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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Nevaeh still did not get her "6 front teeth" for Christmas!!!!!!
QUOTE (toerag @ 30th Dec 2013, 12:53am) *
Nevaeh still did not get her "6 front teeth" for Christmas!!!!!!

they are just lovely photos Toerag , lovely wee lassie's
and such pretty dresses ,
I will P.M you tomorrow , glad you had a nice christmas .
Cheers biggrin.gif
Can't believe how big they've grown .Seems like yesterday I was knitting wee hats for them .
Mixed feelings over Christmas this year .Not our usual get together .Anyway Cheers to all .
Toerag, your g'daughters are lovely.

Still raining here and I can't remember when we last had a dry day.
It's so bad that some parts of the Edinburgh Road are flooded right over the pavements and the cars are crawling through the floods.
QUOTE (Heather @ 14th Dec 2013, 12:55pm) *
In my School days there were at least 35 children in a class and it did us no harm

You were lucky! In my class there was at least 350! yes.gif Did me no harm either, except the punches from bully Stewart! sad.gif
Now Rab, who is kidding who. 350 in your class. rolleyes.gif

It was very mild when I was out this morning. Although the ground was wet the rain was off, thank goodness.
Checking my in box and then going to Claires cousins later for dinner

All the best for 2014 to all of you

Bye for now, norrie
Checked the fridge when I got out of bed an hour ago to see if the "Doggy-bag" I brought home at 10 o'clock last night from the Chinese was really there. rolleyes.gif
It was tongue.gif
... and it was delicious - cold. laugh.gif
Startin' off the way I intend to go on ...

Click to view attachment


hello Tee , your post reminds me of the times when I was not having
friends over for New Years eve supper , my husband and I would go out
for a chinese dinner ,and I would have a couple of Mai Tai's ,
and of course , my husband was the designated driver, ha ha > biggrin.gif

That restaurant made the best Mai tai's in this town .
Happy New Year to you and yours
Hi Pat, we had table for 8 last night but the Chinese is only a two Minute walk from our house.
My mate Detlef who lives about 40 minutes drive away, over in France, had one of those breathilisers with him. Reading the instructions at 4 in the morning before leaving for home he was having difficulty and I told him that it say's on the top of the bag ...
"If you have difficulty in reading this ... DON'T EVEN BOTHER!"

... in French, of course laugh.gif
Still, couple of coffees and he was well within the limit biggrin.gif

Happy New Year biggrin.gif

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Happy New Year to all my GG friends.Lang may yer lums reek.Cheers JAKKA
Loved your Grandweans pics toerag! wife and I took our wee Grandson down to the beach this morning.....Last night we watched the New Years Eve fireworks displayed by 'Glasgow Own' RMS Queen Mary,great show!....Hope you all have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!!!
Happy New Year everyone!! My grand daughters are the best thing that ever happened to us so glad you liked their pictures. You are right Jakka you knitted them beautiful hats when they were babies! Wellfield you make us jealous saying you took your granson to the beach this morning we are freezing and we had over a foot of snow fell yesterday on top of all the other snow!!! but we did take the girls to see the fire works last night on a frozen lake and -18 degrees!! Nice talking about the Queen Mary, we got to stay on there many years ago when John had a business trip to Orange County and they put us up on this magnificent ship,.

Hi Campbell I hope that you guy's did not get sun-burnt
on the beach tongue.gif and have you now moved into your new house
All the best for 2014 cheers , Pat


Heather , I gave up trying to clear the snow from the driveway ,
its' a stong wind driving the snow plus bitter cold , I will try again later, I hope it is not a excercise in futility . cheers ...Pat

Happy New Year To you Norrie and your wife ,

hope you had a nice time at your cousin's place .

Cheers .... Pat .
Took the dogs out for 5 minutes stayed out about 3 they were holding up their paws and ran back in
-21C here without the wind chill snow is blinding with the sunshine but no heat from it.
QUOTE (petunia @ 2nd Jan 2014, 06:31pm) *
Took the dogs out for 5 minutes stayed out about 3 they were holding up their paws and ran back in
-21C here without the wind chill snow is blinding with the sunshine but no heat from it.

I know how bad it is Petunia , I see it on the news . smile.gif
QUOTE (angel @ 2nd Jan 2014, 10:19am) *
Hi Campbell I hope that you guy's did not get sun-burnt
on the beach tongue.gif and have you now moved into your new house
All the best for 2014 cheers , Pat

Hi and Thanks Angel...Happy New Year....finally moved turned out beautiful..and yes,only a minute or two to the beach

I's a beautiful day here . the snow has finally stopped and we have lovely
blue sky's , although it's still a bit chilly -16C' but it's promising to get a tad warmer .

Hi Norrie , I see that you have had one of your photos published
that is really terrific , cheers , Pat
Hi Angel, yes, no pay right enough biggrin.gif but I was pleased to have been able to help
Bye for now, norrie

hello Heather , hope you are having a good day,
and taking it easy .
I have a few errand's today ,and I am making a pot of ham soup
Cheers , Pat

Angel, after all the cleaning for Christmas and the New Year, I have been very lazy the last few days.

