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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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I remember the lassies skipping to this wee ditty, We might think it political correct today, but even then, we did nothing wrong in our innocence.

Archibald bald bald bald king of the Jews
Bought wife a a pair of shoes shoes
When the shoes began to wear, wear, wear
Archibald bald, bald ,bald began to swear, swear, swear
When the swear, swear, swear began to stop, stop, stop
Archibald bald, bald, bald began a shop, shop, shop
When the shop, shop, shop began sell, sell,sell
Archibald bald, bald, bald rang a bell,bell, bell
When the bell,bell, bell began to ring, ring, ring
Archibald bald, bald, bald began to sing, sing, sing
Do Re Me Fah So La Tee!

ma maw sed have tae go wi ma faithers' dinnero
champed totties stew n steak n a wee bit kurrin cake
Went tae the river couldnae get acrose pied ten bob
fir an auld scabby hoarse , jump on it's back , it's bones
gave a crack . hid tae wait tae the boat came back,
The boat came back , we aw jumped in,
The boat capsized n we aw fell in .

-singing don't be weary, try being cheery, don't be weary till the boat comes back.

I was very busy this afternoon as I cleaned out the garden shed.
I could not believe the rubbish that was in it, and it did not help that the shed is falling apart and we need a new one.
Men blame women for being hoarders, but men are just as bad. I threw out a bag of beer my husband put in the shed a few years ago and forgot about.

There are 12 half empty tins of paint and I lined them up beside the bin so we can throw a couple in each week to get rid of them.
A Lawnmower that no longer works, I left in the driveway, maybe someone will steal it for us. If not I will get one of the family to take it to the dump.

I still have the shelves to do, but at least with getting rid of all the rubbish lying about there is space to walk in without falling over something.
The name of the new Royal baby has been announced.

Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana.
Those names honour her g'father, g'g' grandmother and her late g'mother.

Alice was top of the people's favourite's but did not get chosen.
Just thrilled to bits, Heather ! rolleyes.gif Anither mooth tae feed !
Aye Bill, between the increasing Royal family and the increasing Immigrants, we will soon be in the poor house.
What a terrible day here today, it has been raining all morning, and a right strong wind blowing.

I will be staying home the rest of the day as I did the shopping this morning.

We had a Painter Decorator out today to give us a price for getting the house re- decorated as it has not been done for a few years.
Now we have to decide on what colour's we want and I have to go find wallpaper for the sitting room.

yesterday I got the first grass cutting done in the yard ,
but I did have trouble getting the lawn mower to start,
anyway I hugged it , kissed it , talked sweetly to it and
eventually it started , but after all of that I decided to use
the electric mower, I did get most of the yard done and the
grass bagged . all ready to be taken away on Thurs and I
will get the rest cut and bagged using the gas mower today .
I watched the ice hockey game between Canada and
the Czech Republic yesterday , Canada won 6--3 good game!
this is the word hockey series , I enjoy that , and tomorrow
they play Sweden ,
Heather , I won't be doing any clearing out just now , my son
will be home first week in June , so he said that he will help me out smile.gif
just had a phone call from my grandson , so they are taking me
out for mothers day dinner Sunday , but I won't see him tomorrow ,
he has a date . biggrin.gif ,

the guy has just come to work on the bathroom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel, is that you finally getting your repairs done?

We went out today to get wallpaper for the sitting room.
There was not anything I was too impressed with, but we choose one with a creamy beige background and a gold and white design in the shape of a flower.
For the bottom part of the wall we chose a paper in the same colour's but in stripe's.

The rest of the house, hall, bedrooms, dining room and utility room we just get painted.

The Painter & Decorator will be here in about 10 days time.

yes Heather the roof was done last week , it didn't
take them long , they worked hard at it until
it was finished , about 2 ,1/2 days , I'm pleased with it .
They cleaned up every bit of garbage , actually
the place looked better after they left than when they had
first arrived . a great crew . yes.gif the bathroom has
taken a bit longer , most of this week , there was quite
a bit of plaster work that had to be done because a good bit
of one wall had to come down , anyway all the painting is
now done , I chose a very pale green colour that was in the tiles
so now I think it is very nice and I am happy with his work , he will
be back tomorrow to complete the finishing touches , and that should
be the end of it .

I do hope that it won't take long for your house to be done
and I'm sure it will be lovely when it is finished .

Now I'm going back to watch the end of the hockey game
Canada was losing 4-3 against Sweden but it is now 5 - 4 for Canada
they just scored again, och , I'm away to see the end of it .
Cheers LoL.


good morning Heather , it is a beautiful morning and
garbage day pickup , I am just watching a
young woman passing by, pulling a grocery cart that is full
of empty liquor bottles , she has been going through the
garbage bins around the area , picking up empty bottles that
she will take to the Beer Store to get the deposit's returned
on them , she obviously has been out early to beat the garbage
truck pickup , now I certainly don't have a problem with what
she is doing , but it is so demeaning and she is a young teenager.
I wonder if those deposits are going into her educational funds .
O' dear what a future .!

