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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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good morning Anne , glad all went well with Neville
and now your next , and I'm sure it will be just fine for yourself. biggrin.gif
It's just before nine am here , a beautiful feezing cold morning ,
but snow for this afternoon , but not too much ,
My D.I.L. has got a good dose of the flu , so I am off to see what I can do for her and also pick up my car .
Hope your days goes well cheers .. Pat

Sounds like you had a brilliant time Heather! thumbup.gif

Great news about Nev Anne, you'll be fine too I'm sure. How exciting for you to look forward to Spain! Fantastic for you and Nev.

Been a gorgeous day here too! I've got two lots of bedding dried outside! Yipee! wink.gif
The sun was beaming down this morning, but it is bitter cold outside.

I just discovered this morning that I have lost my Bank Card, where I don't know, maybe some place between Dublin and Glasgow. I only took it with me in case of an emergency.
The Bank has cancelled it, so I will get a new on sometime next week.

We did have a three hour break in Belfast with a two hour tour of Belfast. Up the Shankhill, down the Falls Road and a look at Stormont.
Coming down one road, the Tour Guide pointed out, one side of the road was Catholic and straight across the road, Protestant. What a way to live.
No wonder my Irish sis-in-law family who were born and grew up in Derry, moved to Dublin.


Hi Heather , I too enjoyed Dublin , but must admit I was a bit leery
in Derry , however , did manage to buy my niece , while we were there
Her first communion outfit , it was beautiful. .... biggrin.gif Pat
Well I have had a busy day !!.We bought a nice outdoor set of furniture last spring .Glass table with wicker and six wicker chairs .I really didn't like the chair cushions so decided my winter project was to make new ones .
I bought some outdoor fabric at the end of the summer last year (great price).and brought it home with me .Yesterday I went to a local outlet and bought enough foam to make new cushions .Great price and they cut them all out for me .I brought it all home and cut out the fabric to make the new covers .Today I started to put them all together .First one is great and started on the second one .All this work for our trip to the cottage seven weeks tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!.The snow is falling sideways right now and has been for most of the day .The trees around me are just a joy to behold .They look like something from a Christmas card .
Talking of spring do any of the TO and area pals want to meet for lunch ?.I'm up for it ,anyone else ?
I'm having a lunch break then will get on with the rest of the housework.

What a busy bee you are Jakka. smile.gif

It was snowing heavy this morning and when it stopped it started to melt away, then the snow came on again. It's snowing on and off right now and bitter cold outside.

I read in the newspaper today that this is the coldest March in 50 years. No surprise there. sad.gif

I'm with you there Heather .One of the worst winters we've had in years .Today was a wee bit milder but I've still got icicles hanging off the mesh around my balcony .We have mesh up to stop pidgeons coming in while we are away .
I had a good blether with Boots and she's doing OK .Sends love to all her friends .
Finished more cushions today ,two more to sew .Mind working what will I start next ???. It's a curse i'm sure .Can't just sit and relax .I always have to have some project or another on the go .
Isobel ,did you check out Mary Maxim for the stitch a picture .Do you think you will tackle it ?.
I got my "KNIT YOURE OWN SCOTLAND" book in the mail today .It's great .Biggest problem will be trying to figure out what wool to use .I've never heard of the wool they tell you to use .I'm sure once I figure out the tension etc I'll be able to do most of the stuff .They tell you if you knit William Wallace to go the second page on their website for special add on's .Only for Bravehearts .Well I know I will make this doll so went to their website and had a good laugh .The add on they offer is "Willie's Willy ".They are going to start to offer kits for all the stuff .With the cost of the kit plus shipping and exchange etc .I don't see me ordering them .I'll just try and work out things for myself .
Looking out over Lake Ontario right now and everything is as clear as a bell.I can see the USA on the other side of the lake .Hopefully no more snow .We're planning a run up to the cottage in acouple of weeks .Hope we can get in the driveway laugh.gif

