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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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What a day I had yesterday with the washing machine breaking down in the middle of a wash. It took us about an hour to get the machine door open, then I had to haul all the soaking wet towels into a baby bath.

I put the clothes horse in the bath and hung the towels on it to drip. This morning I was able to hang the towels on the pulley.

I spent this morning trying to find a Company to repair the machine, I went through all the Phone Directories and got nowhere.
I finally got through to the Hotpoint Co. who asked me a load of questions before they told me an Engineer would be out some time tomorrow.
I had to pay for the repair right away much to my husbands disgust. But I explained to him that a lot of Companies do that nowadays to ensure they get their payment.

One of my friends who was in today was laughing about the baby bath as I have had it since my son was born who now has a family of his own. laugh.gif
What a nightmare, Heather. I have had similar happen to me over the years.

My husband isn't into diy but on one occasion he used a built in tube behind a little door at the base, to empty the water and found whatever it was that had blocked it. He was very pleased with himself.

I am off to bed in a minute, having been asleep on the sofa all afternoon with a duvet over me. Woke up with a sore throat, cough and headache but I had to go to my class but I left early from that.

I have cancelled my dentist for tomorrow as I can't face that feeling like I do. I have rearranged it for next week.

I find these days that the common cold is enough to wipe me out. Got to be better by Thursday as I look after my grandson Thursdays and Fridays and need to be on top form.
GQ, I can understand how you feel with that cold.

I took a bad cold four weeks ago and then a chest infection. I have had anti-biotics, steroids, and two cough bottle's. Yesterday my Doctor sent me for a chest xray as I was very breathless and do have chest problems.

I have rarely been out the door except to Mass on Sunday and now feeling housebound.

I am going to start taking a walk round the block tomorrow and get the old legs moving.
Poor you, Heather. Chest infections really drag you down. Don't overdo it, take it a little at a time until you feel strong enough. When your legs feel weak, there is little incentive to go very far.

I think I pick up everything that is going, through my grandchildren. It was the same when I was teaching, schools are a hotbed of bugs. Not everyone gets them, I think if you are prone to these things you get them more often.

Take care of yourself. Hopefully Spring is round the corner. I hope you get good results on your chest X-ray soon.
Ah well GQ, they say old age does not come alone. sad.gif

I can imagine what like it must be in the Schools, with colds especially during the Winter.

I never had any bother with my chest until in my 40s, and I was not well and the Doctor sent me to the hospital for an examination and I was told I had Asthma, which I never had in my life until then.

I hope your cold clears up in time for your g'son coming.
A right cold, wet, windy day here today.

My wee g'daughter was at Gym in School today and fell leaping the horse and broke a leg in two place's.
She is to be moved to Yorkhill as her leg needs to be operated on.
Looks like she will be spending her 13th birthday on Sunday in Hospital.
Her older sister is at the same School, so was able to go in the Ambulance with her to the Hospital and stay there until their parents were notified.
What a shame, Heather. And a 13th birthday is an important one to them, a teenager at last.

I hope she is ok and that she can be made a fuss of anyway. Hope she is not in too much pain and makes a speedy recovery. As a grandma, you always want to take their pain away.

I am still feeling rough, my cough is so painful and my chest and back hurt. I was trying to avoid antibiotics but if I don't get better soon, I might have to go and ask for some. Meanwhile I am using my Vick's electric steam inhaler which helps a bit. I have a humidifier in my room which generates steam and helps me breathe but then you end up with the walls dripping with water which is not good.

Strangely enough, my son in law and youngest grandson have exactly the same cough. Little one is coping ok but is pretty tired out from coughing - I know the feeling.

GQ, I know what you mean by an irritating cough, I have had one for weeks.
It started with a bad cold and I have had antibiotics and steroids. That is why the Doctor sent me for a chest xray on Monday.
I was told it would be 10 days before I got the results.

Aye poor wee soul spending her Birthday in Hospital.