It's too bad you are still snowed in.

Some place's here and in England have had it bad with storms and they have been flooded out.
well Heather I see on the news that parts of England have been
getting really heavy rains that have cause terrible flooding ,
I do hope that it isn't as bad for you in Glasgow .
having to deal with all the misery that the weather has
caused down in England and I understand also in Europe .
It looks like quite a nice day here , but it is very windy
and in actual fact we are in the warmer part of Ontario
My last check it was -21"C ... outside with the wind , it feels like - 36'C

Have the guy comming today to hopefully get some more work done in the kitchen . God !!!!!! this has been a bliddy nightmare .
hope you have a good day , Pat.

it's a great day , about 20 mins. ago the Hydro
trucks came by and took away those huge limbs
that had been torn off the tree during the ice storm
and fell mostly onto the road , " dangerous to traffic "
I had hauled them back onto my front yard and the smaller
ones into the back , but now the Hydro got rid of them .
O' happy days . yes.gif
I had a lazy day, again.

I curled up with a book by Maeve Binchy, 'Quentins'. I read it along time ago, but I had nothing to read and the TV is rubbish.
Has anybody heard from Purplefan?

Bye for now, Norrie
Heather, I think I have read just about every Maeve Binchy book there is, maybe it is time for second time round. I gave a lot of mine away but there are plenty in the charity shops. I miss her writing though some of her latter ones were a bit weak at times.

I've been really busy today. I am doing up one of the spare bedrooms so have done all the woodwork in white satin wood ready to get the walls done tomorrow maybe. Probably the wrong way round but, hey, ho! Have put an order in online to Laura Ashley for bedding/curtains etc. Did a lot of tidying up and putting away still from Christmas, ready to go up in the loft till next year. Cooked lunch and I am about to cook dinner. Oh yes, and I have just done the ironing, up to date and also half an hour Pilates.

The sun has been shining today, felt like Spring so I was really motivated.

Will probably be shattered tomorrow. I am just over my tummy bug which wiped me out for two weeks, so lots of catching up to do.
Gardenqueen I am also Maeve Binchy fan and have read most of her books. I still have a lot of them and I have read them quite a few times.

I have not been to the Library for a few weeks and last week I read 'Gone With the Wind' and the follow up, 'Scarlet'.

I also need to get to the Wool Shop and get some knitting started as a friend of mine is to be a gran for the first time and she is not a knitter.

You really are busy, don't overdo it.

Our g'son came round a few days ago and put our decorations up in the loft.
Heather, I love books set in Ireland and, of course, Glasgow. I have read so many now. I think it is because I can relate to the lifestyle. There are so many to choose from and, luckily, my husband goes to the library regularly and is good at choosing books for me. He also gets me the house magazines on loan for a week. They can be so expensive and I love to browse through them.

Sometimes it is nice to read old books. I have never read Gone with the Wind although I saw the film.

Re knitting, I haven't done that for ages although I do enjoy it. I would love to learn to crochet, it is something that has always passed me by. I know you can learn how to on YouTube but I am the sort of person who needs 1:1 to learn something new.

The great thing about retirement is having the time to do all the things you want to do. Bliss.

Dave Grieve
Back to the grind? today after two weeks with my daughter down at the coast.

Very hot and humid with temps every day over 30c and humidity over 80% all the time.

Back here in Joburg its 30c today but being over 5500 feet above sea level we don't get the humidity as bad as at the coast.

Got badly sunburnt the first day on the beach reading an excellent, excellent book called "Killing Jesus" I normally never sit or lie in the sun prefering to move about or go into the surf but this is the best book I have read in years one of those page turners you cant put down and lay under the beach umbrella all day so I paid the price, all down my right side is peeling badly laugh.gif
Heather have you seen this book? At Christmas I received "Maeves Times" a compilations of columns that Maeve Binchy wrote for the Irish Times from the Sixties to the 2000s. It was published in 2013 after her death and contains an introduction by her husband Gordon Snell. Some of the columns are hilarious, I laughed out loud at a few of them biggrin.gif , it is a great pick up and put down book, I am about halfway through it and really enjoying it.

I also received "The Green Lady" by Helena Joyce which is again divided into chapters about different people in the south of Glasgow, mostly Pollokshields, Pollokshaws and Shawlands to which I could relate, in fact many of the street mentioned I knew quite well.
annie laurie

I am also a Maeve Binchy fan
The "Maeves Times" sound interesting,
did you purchase it in Canada ,?
I must try the Library one of these days see if they have it

Imagine you will have both books finished before the Month is finished, biggrin.gif

Heather i have knitted 12 toque's this winter now i am crocheting a Afgan,
I like Crocheting as there is no sewing after it
cheers thumbup.gif

Elma. I have never heard of that book by Maeve, it sounds good, I will watch out for it.

