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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Hi gardenqueen, I like French Marigolds and so do the snails right enough, whay they dont like are blue slug pellets from the Pound Shop, works a treat

Bye for now, norrie
QUOTE (norrie123 @ 22nd May 2014, 08:22am) *
Hi gardenqueen, I like French Marigolds and so do the snails right enough, whay they dont like are blue slug pellets from the Pound Shop, works a treat

Bye for now, norrie

I might do that, norrie, but I worry about the grandchildren who are currently into collecting "treasure" around the garden. They pick up stones, shiny things, twigs etc.

I haven't put all the marigolds in yet so might pot them on then plant later to see if that makes a difference.

That's me finished after that. I have some chamomile seeds germinating at the moment to put itno the paving cracks and also some night scented stock seeds which I will plant direct into the ground at the front and back of the house. I love when the scent drifts up to the bedroom when I open the window. It is something that takes me right back to Glasgow when neighbours used to grow it in their gardens.

Hi GQ. .. weather is looking like it is shaping up nicely for the weekend
so I will probably spend this time out in the yard , although my gas
lawnmower went on the blink , it is now in the fixit shop, hopefuly it won't be to long before it is ready , meanwhile I will use the electric mower ,
I just keep it as a backup , it does cut well but the cord is a nuisance .
I will also buy plants this weekend that I will plant in the large planters
and clean up around the place , so that my weekend .

Hope all is well with you Heather ... also Norrie , I do check out you
walking adventures , great photos , thanks for posting them .
Hi Garden Queen, woops, I forgot about the children, yes ,you must be careful

Hi angel, glad you like our walking photos

Bye for now, norrie
I went to see the Stones today. Naw no the Rolling Stones. It was the only slightly older Govan Stones at Govan Old Parish Church. I had seen them before, but decided to go again as they've been rearranged within the church. Pride of place is the Sun Stone near the front door. There are many Christian and possibly pre-Christian stones. All were found within the church grounds. It is believed that some form of worship has taken place at the site for around 1500 years. The most famous of all the Stones are probably the five hogback stones dating back to Viking times. There is another famous stone item in the church and that is a sarcophagus which could either have been the final resting place of Saint Constantine or King Constantine depending on whether you trust the theories of the church scholars or those of Glasgow University. Whoever was buried in it was a very important person.
I urge you GG folk to visit the church if you have time and are within travelling distance. It's a fascinating place with knowledgeable and entertaining guides. It is free, but you can make a donation or purchase some of their literature to help fund the upkeep of the Stones and the church.
Hi DavidT, cant say I have heard of those stones, will check them out

Bye for now, norrie
Hi Norrie, here's a website with some info on the stones.
Hi DavidT, no wonder I have not noticed the church, its set back off the Govan rd
Thanks for the information

Bye for now, norrie
I got more garden plants on Friday that I never ordered, I think they were free. I have stuck them in flower pots and had them in the porch, now they are outside to harden them off.

It was raining again but now the sun is beaming down, but there is a cold wind so I will be staying in today.

Most of my plans for the weekend have been changed a bit .
today being another summer day , we have decided to
go on a picnic , so I'm looking forward to that ,
I'm not long home from church so I will get changed
and get on my picnic clothes
so have a good day folks . biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Angel, I hope you had a nice picnic.

Right now the rain is bouncing off the street. Is there ever going to be a Summer this year.

I still have my Winter curtains up. I usually change to Summer curtains about April/May, but the weather has been cold so I have left the heavy curtains up. sad.gif
Not much better weather here, Heather. Typical Bank Holiday Monday, rainy and dull.

Still, I had to get out and went to TKMax and bought a pair of Scholl shoes at a good price. My husband and I went into the local pub on the way home, to shelter from the rain, and ended up having lunch and a couple of drinks. On the way home, I got a call from my daughter to say she would be popping in with my grandsons for a little while as it is one of their birthdays. Sam is 5 today and it was a pleasure to see him. He will be here again, for the day, tomorrow with his 5 year old cousin while the youngest goes to nursery (private, so no school holidays). I love half term when I get to spend more time with them.

