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Last week we took our 2 granddaughters to the local bookstore, in the A/V dept. you can put on ear phones, scan the bar code on a CD and listen to a few lines of each song, there was our 7 year old Katie with the ear phones on singing at the top of her lungs, and jiggling to the music, everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to her, I almost died laughing, she didn't care when I told her everyone could hear her, oh to be a kid again. unsure.gif

It must run in the family Sis.

I was in a shop last year and had 5 yrs old Megan with me. While waiting at the check out, Megan was singing away to the shop music, much to everyone's amusement.

Do you think we have a couple of pop stars on our hands. laugh.gif
Grandweans,,whit would be do without them? Some time ago we took our grandweans to a restaurant, halfway through the meal Miss 3 year old wanted to go to the toilet. I got up to take her and was told," I'm a big girl now grandma, I can go by myself!"As the entrance to the toilets was right next to our table I said it would be ok. A few minutes later out she comes , and before I could move she turns around , bends over, dress up in the air, knickers at her ankles and asks, in a voice the whole place could hear......." Did I wipe my bum right Grandma?" wub.gif
yes, I think we do a couple of (Brocolli) Spears.
Brenda wub.gif
From out of the mouths of babes.


That was absolutely hilarious, a right cracker. I could just imagine your face. I can't stop laughing here. I bet there were quite a few people choking on their dinner with laughter. laugh.gif
You're rght there Heather... I didnae ken where to put maself!After I calmed doon a wee bit and my face returned to the usual colour I got another shock... A waiter came over to our table with a tray of drinks.. someone at one of the other tables wanted to buy as all drinks to thank us for giving them the best laugh they'd had in ages. biggrin.gif
I have a similar story about my grandaughter. Had the privilege, she chooses who takes her, of taking mine to the washroom. Well she only had to pee. Not a problem. she did it and i pulled up her panties. The washroom was at the far end of the restaurant. when we came out she ran to our table shouting "mummy, Grandad didnt wipe my bum" All i got was a big riddy an naebudy sent me a drink......andra
Hi to all, I had my Grand daughter from 8months old till nearly 6. We were at the shopping center one day and I took her to the toilet, she went first,then me and as I was bending over she clutched my hair and at the top of her lungs she said do you have NITS Grandma!!!I could hear everyone laughing outside.She had been going to Kindy 1 day a week and was getting tested, embaressment.

Anne Perth Aussieland cool.gif
i saw this wean who was with the grand parents in sainsbury's, she was messing about with the trolley schumacher style and the grand parents thouth is was really funny. then the wean took a heeder of the trolley, she only hurt her wrist but the noise she made squealing was terrible (shold have been asked to leave store). the grand parents face was a picture when security told them not to be so irresponsible. funniest moment of the year so far. grandweans don't you just love em.

I agree that the grandparents should have shown more responsibility but it is kind of sad that your "funniest moment of the year" is when a wee one gets hurt.
aw come on, it was funny and the wean was being a bit stoopit. she wisnae badly hurt. mind you the grand parents were only about 37 so if that helps paint the picture........
Mind ma mum wis takin oor Tori{who wis three at the time} with her tae the doctors, she'd been warned aboot her "terrets" syndrome if ye get ma meanin, and had told nana "Ah'll be good nana".
So up they walk intae the doctors waitin room, place packed an afore they'd sat doon Tori announces in the stage whisper..."Sawright nana, ah'll no say fur pucks sake, ah'll jist say oh dearie me okay!" laugh.gif
Catherine cool.gif
Can see, she got fae her auntie Catherine. biggrin.gif
That's the truth guys...Anither time mum took her tae church...the priest starts the service fae the back of the church and walks doon the middle aisle...Tori turnt roon, clocked him an shouted in excitement NANA, BATMANS HERE ANAW!! laugh.gif
"Grandma's Cooking "
Little Johnny and his family were having dinner at his Grandmother's house. Everyone was seated around the table as the food was being served. When Little Johnny received his plate he started eating right away. "Johnny, wait until we say our prayer." ..."I don't have to." The boy replied. "Of course, you do," his mother insisted. "We say a prayer before eating at our house." "That's at our house," Johnny explained..... "But this is Grandma's house, and she knows how to cook."
Archie Millar
I don't have any grandweans which I'm happy about when I see how some people indulge them . We sit up the pub at lunch time and watch them come in to order food to eat in the garden. The first thing they do is lift the wean up and sit it on the bar--no matter how busy the place is,then it's "what would like to drink darling?" this to a three year old kid then its a look at the childrens menu and the wean mulls ower the pictures and decides after a fit o' petulence tae hiv fish-fingers then its do you want peas or beans -another five minutes before it can make up its mind,in the meantime the queue behind getting bigger--wull she move that kid?naw! that's her grandwean and she must be indulged .I brought up two boys and if we went anyplace they got a packet o' crisps and a bottle o' pop When a see whit goes on now a dont know if a want tae strangle the wean or it's granny!!
Oh Archie with all due respact I am thinking you are as tight as a crabs arse, a packet of crisps and a bottle of pop, wis that penny pop we used to get? rolleyes.gif
Noo am jist having a wee bit fun, so dont take me literally, I even remember your story about the tipping the redcap at the airport wis it? LoL
Don't be fooled by grandparents indulging their grandchildren, hey that's what they're for, and after we indulge them we send them home, as grandparents that's our prerogative, you must have heard the old saying, "if we knew grandchildren were so much fun, we would have had them first" biggrin.gif

