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Full Version: Secret Millionaire - Possilpark
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Just wondered if anyone watched the Secret Millionaire programme last night.

If you saw it, what did you think of it?

GG Update: found brief clip on Youtube...

It makes you wonder, just what the f*** the Social Services do for folk in that area...bit of an embarrassment to see old people and elderly/disabled struggling in today's Glasgow....
Obviously our City Fathers will deny it all.....but it just shows you what pockets of 'real' poverty still exist in modern Glasgow.....
A good insight into the 'real' Glasgow
i cannot belive possilpark has gone so bad it was a great place to grow up. i went to St theresa School and we lived in stonyhurst street, i had a disabled brother and we lived with our granny!

i cried from start to finish, it just looked so bad... not a good advert for a fantastic city!
i also worked in the shopacheck office for years, and we used to go into Alecs for tunnocks teacakes...
I know the area very well, my mum was brought up there and my family moved to nearby Milton just before I was born. I worked in Possil in the late sixties, early seventies and it was going downhill then. When my mum was growing up there it was a nice place to live.

I pass through the area regularly and, to be honest, I would not want to spend a night there. Such a shame as the original buildings, those that are still standing, are lovely.

I use the buses through there and get quite emotional when I see the obvious poverty and misuse of drugs that is going on. There are obviously some decent people still living there but many have left, leaving behind a devastated area. Buildings have been pulled down and those that replace them have nothing to commend them. What is the answer, I don't know? There is a lot of input, special schemes etc. but I think the fundamental problem is this misuse of drugs, you only have to see them queueing up outside the chemists in the morning. I have seen this with my own eyes only recently. Some people look like zombies to be honest. Contrast this to the city centre with it's buzzing trendy restaurants and bars.

My contact with the area has now been severed due to family circumstances and I don't think I will be going back to that area again.

I found the programme to be very depressing but it has made me grateful for my lot and thankful for the education and upbringing that my parents and Glasgow gave me. But you need to have a stable home situation to be able to take advantage of what's on offer. If you are depressed or drugged up, you would not have the motivation. Thank God for those very competent, caring individuals who consistently care for other, less fortunate people.

Yes, this millionaire's money will help a lot but it is like a sticking plaster really.

i watched it last night and what complete garbage it was. nothing more than an ego stroke and some telly time for some pompous multi millionaire 'fool'.

Also why did they keep referring to it has "how the other half live"? who is the other half? scottish? poor? handicaped?

and some of the people on the show were the most disgusting people ive ever seen in my life. like the old woman with the beard! she has a carer why doesnt her carer make her shave it or something

anyway rant over but god that programme really annoyed me
I haven't seen this programme but it sure sounds bleak. ohmy.gif I have to say the millionaire doesn't seem nor sound so secret if they are talking about it beats me what the title means?
Here's what the Channel 4 site says about the episode:
Telling people that he wants a career in social work and needs to get some voluntary experience under his belt, Nick turns up at the Possil and Milton Disability Forum in north Glasgow looking to help.

Through them he meets Irene, who lost her sight very suddenly at the age of 30. Her experience affects him profoundly"

"Of all the senses to lose losing your sight must be the worst. To have had it and lost it being the ultimate worst. I can't imagine it. I'd want to top myself. If that happened to me… I don't know, I don't want to think about that, it's just too monumental."

And he is put to work mucking out the stables of a riding school which offers not only a liberating experience for many children, but also respite for their parents.

"Before I started this project I didn't think about disability. I didn't know I had prejudices until I came here and suddenly saw them. I was frightened of approaching a disabled person because I was frightened I might not be able to cope with it. So, in that sense, I steered away from it. Now I feel completely different. I feel disability is skin deep."

Through a befriending scheme Nick meets Andrew, who lost his sight eight years ago after contracting a rare illness. Unlike most of the people he has met so far, Nick gets the impressions that Andrew has not yet accepted his disability and is still very angry about it.

It's an experience that makes Nick very uncomfortable: "He's the only person who's given a negative vibe. And I'm scared of blindness anyhow."

But back at his flat, Nick has a change of heart: "I closed my eyes and I thought to myself imagine if someone said you're never going to open them again. And then I thought about Andrew, and I thought how dare I even consider if he's worthy of another visit. And I'm embarrassed. I'm so disappointed in myself. I have to go back."

As the two men build up a relationship, the experience forces Nick to confront his fears and prejudices about disability, as well as reassessing his Mayfair lifestyle.

And Nick must decide who his money can best help.