They are now off to the funfair in Harpenden so I hope the rain holds off. Then they are off to Wagamamas for dinner, my grandson's choice.

I will settle down for the evening now, with my crochet and French lessons online.
I did some more gardening today raking out a lot of moss in the back lawn. My poor arms were aching.

Tonight I am off to the UCM to hear more about our day out to Dunoon.

I was surprised to know we don't have to pay for the Ferry. Because we can use our bus passes for the bus which goes on the Ferry, we will have no fares to pay. smile.gif

Heather I do hope that you have a nice time
on your trip to Dunoon , and also nice weather .
I have only been in Dunoon one time ,when my
husband and I drove there , I remember buying
a curling iron , I still use it when I am in Scotland . biggrin.gif
Busy day today, Alex Salmond was in Rutherglen and I was there taking photos for the local paper and Clyde Gateway
I was never a fan of his but he did come over as an OK guy, took time to chat to the folk who were at the meeting, looked interested,I was impressed
Not enough to vote for him right enough but I warmed to him

Bye for now, norrie
I remember going to Dunoon when I was a child. I can't remember much about it though.

The weather here is dreadful, wet, wet wet. I have had my two grandchildren today and couldn't get them out much, only to the library.

Next Tuesday I am going, with my club, on a trip to Windsor and we are taking a boat trip to, I think, Maidenhead. I am hoping the weather will be better than it is now.
GQ, enjoy your trip and remember to behave yourself. laugh.gif

Just finished the housework and I am worn out with moving furniture about to clean underneath.
I have to remember I am not as young as I used to be and old age is catching up. sad.gif

Amazing weather today as the sun is beaming down.

I wonder if other's get as much junk mail as we do.
Every other day we get some rubbish mail delivered to us or plastic bags to fill with clothes put through the letter box.

Twice this week I have had letters about the Referendum from the No people wanting to know which way I am voting and who I had voted for in the last Election.
They even had the cheek to ask me to pay for a stamp on their free post envelope to save them the cost.
I binned their letters.
LOL, Heather, not much chance of me doing anything except behaving myself. I think I am one of the youngest members of my group and I am 62, so not much chance of us causing a riot in Windsor. Looking forward to the boat trip though and a spot of lunch and some shopping. I've seen the usual sights many times before so won't bother with those this time. At least the schools are back so it should be (a little) less busy though it is a popular tourist area of course.

We also get lots of junk mail, there is a constant stream of leaflets put through, e.g. political, religious, take-way restaurants etc. etc. Lots of estate agent stuff too at the moment as property is selling well just now here.

I get annoyed with it all, even the charity stuff but what annoys me most is the things that the postie delivers, presumably to supplement his wages.

We don't get free newspapers any more for some reason.

Just poured myself a nice glass of wine as the last of my three grandchildren has been picked up. I have had them since 8 this morning. Managed to keep them occupied by baking cakes, making a picnic and, in the end, having a teddy bears' picnic indoors due to the dull weather. It is difficult to get them out and about just now as the youngest is being toilet trained and it is more trouble going out than it is worth. We have a shed which is my little retreat but they love going down there with their toys and playing on the floor then sitting down for a drink and a biscuit with me. For their dinner I just gave them a bowl of pasta, some cooked meats, steamed carrot and sweetcorn, some humous followed by yoghurt and fresh fruit. They seem to prefer grazing to what I would call a proper meal but, hey, ho, they are doing fine on it.

Great fun but tiring. I have lost track of the number of "accidents" I have had to deal with and I am worn out with mopping up. He will get there in the end, bless him, but it does make me wonder how I managed with my own two children years ago as there is only 13 months between them.

