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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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I was at the Dentist today and got a Filing and my teeth cleaned. Cost me 27. sad.gif

I went to the wool shop and got some wool, white and lemon to knit a couple of baby jackets.

we have had quite a bit of snow since yesterday
and it's still snowing , Temp about -8 windchill -17.
My older son is comming to visit , so I will leave the snow clearing to him
plus a couple of other little jobs around the house today . when he manages to get down here , which is'nt very often because of his work,
these little jobs give him something to do and that makes
me happy yes.gif
Cheers Pat.

I had a nice weekend , my son got quite a few small jobs done
around the house .
he also brought me a Lap Top , so he spent time getting that
sorted out , and now that's me moved into the 21st century , tongue.gif
but it will take me awhile to get used to it biggrin.gif
also put new winter wipers on the car and topped up the anti freeze
so that me set up until spring . Cheers , Pat .

Just touched down in the land of milk and honey,very happy, but devoid of money,after 6 weeks baking in OZ.
H Jupiter hope you had a good time, welcome home to sunny Scotland

Bye for now, norrie
Thanks Norrie,splendid time and Ill get a few pics on soon. rolleyes.gif
I was out early this morning and it was very cold.
I did the shopping and got home as soon as possible.

Jup, I bet you are glad to get home to the cold weather after all the heat in OZ. wink.gif
Crying time on Corrie tonight as Hayley died. sad.gif

Hayley and Roy's performance was really good.

Yet another cold and wet day, so I stayed home.
QUOTE (Heather @ 21st Jan 2014, 03:47pm) *
Jup, I bet you are glad to get home to the cold weather after all the heat in OZ. wink.gif

rolleyes.gif bet it wisny like the heat I seen from upstairs a few nights ago ,bushfires had broken out,whole sky was glowing red, I could see (with binoculars) trees going up 15 kms away unsure.gif

we had a steady snowfall through the night ,
this added to the recent snow flurries , soon
adds to a lot of shovelling , temp is about -17'C
the East coast from New Jersey and on up into the maritmes
they have had and still being hammered with the worst weather.

well I'll get on with my day ,get out the garbage
and do some shovelling on the driveway ... Pat

Angel, you are certainly getting more that a fair share of snow.
Stay home and keep warm.

My sister lives in New Jersey and she has not made much mention about the weather, except when last week she said she only had eight inches of snow. ohmy.gif

We have had no snow as yet, but the taxi driver I got home from shopping today said snow was forecast for today. So far it has nor appeared, and although it was cold outside the sun was shining.
Wet but mild here today.

I'm having a break from the knitting, as I am felling lazy.

well Heather , it was my turn yesterday to have problems with the
heating system in my house .
I called the office telling them to send a technician to check out the furnace as I realized that it was acting up, anyway he arrived about 3pm
and did'nt leave until after 5pm .
he found the problem , something to do with the heat exchanger ,
it was going on the blink , so he had to turn the furnace off , that's
the law . He called the company who deals with these thing's and
they said it would be delivered post haste .
I've just had a call from the dealers and the part has just been delivered
they will be here this afternoon to install .
Thank goodness , because it was a cold night in my house , also
I think it is great customer service , I thought it would be at least Monday
before there would be anything done , but they said , they would
not let me go so long without heating . biggrin.gif

Not too cold here but very wet. I look after my two and a half year old grandson, Eddie, on Thursays and Fridays. We were stuck indoors most of yesterday and now more of the same today. I wanted to take him to the park as I did last week but it is not to be. Instead, we have played Lego, cars, painted and other art work, tidied the dolls house, watched The Gruffalo (yet again), played with teddies and other soft toys, read "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" several times. We even ventured out to the "play house" which is really a converted shed and played there for a while. The highlight of his day was watching the bin men collect our rubbish, oh yes, and eating a doughnut that my husband bought for him.

We will be joined in half an hour by my other grandson, Sam, aged 4, who has been at school all day but will still want to do all these things again.

Making the most of it though, while they are still little as time goes too quickly.

O" what can you do G.Q , thats why we have grandmother's

ps I thought you had gramdaughter's , wonderful just the same .

I must admit that I did'nt give a lot of thought to the importance of a grandparent in my own childrens life when we came to
Canada . and unfortunately it was my own mothers health that deteriorated
because of her not having the children around anymore . it has always been a regret to me . her doctor said that she was grieving , as in a death .