I am going out now for a walk and get a few items from the grocery store , the bathroom guy will be here later this morning , so now I'll get on with my business , forecast for the weekend , we will have a mini heat wave ,

Temp. could go as high as 30"Cell . too hot for me . cheers

Angel, that is our General Election over and it turned out as I thought it might, Tories back in with a majority.

SNP took 56 of the 59 seats in Scotland. wow

It would have made no difference if Scotland had all voted Labour, as once again we get the Government that England voted for.
QUOTE (Heather @ 8th May 2015, 03:10pm) *
Angel, that is our General Election over and it turned out as I thought it might, Tories back in with a majority.

SNP took 56 of the 59 seats in Scotland. wow

It would have made no difference if Scotland had all voted Labour, as once again we get the Government that England voted for.

Hi Heather , I must admit that I thought the UK election was next week,
that's probably because I no longer read political post's on the boards'
as it has become very boring .

When I lived in Scotland I never voted Labour and here in Canada
I still don't , " that would be the , ... NDP , that party is probably
similar to the UK Labour , . also , I always thought that there wasn't much
difference between the SNP. and Labour when I lived in Scotland . and now
in Canada I either vote Tory or Liberal . I have never thought that socialism is
good government for a country but I do think that they are a great opposition
and during election's this is what I Strive / Vote for .

I will now get off my soap box and I do hope that you have a great weekend . thumbup.gif
When I was out this morning the weather was right back to Winter. The wind was so strong I was lucky not to get blown away.
It was so cold I got a taxi home.
Hi Heather , it isn't such a great day here.
We have now lost or heat wave and back
to what is normal for spring , but that suits me,
nice fresh cool air and no more 34'C. with all
the humidity , anyway , at least for a while .

On Sunday ' Mother's Day , we went out for dinner .
We went to ' Doc Magilligans' restaurant and Irish Bar'
here in town , first time for me and I thought it was
a lovely place ,looked very posh but not really wub.gif

The buffet just looked wonderful and it was .If I get the
chance again , I will go back . smile.gif Cheers
Angel, that is good you had a nice Mother's day outing and a good choice of food.

It was pouring rain a short time ago, but has now gone off.

I'm in the dining room hiding out as my husband and g'son are watching a football match. wub.gif

I am very chuffed for my youngest g'daughter who just turned 14 yrs old a few month's ago.
She got 100% in her exam's for Chemisty and also for Business Studies. WOW


Excellent Heather , now she must go to University
when she graduates High school . yes.gif
Angel, University is her aim.

Her brother is at Uni and her older sister is hoping to go this year to do Accountancy, she just needs at least two c levels in the exams she is doing just now.

Their mum and dad were both at Strathclyde Uni, that is where they met.

I have another grand daughter graduating
from Uni. this coming June .

It isn't a bad day here but yesterday was beautiful
and as I had finally made up my mind and got
what they call a home maintenance business to
come and cut and trim the grass and cleanup , it was
a great day , this takes a good part of the work load
away from me and I can get on with other chores outside
It's a wee bit expensive for me but I'll survive smile.gif

They will come once a week , and I can depend on them
and that's important . cheers , take care Heather.

Angel, our g'children seem to be doing well for themselves. Good luck to your g'daughter.

I have spent the last four hour's watching The Missing Years, from ' The Thorn Birds'.
I remember reading that book many years ago and could hardly put it down, then the series came on the TV and I really enjoyed it.

The , Thorn birds , Heather , what a great series that was ,
although , I don't know about the "Missing Years ,

It's quite warm and humid today , No rain in the forecast
but it does'nt look very promising, I did take a chance
this morning and washed a couple of bed quilts they seem
to be drying quite well .
Yesterday a beautiful day , I got a good washing done and
all of it hung out to dry .
This is a long holiday weekend ' there was some fireworks
going on last evening and probably more tonght.
cheers smile.gif
Heather , this was in my email this morning
thought you might like to read it if you hav'nt already
in your own emails .

They walked in tandem, each of the ninety-two students filing into the already crowded auditorium. With their rich maroon gowns flowing and the traditional caps, they looked almost as grown up as they felt.

Dads swallowed hard behind broad smiles, and Moms freely brushed away tears.

This class would NOT pray during the commencements, not by choice, but because of a recent court ruling prohibiting it..

The principal and several students were careful to stay within the guidelines allowed by the ruling. They gave inspirational and challenging speeches, but no one mentioned divine guidance and no one asked for blessings on the graduates or their families.

The speeches were nice, but they were routine until the final speech received a standing ovation.