I have to say, I thought there were some lovely decent people ,who were working hard to help those in their community. The young women who works with disabled children and runs the horse riding school, also the lady who's volantary work helps people come together to mix with others, and at least even for a little while to laugh and enjoy some company, I doff my hat off to them!!!!!!!!!! The work these women do, should be recognised., and be honoured . I totally agree,!!! how can Glasgow city council promote such opulance around the world, when some parts of Glasgow have been left out, mainly Possil and the east end. I also agree that the social services are also falling down on there responsibility , anybody who watched this programme , would have been shocked at the lack of care that some people!!!!!!! were obviosley not receiving.
I hope the MSP and MP for this area, and members of Glasgow council will hang there, head in shame. It would take the two women I have already spoke of to stand against them, and win, I am sure they would make a better job of it
Bianca. Please go away.
I say dito to that!
penny dainty
I love watching this program, we are way behind with it so have no idea when we will see the Possilpark one, but from watching the other ones , England has its fair share of poverty and desolation as well , I dont think Possil has been singled out to mock it in any way, nor do I think the millionaires are condescending.I think they are genuinely touched by the people they meet.I watched one episode where the man could not believe he was being given money for his project of helping the local youth, he was stunned into shock by the gesture and I ended up in tears just watching his reaction, a good show.
I doubt I will see this show. or want to. My memories of Possilpark are of growing up among hard working families. My Dad would write to me about the changes that altered the once thriving community. I saw them for myself when I came back in 1970. The Glasgow slums were relocated to Possilpark. We covered this subject once before in previous posts.
What is the name of this show? , And was that just an episode. I think its something I would like to watch for. Anything that shows me part of Glasgow I always love to see. Last year when I was there on holiday I stayed in Bearden and also Bishopbriggs, both very nice locations. However in order to come from the town by bus to Bishopbrigs you have to pass through some very seedy looking places. It upset us a little to see how the place had deteriorated. When you live there I guess you don’t notice it, you get so used to it, but being there after being away for years it’s pretty sad. The city is fantastic but it is time some money was spent on these other areas.
mellow.gif I would love to view this programme since I haven't yet saw it I cannot say too much more than I have, I do think it sounds bleak for the people of posil & I didn't think the millionaires are sounding so secret so why use the word secret in the title????I would watch it if it was on tv here ,I don't do pay tv so have to await it coming to free tv just to review for myself but hey I will be driving through possil with my husband next weekend anyways so I will see for myself whats going on around us,However I always maintain there will always be hard working good folk amidst any slum or untidy place let us not forget this.

As far as the old lady with the beard etc I think thats pure judgement & unjust to an older lady that deserves more respect than Bianca wants to give her so what if she hasn't shaved perhaps it is a hormonal thing & shave rash may be painful leave the lady alone Bianca we never truly know what or why things go on behind a closed door how crass of you to attack the woman & her carer a carer cannot force the woman to shave the hair off her face Bianca! mad.gif
Hi, lindamac. I think the secret bit is that they live/work alongside a range of people, incognito, to decide who they would most like to help. I know what you mean though, it would be truly secret only if they gave the money without disclosing their own identity but, then again, there would be no programme for us to watch and sympathise with.......possibly reflect upon and make a difference to our own lives.

And yes, there are some very decent people living there, I am sure. How they do it, I don't know as it must be very demoralising for them. As I said, there are things going on to help but change comes slowly, working against entrenched lifestyles etc.

As for Bianca, I expect she might be best to stick to watching programmes like Big Brother where there are a range of "interesting", "celebrity" people sharing their vacuous lives with similar people at home.

I have just watched the program on catchup on the net after I read what sort of response had been wrote . I thought it was a fab program I cried almost from the begining . I was a volunteer for an organisation called homestart helping people with young children under the age of 5 and it brought great satisfaction and I do think even though Nick is a millionair I do think he genuinly felt humble and not just an act for the cameras.
For anyone who may wish to view this programme you can go to the Channel 4 catch-up site at the link below which will allow you to see programmes for 7 days after UK screening, so you've got until 26-27th August 2008.

I'm not sure if there will be any country-based restrictions though (probably will) as most times a programme is not available in a 'territory' where it has not yet been sold/shown.

(Check the system requirements before installing.)

Thanks for that link, GG. I am sure it will be appreciated by those who have not seen it. GQ
penny dainty
Mhoira, I quite agree with your comment.I have felt that way after each episode, none of them , I feel have just been puting it on for the cameras , I think they genuinely feel for the people they help.
Hi Haddyhills Did you take your Nom De Plume from the park which ran from the isolated little cottage (Craigbank)to Keppochhill Road School Cheers Flim
I wouldve liked to have downloaded this to watch it but apparently it cannot be seen outwith UK & Ireland so there goes my chance.I wouldve loved to have seen such a show alas it cannot be so.Iam very glad to hear others suggest that theres no shenanigans of flirting with the cameras & putting it on,It is a good thing that the Millionaires are doing something closer to the bone of our home countrys for a change.

