somehow but thanked her anyway for trying. Maybe the selfpreservation bit was the wolf in her
The second pet belonged to my girlfriend. It was a Norwegian Forest Cat called Maus, a most beautiful creature but also with an untamed look about him. I asked my girfriend why she called him Maus, because that was the last name that I would have given to this beast who had attacked me on our first meeting, and she said `because she is so beautiful' (out here Maus is a form of endearment like a cuddely little mouse ) It took me a while to convince her that our little Maus was a male but Mary always refered to him as she. I came into the yard one day to pick Mary up to go for a walk with Laika and Benny ( a real dopey German/Belgian shepherd cross who was a laugh a minute.) The Maus was sat on the door step and as soon as he spotted the two dogs he flew straight at them with claws bared and hissing like a snake. Laika was a cat killer,
when there was nothing bigger about and when we were not quick enough to prevent her, but she stopped stock still for a second, probably couldn't believe her eyes, which gave me time to recover from my surprise and drag her and Benny back to my car where I locked them, slavvering against the inside windows, away. A hundred stories wait to be told about the Maus. Until he reached the age of 24 when he'd had to have a back leg amputated after being hit by a car when chasing after another cat who'd chanced his luck by venturing into the Maus' s territory, we could never keep him in. He'd had an eye removed about age 14 and I had to teach him to defend himself anew by catching him on the blind side a few times, When he got his hooks into you the best thing ( the only thing in fact) was just to sit down on the floor, try to ignore the excrutiating pain - and him- and wait till he sheathed his claws; then go and clean the wound. At 26 I had to put him down. I called the vet who made a house call. (She had often had to treat his various battle wounds and knew him well. One time she was inspecting the back of his throat - he only had one incissor left at that time - She had a little spatula like a lollypop stick in his mouth and he hissed at her and she sprung back about a meter. I said 'why so nervous, you know he only has one tooth ?' she said `he has 2 at the back)
I wouldn't let the vet give him the shot. She gave him an anaesthtic and showed me where to place the big one. To be honest I had anaesthetized myself before the vet got here, I had been trying to get my head round this for weeks and it was one of those real sunny weekends that suddenly appear in the middle of a real shitty I gave him that last weekend in the sun, rang the vet and shared a filet steak - his favourite nosh- with him a couple of hours before she got here then had another spliff. I felt I couldn't give that responsibilty to any one else since we really had been so close. I don't recommend the experience.
These were my first two animals and the experiences have never been repeated
although the animals have had others which filled the gaps that the left.
And all replacements have been taken out of animal shelters and no matter how disturbed they have been we've lived with that too. One cat, Charlie seems to take great pleasure in pissing on my clothes sometimes when he's annoyed with me or the other cat ( half Norwegian half Persian, she's Maus too but the gender is right this time and real cuddly) but when we saw him (Charlie)in the animal shelter he had been brought back that morning for the FIFTH time so we couldn't do that to him again
So now we give him drops, Bach Blüten it's called here- like homeopathic treatment I guess. Any way, Norwegian Forrest Cats are Cuddly and long living cats with a 25 year average age. Our's wasn't sooo cuddly ( but when he was it was like your birthday the feeling he gave you) but he was not so much your actual domestic breed which took hold in the early 70's, Todays version ar really different
Get down to your animal shelter and do yourself a favour. But do learn to accept your animal as part of the family, moods an' all. Don't be one of those who throw it out like the kitchen waste when they wind you up, you wouldn't do that with your kids, right?. I've a few of those stories too. Not nice.
Lots of luck and fun and enjoyment.
Heres my loving little fellow Ashy whom is a Blue heeler cattle dog whom was dreadfully abused & bit all of us in the 1st few days of us meeting him [he was just so frightened we gave him time & we are glad we did as his true colours are beuteful his spirit is lovely]Ashy is now living a happier life & he gives us so much love & sometimes when I look at him I have to wonder what on earth were these folk thinking hurting a defenceless little cutie like him, he is a gorgeous natured little fellow ever so loving & nurturing too.we have had ashy for 3 & half yrs out of his 5yrs,his sufferings were terrible beatings starvation & abandonment as well as being left filled with worms & sickness & being 10 kgs underweight.I couldn't ask for a more loving dog now we love him so much he is very much a part of us & we try never to leave him alone too long as he gets lonely for our company ,we try take him with us or have our daughter or son mind him wilst we are away.Click to view attachment
penny dainty
Ashy is a smashing dog now Linda.
Tommi , what wonderfl stories bout your pets The Maus sounds like he was a brilliant cat ,wouldve liked to have met him, wee thug laugh.gif
penny dainty
Have had only a few pets in my lifetime , Bluey and ceasie , both budgies, thumper and rascal , both rabbits and of course some of you will have seen The Molly Dog the current spoilt member of the Dainty family.