Still, back to my wine, lasagne in the oven followed by profiteroles - all from Tesco of course.
I was at the Optician today for my annual eye test and I have to go back on Friday as I need to get more drops in my eyes.

Light rain on and off today just like yesterday.

I have not been to the Library for a few weeks so I am reading one of my Maeve Binchy books I have read before, but I love her books and have at least a dozen of them.
My younger brother (not tennscot,there are 4 of us) and I are just finishing up about a weeks work on a high steel and wood plank fence around part of the property,he's doin' the hammering and bangin' and am' doin' the welding,just like old times!!....Oh' and some fancy wrought iron railings at the back door steps! is sunny and warm as usual.
I love Maeve Binchy books too, Heather, and have read them all. I give them to charity shops or to friends then end up buying them again or downloading on my kindle.

It is raining right now and I am about to get the coach to Windsor with my group. I really hope the weather improves as we are going on a boat trip and I got my hair done yesterday, lol. At least it is not cold.
biggrin.gif Just been to the library to print off my boarding passes for our holiday in the Algarve in the middle of June
Enrique, I got a Holiday Brochure this morning and it is the Algarve I have be looking at. I have never been there before and would like to try it out.
Heather, you can't go wrong with The Algarve. We went in August and the temperature was hot but it was breezy enough to be pleasant. I don't like extreme heat much and this really suited my Celtic skin. We stayed here, at the Pestana Praia in Alvor:

Claire and I like Portugal, we have been to Albufera several time, Pria De Rocha and Lagos
Try and visit Lisbon, I was well impressed
For those of you who like the cinema and dont want to be in a pub all night, try the cinemas, most of the films are in English with Portugees sub titles

Bye for now, Norrie
Really enjoyed the boat trip between Maidenhead and Windsor. Talk about how the other half live! Even a sizeable lottery win wouldn't buy some of the beautiful houses overlooking the Thames there. It was fascinating. It rained on the trip there but cleared up when we arrived in Windsor which was not that busy with it being a weekday. The sun continued to shine on the return boat trip, back along the Thames to Maidenhead. Lots of boats on the river but we didn't see one person in their garden all along the stretch. I wonder if many of the houses are actually inhabited or just lying empty for much of the time, as an investment.

A great day out for me though.
I'd been sat here this morning for a couple of hours pondering over the idea that I might go to work for a few hours down at the hotel. Decided to think it over a bit more while delvin' into a big plate of bacon, eggs, toast and tomatoes.
Looked out the window just after twelve and saw that it was pittlin' down and made ma decision ... day aff the day tongue.gif

Tee , thats a poor excuse , rain never melted anybuddy . tongue.gif
Tee, that is some job when you can take a day of when you like. wub.gif

My g'daughter got a half plaster put on her leg two weeks ago, but still has to use her crutches.
Now she can bend her leg, when my son has his days off he takes her to School for a few hours as she was bored stuck at home.

Yesterday walking into school, her crutches slipped on something and down she went breaking another bone in the same leg with the two broken bones.
This break is just above the knee, and she is now back in full leg plaster for another six weeks.
By the time this plaster comes off it will be almost four months since the accident in the School gym.
I was stunned when our son phoned to tell us and I was so upset for my g'daughter, like a fool I started crying and had to hand the phone to my husband.

We were round seeing her today and she has brightened up a bit but looks very pale, especially with her having black hair it makes her complexion look very white.
Oh, bless her, Heather, that is awful. Poor thing! Let's hope for a speedy recovery and no more mishaps.
Heather, I wish I'd had this Job before I'd gone into retirement. I can more or less come and go when I like; or not when I feel like it. But IF (and that's a big IF ) they really need me they know a call will suffice ... always assuming I remember to check the answering machine tongue.gif
Dreadful thing to happen to your granddaughter Heather ... and you'll appreciate that's from someone who knows about these things rolleyes.gif
Six weeks of being very careful during the first four and reasonably careful for the last two then she'll be back on her feet again,
I wish her well. thumbup.gif
Tee, she fell in the School gym in March and broke her right leg in two place's and had a full leg plaster on since then until two weeks ago when she got the half plaster. Now as I said, her leg is back in a full plaster with the 3rd break in the same leg.
Hi Heather, sorry to hear about your grand daughter, hope she will be on the mend soon