We are still waiting for our son to call us back to hear how she is and if she got moved from Monklands Hospital which is the nearest Hospital to her School, St. Ambrose in Coatbridge.

We just had a phone call from our g'son to let us know his sister has been moved to Wishaw General Hospital as it is in the Lanarkshire area.
Our son and wife are still at the Hospital.

Time always seems to pass slowly when you're waiting for results, Heather. Hopefully it won't drag out too long for you and that they will soon be able to put you to rights.

I was always getting colds and worse when I was growing up. I lived with two heavy smokers in the house and I am sure I am still suffering ear, nose and throat problems as a result but that was how it was in the 50s, so many people smoked.

Thankfully, I don't smoke and my grandchildren haven't grown up in a smoking environment but they still seem to get everything that's going, as children do.

I hope your granddaughter gets better soon, it is always a worrying time for families when their child is in hospital. She will soon be back home getting looked after. I hope it won't put her off P.E.

GQ, her mum is staying the night in the Hospital with her.

My g'son seems to think she will get home for Sunday, but I told him not to build his hopes on it as it depends on the Operation. It appears the broken bones are lying across each other, so it must have been a nasty fall.
The pity of it is, she is athletic and is in a Junior Harriers Club and runs twice a week and also plays Netball.

I'm off to bed, goodnight and God Bless.
Hi Heather, I hope your grandaughter will be all right

Bye for now, norrie
QUOTE (Dave Grieve @ 10th Mar 2014, 02:31pm) *
Newton Mearns !! Bilbo, Newton Mearns!! is that somewhere exotic like Casablanca or Timbuctou

Have a wee gander at the page I found in the BROONS But an Ben Cookbook it distinctly describes MY pancakes to a T, if its good enough for the Broons well theres nae arguin aboot it, so there laugh.gif

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment I have both cook books Tottie Scones Great. I never could get then right `til I read 80z Mashed Totties 4oz flour 2oz butter `n a wee drap milk.

QUOTE (wellfield @ 10th Mar 2014, 08:22pm) *
I'm so fortunate to be able to see our own "Queen Mary" every day here in Long Beach,CA
Are ye gled ye flitted Campbell, at least ye didny huv tae dae a moonlight !!
QUOTE (Tennscot @ 21st Mar 2014, 07:19pm) *
Are ye gled ye flitted Campbell, at least ye didny huv tae dae a moonlight !!
Hi big Brother!....Aye' and there wis' me ready tae' settle fur' the wee beach at Saltcoats!
Both knees almost finally healed so get to walk here almost every day,I'm sure you recognize this spot.
Hi Heather...hope your Grandaughter heals fast and well.
Hi Heather, sorry to read about your granddaughter's accident. I hope she heals and recovers quickly. It is unfortunate that she likely will spend her birthday in hospital but I do hope she gets home soon. I wish her a happy birthday and a happy year. I hope you will be feeling better soon too. take care.
Heather, I hope your granddaughter had a good night (and her mum). When is her op? You never know, she might get out for her birthday, they don't keep you in these days if they don't need to and sometimes it seems amazingly quick in comparison to the old days.

Bones heal quicker when your young so hopefully it won't be too long before she is running again.
Hi Heather, hope your greand daughter is feeling better, she wont want to be in hospital for her birthday, wish her Happy Birthday!!
We will be shovelling snow here the day!!!!!! 23cm fell last night, surely this MUST be the last of the snow???????
Sunny but pretty cold here in Herts. I am staying indoors till I feel better or the weather improves.

A pile of ironing awaits upstairs - got all my summer bedding out of storage (ever hopeful), sorted through it and put some in bags for charity shops, washed the rest and hung it outdoors to dry yesterday so now it needs ironing.

I have an addiction to duvet sets (and towels) but have promised myself I will not buy any more for a long, long time. Mind you, I am not very good at keeping my promises, but I will really try.

If I lived till I am 100 I have enough nice bedding to last, lol.