Click to view attachment
glasgow lass
Hey dainty, see aw that rockin about in the caravan's doing you good pal tongue.gif , you look really great penny, lovely wee dog to laugh.gif
Lindamac : What you did for Ashy was brilliant and you've reaped the rewards of your patience and understanding of an animals basic needs. I know we are not supposed to compare animals to children and we really don't but when we bring them into our homes we at least have to treat them like animal members of our households and we wouldn't treat our children badly and naturally we do love them. You are deserving of the slobbering love that only a dog can give.

Penny Dainty ; I did a lot of contracting on aircraft and was mostly away from home. somewhere in germany I was having great probs getting to sleep at night and it wasn't that my girlfriend wasn't in bed with me...we not only sleep in different beds , we sleep in different rooms !! We tried it till it nearly was a big prob. she needs total darkness in her room to sleep. I need to know when I open my eyes I'll see the moon and stars or dawn when it does. Her room door must be closed, mine must be open, I keep her awake by snoring, she wakes me up to get me to lay on my side.
All impossible conditions. after a long time winding each other up I suggested she has her room and I have mine. She couldn't believe it. She'd been scared to say that in case I'd flip. We're in our twentieth year now in a perfect relationship where we go to bed together then later go to sleep separately. perfect solution. so when I say I don't miss Mary in bed at night I mean it.
But I couldn't sleep well in my digs and then one night it clicked. I got out of bed went to the bathroom and got my bath towel and rolled it up with my soap bag inside and put it pressed down on the bed cover against my legs and was in the land of nod in no time. I'd missed the old Maus taking up half the bed. Heh, no joking at home when he was alive I'd be reading for a bit then switch out the bed light "Night Maus" then in less than a minute he'd come practically walking up my chest and make his cat sound and then go back to the foot of the bed and lie down again, I'd wake up sometimes like a sleeping contortionist. I don't get that with the new cats. But I can put my legs straight out now.

Talking about which, look at the time,(we're +1) am offski.
nite all, lol tomi.

ps I'll try to get a picture of him set up when I get my head round all this techno stuff
I scanned the only two pictures of the Maus and they were in .bmp format. thought i'd cheat and renamed then .jpg.....didn't work. scanned versions were rubbish anyway, colours took too much work.
Tommorow I'll photograph the photies then upload them . that should do the trick,
Watch this space
penny dainty
Ahm watchin biggrin.gif
Hi Penny: Part success now. Got the photies into the GALLERY.

Old Maus and elephant 009: is the Maus when he had both eyes and didn't like strangers in the garden. Mary carries that pic still in her purse. he srang on my back that day and scratched me.
Old Maus and elephant 010: Here he has his left paw braced on my shoulder and his right paw at my jugular.
The other two are the new mouse and charlie The maus 2 had been shaved for an op in the animal shelter we use that to show she really isnt fat but all hair. Today of course she fat. see her from behind she looks lihe a Tea cosy....For a really big teapot !
couldnt get a comment on the pics but I thinh I know how to now . Try it with the elephant !
Oh boy, PENNY

