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Tenements flats
Housed Glaswegian rats
That appeared at night
When in our bunk beds we slept,
They walked at ease
Along the linoleum floor
That father laid in the kitchen.
They brought their young
And brought their friends
Rummaging at night
Scampering into their dens,
In ‘74 we went away
To let the tenements crumble and fray,
Maryhill Road was demolished and re-built,
I wonder if the rats did stay?


(393 Maryhill Road)
A long road, an up the hill,
Past the Coop, an Gilsochill,
Betty's bar, an Butney Brae,
Maryhill Road, that's where I stay.

What other road, can fairly call,
The bonny banks, a long canal,
The fox, the duck, an slender Swan,
An Aqueduct, and Fourteen Pawns.

A politician, a sunken wreck,
A fairy queen, an Jazz on deck,
Two polis stations, auld an young,
Partick Thistle, the song was sung.

Fourteen Kebab shops, tae take yer pick,
Alang wae Mohamed, an Irish Mick,
A handsome Sikh, Chinese Jews,
Overflowing, cosmopolitan stew.

We had a barracks, an Rudolf Hess,
A bomb, a blitz, an bloody mess,
A blue and white, a wee orange hall,
A White House, tae cap it all.

Punch Bowl pints, an Bookie Shop,
Brand new pool, it's got the lot,
Cocaine Heroin, an plenty pot,
Buying a telly, that's hot hot hot.

Some poor wee weans, an adult tae,
Up the hill, an doon the brae,
Fighting boys, and lassies tae,
Maryhill Road, it's here tae stay.

Social Security, an Social Work,
Underground toilet, that disnae work,
Slum Housing, One Two Three,
A bell, a bird, a chimney tree.

In the morning, just at dawn,
Watch the Deer, an her Fawn,
Crossing over, at the park,
New light cries, goodbye tae dark.

Rennie Mackintosh, an new burgh hall,
A Soldiers home, turned dance hall,
Wee corner shop, an shopping Mall,
Maryhill, it's got it all. smile.gif

Ionnsaigh, great wee poem and great talent on this Board biggrin.gif

luv you still,
and always will! biggrin.gif
The rise and fall of Maryhill

There's a wee place called maryhill
where you visit it at your own will
Coz it's recently went down the hill
And now it is the poverty overspill
Maryhill is now a run down place
That has recently lost so much face
Because of the trash that has moved in
It has sunk to being no more than a dustbin
So why don't we send all the trash back
Be they white or be they black
Then Maryhill can regain it's face
And not be looked upon as a disgrace
It could return to it's once former glory
And that would be the end of the sad story
Loved all of these , As much as I love Maryhill wub.gif
wee davy
WOW! Gon yersel, boys and girls - (though don't go publishing yours 'mary' - they're libel tae lock ye up in the Tower, fer THAT wan lol wink.gif laugh.gif ) I knew there wiz a whole 'sea' of talent oot there - an awe merryhillites!
It's no the Paki, nor Indian man,
Tae take the blame, fur awe that's wrang,
Mair Thatcher, an awe her gang,
That's wit happened, that's wits wrang.
wee davy
ma granny wid agree,
if she, were here
with us, Today

"That wummins the deevil"
she wid say,
I kid you not,

(I see yer no feart ai huvvin yer heid oan a spike, ootside Westminster, ion!)
Petrol stations, not wan but two,
Chemist shops, an a broo,
Wan Queens Cross, St George's too,
Fire Station, an Wah Fu.

Mary, oh Maryhill,
Snuggled up, tae Campsie Hill,
Tenement stand, oan Ruchill,
Mary, Mary, Maryhill. biggrin.gif

Heid oan a spike,
Poor wee Mike,
Fur mouthin aff, at the Tory,
Scotland led, an Scotland bled,
But that's, another story.
Far from the hill o` Mary
I did roam
My fortune for to seek
But my heart grew cold
As a winter stream
When I thought about my street.
No hope for me in far flung places
It was not meant for me so
I was back soon with the family.....
And all within a week....

Its that kind of place. rolleyes.gif
QUOTE (Jupiter @ 22nd May 2011, 12:24pm) *
Its that kind of place. rolleyes.gif

Yes it is smile.gif
The kind of place, tae rest yer heid,
Tae faw in love, tae find yer feet,
Tae feed the weans, an watch them grow,
Efter being born, in Rottenrow.