I'm not doing very much today
although after mass we are
going out for supper . biggrin.gif
Hope you had a nice supper Angel .I opened up all the windows and let spring in today !!!! Still cold but not freezing ,although the icicles ae stil on my balcony.Finshed my cushions today so another project finished !!!
Back to stitching the third tablecloth .I'll be glad to see the end of them .I love cross-stitch but this embroidery is driving me nuts .Tooooooo much satin stitch .This is the last one I'll do . Hpe you all had a nice weekend .I've tried to stay off my feet to try and help this strupid toe heal thumbup.gif
Jakka , we ended up ordering take outs "fish n chips"
made a salad had great dinner rolls at home from
Commisso's , and a couple of glasses of wine.

Watched the leafs win against the Bruins
a great evening . biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Now take care of that toe . cheers .Pat

I have spent most of this morning on Skype,
so for the rest of the day , I will probably
do a couple of loads of washing , fix dinner , feed the cat
and although it's cold , I will go out for a walk . cheers , Pat biggrin.gif
It is freezing here today and I'm staying home.
I can't remember when it was as cold as this. I was practically sitting on the radiator when I came home from Mass.

I got my niece up the road from Mass and she came in for a cup of tea and we chatted for nearly two hours. Her family must have thought she had got lost. I told her to tell them it was a very long Gospel, well it lasted nearly a half hour. laugh.gif
Well it was pretty mild here today ,after the month of below freezing temps we've had .Still not warm but warm enough to open windows and let fresh air through the place .They are calling for more snow for the next few days so fingers crossed it's just flurries .
Your fish and chips sounded like a good idea Angel .Wish I had a place near enough for delivery .We've got a great place we sometimes go to but no delivery and about a fifteen minute drive .We usually go there if one of the kids are here .We don't often eat out because Al has so many restrictions on his diet but he will do it once in awhile .
My thoughts at this stage of my life ,is eat drink and be merry .Why deny yourself something you enjoy so you can live another couple of years .I always said I never wanted to live so old my kids would have to take care of me ,and while all of them have told us over and over there would always be a place in their lives for us we would never want to be a burden on them .
Christ ,am I getting maudlin ? See what two glasses of wine will do ?
Time for bed my friends ,I know I'll feel better tomorrow .Cheers Jakka
Hi Jakka , our temps today are much the same as your's about 4/5 " C.
thats better than it's been .
Jakka I'm not sure if fish and chips are delivered here , when we came from church on Sat , just went to the restaurant and ordered a take out
Today I was very fortunate , comming out of the Mall I had a
grocery cart with some shopping including a new vaccum cleaner ,
anyway got everything into the car , took the cart back to where it belongs and then I drove away .
I decided to go into the scottish shop for pies , about maybe a 15min. drive . got there and realized , No purse , flew back to the mall , of course thinking the worse , and there amongst hundreds of carts was my bag where I had left it , with everyting intact still in the grocery cart ,
what a relief ! ............... thumbup.gif Cheers ..
annie laurie
Hello Angel,

Glad to hear you got your Purse back, safely,
i am sure your wee Heart was beating 10 to the dozen,
Terrible feeling happened to me also, only thing was it was my Camera [when i was in Scotland} left it on the shopping cart, but some nice honest person handed it in, enjoy your pies, thumbup.gif
Well folks the saga of the stupid toe continues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Saw my GP today and after looking at the x-ray report says it looks like the infection is in the joint .??????.He called a specialist at our local hospital and asked him to see me ASAP .now I have to wait till I see him to see what happens next !!.I have to drive my love to Toronto General on Wednesday to make sure the new pacemaker is working OK .Not looking forward to that .Helluva drive there and back .We're looking at over $140 if we go by cab .Aint life grand ?????.
Oh, well at least we might finally be able to draw a line under the toe that has been bothering me for over five months thumbup.gif

Oh, well at least we might finally be able to draw a line under the toe that has been bothering me for over five months

O' Jakka , I do hope that you are able to get that toe fixed .