, that was not easy !!!
but now you've met the cat who knew no fear. He of the evil eye.
Loved him tae bits so a did.
penny dainty
off to see The Maus as we speak biggrin.gif
The Continuing Story of Old Maus: Part 2. The Gypsy.
I know you folks like a good pet story. Here's the story of the Gypsy. WARNING: get your hankies ready.
Like the Old Maus, Gypsy strayed to us.
We have had at times upwards of 7 cats on any given day come across our balcony looking for something to eat..the balcony being about half a meter above garden level and open plan so to speak... some came and went after a summer, some came for years and years. But Gypsy came during a time when the Old Maus was the terror of the neighbourhood and other cats only ventured onto the balcony at night when the Maus was safely locked in the house (under great protest). When Gypsy first appeared we thought she was only an older kitten and half starved. We püt a dish out for her and refilled it after she'd gobbled it all down. A full can of food in no time. Then she ran off but not much later was back again and finished off another full can, always checking behind her, nervously, between mouthfulls which she shovelled into herself. Mary said the poor thing must be starving. I thought she must be taking the food somewhere where she has kittens hidden: and I was right.
After a few weeks she turned up with a single kitten who looked the dead spit of "Sylvester" from "Tweety and Sylvester" so that was his name. Gypsy was a tortoiseshell colour. We found out that a woman who bred cats had turned her out...not good enough to sell, she also turned Gypsy's mother out - no longer producing nice enough looking kittens. ( she didn't last long outside, having been a pampered indoor cat). A few more weeks further on and Gypsy ventured, very carefully, into the house. We had to keep the balcony door open and the fly net too. Sylvester never stayed more than a minute or so and Gyps always sat on the back of the couch facing the door or on the back of the chair nearest her escape route. Later still she more or less showed Sylvester that he should make his own way in the world altho' he came by now and then but Gyps had decided to stay around here with the intention of maybe moving in.
This was not easy for her because the Maus was still King Dick around her and tollerated No other cats, dogs or strangers on 2 legs in his territory but her visits increased and the duration of her visits too.
One morning we found her on the balcony in a pool of blood. The balcony has a green grass effect carpet (about 15 square meters) and it's half protected from rain and snow by the balcony above us which is Mary's mum's part of the house, Brother lived in the attic part. Snow lay every where else. The trail of blood started out in the street where she had obviously been hit by a car and led across the yard and up a flight of 5 steps to the kitchen door and back out onto the street where it went to a lamppost on a corner by our hedge . The garden is half a meter higher than the pavement level and there's a hole at the base of the hedge hidden behind the lamppost which is the cats entrance to the garden. The trail led through here to the balcony.
We took her quickly to the vet before going to work. The vet rang Mary in her office to tell her she couldn't handle the cat but a friend of hers in Switzerlasnd could but it would run to 1800 Swiss.
Mary rang me to ask what we should do. Technically she wasn't our cat. I said honey we have no real choice. I'd followed that trail of blood in the snow and had seen what an effort that wee cat had made to get to us for help. We have to go ahead. Gypsy's pelvis was broken. We saw the x-rays that night at our vet's. Imagine looking down, cat on it's belly. the pelvis is like an H with two cross bars in the middle. they were all broken and displaced. The x-rays after were like a technical drawing. Every thing back in place with plates and screws holding it all together. When we brought her "Home"... choice now... she dragged her rear right leg behind her when walking and we called the vet again. "If she doesn't get that sorted out, and soon, she'll have to have the foot amputated" was what we were told......................
.............................................................................. Mary has just called me for our evening meal we're+ one hour here to be continued .....if you want