We took care of our 2 granddaughters when our son was in Iraq (no mother) it was hard work but with the grace of God we survived, last week our older granddaughter told me "Grandma, you have a smaller house than our big fancy house, but me and Katie liked it better here with you" and I thought I was so strict with them. this was a compliment that brought tears to my eyes.

Grandchildren are God's special way of loving us through someone else..They bring unconditional love, and more happiness and joy than a heart can hold.I give thanks every day for the blessings I have received from my grandweans.They keep me young in heart.
When you have a Grandchild, your heart is overflowing with a special kind of happiness, the kind that just keeps on growing!

Whose had one too many?
click on for the full storyPapa's Birthdayy ..
Weementor, that was brilliant, were you all on holiday or what? Lovely little boy you have there.

Anne Perth Aussieland cool.gif
weementor, what a brilliant little site you have going there!! Loved it ... and the music ... will have to get into papa's homepage properly later and have a great little wander around.

I wanna go to Porto Del Carmen !!

Thank you so much for posting that, brought a big smile to my face. That little darling boy is soooo cute and probably saying "How can those guys drink this stuff and actually enjoy it????" laugh.gif

Great stuff ... need more !!

Best wishes - Teeny
Thanks for your comments ....yes I was on holiday .... I was to take in my 60th birthday. My family wanted to have a big party at home ... not for me , so I dragged them all screaming and shouting to Lanzarotte for a week in the sol.
Grrreat place
Connor is now two.... if you have time click
Connor James Screen
"If you have time click" ... now you know I can't ignore an invitation like that LOL ... of course I had to click !! They're great photos of wee Connor weementor, I see he has a taste for the designer gear already "GAP" (not to mention designer beer ... I hope not!) and seems to be giving the thumbs up to the world in his very first picture, saying "I think ah'm gonna like this place" LOL

They probably all thanked you in the end for "dragging" them to Lanzarotte ... huh??? Are they mad?? They seemed to all have a great time in the end (that was when I "clicked" on the link for your 60th of course).

Thanks again for the photos pal.

Teeny tongue.gif
Wee Mentor, I had the time.... your wee grandson is a right smasher.
Grandchildren are such a wonderful tonic, I wish I had the patent for them and bottle it. Archie, as far as grandchildren being strangled, the person(s) in charge are the ones need strangling. One thing I hate to see is children hanging around pubs and bars. We are blessed with our little grandson Daniel who is such a pleasure to take out to restaurants and pubs which have the eating areas for families without being shut away in a cold dingy room at the back of the pub. He is well behaved, knows when to say please and thank you without being prompted and his good manners and behaviour are all down to his Mummy. So before you point the finger make sure its pointing in the right direction. Its a grandparent's duty to indulge their grandchildren and the love given is unconditional. I thoroughly recommend it and as far as I'm concerned(but don't tell my girls) keep 'em coming(second one due in July) This is Daniel and his Auntie Steffy, my other daughter on her wedding day and she is expecting her baby next month. Daniel absolutely adores her:wub:
Another lovely photo you posted there AmazingGrace, your Xmas list will be getting longer and longer ohmy.gif