!!.I have to drive my love to Toronto General on Wednesday to make sure the new pacemaker is working OK .Not looking forward to that .Helluva drive there and back .We're looking at over $140 if we go by cab .Aint life grand ?????.

yes Jakka Life can be a bitch at times , but here' hoping
Al will get a good report .
so you take your time driving and God Bless . ..Pat

Tori G
Today im sitting at my cousins house, been here since the weekend, I live with my parents at the moment, so i thought id give them a wee rest on there own, haha. Our weather is now finally into autumn, real cool southerly winds, and the rain came back, finally, though it looks like its warming up again already for the easter weekend.

Hi everyone smile.gif Hi Jakka you sound like you have a lot on your plate, hope everthing gets fixed up for you and Al xx.

Im not working atm, ive had bad tendinitis since last year, hopefully it will come good sooner than later, cant wait to get back to working.

Hope the weather gets better for everyone,... spring is so nice with warm weather, and all the flowers that pop up.
Today I am heading to work, then got the day off tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Willl have the Grandkids here tonight for a few hours, they will have their dinner and do their homework. Hope everyones well on the boards x x

Hi Joyce , hope you have a nice time with your family
and that you will have a nice day tomorrow .
Cheers , Pat.


Hi Tori , hope you are feeling better soon ,
You take care , biggrin.gif
Hi Annie , thanks , I do consider myself really fortunate finding my purse , it would have been a terrible job had I not , anyway I did have a scottish pie for lunch today with peas , very nice but I really prefer Haggis pies topped with Turnip ..... it's a nice day here , Sun and cloud
Temp about 6/7'C . cheers , biggrin.gif Pat
Take Care .
Hi Tori ,my dear ,
Hope you are feeling better soon and have a better doctor looking after you than this twit I've got !!!! He is so involved in this new practice (injecting Botox etc)that he is losing contact with his real patients .I saw him Monday ,he informed me that the infection might be in the bone !!!.He called a specialist to try and set up an appointment with him .He told me he would get in touch with me and I should wait for his phone call .he also informed me he would only be in the office till Thursday afternoon as Friday was a holiday and he wouldn't be back in the office till April 12th !!!!.It seems lately that he takes off for a week or two every other month .I think that's why the toe got so bad in the first place
Anyway my dear ,good to see you back posting .Ever in my thoughts ,as most of you friends are ,
Cheers Jean xxxx
Hi Jean, could you not drive to Yorkdale and take the suwbay downtown, that would be easier if Al l is able to ride the subway? Thinking of you.
Hi Anne ,I wish the TTC was an option but Al could never make it on the subway .He has a hard time making it down to the van .I have to pick him up on the ground floor as it's to far to make it down to the underground parking .
Got the drive down over and a good report on the new pacemaker and made it home safe and sound .We have got them to transfer all his paperwork to our local hospital so we shouldn't have to go back again to T.G.
Hope you have a lovely Easter with the girls .Cheers Jean x
Hi ladies. looks like we are all falling apart.

My husband had to call in the Doctor for me on Monday as I felt quite ill. It turned out I had a Viral Infection and a Chest Infection. The Doctor thought I might have to be sent into Hospital, but I talked him out of it.
I have been in bed most of the week, but I'm feeling a lot better now.

I usually send out Easter Cards, but with one thing and another I never got out to buy them as I did not realize until last Sunday being Palm Sunday, we were just one week off Easter.
Heather sorry you have been under the weather .Hope you can at least salvage Easter Sunday out of these last few days .Hope your meds help you feel better soon .
Had a lovely visit with my oldest daughter ,Thursday aft .till lunch time today .She helped me close up the aquarium before we go to the cottage .She took the last of the fish and helped me empty most of the water from the tank .I'll finish clearing it all out tomorrow .I won't start it up again .My Grandson wants it so once I get everything washed out and clean he can come and take it .I'll miss it at first but it was a lot of work .Better to let it go than struggle to keep it up and running .
Had a long bleather with Boots tonight .She was really sad about Hubert passing .They were both 'Bankies'

Hello Heather , sorry to see that you have been unwell
this past week , hope you are soon back on your feet .
and you jakka , hope you and Al are finally on the road
to recovery , Hi Isobel hope you had a nice vacation .
I am such a hopeful person biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Another lovely day here , but looks like some rain tomorrow
I will be quite busy this Sunday and Monday so I do wish all of you a
Very Happy Easter , Cheers Pat .