My Mother always told me charity begins at your own hometown 1st before we can qualafy to assist other places & people. According to Mum it is the right thing to do for your own country,Simply ensure that you feed the needs of your own people/ country,thereafter you can then share whats left with everyone else. mellow.gif Otherwise it is in her eyes hypocrytical,Thats mums views & what I was raised with so I tend to agree that charity begins at home 1st unless Iam taught otherwise with enough evidence. I like to remain open minded,I like this idea now that GQ has explained that the rich go under cover etc,lets face it if more rich people did this stuff it would be a fabulous relief to the nations needy & meanwhile they get tax benefits in return anyways so let them share as much as they can I say. mellow.gif
the show is not just about glasgow a millionaire a different one each week goes to a part of the uk and if you seen last weeks in liverpool it was hard to find projects and some teenagers were vwey abusive to the lady concerned but she plodded on to find some people in need of a boost the places could probably gey a lottery grant but this is watchable tv for those who wish to watch it as I did and if a dont like it there is a wee button on the remote called on /off or switch over a was very proud when the blind guy had the wee puppy to train magic wub.gif and the wee woman with the hair on her face there but for the grace of god go I she might like having it or she is to proud to mention it
This is not the first time a show like this has been on TV, I think this is the second series.
This is the first time I've it based on an area in Glasgow, the others were in England.
Linda when you get over get someone to let you use the comp and go on catchup on channel 4 it might still be on
QUOTE (Mhoira @ 21st Aug 2008, 10:37pm) *
Linda when you get over get someone to let you use the comp and go on catchup on channel 4 it might still be on

Thanks for the suggestion Mhoira but when I looked at the time it had left it said 6 days to run & Iam not home for 7 days boohoo sad.gif
lindamac ask one of your family members to try and burn it off for you to watch if it is legal mind as a wouldnot want them to break any internet laws on copywrite it might be on your tube have a wee look and see wont be long to you are over hen have a ball wub.gif oh you will be able to watch one of the programmes about it as it is on every tuesday night analoge tv channel 4 at 8/9pm so a hope you get to see what its about a cant wait for nextweeks as it is a guy from his hometown of dhuram .
I only saw the last half hour of the programme from Possilpark last week. I was moved to tears by what this guy did and the difference the money will make to the people concerned. Typical Glasgow answers when he offered them the money "yer having a laugh aren't ye!" Their faces were a study when they found out he was a millionaire.
aww MHG that is what a loved when the blind guy said it over and over again and to get him season tickets for 5 years gave him such a boost as he said its the atmohsphere not the watching and when he turned blind his so called pals turned a blind eye to him some people dont understand ,,,,,its a wee bit like if am in the wheelchair sometimes not always people shout as if you cant hear or talk over you as if you dont exist morons grrrrrrrrrrrr being disabled is no always visible as a suppose you know cause if a get out my car parked in a disabled bay a get the whits up way her look duh ........
penny dainty
It's a heart warming series.Linda when it comes back on , I will record one for you and you can watch it when you come over, you will love it .
lesley fiedler
I just watched the show in Australia Bianca get your head out of your backside! that wee woman that has a beard so what ! She seemed a lovely wee soul and its shocking that she does not have carers coming around to help her if people were to spend just 1 hour a week helping some one else less fortunate it would be a great world Glasgow is where I grew up and I love the place and the people yes its not the place it was but where is in the world now ? for me it was the best episode of the show because it was set in Glasgow but very sad to see those proud lovely folk having to struggle my wee mum was so independent as well lived in the same flat for over 50 years she should have been in a care home I always pictured her in the later years going into a nice place with a garden where she could sit in the fresh air and have a smoke and a natter but she dug her heels in and would not move ... just like wee Muriel would not leave her cats have a bit of compassion as we are all going to get old and who knows what our situation will end up like
this programme will be reshown on uk channel 4 in a couple of weeks time so if anyone missed it heres another chance to see it wub.gif
The mention of the old lady wi' the hair on her face reminded me of, first, my mum who was always embarrassed about hair on her face but apart from trimming it off with scissors couldn't do much else about it, and a girl I met when in the Air Force.
I was confined to bed for three months at RAF Ely, Cambs, and as a result my bed was the "card table" where the other guys, patients, would gather for the best part of the day. A nurse, Princess Alexandria's Royal Nursing Corps,
had a slightly deformed jaw-line with a hair growth. One of the guys sat on my bed made a down-right insulting and hurtful wise-crack as she walked past my bed. It was loud enough for her to hear it although she appeared not to. No one laughed but I hit him a scud, I was so inflamed.
This girl was there to help us toe-rags, voluntarily, in our hour of need and for the greater part, helpless dependency, and this idiot could only find it in himself to be a shame to us and the uniform hanging on the wall behind his hospital bed.
She was the one who'd nip out to the NAAFI shop or bring you things in from the local shops in town etc.. Always wanting to help outside of duty.
I am coming late to this thread BUT I did see this programme and knowing Possilpark from the fifties when it was very smart ,I had a sharp dip and had to try hard to recognise places .However i too finished up in tears that our City Fathers haven't the bottle to sort this stuff out ......and in the light of present day expense looting that money could be better spent after paid back ....The lady with the facial hair reminded me of my Gran and later in life I discovered that it could be Polisistic overies causing it too much testosterone
penny dainty
I liked the fact that the "millionaire,"rolled up his sleeves and got in and cleaned up for the old soul.
have not seen the programme yet here in nz so hope we get it over here sounds realy good
I found the following brief clip on Youtube – have also added it to first post.

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