Some of the things I like about Maeve's books is the way she brings some characters into other book, it's like meeting old friend. laugh.gif

Annie, I can only do simple crochet. My sister used to crochet's Afgans.

What do you do with all the toque's?, give them to all the guys in your area. wink.gif
annie laurie

My Son is a School Teacher, so he took some of them to School,

Our community here where I live were going to have a Christmas Sale but there was not enough interest shown,
Sometimes i just drop them off at the Salvation Army Church which is just 2 blocks away from where i live,
Just use up all the little bits of left over wool, make stripes etc etc
Also did some beanie hats for the New Borns and i give them to the hospital
they are so easy to make and also only take up a little bit of wool,

I dont know what i would do if i did not knit or crochet, as i cant just sit and watch TV for hours,
Except of course when
Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife are on laugh.gif

I see you can take a trip to the Castle in England that they use for Downton Abbey, costs 39 pounds per tour
Like a Spring Day here in B>C> 8c although a wee bit windy, very unusal for the Month of January

Cheers yes.gif
Annie, I'm the same I just can't sit and watch the TV without doing something.
As I have no wool just now, I usually read and it drive's my husband up the wall as I usually ask, 'what happened there', and I get told, 'either watch the TV or read'.

I really need to get to the wool shop in the Gallowgate, they have a good selection of wool at very reasonable price's.
[quote name='annie laurie' date='14th Jan 2014, 03:31am' post='3651936']

I am also a Maeve Binchy fan
The "Maeves Times" sound interesting,
did you purchase it in Canada ,?
I must try the Library one of these days see if they have it

Annie and Heather, I got the book as a Christmas gift but as it was bought in Kamloops I assume it came from Costco as my family there seem to get everything there!!
The "Green Lady" book is a Canadian self published book about a District Nurse in the South-side of Glasgow. I have already passed it on to my grand-daughter-in-law who is studying for her RN at the Okanagan Campus of UBC in Kelowna. She wants eventually to go into midwifery and pediatrics.

good morning Heather .
I am up and about this morning very early ,
a busy day ahead .
last thursday I bought a new Washer and dryer
they will be delivered and installed this morning
also the carpenter will be here do more work on my kitchen
and the Electrician will also be here to install the new
hood over the gas stove , also quite a bit of painting
still to be done , that will probably happen next week .

also I bought a new phone last Fri . I can't get it to work properly,
my D.I.L. will drop by after work to check it out for me .
Have a good day wub.gif

Dave Grieve
Just got back after renewing my drivers licence (every five years)

Stand in queue for application form.
Complete form
Stand in queue to have form processed.
Sit in queue for eye test
Sit in queue for fingerprints and photo to be taken
Stand in queue to pay

Two and a half hours later finished but really, really irritated not by the system but by people who get totally confused by the system and cause havoc by their wandering about and upsetting every body else.
... Just got logged back on to the site again after such a Long, Long, Long week

Gonyersel' Martin. biggrin.gif thumbup.gif
Hi Tee Hee Hee, welcome back

Bye for now, norrie
Thanks Norrie. wink.gif
Honest, it wiznae ma fault Click to view attachment
At Christmas I got three very large boxes of chocolate's. Yesterday I started the third box and I am half way through it. Yummy. laugh.gif

Heather, I got two of those Advent Calendars filled wi' chocolate. One is on top of the PC right now with at least 20 doors still closed. The other got dropped behind the Panel at the back of this desk; still in it's wrapper.
I'm moving the desk back into the Computer room sometime tomorrow so I'll eat masel' sick then tongue.gif
annie laurie
Thanks Elma ,
I will try Cosco,

Heather last time I was home i bought a lot of wool also,
I think I bought it at the Pound Store good buys

Enjoy the rest of your Chocolates, tongue.gif

Pat, I am sure when all your work is finished you will enjoy it
I am the same when it comes to all this fancy technolgy

What would we do without kids and g/kids right yes.gif

Weather here is unblievable warm like a Spring Day, what is it like in Kimberley Elma ?
cheers x
It looks like a great day ahead and Im taking a trip to Rottnest Island for a few hours.Looking forward to a dook in the clear water. rolleyes.gif
QUOTE (annie laurie @ 16th Jan 2014, 12:41am) *
Weather here is unblievable warm like a Spring Day, what is it like in Kimberley Elma ?
cheers x

Still very cold here, we had annother 6 inches of snow at the weekend so the side roads are still very icy although the snow plows are doing a good job on the main roads. Not looking forward to another 3 months of this, roll on April and the thaw yes.gif
No snow down here in the SW corner but I'll be heading out to pick Bonnie up in 10 minutes and take her up on the mountain where it's definitely a White Forest now at 1200 ft above sea level.
Bought myself some new sooper-dooper snow boots yesterday just for that purpose. biggrin.gif
it looks like we have had our January thaw
and now slowly heading into the deep freeze once more ,
it is snowing as I type this , but it probably won't come to much .

Tee , have a nice time today with Bonnie , biggrin.gif

Cheers Annie , enjoy your mild weather while it lasts .

Cheers , Pat .
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