( A Toonheid tribute, tae Maryhill )
Maryhill central station

Maryhill Central station, shut down in sixty – four
As crooked Dr. Beeching said it wasn’t needed anymore
In nineteen eighty – two a shopping centre took it’s place
And of Maryhill central station there wasn’t left a trace
The shopping centre was an eye sore that never done much trade
So the occupying businesses found there was no money to be made
When it came to twenty – ten the shopping centre bit the dust
And was replaced by a new Tesco store to some peoples disgust
The attractive railway station is now just a distant memory
That the Tory government looked upon as an aggressive enemy
It held a sense of architecture that will never be built again
And the Tesco store that now stands there is as nice as a pigpen
It is from springbank st i did come
not to far from the firhill lum
over in dunard st was my school
Where mrs Francis saved this wee fool
With relatives around it was quite neat.
From garscube rd., northpark and firhill streets
Not far away at the round toll
My Granna lived, my heart and soul
Then on i went to NKS
my future career i still could not geuss
Hot peas and coke at Jaconnelis
where the girls would come to meet us fellas
Sunday walks tae the killermont bridge
up tae the switchback and o'er anniesland ridge
Along the canal and back tae firhill
and that was the good life, for me, in dear old MARYHILL
Puff puff puff, an chew chew chew, all aboard, including you,
That last train, that final roar, steam an smoke, blew blew blew,
Maryhill Central, alas no more, puff chuck blew, chew chew chew,
Tesco stands, proud an tall, two fur wan, an wan fur two,
Reduced Maryhill, tae shopping mall, mair damage done, than Hitler's crew,
A bit - see the people, there still here, Johnny Wilson, an Barney Brew,
Living on, year efter year, in the erms of Mary, her tender loving few,
So see the station, wipe no tear, meet the change, wae nae fear.

Puff, chuck blew, chew, chew, chew? Drap a coupla Do Wap Do Wah's in there, an ah think ye might hiv a hit, ionnsaigh. biggrin.gif
Tae drap a wap,
Then a wah,
Tae litter the streets,
Wae wap an wah,
Wits a wap,
An wits a wah,
Am goan hame,
Tae ask ma Maw. tongue.gif
Wap rhymes wi "cap" an Wah rhymes wi "Ma", no Maw. But mebbe that's blank verse ye're writin,eh? smile.gif
Blank, me blank,
Dae burds, hae feathers,
Cin wee fish, swim. ohmy.gif
Enjoying all of these folks.

Davy, I thot mine was the best too biggrin.gif

Dunard Street, Dunard Street,
you are fixed. Shakespeare and Garrioch,
you are next.

Can't remember the name of that gang in the 1960's, but I remember feeling terrified, does anyone else remember them?
Think you mean the Maryhill Fleet. I was never in it but knew a few of guys. Cheers
Irrie, no it wasn't the Fleet, these people were more like a kind of sect, wish I could remember their name, but they were very scary anyway.
Walking from Martyr Street, Townhead, to Harrington Street, Maryhill.

Me, ma Mae, an wee George in the pram, ( not all together )
Wiz that big shoap Wood and Selby's, doon at Coocaddens,
Mae that Polis, his a pointy hat, as a Tramcaur shudders past,
No be long noo son, jist a wee bit further, as we past the smells,
The Bakers wiz ma favourite, the smell made ma mooth water,
There's the Butcher humphing in half a coo, tae put oan a hook,
Let me watch jist fur a wee minute, Mammy, a notice blood stains,
The priest stoaps tae say hello, wan that likes the wummin,
Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, and sugar at Suppertime,
As he patted ma curly thick black hair, a mark of the Black Irish,
Stank beer, stank, is we past yon pub, an Dray men wae horse an cart,
Mixed wae the rank of tea and wid, fae a foiled wrapped tea chest,
Past the shoap wae a bunker fill tae the brim, wae Ayrshire Tatties.
Auld noo, battered bruised, by year efter year,
Smoke an smog sends soot, against soft surface,
Lapping it up layer upon layer, line efter line,
Grey noo, dun up wae Carbon mascara,
Wance proud Yellow Sandstone stawns, in shadow,
Concrete man made purposeful, yet hackit,
Compared tae, the tortured tenement.
ceader bhoy
a old picture the round toll garscube rd when the traffic cop stood at the junction George's rd, the guy with the army uniform could be my dad as he visited my gran who lived at the round toll, looks like him maybe wrong rolleyes.gif cheers c/b
Maryhill Road at Kelvinside Avenue with the new development on the site of North Kelvinside Sec School in the foreground.
Thought I would try out Panorama function on the camera and it seems to have worked not too bad.
Jupiter, that's a very good picture. I took these a couple of weeks ago, you can see the Barracks and I had forgot just how high up Oban Drive was. Queens Cross Housing Association are building on this land with a few of the properties going to the private sector. So sad to see the demise of another lovely old school.

