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Full Version: Blenheim - Sauchiehall Street
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The Blenheim, Sauchiehall Street

Please discuss or tell us your memories of this former Glasgow bar here....

From memory, The Blenheim was a Stakis eaterie in Sauchiehall St with a small bar upstairs and the main bar downstairs. Frequented it on and off during the 70's and from memory, always had a plume of smoke hanging in the air from the "funny fags" of the regulars. I remember a skelly-eyed waitress who used to ask the half dozen punters waiting to be served at the bar - "Yes ?" and everyone was afraid to order as no one knew who she was addressing due to her bad squint ! Stakis had quite a few diners/pubs in the 70's - The Maggie in Sauchiehall St which had the most reactionary bouncers in the city centre. I remember queuing up to get in one Saturday night with my girlfirend and the bouncer telling us that "she" could get in but "he canny ", just to humiliate you in front of the bird. Of course there was half dozen of the scumbags just waiting for you to respond and they would be on you in a flash. A pity because they had a great band - Redwood - who played on a Saturday night and were brilliant. Then there were the Stakis beerkellars like The Alpha in St vincent St and The Doune Castle in Shawlands where the great Travelling People were the resident band at weekends.
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