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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Hi Angel, that is good you enjoyed your friend's company.

Our weather here is terrible today.
I set out to go to the corner shop and I got as far as the gate and nearly got blown away, I ran back into the house. ohmy.gif

glad to see that you got back into the house
Heather , You will just have to keep an eye
out for those March winds , You don't stand
a chance against them , you may be a very
pretty Lady , but you are not the size of tuppence ,
anyway you take care . Cheers biggrin.gif
I managed tae get from the pool tae the hoose nae bother, nearly had tae pit a t shirt onso a widnae burn wae the sun biggrin.gif
Hey Angel, what do you mean, I'm not the size tuppence?
I'm almost 5ft 3ins all 8 stone of me. laugh.gif

My youngest sister is not the size of tuppence, she is only 4ft 11ins.

Zascot, it was quite nice here today although not nearly as warm as where you are.

Well Heather , the last time I saw you , you
were 5'1' and all of 6 stone a nice
petite little package . biggrin.gif you had better
get back to your swimming tongue.gif

I've had a busy afternoon , my house did
not weather the winter very well , all of the
Eavesthroughs / gutter , down spouts , came
away from the house because of the buildup of
heavy ice and snow , what a bliddy mess , all
over the place , so the house insurance Co.
sent down their estimator and roofers to get
some of the emergency work done, but it won't be
a finished job for a week or two , I Hope ! far to many
houses having much of the same problems ,
It's been a terrible winter season ,
anyway that's my happy news for today
take care , smile.gif

Sorry you have had problems with such a bad winter, Angel. Here in B.C. we have had the opposite, February has been so warm it has broken all records. Most of the ski hills are having trouble as there is not enough snow and some are either closed now or are closing early. The rivers are running so low that there is thought that the salmon will not survive this year and also that there may be a drought this summer as there is not enough snow pack to provide water. I guess it's either feast or famine. sad.gif
Dave Grieve
SA is a hell of a country to live in, there are enough things happen here on a daily basis that would keep the Scottish media in hysterics for months at a time, for instance this morning I am driving back to the office listening to the radio when a caller is put on to report as he said "a case of mob justice taking place"
When the radio presenter asks him for details he tells her "I am sitting in my car watching a a mob of people dragging a naked person down the road and they have a tire and petrol with them also"
He then goes on to give the location of where this is happening. to which the presenter then gives the wrong location.
I can guarentee that irrespective of what happens to that person I will never hear about it again.

Just another day in Paradise
Angel, I had a good laugh when I read your Post. laugh.gif
I have not been 6 stone since I was about 12 years old.

I remember just after the Winter when I was 15years old and wearing lighter clothes for the Spring, they were all short on me. My dad measured me and I had shot up two inches to 5ft. 3ins.
I need help. When typing a Post the words keep left going along the top line, so I can't read what I have typed.

I have tried Control Panel and got no where.
Hi, I am having real issues with technology here. I think the time might have come to splash out on a new laptop as I am losing the will to type.

Anyway, I did manage to get online today to book a short trip to Glasgow next month. It is quite a while since I have been up (over a year now) so I am looking forward to it. Hopefully there will be a bit of sunshine waiting for me as I mooch about the West End.

I am also hoping I will be well enough to travel as I have been suffering a lot of joint pain but maybe it will subside as the weather gets warmer.

Now I have to work out how to pack as much as I can into four days, not easy by the time I see family and friends.

My daughter is going on a surprise trip to Edinburgh tomorrow for her birthday. I need to get myself over to her house early so they can get to the airport on time. I will be advising her to take something warm to wear by the looks of the forecast. They are staying the night there and coming back Friday. I will be looking after the children.
QUOTE (Elma @ 11th Mar 2015, 05:32am) *
Sorry you have had problems with such a bad winter, Angel. Here in B.C. we have had the opposite, February has been so warm it has broken all records. Most of the ski hills are having trouble as there is not enough snow and some are either closed now or are closing early. The rivers are running so low that there is thought that the salmon will not survive this year and also that there may be a drought this summer as there is not enough snow pack to provide water. I guess it's either feast or famine. sad.gif

hi Elma , nice to see that you are not having extreme weather conditions
that's just to bad for the skiing business, maybe they should move to
Ontario . yes.gif , it seems to be doing just fine here .

On my list of things to do around the house this Spring
was get new eavestroughs and get the roof checked out .
O'well ! mother Nature beat me to it , C'est la vie .


