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Full Version: Love Fae The Toon
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Love is a glow
It's never saying... I told you so
Love is being together
In any shower of Glasgow weather
Love is kind
Knowing your body, knowing your mind
Love is gentle...
Hey haud oan, ur ye mental?
Ah guess ye've never been in love
If you agree with the daft words above
Oh hen, love is pain
Yet wanting tae dae it ower again
Love mah son, is intoxicating
Unanswered howls of primitive mating
Love, aw c'moan it's a thrill
Ye jist feel like yer guts are gonny spill
Love is a bright red spray paints
It helter skelter, twists and faints
Love is passion
like Toi and Tongs fists a-clashin'
Love drives the sane wild wi' pain
Love is a tantrum, it's like being a wean
Oh aye pal, love is all
Noo stoap yer greetin'
Yer havin' a bawl.
laugh.gif Excellent Jinty! laugh.gif
Good poeyum - Here's ma ain. called Anatomy of Love.

My love gave me
a biscuit
in the shape
of her heart

I gave my love
a kilo of sausages
in the shape
of my small intestine

She accepted them
in the spirit they were
given and took them
to her heart

I took her biscuit
and gave it to
my small intestine

Who accepted it
and passed it on.
very funny jinty laugh.gif
Hi Jinty, boy you really nailed it and with humour, I'm still grinning. tongue.gif
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