Trying to work up the energy to go an tidy the room behind the garage which is multi-purpose, toys, music, crafts, you name it but it is sooooo messy I must tidy today as it is getting me down.

A bit at a time, I think.
Hi all, thank you for your good wishes for my g'daughter.

She is now in plaster from her toes to her hip for the next six weeks.
When she was taking for surgery, the Doctor was able to manipulate the bones into position without opening up the leg.

As a 13th birthday treat, during the week her dad bought 13 tickets for Emma to take her friends to see a film and a meal afterwards.
Now he is going to contact the cinema and see if they will gave him a credit note for another date.
If not, he said he will have to find 13 kids to give the tickets to. laugh.gif

I think getting a credit note should not be too much of a problem, it's not as if he is asking for a refund.
Wonderful news Heather......with a name like "Heather* she'll be a tough wee Lass!
That is good, Heather. For sure, this will be a birthday she won't forget!

Glad the doctor was able to manipulate instead of operate. Does that mean she might get home for her birthday?

If so, maybe her parents could organise for her friends to come round and watch a movie and get some food in for them to enjoy. Not quite the same but I sure it would be some compensation for her.
What I'm doing today is looking back on an adventurous week spent with our Ken and his wonderful Partner and regreting that our time spent together during the last week has gone so quickly.
An unbreakable friendship has been formed. thumbup.gif
QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 23rd Mar 2014, 12:51pm) *
What I'm doing today is looking back on an adventurous week spent with our Ken and his wonderful Partner and regreting that our time spent together during the last week has gone so quickly.
An unbreakable friendship has been formed. thumbup.gif

THH - I think this is one of the nicest posts I've read. Friendship is a wonderful thing.
Hi Tee Hee hee, good for you
Good friends are hard to get and sometimes easy to lose

Grass cut, started tyding up the garden, went to the Barras, then town, had breakfast, took photos then coffeee before we left for home
Now I am about to download my photos
Just as well I am retired, I dont know how I would find the time to to what I do biggrin.gif

Bye for now, norrie
Our g'daughter got home from the Hospital yesterday.

As well as the plaster, her leg is also covered in a crepe bandage. Apparently this is because a split is left in the plaster to allow for any swelling in the leg.
She is managing quite well on her crutches, but when going upstairs someone walks behind her and in front when going down.

Because she is a 1 Direction fan, some of the Nurse's used a marker pen and wrote 1D surrounded by love hearts on the plaster. The Doctor was not amused and told her parents off, but they told the Doctor,' not guilty'. laugh.gif

This is one birthday she won't forget.

Heather that is good news about your grand-daughter
I'm sure she will be fine .

I have been playing most of the morning , my favorite
Sousa Marches " while I get catch-up chores done around the house .
So glad your granddaughter got home ok, onwards and upwards for her now.

Have had to stay at home today waiting for a delivery. It's been very sunny but too cold to do anything in the garden really.

We will see what tomorrow brings re me going out to my craft class and women's meeting in the evening. Once I start coughing, I can't seem to stop and I don't want to pass the bug around.
Heather so glad your g'daughter is home and navigating well on her crutches. Too bad about the planned cinema night but it will be something to look forward to when the cast comes off. I guess everyone in the family is now breathing easier. Please give Emma best wishes for her birthday and for her speedy recovery.

THH it was such a pleasure to read your post and although the week went all to quickly for you , it's there in your memory and you can relive it time and time again. I'm happy for you.
The wee g'daughter is managing fine with her crutches.
She lies on the couch all day. With the plaster on the full length of her leg she can't bend it, so she cannot sit up.

Very cold here today.
The sun is shining here and it looks like being another warm day, fingers crossed.

It is Mothers' Day and also our 18th wedding anniversary.

As a family (8 adults and three little ones) we are all off to this pub for lunch. Best still, we are getting a lift there, so I can have a glass of wine as a treat.