Not a very nice day here , temp. around O"C with a biting wind
looks like we might get some snow .
This morning I got pretty much most of what I planned and
now I will get my face washed smile.gif and take the cat to the
Vet. for her needles , another exciting day biggrin.gif
Cheers all. smile.gif

My days this past week have been less than exciting. I feel like this Viral Infection has just about wiped me out.
Although the Doctor gave me Antibiotics for the Chest Infection, a Viral Infection has to run it's course, usually 2/3 weeks. As it's not known what bug caused it, the Doctor cannot gave anything for it. sad.gif

The garden is a mess and getting on my nerve's and I will be glad when I can get out and get it cleaned up of all the dead flowers.
Hi Heather ,hope it won't be long till you get over this bug you've picked up .I feel like you ,this stupid toe still isn't right .I saw my Gp who sent me for xrays and gave me more antibiotics .The x-ray showed some arthritis but couldn't rule out "Osteomyalitis"He called a specialist to try and get me in to see him ASAP as he,the GP was once again going away for twelve days .The first available appointment they can give me is April 29th .My youngest girl came down today ,took one look at my foot and is insisting I go to Emergency in the morning .,It really isn't looking good .We're hoping to leave for the cottage May 10th but if the infection is in the bone then it will mean six weeks or so on a daily drip of antibiotics .I've so much to do to get everything packed up and sorted before we leave .Al can't do much as he's not feeling very well .Daily angina pain .We are going to see his cardiologist on Thursday .
Any way enough moaning ,I've promised my daughter I will go to the hospital in the morning and keep my fingers crossed that they can figure out what is going on .
The fact that it is still snowing here isn't helping either .I went out today to pick up some veggies and the wind was like a gale ,3 degrees and snowing sideways .This is supposed to be spring angry.gif
annie laurie
Hello Heather,

Take it easy there, and do as your Dr., tells you,
The garden will be there when you feel better, tongue.gif
One day at a time,


I have never seen or tasted pies, with tyrnip etc,
Is it a special Bakery that sells them (Scottish )

Anne1, If I dont get on again before you leave for Spain, have a great relaxing holiday, \\

I had one of those scrams on my Computer, it was called the RCMP> Scam
was locked down for 4 days

Think this is just in Canada though, so hopefully done of you get one,



I have never seen or tasted pies, with tyrnip etc,
Is it a special Bakery that sells them (Scottish )

Annie , they are scottish pies with a haggis filling and topped with turnip .
Years ago my husband and I would spend the whole day at the
Fergus games here in Ontario , we did for about 10 yrs or so , along
with our Canadian friends , wonderful times .
We would buy those pies in the afternoon , head for the beer tent and have a great old time , later on in the evening we go to the pub have our dinner and also a great sing-song . that's my happy memory of Haggis
Pies and the Fergus Games biggrin.gif
I think on occasions you can buy Haggis pies here but not all the
butcher's have them , you may have to order . Cheers .Pat

