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Full Version: Tourist Attraction Moans
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Spain, India, Talavera... and I ended up in Glesca
Which is indeed a far cry fae Spain
Staunin' guard ootside auld Cunninham's hoose
An' ahm gettin' right hert sick o' the rain.
I clock aw ae you Glaswegians
At the Museum of Modern Art
Some of you gie me a big cheery smile
Ahv'e took yez aw tae mah heart.
The young yins still winch at the bus stoaps
Guys scream oot the fitba score
As 40 year aul burds sing that Eurovision song
I get the feeling we really won the war.
Elvis has left this building ahint me
He's in Kelvingrove singin' the blues
How proud my steed stauns in this drizzle
As he glares at the low flyin' doos.
Wance upon a time ah wiz a great Duke
Noo ah'm King of the Goths
they poke big holes in their fishnet tights
As they gather aroon me like moths.
Sometimes ah jist wish ah could jump aff ma steed
An' go intae Greggs fur a scone
An' smile at the wee shoap assistant
as she smiles at mah big Traffic Cone.
It's defininately a wee bit ironic
That a thought the Welly Boot dapper
An' here ah staun in this bliddy rain
Wi' this big daft thing oan mah napper.
Ach... thanks tae the good folk o' Glesca
It keeps the watter oot ae mah eyes
So here ah'll sit in mah splendour
As ah wish fur blue Portugese skies.

It was to his credit that the duke of Wellington was once quoted...
I never saw so many shocking bad hats in my life.
- Of the British Parliament.
Absolutely brilliant Jinty. laugh.gif
Thanks a lot Melody, I don't really use the pc a lot but GG is about the only thing that I read through if I ever feel like browsing the web, you are all a friendly bunch, thanks also to Stratson, Pennydainty, Stuarty, Lindamac and Maryhillgal who've commented on past poems.
Brilliant...ah'm away tae check oot the other wans....laugh.gif
Another cracker, laugh.gif
Absolutely stoatingly, superlatively, totally brilliant Jinty. There is that enough praise for ye hen?? laugh.gif
Jinty I loved it and it really made me smile. I wonder how I missed it before tonght. Thanks.
excellent jinty and like boots I had completely missed this will now have a look for the others laugh.gif
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