Here is where we are going:

Have a great day, everyone.

hi G.Q , hope that you enjoyed your anniversary lunch
and your glass of wine , also , a happy mothers day to you biggrin.gif

I have spent some of this morning shovelling an early springtime
snowfall from the driveway . winter just won't leave . mellow.gif

QUOTE (angel @ 30th Mar 2014, 06:31pm) *
hi G.Q , hope that you enjoyed your anniversary lunch
and your glass of wine , also , a happy mothers day to you biggrin.gif

I have spent some of this morning shovelling an early springtime
snowfall from the driveway . winter just won't leave . mellow.gif

Thanks, angel, that's us just getting home now as we all went to my daughter's house then my son decided to do a bbq. As I had had a 3 course lunch, there was no way I wanted to eat at 7pm so I didn't have anything.

We were able to sit out in the pub garden earlier, after our lunch. Not quite as hot and sunny as yesterday but not bad for the end of March. The children had great fun playing with other children there.

Sorry to hear that you have had some snow. I really hope that you get good weather soon. We embrace it when we get it as it has been know for us to have snow in April.
Busy but wasted day ,at times, I am photographing a new bridge over the Clyde as its being erected, started Friday and should have been completed today
Seven site visits since Friday not counting the ones in the past months for site preparation and other works, guess thats Monday and Tuesday accounted for biggrin.gif , pity, as my photos are to be delivered on Monday morning

The rest if the afternoon I was at Ashfield Stadium to see Glasgow Tigers v Edinburgh Monarchs, Tigers lost but it was a good meeting

Bye for now, norrie
Big Job on today ...
Mary's BMW doors won't open from the outside ... and not for the first time!
This means I have to Strip the panelling off, remove the Windows then the Skin off my knuckles as I try to get Access through impossibly small Access holes to remove and dismantle the System before sorting out the Problem, smothering the mechanics with graphite grease and rebuilding the whole Thing again.
Three things in my favour ...
i) Having worked on Jet fighters I'm used to getting my fingers into tight in-accessable Corners.
ii) Having done this on Mary's car before I know what I'm in for.
iii) The Sun's splittin' the trees so I'll get it out into the Yard clap.gif
On our quick trip to Vancouver we went through all kinds of weather on the drive there and back! We had snow, rain, fog and sunshine!! Of course it rained almost all the time we were in Vancouver laugh.gif that's an in-joke for all who have been on Canada's west coast yes.gif
QUOTE (Elma @ 31st Mar 2014, 10:42am) *
On our quick trip to Vancouver we went through all kinds of weather on the drive there and back! We had snow, rain, fog and sunshine!! Of course it rained almost all the time we were in Vancouver laugh.gif that's an in-joke for all who have been on Canada's west coast yes.gif

Angel'...that's why I moved to California!...chuckle
"Angel"?????????? angry.gif
Very cold here today again, but except for the trickle of snow we had a few weeks ago, we have had no more snow.

Stayed in today and did the ironing whilst watching a DVD of 'Roots'.
The TV programmes are so bad I have been going through my DVDs. Last week It was ' Anne of Green Gable's'.
It was on the New last night and in all the Newspapers today about a 12year old girl who was killed in the Gym changing room when a wall collapsed on her.

This happened in a School in Edinburgh and it was reported that the children had told the Teachers on many occasions that the wall was wobbly, but were assured it was all right.

I feel so heart sorry for the parent's and brother of that wee girl that such a terrible thing could happen in a School.
I am also angry that the children were not taken seriously and the wall not properly checked out.
QUOTE (Elma @ 31st Mar 2014, 10:15pm) *
"Angel"?????????? angry.gif

just a Freudian slip , I too would be angry if I was called Elma .
I didn't realise this wee thread was here, don't know why I haven't noticed it before. biggrin.gif
Came back home after spending too much at Dobbies Garden World, yet again. Turned on tv just in time to realise one of my fav movies was just about to start on ITV3 Out of Africa. I thought the story was terrific and Robert Redford and Meryl Streep's acting was excellent. So I'm having an escape day, wee cup of tea, very fattening piece of cake, my wee dog and me sitting in the conservatory, in our own wee world.