Well what a time at our house. Jim and I got home on Good Friday.enjoyed our two weeks away, weather was fantastic,but so glad to be home. The food was awful.
My oldest grand daughter Amelias was very sick ,Joanne and I had to take her to the hospital. She was so dehydrated her eyes would not close. Milton hospital was fantastic. They rushed her in and got her on a intravenus drip right away. Also a drip with gravol. We arrived there around eight and got home at five the following morning. Joanne and I were so tired.
She was sick and throwing up for three days. I was hosting Eater and had to cancel. Noe today its Lilah and her mom since four this morning. My other daughter was bad yesterday and her husband stayed home. I am wondering it its the same bug you have Angel. By the way I hope you are on the mend.
Jean dont like the sound of whats going on with your foot. Dont be going to the cottage till you get the sorted out.Hope Als is doing OK.
Heather sounds like you had a good time in Dublin. Angel did you also go to Dublin.?Anne it wont be long till you and your hubby are basking on the beach in Spain. Something to look forwars to. Take care all. Got to see what we can all eat tonight.
Annie Laurie, thanks for good wishes for holiday we leave on 17th yippee biggrin.gif
Girls, we are all falling apart here!! Hope everyone is starting to feel better, Isobel, what a homecoming, you must have been worried sick about the wee ones, I just hope they are on the mend, got up this morning to another 8 inches of snow sad.gif This does not help everyone to feel better. Jean I would not be leaving for the cottage until your are both fighting fit, you will be so far away from the major hospitals should you need it, did you go to emerg today for your toe? that is sounding more serious.Heather hoping you are starting to feel better, everything takes time. We're not as young as we used to be girls so everyone take it easy and hoping for better news tomorrow.
Forgot to say, we are celebrating a "special" birthday here! Hubby is 65 Thursday and he is so excited to get his first OAP cheque!!!!! and to get discounts for seniors,. he will be first in line!!
Well I did as my daughter told me and went to the emergency this morning .Arrived there at 9:30am sat around till 12:00 before I saw a DR .A student ,who was concerned about the colour of this old toe ,the swelling all over the foot and the pain when she pressed any area around .Given the time frame on all this she was quite concerned .She left to consult her boss ,as she put it . Another older DR. arrived but didn't quite know what to make of the situation .He saw in my notes that I had an appointment with the specialist on APR 29th so told me to sit tight till he would see if he could contact this DR . 1 :00Pm Dr Leung arrived .Dischared me from the emergency and sent me to his office ( same building ) and told me to wait for him there .Long story short .He doesn't think the infection is in the bone ) thanks for that . He thinks there might be a stress Fracture in the toes but has ordered a bone scan .hopefuly this week or early next week .
I'm not holding out too much hope .The last time I saw this Guy was with pain in my ankles .He told me I needd better shoes .Heels should be higher than toes to take the strain off the tendons .The first thing he said today was I needed better shoes .I told him I was wearing $150 dollar Rockports that he had recomended !!!!.He said that was when the pain was in my ankles !!!! .Now I need good flat shoes !!!!!.I guess I'm shopping for flat shoes tomorow .
I just wish it was all sorted ,no more sore feet .It's been one thing after another for over a year now .
I finally arrived home today at 3:45pm.
Tired and fed up ,goodnight ,friends .
Your having some carry on about your toe Jakka hope you get some help soon nothing worse than sore feet smile.gif smile.gif
Went to Drs today to get our 3mths medication for our Holidays to Spain also letter from Dr explaining why we are carrying so much medication feel like a drug smuggler with all that palaver but better safe than sorry, so looking forward to holiday biggrin.gif
Things starting to improve here. Two girls back at daycare today. My doctors appointment went as I thought it would more antibiotics and a puffer. Tomorrow its my annual mamagram. Sounds like you are having a hard time Heather everything these days is viral and they wont give you anything till you are on your last legs.Anne please wish that lovely man of yours a very happy birthday.
Well having a bone scan on the 15th !! .See the specialist on the 24th .Bought good? shoes ???? He advised me the first time I saw him .I just spent $ 150 on shoes he said I needed to help the sore ankles .Keep heels higher than toes !!.Now he said I need better shoes ?????????????.I told him I was wearing very good shoes .His response to that was I needed flat shoes as the ones I had bought had a little wedge .I went out today and bought FLAT shoes another $ 120 so he can't complain about footwear gain .
I know that I'm getting old but I have had sore feet for over a year now and I'm just fed up !!!!!!!!!!!.
Thanks Isobel, hope you are feeling much better and enoying all those wee ones. hope you are getting somewhere with your sore feet Jean, Anne have a smashng time in Spain, Melody those wee grand babies will come around one day I almost got fed up waiting and then two within 16 months, I have a girl friend who waited a long time then she said they arrived like bananas........ a whole bunch of them almost together, so worth waiting for!!!
Well here I am still in the land of the living. rolleyes.gif
I had to have the Doctor in again last week, more antibiotics and steroids.

