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Full Version: Bier Keller - Union Street
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Bier Keller, Union Street under Central Station

Please discuss or tell us your memories of this former Glasgow bar here....

The Stoker Leishman Band Live At The Bier Keller Glasgow 1976.

6/- a pint for Lowenbrau.

That made a large hole in the paypacket awful quick.
Not that authentic as German Kellers go.

The staff used to order;
"Heh yoo, thurs nae bangin' yer gless oan the table ya mug yi".

Almost German you may be forgiven for thinking, but not quite. rolleyes.gif
I was a barman in the Bier Keller from 1975 until it shut. Some great bands, good people and some real characters. I remember the Fri/Sat night "shelf-stacking". After each weekend we'd gather all the dregs from the tables. tip them into 2 stainless steel buckets and cover them in the cellar. Following Friday, we'd tip the contents into a barrel (had to be a Holsten lager barrel as that was air-fed so the pipe could be put back in the barrel). We'd then use that barrel to fill as many dimple glasses to the first mark with the mixture - we'd fill up to the second dimple with fresh lager and stack the shelves with these glasses. That was the way we dealt with the initial evening rush, topping the glasses to the top when the waitresses came with their orders. I remember one Sat regular coming up complaining that the beer "tasted funny" even after we poured her a new pint. After a couple of minutes, she suddenly laughed and said "I know what's up - there's no slops in it..."

Holsten was an evil beer - don't know what was in it but I do remember working behind the bar with my jeans rolled up to the knees. A few months in I bumped into the bar with my jeans and the legs broke off!

The bar closed at very short notice because the brewery did a stock-check and discovered that the bar was the equivalent of a bottle of whisky a day down - exactly the same amount of whisky that the chargehand was polishing off every day, even coming in on Sundays to drink when the bar was shut. Shame - for a student, it was a great place to work.
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