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Full Version: Scottish Cup Final 2008
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I was reading Scottish Snippets that I get every week from Rampant Scotland and found out to my delight that Queen of the South are in the Scottish Cup Final having beaten Aberdeen in the semi-final. They will be playing either Rangers or St. Johnstone. No bets on who I'm rooting for, I'm still a "doon-hamer" at heart. tongue.gif

Please keep me informed guys, we don't get much info on Scottish football here. smile.gif
Elma , I`ll give you the news right after the game, If you want to Follow it Go to BBC. Sp the bbc Scotland Sport then click the game liveThe Match is at 15.00 GMT. Calculate your time wherever you are.
It`s 7am Your time, unsure.gif
Thanks Tennscot, I'll try that.
So Rangers won but Queens scored twice and that's as good as a win to me. Congratulations to the winners and the runners-up tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Well done Rangers

I guess Rangers had to score a win over someone in a final this year !

Only Joking,
Tombro tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Hey welcome Tombro,always nice to have new blood in here ,especially Tic fans lol. wink.gif laugh.gif
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