Archie Millar
Grace , contrary to what you imagine, I don't frequent "dingy pubs"! --we don't all live in towns and frequent spit& sawdust places. I live in the country, and, my' local' is a country inn just ten minutes up the road . It has a huge garden with a play area and an old country dining room which seats fifty. last weekend over Sat. and Sunday they did 640 meals between the dining room and the garden, I've just came home from there now ---had to go up early ,or, you can't get parked
I'm not against g/parents spoiling their g/kids---the thing that gets me is them making a spectacle of themself and asking a three year-old kids to choose what they want
Perhaps Grace, when you've been on the "boards" a wee while you'll get to know us better--we're no "sticky" an' most o' us know each other by oor real names
Hubert! a know you think a'm "tight" sad.gif but when a brought ma boys up 40 years ago a glass o' pop an a packet o' crisps wis a' we could afford---an' remember there wisnae such a thing as a bar-meal, if you were lucky,they used tae hiv a glass case on the bar wi pies in it
Could ye no jist put thae weans oan a plate an eat them up biggrin.gif
Ah love thae pictures of Conner weementor, an Daniel too Grace, perfect love so they are, we're so lucky to have them in our lives.

My mums the only grandparent left for my boys, Max wis only five months old when Geoffs mum died, but in her three week illness he was the only grandchild who visited the hospital as I was still breastfeedin, and the night before she died she took his wee face in her hands and held him up close to her own and said "Goodbye you".
All the love she'd shown the other grandchildren she gave to Max in that moment, it still brings tears to my eyes the total honesty and love that she passed in that look...

As fur you Archie, ye make me laugh....the day ye left ye gied me a wee package fur the boys, a DVD an ah cannae mind whit else. Ye put up wae them when they wur crawlin aw ower us while we werr aw tryin tae huv a conversation, we're used tae it but you an Norah didnae bat an eyelid...there's nuthin tight aboot ye other than yer haun haudin yer gless pal...winkywinkwinktongueootguffaw ana big kiss right at ye!!
Archie, you have totally misunderstood what I was saying. I did not in anyway insinuate that you visited dingy pubs with as you put it spit and sawdust on the floors. What I was saying if you read it again , was describing the way that families who wanted to have sunday lunch with the children at a pub always seemed to be shown to a back room which was sometimes called "Families Rooms" and it was usually not a very nice room. I might add this is going back quite a few years ago before the "families areas" in pubs today. My house in the UK is also bordering on the Cheshire countryside with some lovely pubs. Our local in Chester, children are totally banned from even going up to the bar with their parents, they have to stay seated and supervised at all times and this is as it should be. I'm not sure what you mean by "Sticky" and my name has always been Grace and I am truly Amazing and I'm not thinking of changing it anytime soon. Cheers smile.gif
Catherine of Canada that was a very touching story about Geoffs mum, my eyes were wet, and I also believe you about Archie, he has his ways of putting things like us all, and I kind of smile, cause not only have you sussed me as being a grump, LoL, I am probably these days tighter than Archie. wink.gif
Perfect love sometimes does not come until grandchildren are born
Hi Branda....I was also brought up in Whiteinch ...'Parker street', directly opposite the salvation army building.
I had a wee peek at your age,which of course I will not disclose.
Now .... did you know any wee pals aboot one year older than you that attended Whiteinch Primary or Victiria Drive Senior Secondary. Liz McLelland ring with you or John Fulton. Liz married a lad called McNeil a football player with Celtic F.C.
Ode To A Grandchild

With everything that I possess
You are my most valued treasure.
You bring my old dreams back to life
And you give me so much pleasure.

The hugs and love you give to me
I know are not pretention
And the joy you always bring to me
Is beyond all comprehension.

In all my life, in all these years
My children were the greatest gift I've ever known
And now God has blessed me twice as much
To send me you when mine were grown.

Jo Murray
Marion Dougan
Brenda that is sooo nice
We had a right good laugh at our 12years old g'son today.

I have some Royal Doulton Figurines standing on a nest of tables and when the g'children come in I always move them to a safe place in case of accidents.