Bye for now, norrie
cool.gif We go to Albufeira , been there loads of times we stay near the big Hypermarket ,its called the Modelo, usually The Brisa Sol, ideally situated , its very close to the famous old town, where nowadays its quite grand with escalators taking you down to the main square and if you go along the beach at the other end there is a scenic lift to take you back to the top,the old town is very popular, there is also the strip this is where the young ones go at night , where all the Karaoke bars and such are, our hotel is on the main road so its handy for bus trips , if you are into that , and there are trips to the south of algarve where there are lovely towns, Villamoura is only about 45 minutes on the local bus, you must visit the marina there and see how the other half live, and close to there is Quateira another quite big resort, Albufeira itself has several beach coves , this means if you like a walk you are not tramping up and down the same promenade,give them all a visit you can virtually walk to each of them, prices are quite good , 1 tip the cafes give you there main menu through the day for about 5 euros fo a main course , where normally at night it can be a bit more expensive, beer 2euros on averge sometime less if you buy there own . hope this helps
QUOTE (Heather @ 4th Jun 2014, 08:56pm) *
Tee, she fell in the School gym in March and broke her right leg in two place's and had a full leg plaster on since then until two weeks ago when she got the half plaster. Now as I said, her leg is back in a full plaster with the 3rd break in the same leg.

thats just a shame Heather , hope she gets back on her feet soon .
Who would have thought!....breaking it again!......hope it heals soon Heather....poor wee Lass!
We are fortunate in that we live near here and went for a walk there this morning:

It is a lovely place, just to wander round and maybe stop to admire the views and have a cup of coffee. Mostly it is frequented during the week by the yummy mummies walking with their babies and dogs with the occasional oldies like us out for a midweek stroll.

But it is obviously not without its hooligan element as we saw some grafitti scrawled on a fence. It went something like this: TARQUIN WAS HERE!

It made us smile anyway.

good morning G.Q. nice that all seems to be going well
for you , and glad that you enjoyed your day outing with
your ladies .
Your post reminds me of the times when my husband and I would
drive down to the Niagara Parks most morning during the summer
and walk along the river viewing the rapids before they crashed over
the Falls , it is a part of the Niagara River that we did enjoy.
we would then continue our walk into the village of Chippawa , where
we would have lunch go on another walkabout and then head back
along the parkway, to the car , we could pass a good four hours or so on this little trip . biggrin.gif
I loved that part of the river , because it was above the Falls and
not as many tourist's .

It's been busy around my house this week, my son and D.I.L have been here each day doing most of the spring paint-up job's around the
outside of the house , , it's looks' so nice and fresh , they also washed the outside of the house window's and washed my car lol . next project will be the front steps . and whatever I can drum up for them . biggrin.gif
Well thats about it for this week and now I will get outside to that never
ending job , called , the Yard/garden.
Cheers everyone ,have a great weekend . Pat

Claire and I emptied the greenhouse and got rid of stff that wasnt needed including snails and ants biggrin.gif
Took us a few hours and its looking very tidy and loads of shelf space, rest of the day was spent in the garden, sunning ourselves biggrin.gif

Bye for now, Norrie
Hey Norrie, can you and Claire come and clear out our shed we can hardly move in it for rubbish in it. wink.gif

The sun was beaming down this morning, so I thought it was a good time to get into the garden and split up all the plants that are over grown and plant the one's I have in pots, but now the rain is chucking down.
There seems to be no end to all the rain it has hardly stopped especially over the weekend.