Imagine dragging the back of your hand along a surface: this was how Gypsy was dragging her rear right paw. After the vet informed us of what would happen if she continued like that Mary got straight to work. She followed Gypsy step for step and moved her back leg for her, swinging it outwards and forward each time in cadence with the other legs. Sometimes I helped but generally I was there to keep the old Maus away from her. During the day, while we were at work, we left food on the bacony for him and left him outside although it wasn't neccessary to leave food for him but if it was there maybe he'd leave the birds alone.
Within 3 days Gypsy had got the hang of it and could swing her leg out and forward on her own. When Spring settled in we were hard pressed to convince folks that her pelvis had been literally shattered only two months before. She could fly up garden walls and climb our cherry tree like nothing had ever happened too her.She was everybody's darling, with the exception of the old Maus. He gave her such a hard time but no one kept her in: she was staying of her own free will. Her favourite position was to lay on Mary's, or my, chest and just dribble drops of slabber all óver us while purring like crazy. This was difficult for Mary: womens chests being more sensitive to the scratching that accompanies the digging in of claws that is part of the purring process.
But sometimes while watching telly we might here her coughing or wheezing asthmatically from the little hammock where she curled up often and dash to her to find the Maus close by just menacingly glaring at her. We frequently had to take her to the vet and she would put Gypsy in an oxygen tent for several times a day over a 2 or 3 day period.
I called her Mary's wee shadow. When Mary was in the house you never had to ask where Gypsy was. It followed her every where; bedroom,bathroom,kitchen,garden, you name it.
Mary had a little cat
the colour of her hair
and every where that Mary went
you'd find wee Gypsy there.
Sylvester met his maker before he'd lived out his first year. Car got him too.
By the time Gypsy was about a year and a half with us it was the old Maus's turn. He'd chased a cat out the yard, summer evening, and a neighbour parking his car had dragged him a couple of meters under a wheel. The Maus was 23/24 at this time and although I rushed him to an animal infirmary I was prepared to have him put down but the guy on late shift insisted he couldn't do that and the doctor would look at him in the morning and decide. Wouldn't even let me take him back home that night .They actually have german laws about such things: animal protection laws.
The Doctor (vet) called Mary at work the next day to say the Maus could be saved but the leg would have to go. She was terribly upset and not knowing which way to go she gave him the Ok.
Mary catches the odd fly in the house with a beer mat under a glass and turns them out into the garden, got me doing as well so the expression "Wouldn't hurt a fly" really sums her up. I cannot be accessed during the day or I would have reacted differently, but she could only decide how she did. I went to the Doctor after work and fired into him. He said there were lots of cats and dogs which managed on three legs I said this is a 24 year old, one eyed, one toothed cat who only knows how to bad-ass everything that crosses his path. 3 legs is his ticket out of here for Gods sake. The vet videos all his ops where he shows them to the University classes that he gives in Freiburg, this is why he has the rep. of "never putting a patient down if he can help it." The Maus suffered terribly and for me shamefully for the next 18 months of his life, and Mary and I suffered with him. His life was a misery and a painful endurance.
Gypsy, although wise enough never to trust him even in his crippled state, had a bit more peace now till finally I put the Maus down myself. He had cncer in the tongue. Our own vet came to the house to show me how. I really felt it was my sole responsibilty and it tore me apart. Naturally I did a bit of substance abuse before Ingrid the vet arrived. Mary visited her friend and took Gypsy with her.
For the whole of the next week we watched how Gypsy sneeked around the whole house carefully checking here and there and in all the Maus' special places. After a week she realised he wasn't around. We hoovered every room daily, carpets every where. Then Gypsy seem to go through a metamorphisis. Gone was the wee ever-cautious cat and in it's place was the Queen Bee. Her stature, her carriage, really seemed to alter and she patrolled the place just like the old Maus had done as if she'd learned it all from Him.But she never sat on the bit of the couch where the Maus had laid.
During the time when the Maus was with us we had a visit from 2 friends. One was an American from Fort Worth who'd come over on business. He called in to Bayern to see another friend and they both came then to us. Rodger (the ami) was to sleep in Mary's room, she'd put up with my snoring and join me in my room. Rodger ( the anglo) would sleep here in the computer-room where we have a good cupboard bed. Rodger the ami was a chronic allergic to cats. and we explained that Gypsy only felt safe at night in Mary's room but we'd sort that out. Now Rodger, a perfect gentleman , wouldn't hear of it and agreed to let her in and if it was a bother he'd chase her out.
The next day he rang his wife in texas and was gushing over the fact that he had spent all night with a cat on his bed and absolutely no darned effect. He stroke her when she rubbed against his legs in the living room and was delighted with her. We told him to be careful, she slabbers when excited, but he was Ok.
Mary always said that was just typical Gypsy. She wouldn't do you any harm, like Mary, Just wanted to be loved and left in peace.
Gypsy had 4 perfect years after I buried the Maus, then cancer took her. We operated but it went to the bone. We tried every thing. she was only 8. But we had to give in. Again the vet came to the house but at the moment of truth I chickened out. The Old Maus was almost 26 when he went. a bad-ass who'd had a good long life, except the last 18 month, but Gypsy was a wee softie and I told the vet through sobs "ingrid you're gonna have to do this" " I knew that before I came in Tomi"
The house was so empty after that and Mary was taking it really hard. She'd lost her wee shadow. And you miss the wee question mark going round the coffee table. 2 weeks later I said to Mary " Right, animal shelter, get a cat in here" She was reluctant but I pushed the issue.
You wont believe me. We went to the local shelter: nothing. We went to the next town where they have two: nothing. Mary's taking this as an omen. We went right out to Rheinfelden and there we saw Maus2 and agreed to have her, but I was really reluctant about an other one that looked like Maus...and HER name was....Nanuschka , eh? so we had the Maus2 and as we were signing up in came a woman with Charlie (jimmy ?) who was being brought back for the 4th or 5th time. we took him as well and paid for it in spades, he pisses every where ( especially my stuff,ie waterproof watches are not cat-piss-proof, nor are computers or screens - especially the nice flat screens- 2 of ) wants the wall paper changing and terrifies Mausie
So technically it's all back to normal in our house except I cover the screen when I switch off and the computer is behind a glass panel now. But we wouldn't dream of giving any back. they're ours now. We used to sign our cards T.M. Gypsy and the Maus. Now it's T.M.Charlie and the Maus.
Even if you've lost a dear furry family member, and we know how hard that is believe me, get on down to your local shelter. They're crying out for good homes ( for some bad-asses) but nice creatures too. Go ooonnn
Charlie & Daisy
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