Pics are not great quality as I took them with my phone.
Scots Kiwi Lass
What a great topic. I'm sitting here at 12.30 am trying not to get too emotional just before I call it a night (or morning, more like). The poetry is great and I wish I could write something clever but alas poetry was never my strong point. Getting quite homesick so it's just as well I am due to visit the old place. I will be in Glasgow on 18th July for a week and am looking forward to walking around all the old haunts. Mind you, it would be great to see Maryhill as it was when I left there in 1963, instead of searching out old photos.

Of particular interest to me will be the housing development in Oban Drive where my old school NKS was, also I hope to see the new sports/swimming complex in Gairbraid Avenue.

Cheers, everyone.
SKL, all these new developments I just hate them,I would love to go back to 1963 when I was a child and Maryhill had a great community spirit. I adore the old tenements of which I was brought up in. I will try and get some pics of the sports complex at Gairbraid Avenue for you.

Ceader Bhoy forgot to say that's a great pic, love the old pics of Maryhill and enjoying the Poets on here!!

A couple more pics, Fergus Drive (is this Maryhill)! and further up Oban Drive and last one a lane just off Oban Drive.
Yes ladies some very nice pics on the forum.Big changes ahead on the old school site.Im surprised it has taken so long for it to happen but it is really in full swing now.The lane in one of the pics separated the original NK building at the top of the drive from what became the New building.
ScotsKiwiLass I think you will be hard pushed to recognise many of the locales;the place has changed beyond recognition in my opinion.In addition to the new development on the school site there is a new block of flats on the site at the corner of Queen Mgt Drive and Oban Drive.I took my pic today in Oban Drive and I was amazed at the number of For Sale and To Let Signs which have appeared recently.I think as a result of the new developments.
I dont suppose it would do if we stood still and I think Maryhill is no different.
Davy dope dealer, Devil his dug,
Dealing diazepam, daily dose drug,
Peggy pensioner, pockets a pound,
Piggy bank pennies, four fur a pound,
Doctor Dick Dangles, daily delivers,
Drugs deadly dangerous, double death deals,
Bearsden bungalow Berty, silently shifts shadows,
Social Work Susie she's had enough,
The Chemist, is takin, some serious stuff,
Peter the Polis, well he's in the huff.


QUOTE (ionnsaigh @ 23rd May 2011, 10:39am) *
Tae drap a wap,
Then a wah,
Tae litter the streets,
Wae wap an wah,
Wits a wap,
An wits a wah,
Am goan hame,
Tae ask ma Maw. tongue.gif

QUOTE (benny @ 23rd May 2011, 02:30pm) *
Wap rhymes wi "cap" an Wah rhymes wi "Ma", no Maw. But mebbe that's blank verse ye're writin,eh? smile.gif

Benny, I’m not 100% sure, but I think Ionnsaigh intended the ‘a’ in ‘wah’ to be pronounced as ‘o’.

As English is such a stupid, illogical langauge, phonetically speaking, you have to deduce the pronunciation of a word from its context, as in :

ah hit ma heid aff the wa’

Instead of writing ‘wah’, Ionnsaigh could have written :
wa’ or
waw or

Although I’m not sure what a ‘wap’ is and what a ‘wah’ is, anyway, I don’t think it really matters.
So ah’m also gon hame tae ask ma maw.

(Steliot cilbup ni ecnasiun a s'ti ) woble ym dna esra ym neewteb ecnereffid eht llet t'nac I , cixelsyd m'I em ksa t'nod ekas doG roF. biggrin.gif
Sikorski knows,
Between the a an o,
ionnsaigh, lost,
Between the o an a.

A an o, an o an a,
No a o, an no an a,
Nae nae no, an no nae o
Am gone hame tae tell, ( mother )

Scots Kiwi Lass
When I was going to NK School in the 1950's, my pal and I would sometimes catch a bus from Doncaster Street and sometimes walked. I don't remember the names of most of the street but I can remember going up Stair Street, then on to the top of Oban Drive. There were some nice houses around there, some of them bungalow or semi-detached, if my memory serves me right. They always seemed so appealing, compared to the old tenements we lived in.