So over the years I have done my best to try make up for this , by taking my own children back to Scotland as often as we could , and she coming
here , and as a result of this , I have made it a priority , with my own grandchildren to always be here for them , cheers biggrin.gif
angel, I do have a granddaughter, aged 5, she's my son and daughter in law's little one. The boys are my daughter and her husband's. Both want to increase the size of the families but we will just have to see what nature brings.

I think when we used to leave for foreign parts, we tended to overlook the distance and the impact when we went on to have children. Even if we did have children, the move was generally considered to improve the quality of their lives. It must be difficult for people when their families move away. I only went to England but it might as well have been much further as my mother was never one for travelling. I used to get up as often as I could but it wasn't easy with young children and quite costly too.

I would never stand in my children's way should they decide to move far away but, in my heart, I would be pretty distressed, especially now that I have got used to the little people and their personalities. It isn't on the cards but, who knows where jobs can take people. As I said, I just want to make the most of it now.

They have just left and there is nothing like a big hug and kiss from them as they are leaving. I will always be here for them as long as I am able to be. They are a blessing and a big bonus to having had the blessing of children of my own.

G.Q ,, enjoy your grandchildren smile.gif although mine are all grown up now ,
ie , as in teenagers and one married , I really just love them , they are more wordly than I and with a wonderful sense of humour , great young people .

Heather the technician is here now doing the work on the furnace
and he is singing like a linty , biggrin.gif I think I will keep him . yes.gif
Angel, don't do that as you will be charged with kidnapping. ohmy.gif

Did the usual Friday housework, then I started knitting a wee baby sweater as I finished the baby jacket.
The jacket is in white and the sweater in a very pale lemon. I don't tempt fate by knitting blue or pink before a baby is born.

I don't have many Baby Patterns as I gave them all away once the g'children grew past the baby stage, so I will have to look about the shops when I coax myself to go into Town.
It was announced on todays News that there are talks about children starting School at 2yrs old. ohmy.gif

This is to help out working mother's, but to me those classes will just be an extension of the Nursery.

Who will feed the children at lunch time, who will take them to the toilet and change the nappy of those who are not toilet trained. ohmy.gif

It load of nonsense.
Hi heather, I was just thinking the same thing

Bye for now, norrie
Aye Norrie, they will need more than one School Nurse to cope with all those toddlers.

It will be just the same as a Nursery Class. So why not change Nursery hours to the same as School hours.

If my memory serves me right, in America the Schools start about 8/8-30am
but I can't remember what time they finish at.
annie laurie

I agree with you,
2 yrs old,
For goodness sake they are still Babies,

Here in Canada kids go to Play School/at a young age, but it is really Nursery School,
helps out the working parents,
But they still are treated like babies, having a Nap in the Afternoon, etc etc

Some day care centre [as they are called ] are open as early as 7.30am

School age here is 6 yrs old grade '1' and they only go 5 hours the 1st couple of years [9-2/30pm ]

Myself I started school in Glasgow at 41/2 as my Birthday fell in March, and if i can remember rightly they only allowed New ones in September, and sometimes Easter,

How times have changed, rolleyes.gif
I'm staying home today , We have another winter storm raging outside ,
but it is supposed to end this evening ,
it's such a heavy snowfall with high winds , blowing snow and lots of
drifting , it's tough on the old back . yes.gif
The east cost of the USA is worse than we are and as it travels north
the Canadian maritmes are getting hammered .
I'm sure this must be the worst winter here in Canada in living memory.

Nothing of interest on the board's , so I'll just get on with my life smile.gif

Hi Heather
just had a call from my grandson , he won't be coming for supper tonight
because of the weather and road conditions , actually quite a few main
arteries have already been closed down . so for me I am really pleased that he won't be driving . cheers ... Pat yes.gif
Aye Angel, better to be safe than sorry.

My sister in New Jersey is snowed in.

As bad as your weather is, it is much worse in the Cornish Coast and Cornwall.
When we watched the news tonight we could not believe how high and dangerous the waves were with winds are at 70 miles an hour. Even railway lines have been smashed up.

We have had no snow as yet, just a drizzle of rain the past few days.
I just drank a whole bottle of soy sauce and it was nice Heather. Have you tried it yet? Yumyum yes.gif
Then I fixed a big hole in my boats bottom where it fell over on Sunday at which I said some bad words!! Epoxy is terrible stuff if you get it on your pullover. I got it on my pullover Heather and its a right mess - I said some bad words about that too. Oh oh, ..... I hear you .... coming nurse!. wacko.gif
Naughty Rab, keep your mouth clean in future.