Hi GQ>
hope you have a nice time in Glasgow
and also Happy babysitting to you . smile.gif
GQ, I hope your daughter and her husband enjoyed Edinburgh, there are lots to see there.
It's a place I always enjoy going to.

Angel I hope you are managing to keep warm with all the house problems.
It never rains but it pours. sad.gif

Thanks : Hi Heather , I don't have a problem with the heating
but I am stuck a home today , waiting for the men to arrive and check out the washroom , ,it is quite a dull day here but not cold , I really want to go for a walk , but I will have to wait for those cowboys to get here , Cheers , biggrin.gif

So much for me going on about the good weather, we have had about 6 inches of snow overnight and it is still snowing sad.gif I wouldn't go out except I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, only for prescription renewal. I'll have to get out and shovel the driveway before that. I nearly got my summer tires on last week, I'm so glad I changed my mind yes.gif
It's very cold here today.

I had to go to the Dentist as I have a huge abscess on the gum at the top corner of my mouth and it is painful.
The Dentist gave me antibiotics and I have to go back next week for a check up.
The Dentist also said he will probably have to take the tooth out. ohmy.gif

Elma, thank goodness we don't get as much snow as you lot in Canada and America.

Gaun tae the Rogano for my birthday treat-bang goes the mortgage this month! tongue.gif

Happy birthday Klingon

Hope you Had a good time , biggrin.gif
qoSlIj DatIvjaj
Happy Birthday Klingon.

Have a good time and stay sober. laugh.gif
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.

Click to view attachment
Many years ago when in the Youth Drama Club we always did an Irish Concert for St. Patrick's Day and we opened with all the cast on stage singing. It's A Great Day For The Irish.
Judy Garland.

It's A Great Day For The Irish.
Hi Heather , I do hope that you did have a great day . smile.gif

We have a lovely day here although we have lost
our Spring temps. they have sprung back into winter ,
it is now -5'Cel but lots of blue sky with a bit of a wind.

My grandson and I are going out tonight for Fish n Chips ,
His Treat , he just loves his old granny biggrin.gif so no
cooking tonight .
I am also planning to take a little outing on Sunday
across the river to do some American shopping , it's
a good day out and we will probably go to the Cheese
Factory restaurant , for a meal , and for me , that
will probably be more fish.
So now as I have done all the chores that I am going
to do around the house today , I am going out for a walk.
Cheers Pat .
Angel, I hope you enjoyed your day shopping in America.

When I took my g'son over a few years ago he was surprised how cheap the DVD's and games were.
He said what he paid for three games would only have bought one game at home.

He was that long in the shop looking at all the price's of everything, my sister and I thought he had got lost.
yes Heather we did have a nice time going around the stores ,
I did get what I wanted and that was a Raincoat and of course
we had a meal and as it was quite cold I settled for a bowl of soup
and a hot meatball sandwich , nothing fancy but most enjoyable yes.gif

Just now the Canadian dollar has lost about 22cents maybe a bit more
against the US.Dollar so a lot depends on the exchange rate if you
really do get a bargain ?? . although goods are usually as a rule less
expensive there , I still think no matter the country , you only ever get
what you pay for, value wise . . Cheers Pat.

I do hate having to pay for driving over the bridge .
Another busy day today, our Prayer group meets this morning then the Church Celebration Team meets this afternoon to finalize all the Easter activities that we organize. We have a bag lunch in between which save us from going home and back smile.gif This evening a group of us get togather and make a couple of cards, I'm not very good but the fellowship is great clap.gif

I had a call from one of my brother's and his wife
on Skype this morning which was a lovely surprise ,
they are both well and have survived the winter biggrin.gif
anyway , during our conversation , they have invited
me to come visit them maybe this summer or Autumn .

I had already made plans to visit friends in Newfoundland
this summer , but well : as we are a long time dead , I think
that I will do both trips and to hell with poverty biggrin.gif

I am not planning anything special for Easter this year
but I will just play it by ear and see what turns up .

Angel, does that mean you will be coming back over to Scotland?

We have nothing special planned for Easter either.
Trying to get my husband on a plane is like trying to win the million on the Lotto. sad.gif

I was reading today about the Plane that crashed in the French Alps.
So far the investigators are saying the plane was deliberately crashed by the co-Pilot who had locked the other Pilot out of the cockpit
It is so awful, especially with all those children on board.


Hi Heather , If there are no unforeseen problems , I am planning to
visit with family in the autumn , I would love to see them again ,
so hopefully it will work out and maybe we can meet and have another cup of coffee once more biggrin.gif
I am also planning a trip here in Canada
this summer and of course I'm looking forward to that .