I think the Viral Infection is finally lifting, well I hope so as it really floored me. I was told 2/3 weeks.
I have not been out except to Mass on Sunday, getting a lift there and back from our son who is in the same Parish.
I think I am getting cabin fever from being stuck in the house for so long, so I'm looking forward to getting into town hopefully next week and go on a spending spree with all the money I've saved from being stuck in the house and in bed a lot these past three weeks.laugh.gif
Had a quick day at work. Watched the Soaps and am now chilling before bed time. Still cold here BRRRR
Hi Joyce, I have not been out today, but my husband was out for his newspapers this morning and said it was freezing outside.
Well it looks like you are still suffering the woes of winter .Same here .We had a really nice few days but are now under a severe weather watch. Seems like the winter just doesn't want to let go !! .It seems we can expect ,freezing rain ,ice pellets ,wet snow and goodness knows what else .
Were planning a run up to the lake April 30th ,three weeks today !!! .Just want to take some stuff up .Canned goods ,paper towels etc but if it doesen't warm up soon we'll be freezing our buns off .We've got a maintenance guy coming in May 1st to put the water line in ( need this to flush toilets etc .) Hope he can get into the lake !!!

good morning Ladies , rotten day here , lots of heavy rain and
thunderstorms these last two nights , I do hope Jakka that the weather clears up soon for you and Al to get up to your cottage , and by the way
I did enjoy the video you emailed me , it was fasinating , " is'nt
nature wonderful smile.gif .

Heather you seem to be on your feet now, and that is good , but don't spend a lot of money when you go shopping next week.
I've been quite occupied since Easter giving my closets a good spring clear out and shopping for new drapes for the living room windoes and baptisms ,
another new baby in the family smile.gif
I had a call from the doctor , He wants to discuss the results of my
blood tests' with me , so I'm off to do that this Friday .

Hi Isobel , hope all is well at you house and your daughter has
got over that virus .
Cheers to you Annie , Mags and Joyce , Hello Toerag , and of course
Anne , that Spanish holiday won't be to long now , Take care .... Pat.

living room windoes and baptisms ,
another new baby in the family

that Spanish holiday won't be to long now ,
another oops , won't be too long now .
It's this Keyboards' fault unsure.gif ha ha
Angel, is that you going to be a Gran again?

I have still not managed into the Town yet, it's like one step forward and two steps back.
I did walk to the Supermarket today the first outing in three weeks and I did it by relay.
Passing the Chapel, so I went in and sat for a while, then on to the Library where I also went in and got a few books as well as a seat for another rest, then finally on to the Supermarket where I had a trolley to hold on to. laugh.gif

I ordered a DVD from Amazon last week and it came yesterday.
It's a film I saw when I was a wee lassie probably in the Astoria or the Grand. 'The Jolson Story', and 'Jolson Sings Again'.
After all my efforts today doing the shopping, I stretched out on the couch this afternoon and watched the 1st part and I really enjoyed it. Tomorrow I will watch the 2nd part, ' Jolson Sings Again'.
My eldest brother was a right Jolson fan and had a big collection of his records, I must ask my niece what happened to them.

Angel, is that you going to be a Gran again?

No Heather , I'm past the grandma stage and my married
grand daughter does'nt seem to be caring if I ever become a
great grand mother , so I have to be contented with my young toddler
grand nephew and my brand new grand niece , 4wks old , her name
is Avery although , I do realize that originally it was a boys name
and still is ,. but the girls have taken over .

Glad you enjoyed your Movies , as for the Astoria , well ! the last
time I was in that movie hall was when I was a teenager , another
life time ago , anyway you take care Cheers , Pat

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