Go in peace, your sins are forgiven. wink.gif laugh.gif

I don't like Soy, Tomato or HP sauce, just cheese sauce.
Hi Heather, I seen that clip on the news, nothing between the houses but the rail track and now its gone
I used to think that living near water would be great, now I know its not

Bye for now, norrie

As bad as your weather is, it is much worse in the Cornish Coast and Cornwall.
When we watched the news tonight we could not believe how high and dangerous the waves were with winds are at 70 miles an hour. Even railway lines have been smashed up.

I did read about it today , Heather , I have been in Cornwall and actually thought that I would liked to have lived there , although , I'm now not so sure , it must be hellish for those people , I do hope that it does'nt take to long for them to get back to normal . Cheers , Pat .
Was out a couple of times today but ran from place to place, very cold,
-28C today. We haven't had any more snow since the weekend. I was in Calgary Monday and Tuesday and it was -31C there. I was there to meet with my niece's daughter and her husband who live in Glasgow's west end but he is working in Calgary for a few months so Laura is with him. We had a great time with them hearing all about the family back home tongue.gif
annie laurie
Hello Elma,

Sounds like you had nice visit with your Relations,
I bet they cant stand that cold weather,

Been very cold here for the last 3 days and to-night going down to -18c
But when i watch the News and see what is happening in Ontario, i count my blessings same goes for England,
Elma Kimberley must have felt a "WEE" bit warmer when you got home ???? tongue.gif

Yes Pat this is the coldest weather I have ever experience here in B>C> for the Month of February, and been here 48yrs,
Oh well the nights are getting longer "Spring" wont be long just another 2 Months maybe eh??????????

Heather watched Coronation Strteet to-night Wednesday. 2/5/14
Haley Died, so we are not that far behind you now, was well played out, especially by Roy,

Keep Warm Everybody, yes.gif x
Aye Norrie, living beside the seaside always seems attractive until you see what devastation a storm can cause.
I feel heart sorry for all those people who have been flooded out and their homes ruined.
It said on the News today that the storms have flooded people living three storey's high. That seems unbelievable.

Annie, Hayley dying was a well acted. I won't tell you what happens next. wink.gif


from Annie laurie

Yes Pat this is the coldest weather I have ever experience here in B>C> for the Month of February, and been here 48yrs,
Oh well the nights are getting longer "Spring" wont be long just another 2 Months maybe eh??????????

yes Annie , it has been a hard winter , but as you say
it will soon be spring .

My younger son came today to help me with clearing away
yesterday's storm , thank goodness for his help , however the weatherman is saying that we have more coming this weekend , ' Sunday",
well , we will see what happens , might not be to bad .

I have a few things going on in my life just now so it could be awhile before I post again , but you take care and I do hope that your husband
has and is making good improvement healthwise , cheers Pat.

annie laurie

Just tell me how many weeks we are behind you >>//???

Pat take care, dont get on to often myself, only cause the weather is Baltic i have been home these past few days, also have a bit of a sniffle nothing to serious but just taking it easy,and being Lazy doing my crocheting and Reading,

Elma, I checked out the Library, for Maeve's Books, "Maeves Times," can you belive there is about 50 odd people in front of me, on the wait list,
Also Chapters did not have it either,
Have not tried Costco as I dont have a membership now gave it up as Costco is quite a ways away from me especially in the Winter, besides i dont need as much these days either [food wise]
maybe in Spring will take a trip to Costco,

Weather here is still very cold -14c to-day no snow but bitter cold, BRRRRRRRRRRRR

Cheers Everybody yes.gif
That's funny, I was in our Library today and saw a copy of 'Maeve's Times'!

