Subcity at the West End Festival

Sunday 15th June 2008
Lilybank Gardens
grass behind Ashton Lane
Noon - 7pm, Free entry for all ages

Glasgow's premier party starters Subcity Radio have once again blagged a stage at the annual West End Festival this Sunday.
A selection of the station's finest DJs will be adorning the recently re-turfed Lilybank Gardens with a massive pile of speakers and a crowd of people intent on leaving the latte drinkers behind.

Whether you want to tap your feet to some rock n roll in the sun, or burn off those beers with a punishing electro-tech mash-up, we've got it all.

11:45 Felonius Munk
12:30 Euan Chambers(Bogey Music)
13:15 Rock Island Line
14:00 Poporopo Especial
14:45 VEGAS!
15:30 OOFT
16:15 Argonaut Sounds
17:00 Matthew Lygate
17:45 Shaun vs Cheesy
18:30 Full Phat

Head down to hear everything from Soul to Bugalu, EZ to pop, as we continue to rile up the Ashton Lane crowd and shake the grade A surroundings.