I have just finished doing an ironing, now I can sit and relax. smile.gif
Hi Heather, its too wet for a clearance biggrin.gif
I was supposed to being to Speedway tonight, its been rained off angry.gif

Wont be long till the longest day, when is the good weather coming, I was going to work in the garden today, no chance

Bye for now, norrie
24 degrees here in Hertfordshire. Nice to sit out and relax as there is a breeze too, just how we like it. Went into town to do some holiday clothes shopping, had a pot of tea and a scone in M&S, had a light lunch before doing a quick clean of the kitchen sink (use vinegar as don't like cleaners), sat outside and have just done a French lesson on Duolingo.

It looks lovely out, all the trees are swaying in the breeze and my wind chime sounds gently.
GQ, did you send us that sunshine? smile.gif

So far there has been no rain today, so I have spent the last hour weeding the garden and filled a bag of weeds out of one border. With the constant rain, it has been useless trying to do some gardening.

Now I am having a rest and my usual cup of tea as the old back is aching. sad.gif

I remember I could spend the whole day gardening with no problem, but old age does not come alone.
Applying wood preservitive to garage, funeral, weeding and relaxing in the sun

Bye for now, norrie

hi folks I do hope that your day went well . smile.gif

We had quite a bit or rain through the night
and it has remained very cloudy and humid .

my grandson comes for dinner tonight and my son
and D.I.L. not the parents ' will come for a visit later on ,
so it should be a nice evening , Cheers , Pat

Glad it's been nice, Heather. Nice again here today although a bit later in warming up than yesterday.

I know what you mean about backache. I have an ongoing (scoliosis) back problem but it is walking that sets it off, especially if I am carrying a bag.

Add to that my swollen knee and I am in a right state, lol.

No more kneeling/bending for me.

I am too young to get old, lol.
Another glorious day here in Hertfordshire. I have been looking after my almost three year old grandson then we all went to watch his brother (just turned 5) at his Sports Day in the village. There was a great turn out of parents and grandparents and it all went really well. Amazingly we were allowed to take photos as the school has said we can as long as they are not put onto Social Media sites. That is fair enough, in my opinion, it is good to see common sense in action.

It brought back memories of my own children on their sports days when I took photos of them doing the sack race, the egg and spoon race etc. I was thinking back to my own sports days, we were blessed with lovely grounds at our school. We had all the usual races then, the highlight for me was getting an ice cream and being dismissed earlier than normal. It always seemed to be sunny. I can't remember it ever being postponed due to bad weather but maybe that is just a case of rose tinted specs.

I also remember we had to make our own way to what I think was maybe the inter-school sports day at, was it Scotstoun? I remember having to get on the bus with my friends and make our own way home. I think that was in my primary days too but my memory is fading.

Yes, a nice day to remember, today, and made even better by the fact that I didn't have to organise it like I had to when teaching. It was hard work!
GQ, glad you had a good time your g'son' School Sports Day. smile.gif
I remember them from my son's time at School, they were a good times.

Last night we watched Mrs Brown's Boys and we were both in fits laughing. Although it usually is funny, last night it was hilarious laugh.gif
I can't believe the sunshine we have had the last few days, More please. smile.gif

I got a couple of books out the Library yesterday, so I have been curled up on the couch today reading one of them.

Last night we watched a DVD ' Twelve years a Slave' it was one of the gifts my husband got for Father's Day.

I enjoyed it, but found some of the dialogue hard to understand.
I found that when I watched a dvd of The Help, Heather. I had read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it though it was quite shocking really. I was looking forward to the movie but it took me longer to get into it because of the accents and lack of clarity.

Mind you, I find it difficult to hear lots of tv programmes these days.

Glad you have good weather. It continues to be my favourite weather here, sunny but breezy, reminds me of lovely days in Glasgow when I was young.

Just got back from my ladies' club where we were treated to an hour of a visiting folk group. They were from the U3A, so oldies like me.

Do you have the University of the 3rd Age in Scotland?
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