A solitary student walked proudly to the microphone. He stood still and silent for just a moment, and then, it happened.

All 92 students, every single one of them, suddenly SNEEZED !!!!

The student on stage simply looked at the audience and said,

And he walked off the stageā¤¦

The audience exploded into applause. This graduating class had found a unique way to invoke God's blessing on their future with or without the court's approval.

Isn't this a wonderful story? Pass it on to all your friends.........and


This is a true story; it happened at Eastern Shore District High School in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia.
Hi Angel, well done the students

Bye for now, norrie
Angel, I have never heard of that, but the way things are going in this Country I wonder how long before it happens here.

I'm glad I'm the age I am, because I would not like to be here in 10/20 years time.
I have told my g'children to get a good Education then get out of Britain as I don't like what I see happening here.
Heather , I was watching a few weeks ago on TV
a program about the employment situation regarding
University grads , as I know that it can be quite difficult
for them to find employment in their chosen field , so
I was interested in what would be said .

first of all , the most important thing was for the student's
to make / have contacts with other's who are employed
in the field of work that they would like , or someone who has
connections .

meanwhile . you can take a job until you get what you are
looking for .

Also , they say widen your scope , try other cities or countries
Now, that's an education in it's self.
and if all else fails , go for more education or take what ever
work you can find .
I guess education does not guarantee that you will find
the type of career you would like .

My own grand children had to leave home , they have done well
for themselves but not in their chosen fields of employment .
QUOTE (norrie123 @ 18th May 2015, 02:12pm) *
Hi Angel, well done the students

Bye for now, Norrie

Cheers Norrie yes.gif
Angel, your right about taking any job.

One of my Nephew's had a Private School Education and after leaving School he went to work in a Bank.
After a couple of year's he got paid off and could not get a job anywhere, so he took a job in MacDonald's working a night shift.
Some people thought he was silly to take a job like that, but as I said to his mum, a job is a job.
He finally got a good job in an Office where he is doing very well
He saw the job advertised and applied.
He got an informal interview and expected to get called for a more formal interview, instead he got a phone call the next day offering him the job because the Boss was very impressed at the way he came over at the interview.
hi heather , it is a lovely day today ,lots of
sunshine but quite cool. 12"C

I was out early this morning , did some local
shopping and enjoyed the walk .
also , I got out in the yard and cut back
the Forsythia bush , it was beginning to take over ,
so now I will bag it to be picked up by the garbage
Grandson coming for supper tonight and as I don't
feel like cooking , we will be having
Bridies , fries and peas . and sliced fresh fruit with
cheese and crackers also jello with cream for dessert .
So that's my day , how was yours . smile.gif
rolleyes.gif Mmm jelly and cream smile.gif
Aye Wombat, I could go some jelly and cream as well.

I had some busy day's. I cut the front and back lawns.

Then another day I went into Town and bought a new Hoover as our old one blew up on me.

I had a lazy day today as I put on the discs to watch ' Roots' and although I have seen it before, I enjoyed watching it again.

Yesterday , Sat. 30th May .

I had a very nice time , I had to go out
on a few errand's and also get me some
money from the bank .
So after going into the stores and including
my favourite of all , The Hardware store " ...
I bought some painters tape , wood stain,
plant fertilizer and some small nails , I also priced
a garden rake but did not buy , I continued
on my walk about and eventually ended up at
the super market .

On going into the market there was a Scottish
Highland dancing School at the front of the store
performing their dancing , ages from about 3yrs to 14yrs
The School was promoting their hopes of attending one
of the Scottish Highland dancing exhibition's in Scotland
this year and of course looking to collect donations for this trip.

When I had finished my shopping inside the store , I decided that I would hang about and watch the dancer's , I thought that they where
excellent and good enough for any Scottish dancing exhibition.
but those little 3yr old's just amazed me , they had such confidence and fun , it was wonderful watching them, truly a pleasure .
So hopefully the donation's that where collected will go along way
in helping those kids to fulfill their dream , and also make a name
for the dancing school . biggrin.gif

Angel, that would have been nice watching the Highland Dancer's. Good Luck to them.

I never learned Highland Dancing, but when I was about 6 years old I went to Tap Dancing with my older sister.
After a while the Dancing School move quite a distance away and mum said it was too far for us to go, so that was that.
The only other dancing I learned was Irish Dancing in the Youth Club Drama Class. We used to put on an Irish Concert every year for St. Patrick's Day.

It was good fun learning some of the step's, but if I tried it now I would probably fall over. laugh.gif
Where has everyone gone?

We had the Painter & Decorator in and got the house all re-decorated.

With moving all the furniture about, especially a big china Cabinet with more china, glassware and ornaments than I could count, we were worn out.
Of course everything in the cabinet had to be washed before we put it all back.
So we needed a few days away on a Tour to Ireland to rest up.