To day when I moved them our g'son pointed to one of them and said " you should get that valued Gran, it might be worth a lot of money". His dad said " yes it is valuable and your gran has had that one for many years so don't you touch it" so the g'son says " what about the ones in the cabinet are they valuable as well" I told him "yes they are". He thought about this then said " "Gran see when you and Grandad pass on can I get the house". Our son sat there completely mortified and I could say nothing for laughing, I thought it was hilarious. laugh.gif

I am now wondering when he will get around to asking how much our house is worth.
lol! That made me laugh out loud Heather! laugh.gif
Grand Children
They truly are a Blessing its funny how they can be so different Jordan who is nearly 7 is quiet while Jessica who will be 2 in September is a Wee Madam knows what she wants and gets it
my Son said shes a typical Woman

Jordan said to his Mum last Week Mum when can we go to Scotland because the people up there are all good and kind like Nana oh Bless
Proves what Iv always said there are no folk like Glesga folk
out of the mouths of Babes
Last night I babysat the children of my sons friend, age 10 and 4, the 4 year old Benjamin looked at the TV and said, do you know that's an American Flag (Reagan's funeral) I said correct, we live in America, he looked at me quite surprised and asked "do you live in America" I said yes we live in Woodbridge, New Jersey, in the United States Of America, he said, you live in America, but I live in a house, the look on his face was hilarious, what a laugh we had, Tommy said, do you want to try explaining that again, no I said, I give up. ohmy.gif

My son and his family went on holiday on Wednesday but they were round at our house on Tuesday and 6yrs old Megan was on the comp. That evening I came upstairs and lying on the desk was a print out she had made using clip art. It shows a rosette with the NO.1 and beside that a trophy and below in big print it says " To gran with love from Megan". Guess who had a big grin on her face. laugh.gif
Lovely stories, ye are all makin' me jealous. Joan tell Jordan he's got the right idea there, you must be a good Scots granny. smile.gif

God gave us loving grandchildren as a reward for all our random acts of kindness.

Grandchildren are a grandparent's link to the future, and grandparents are the child's link to the past.

Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your children!

Grandchildren are loving reminders of what we're really here for.

Grandchildren are our compensation for growing old.

Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.

Grandchildren don't make a woman feel old; it's being married to a grandfather that bothers her. wub.gif

The handwriting on the wall means the grandchildren found the crayons.

How does it feel to be a grandmother? A little odd? It seems quite crazy that your baby should be sitting there with a baby of his own on her lap. But good...A sort of bonus.

I thought I had forgotten how to hold a baby...but my arms remember.

If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren,
I'd have had them first.

Life is easier if you hear the steps of grandchildren walking beside you!

Perfect love sometimes does not come 'til the first grandchild. (Welsh Proverb)

Our grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without rebuke or effort to change us, as no on in our entire lives has ever done, not our parents, siblings, spouses, friends - and hardly ever our own grown children.

Those gasps of astonishment, those shrieks of pleasure, those sighs of delight, lost long ago when your children grew wise and worldly are suddenly given back to you by your grandchildren. What seems to be the same small hands clutch yours, dragging you from one excitement to another. "Look! Oh, look! Come ON!"

It's funny that those things your kids did that got on your nerves seem so cute when your grandchildren do them.

Grandchildren seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat, word for word what you shouldn't have said!

Cleaning your house before the grandchildren arrive for a visit is like clearing the driveway before it stops snowing.
Melody, don't worry about not being a gran, your turn will come.

My son was 29yrs old when he got married and lived at home until then. On one occasion after he got married we were talking about the mortgage rate going up and I said to him that he did not know how well off he was when he stayed at home, he said he did and that was why he stayed so long. rolleyes.gif
I stood there just looking around
There was no music, hardly heard a sound.
On the other side of the glass, I saw you there
You were so cute....did'nt have much hair.
Sure there were others, but it didn't matter to me
They were not as beautiful, it was you I came to see.
They brought you to the window so near
I fought to hold back the tear
You had your father's eyes we all knew
They were sparkling and oh so blue.
A grin appeared, it might be gas
But I didn’t care, you were such a bonny lass.
Although your parent I may not be
Hopefully you'll spend some time with me.
You see grandparents have a special role
They are in charge of the baby's soul.
That was really lovely Brenda nearly had me greetin' here.
I know Heather I keep mentioning biological clocks and things but no interested! I might have tae knit a grandwean! laugh.gif
Och ! don't you worry Melody,my kids kept me waiting long enough.Tell you there is nothing better than having Grandkids,you get to enjoy them and spoil them ,and then give them back. Heres what my wee man in Darwin thinks of me!!! biggrin.gif
He's a real cutie.......the baby that is!
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