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Full Version: Jeanette Adie Old Postcard
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This is the first time I've seen this site when I was googling there!!

I found two old postcards amongst some old family photos of a lady called Jeanette Adie, and Im curious as to who she was?

They're autographed to my late grandfather, one signed 1943, one 1944.

From memory, he worked ( amongst many other jobs, as folk those dayd did) at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow, so I'm guessing she was an old actress/ singer or something of that ilk.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks
Eklivin, see if this is of interest regarding Jeanette Adie.
Melody that was interesting. How far we have come eh? Did you hear the part where they say especially imported revolving stage. Bet they thought they had hit the big time.
Indeed Isobel it's amazing. smile.gif I hope it is useful to Ekliving. I tried to find out more about Jeanette Adie but couldn't, maybe someone else will have more luck.

Thanks so much for this. Its really interesting.

Isn't this an amazing board G.G. There's always someone who can help for most questions.
That was great Melody. biggrin.gif
I found this site recently and as you will see from my name that it is the same as the person you are asking about. I was born in 1952 and my mum and dad always told me that I was named after a famous actress and as my dad was born and brought up in Springburn Glasgow I assume they will be the person you are looking for.Hope you still occasionally look at this site just in case of a reply.
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