I spent this morning in the kitchen ...

In the oven I roasted an eye of the round beef and
a chicken , also ham cooked on the top of the stove
which allows me to have Ham stock for soup .
made a batch of beefburgers and baked muffins
and soda scones .

Nice and mild here, a little bit of sun too. I've been busy all day, haven't stopped, one way or another. Walked into town to the Needlecraft store and bought some bits and pieces for my crochet. Came home, had a healthy lunch for a change (avocado with prawns). Felt like baking but I couldn't find my tried and tested cheese muffins recipe so gave up and had a go at some shrink plastic craft (great fun, you draw on a see through sheet then pop it into the oven and it shrinks to make, e.g. a key ring fob), had another go at learning to crochet, this time with cotton, not wool, much easier.

Remembered I had to wrap a 30th birthday gift so I did it with fabric and made a fabric flower to decorate.

Had an easy dinner (beef stroganoff from Waitrose) and have just come indoors after pottering about in my little shed which I have made into a lovely "she-shed". Funnily enough there is an article in the Daily Mail Online about those today. I have had my little bolt hole for ages.

Thankfully, I don't have to share it with garden tools or lawnmowers, just a few dolls and other toys for when the grandchildren are here.

Going to chill out for the evening with some magazines as my subscriptions arrived today.
If anyone has it, I would love a good recipe for a chilled cheesecake, not the kind you bake as I'm not keen on those, but the kind you mix up and set in the fridge.

Carmella, I looked through my cookery Books and this is the only one for Cheese Cakes I found.
You can of course omit the cherries. wink.gif

Quick Cheese Cake with Black Cherry Topping.

1/4 pint of fresh double cream, 2oz butter, 4oz digestive biscuits, 4oz caster sugar, 8oz cream cheese,
7oz can black cherries, 3 level teaspoons of arrowroot or cornflour, 2 level teaspoon granulated sugar.

1. Melt the butter slowly in saucepan, remove pan from heat and stir in biscuit crumbs with 2oz sugar.
2. Press crumbs into the bottom of a 8inch flan dish, or loose bottom cake tin.
3. Beat cream cheese with remaining 2oz caster sugar.
4. Lightly whip the cream and fold it into the cheese and sugar mixture, then spread it over the crumb base, chill it for at least two hours or until the cheese mixture has firmly set.
5. Turn cake onto a serving plate.
6. Strain the cherries and measure 4 fluid oz of juice into a sauce pan.
7. Use 2 table spoons of the measured juice and blend it with the arrowroot or cornflour to a smooth paste.
8. Heat the remaining cherry juice with the granulated sugar until almost boiling then quickly stir into the blended cornflour mixture. Return this to the rinsed out saucepan and stir over low heat until this glaze thickens.
9. Stir the cherries into the glaze. Place aside until cool then spoon over cheesecake.
Heather, I don't DO desserts, by that I mean eat them, with one exception and all of my friends know what that it - you guessed it - cheese cake in any flavour. I looked through my books too and they are all the kind I don't like which are the baked New York types, I find them too heavy, so that's why when I went to the garden centre yesterday I indulged in a piece, and also (bad girl) brought a piece home with me haha.

Thanks for the receipe I'm going to give it a try, and I love cherries, but I imagine you can put whatever fruit you want in too.

Thank you very much.
Your welcome. smile.gif

Carmella I might try it myself as I also love Cheese Cake. That is if I can find out where to buy cream cheese.
Heather, I have a cheesecake recipe I have been using for years and used to buy cream cheese from the deli counter until someone told me that Philadelphia cheese is, in fact, cream cheese. I used that many times and have even used supermarkets' own version. Use the full fat though, I have never tried using the low fat one.

I can't find my recipe at the moment but it also has lime jelly in it, tastes nicer than it sounds.

But definitely try Philly in any recipe that requires cream cheese.
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