I wonder if anyone can recall a tragic gassing in the Maryhill area? It was between 1953 and 1956 and I think it was in one of the streets between Queen's Cross and NKS. My pal and I were walking to school when we saw an ambulance. As always, people were crowded around to see what was going on. Sadly, it turned out to be a gassing and there were, I think, 3 small bodies carried out wrapped in blankets. Someone said they were all dead. I never heard anything more about it and have often wondered what was the truth and if it was an accident or something more sinister.
Click to view attachmentClick to view attachmentE
I took this a few years ago.I followed your footsteps from Hinshaw Street,via Dalmally ,Braeside and Stair Street up to NK rolleyes.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
Great photo of Stair Street, Jupiter - its the first one I've seen. Is that Braeside Street the blue car is parked on?

Did you live in Hinshaw Street? My family lived at No.43 up until 1955. After we moved to Cadder, I went to my pal's home for lunch every day, so I was still familiar with the area until I left NKS in 1957.

Thats still Braeside street although it has been turned into a chicane for safety reasons(?).It is a nice wee spot round there with the red sandstone tenements down into Lyndhurst Gardens and Wilton Crescent.
I walked up from Hinshaw Street every day for a couple of years up to NK school.Brought up in Hinshaw Street in 50s and stayed till late 70s.
I think I have a few pics Ill put on,maybe you have seen them.Anyway I hope you enjoy your visit here.Im off to Oz soon for six weeks. rolleyes.gif
Hinshaw Street towards Maryhill Road.
New Development Hinshaw Street
Scots Kiwi Lass
Thanks, Jupiter, would I be right in thinking the new development in Hinshaw Street is replacing the old yellow coloured buildings at the corner of Maltbarns Street? I think the brick buildings on the right of the photo replaced the old tenement we lived in (No.43). There was a gap between ours and the Maltbarns Street buildings. These new ones look really nice - I am looking forward to seeing the area.

Is the Queen's Cross pub still on Garscube Road, facing into Hinshaw Street?

Enjoy your holiday in Australia. It's a good time to go there as it is not too hot at this time of the year. I don't like hot weather though I lived through 3 sweltering summers in Sydney in the late 1970's.
This is a view of the new buildings with Maltbarns Street junction.
john potter
QUOTE (proudmaryhiller @ 24th May 2011, 12:47am) *
Irrie, no it wasn't the Fleet, these people were more like a kind of sect, wish I could remember their name, but they were very scary anyway.

Used to call tongs u bass, worked out of Maryhill garage in 1965 to 1967 ,,

John welcome to the forum.I think the war cry was, "Tongs Ya Bass" as in the vernacular as opposed to the very proper sounding,"u Bass" rolleyes.gif
Tell us more about the Garage,John.
Last night's lager and kebab meat,
Stale an cauld, forming a crust,
Over the cracked pavement,
The sound of flapping, in his wee white world,
Blood like vomit, drying on the street below.

You never had much of a chance son,
Caught up - in what they call the trap,
A fighting life, to many rats, in too wee a cage,
Now you lie cold and dead, a forensic scientist,
At your head.

This life demanded, a macho hard man look,
Even is a wee boy in school, or at hame,
Wae them drunk, fighting and bawling,
Ye learned yer lessons, fae life's hard core,
Your dreams alas - alas no more.

The guy that done ye, ye know him well,
You went tae school, then hame, tae hell,
Never mind son, a greet a tear,
A see the cause, the greed and fear,
The reason behind it, poverty's here.

QUOTE (proudmaryhiller @ 24th May 2011, 12:47am) *
... these people were more like a kind of sect ... but they were very scary anyway.

That must have been the Plymooth Brethern ... A went tae their Bethany Hall church too biggrin.gif laugh.gif
It wasn't the Maryhill Fleet, the Tongs or Brethern I think the name started with an 'M'

Maryhill isn't that bad a place to live in you know, there are far worse places. sad.gif
Afternoon all. Aye Proudmaryhiller; Ive got a few relatives living in Maryhill good decent folk and they are very happy there. Cheers.
Ye cannae no see,
At the expense o they other,
Wan man doon, could be yer brother,
Alcohol drugs, crime an rape,
Everythin's no pretty,
Nae pearly Gate,
Maryhill, a place to stay,
It's temporary poverty,
That noo, holds sway.
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