It has been a terrible tragedy about that German plane ,
I would think that it will take some time to know the real reason
why that pilot murdered all of those people aboard .

Terrorism or What . ??????????????????

Heather just book a vacation travelling by train ,
maybe that will get him moving and both of you can have
a nice vacation together . cheers , Pat .

Angel, it would not make much difference how he travelled as he is the type of man who is happier in his own home.

We were not away last year, but if it was up to me we would be away 2/3 times a year.

Next time I am in the town I will pick up a couple of Holiday Brochure's and see what I fancy, Book it then get ready for a battle. ohmy.gif
Heather there's an old saying that goes something like this "It's easier to beg for forgiveness than to beg for permission" Go for it girl.
Well Jakka, I can only try.

I was reading in the newspaper today about People Traffickers who use women as sex slave's.
Some women are made to have sex with 40 men in 24 hours.
One woman was so traumatised she became mute.
It was terrible reading about the terrible life those poor women have and the way they have been treated.

the weather forecast is calling for a very pleasant day ,
so , hopefully I will be able to get out and get some
Spring cleanup done in the yard , well , that will take up
my day for sure . biggrin.gif

Angel, did you manage to get your yard cleaned up?

We had the family round yesterday, so today is very quiet.

My husband mowed both back and front lawns. I brushed the driveway and now trying to convince myself to hose the driveway down to clean it up, but there is a lot of moss there, so I will have to get something to spray on it to kill the moss off.

No Heather , I didn't get all of the yard done , still much to do
and as I am now officially a great grandmother I might use that
as an excuse to do nothing tongue.gif .
I have been trying to put the twins photo on this thread but it just
isn't working for me , anyway , when they are both old enough
they can post their own photos . laugh.gif
The babies have had a bit of a rough time just after their birth
and were taken by air ambulance to the childrens hospital
in Vancouver but they seem to be doing OK ,and at this time they are
still there , along with their mother " dad is also there " it has been
I'm sure , a worrying time for them .
It's a lovely day here so I just might go out for a walk . Cheers Pat .

Tam C
Spent today getting ready for the trip back to Denmark from Greece ,house cleaned , van packed . Leave tomorrow sail to Trieste Italy then 1700 klm drive up through Europe , not so bad I have my dog to keep me company ,should be back in Denmark Friday . Cheers Tam C
Tam C, are you moving back from your winter residence to your summer one?

Bye for now, norrie
Tam C
QUOTE (norrie123 @ 6th Apr 2015, 08:29pm) *
Tam C, are you moving back from your winter residence to your summer one?

Bye for now, norrie

Hi norrie I seem to spend more time in Greece and go back to Denmark when I feel like a break . Like you I'm in a hill rambling group lovely walks but not in mid summer ,far to hot. Cheers Tam C
Hi TamC, not done much hill walking abroad, as you say its a wee bit hot
We have done the odd coastal walk in Benidorm, some good paths and views
Bye for now, norrie
I was at the Dentist today for a check up after I had the gumboil a few weeks ago.

I also got my teeth cleaned and polished.
The bill came to almost 26. ohmy.gif
hope this works , grandson helped .

My new great grandchildren

Keira and Gunnar

They look so peaceful

Bye for now, norrie
They are beautiful, Angel.
Angel, the babies are lovely.

Thank you Betsy and Heather for your very nice comments
and you too Norrie . Cheers smile.gif
Och Angel ,what sweet wee weans .I know how your heart feels right now .I've five greats .The heart gets bigger every time .I thought I was excited as my kids were born and then more excited as grand weans were born the next generation overwhelmed me .I wish you and the three generations following you the best of everything .A champagne toast to all of you .Cheers Jean x

Jean , Thank you so much for your kind words and thought's ,
the babies birth has brought back many special memories
for me .
Their mother was our first grandchild and I remember
Andy and I travelling to Germany where she was born and seeing
the most beautiful granddaughter on this planet , biggrin.gif and then
driving from Germany to Glasgow with her parents , ' my son and
D.I.L. " to let my parents and family see their first G. grandchild .

It was certainly the best of times .with such happy memories .

Take care Jean , I hope that you are doing O.K
and that you will have a lovely time in Mexico this summer
and also at the cottage with family and friends .
Cheers Pat thumbup.gif

Beautiful babies Angel, they are so small for such a short time, Congratulations to all!!
The sun has been shining all day, but when I went out to cut down some dead branches off a climbing plant there was a cold wind that nearly blew me away.
Now there are hailstones pouring down.
Typical Scottish weather.
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