Now we are back to the usual rainy weather.

Hi Heather ,nice to see you back after your lovely break in Ireland ,
so tell us what you did and were you travelled .

that was a great job you had done in the house , it should be enough
decorating for a few years at least .

The upstairs in my place needs done ,but I think I'll wait till the winter .

I didn't do much of anything today , made my dinner and watched the
women' world soccer, and at 7pm I will watch Canada play .
Anyway , Cheers and take care . smile.gif
Angel, we did not do too much, it was more to relax after moving furniture about, and the house seeming to be in an uproar.

We did take the DART out to the sea side and found a nice pub where they were playing Irish music and girls all up doing Irish dancing.

Some guy's got up to join the girl's and they were really good. They all got a big applause.

It was a nice way to pass the afternoon.
Watching the golf on T.V. at St. that July weather for real!
annie laurie
Very Sad Wellfield I know
I was there this time Last year 2014, and the temp., never dropped under 20c, was 26c the day i arrived in Edinburgh July 1/14

I feel for the Golfer's , but don't you think the Scots are great supporters
8am in the morning sitting up in the stands,
and i am sure it cost them quite a few pounds also,

Wish I was there again this Year rain or not great Place and so much History in ST.A and the people are more than friendly
I am sure it is wall to wall people right now and the town will be hopping and a great Electric atmosphere I am sure, only thing is also, very Expensive when you change your $$$ and have to pay $2 to the Pound in Exchange rate but it was well worth it i enjoy every minute of it,
As they say we cant take it with us right ??

I am recording the 4 days
You don't come to Scotland if you are expecting glorious weather on tap however if you are fortunate to get a few good days in a row then its beautiful beyond belief.The area around St Andrews has its own micro climate and is quite often better than the rest of the country.Like all of Scotland you go prepared for whatever the weather brings and that's what makes it interesting.I played golf there just over a week ago and it rained in the morning on the Old Course and was glorious later in the day on the Torrance at the Fairmont....the weather will not bother the followers this weekend.
was thinking today was "Fair Friday" who remembers the trips doon the watter!!! great times, for us it was the train to Saltcoats or the boat to Dunoon, great memories!! and it always rained!!!! Wonder if the youth of today will have as great memories from all their fancy holidays abroad???
Hi toerag, I will have more memories of holidays abroad, I cant remember ever being on holiday with my parents, did several trips doon the watter but that's it, I have seen more of Scotland, since I took up hill walking
I do remember the excitement on last day at work for the Fair, cleaning up our work space etc ready for our return from holidays

Bye for now, norrie
Our favourite place for a holiday when we were young was Saltcoats.

In time we knew that town as well as we knew the Cowcaddens where we lived.

Our Parent's always knew where to find us at 11'0'clock and 3'0'clock, as that is when the Salvation Army came down the beach and we all gathered round to sing. Deep and Wide and Our Cup's Full and Running Over. lol
I was disgusted yesterday when reading the Sun Newspaper and they showed a picture of the Queen giving the Nazi salute, when she was just a wee girl.

The picture was taken in 1933, long before the 2nd WW and before anyone knew about the Death Camps in Germany.

Dave Grieve
Dont have any wee adventure on for today except work, but thought you might like to see the sunrise my daughter has every morning at her local beach.

Click to view attachment
Looks good Dave

Bye for now, norrie
Dave, that is a lovely sunrise to wake up to in the morning.

I think some of my Post in 9942 vanished.
It was not the Queen I was disgusted at, it was the Sun Newspaper for digging that picture out from over 80 years ago and printing it.
QUOTE (Heather @ 20th Jul 2015, 09:02am) *
Dave, that is a lovely sunrise to wake up to in the morning.

I think some of my Post in 9942 vanished.
It was not the Queen I was disgusted at, it was the Sun Newspaper for digging that picture out from over 80 years ago and printing it.

Hi Heather. Seen the clip and also a translation from a lip reader and it had nothing to do with a Nazi salute. Hope she sues the newspaper. While not a fan of royalty I hate anyone being abused by the media.
I had a good laugh when reading the newspaper this morning.
It told of a 100 years old great gran who got a letter telling her she was pregnant. laugh.gif

She has three children who are all pensioner's and her son said they all had a good laugh at the letter.

Her correct date of birth was on the letter from the Hospital giving her an Antenatal appointment and asking her to provide a a urine sample.
I wonder how no one noticed her date of birth. laugh.gif

the queen"s Nazi salute ... a whole lot of
much ado about nothing "
I wonder just how many children went about
their play during that time , making that salute
Ya Vol . biggrin.gif
Heather , I'm thinking about that old lady ,
she must have been in shock and
wondered what she had missed . laugh.gif
Aye Angel, no wonder she laughed after she got over the shock.

Have you been away, as I have not seen you on the Board for a while.
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