I hope this cold weather doesn't last too long, it was -30C this morning angry.gif I was in Calgary on Monday and Tuesday to meet my niece's daughter, it was even colder there!
Are you going to be watching the Olympics, I want to see the opening ceremonies tomorrow morning, it starts here at 8 a.m.
Today I shall be negotiating the roadworks of Shawlands and Gorbals. In the afternoon the plan is to head up to Mugdock park to sit and do nothing for a while. Hopefully there's not too much in the way of roadworks up there smile.gif
I had my wee trip up to Mugdock park where I done nothing very much at all. Before going home I went to the cafe at the visitor's centre only to discover they had a power cut due to cable theft. How can people cut through live cables in broad daylight? Anyhoo the cafe had enough hot water left in the tank for my cup of tea which I enjoyed in the dark. smile.gif
This morning I just sat myself down in the 4th row, or pew, in a Catholic Church in Habsheim in France.
I never knew I was aquainted with so many Catholics; Chapel was packed.
When I once took a lowpaying Job here 25 years ago, it was only because I couldn't Keep my eyes of the secretary; Mary.
I met Detlef there in the Workshop and we three are committed friends. Detlef had a French girlfriend, Estelle, whom he met in LA and later lived together in Hawaii before returning to her parental home, Habsheim, in the Alsace. Years later when Estelle got ready to spread her wings again, Detlef had already started to root. His relationship with Estelle's father, Jean Luise, remained; from back then to the present, a father-son relationship.
The Church Service this morning was for Jean Luis.
I arrived at Detlef's house first where I met him, his charming wife and her two sons, one of whom was accompanied by his young Mlle. Detlef's brother and son had also driven down from their part of the state. We met Detlef's in-laws at the Chapel.
Ten of us, I counted, who've been Close friends of Jean Luis and his family for nigh on the best part of a quarter of a century: I've known Estelle's wee sister since ... she was that wee. tongue.gif
So imagine my surprize when my mate D tells me, before we left his place, that Estelle rang him last night to tell him not to come to the Jean Luis' Memorial Service. Be careful how you speak with her, Tomi, I think she's letting Crazy Estelle come out for a while. unsure.gif
Estelle? Just the old Estelle; wi' me anyway. But even Mary was shocked because everyone knew how Close D & JL have always been; saw each other at the very least once a week.

Must say, lovely chapel. Very impressed by the 3 big wall murals and the 8 gorgeous stained glass Panel Windows. The choir was brilliant but the Organist pulled some notes that sounded like they were coming from the Bagpipes; which I privately enjoyed to a certain degree but the didn't belong anywhere near a church organ. Went a bit cheap wi' the pews though ... but I suppose those Windows weren't cheap. (When they passed the hat roon for the Organist I was amazed to find that I'd only got 5 Cents on my entire Person so it must have been fate cos I heard all his strangled notes)
When we exited the Chapel and gathered in crowds outside, I saw the hearse take JL's coffin away.
Detlef, shouldn't we be following him?
D: No. They take JL to the crematorium where he will be cremated on Monday.
Detlef ... that Service in there ... did the priest know that JL had jumped off the Hospital Roof?
Jl was down to his last couple of days and he'd always sworn he wouldn't wait for the final toll of the bell. He'd use what strength he had left and end it himself.

RIP Jean Luis H.
Nice story Tee.

RIP to your friend Jean Luis.

I have never heard of a collection taken up for the organist at a Requiem Mass or any Mass.
The family of the deceased usually pay for it.
The whip roon for the Organist was my wee joke Heather ... It was just the collection plate being passed round; actually a wee red Velvet bag. (The Card handed out to each of the congregation stated that it was a Funeral Service - or Mass ... it was in French.)

I told Estelle that I'd never once met her dad when he didn't give me cause to laugh: happiest wee full-of-life man I ever knew.
Tee, I have never heard or known of a collection being taken up at a Funeral, but I guess things are done differently in France.

It has not stopped raining here today.

It's worse for those poor folk who are flooded out in England and Wales, it has never let up, and even more people are flooded out every day.
cool.gif 45 degrees here(in the shade) smile.gif
Aye it's ok for some folk. sad.gif

Take care you don't get sun stroke. wink.gif
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif that happened years ago heather
Is that Sunshine ON Leith. laugh.gif
Well it certainly is not sunshine in Glasgow.

This morning we have had rain, sleet and snow non-stop.
Hi Teeheehee, sorry for your loss
RIP Luis

Bye for now, norrie
I have had a really bad cold and cough this week and have Antibiotics from the Doctor.

I'm sitting here with a glass of warm milk with some honey in it to soothe my throat and because of the colour, my husband thought it was a glass of Baileys.
Now there' an idea. laugh.gif
I was making a phone call today and I had to leave my name and telephone number, then I was told to press the hash key. I muttered to myself,' why the hell the hash key'.
I was so fed up with the press that key press the other key carry on we get these days when making a phone call.
The recorded message played back and I heard myself saying, ' why the hell the hash key'. I burst out laughing. laugh.gif

I think some one on the other end was also having a laugh, because I have never know a recorded message to be played back.
Heather, sometime if you press nothing and wait you will get through a Shuman Bean smile.gif
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