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wee mags
Anne mysister Betty had an over active thyroid,I have an under active one , its bliddy awfuli can fall asleep at the drop of a hat ,when I sit and chrochet Mike laughs for I fall asleep needle in hand ,Isobel I know what you mean by the generic meds Its the insurance companies who dont want to pay for the real mckoy,I hope youur feeling better ,I had a terrible winter I had the flu twice the first time I thought I was finished and two days later I was flat on my back again ,it came back worse than the first time I even had to go into the room when the grandweans came over ,my daughter did not want them to catch it ,we used so much Lysol I wish I had some shares in it ,and Heather if you look in here I found this on amazon .
Mags ,please let me know where you found the Scotland Patterns . Doing somewhat OK .Don't want to bother people with my ups and downs ,but liked the look of the Scotland patterns .I've another GG grandwean due in May and would love to make something from that book .
wee mags
Jakka its on Amazon
I saw an advert for it and itwas done by two ladies from edinburgh I think I will take a wee look and let you know :thumbup:Jakka if you go to Amazon and type in Knit your Own Scotland it will come up
.I to am on Lipitor, the generic version. I guess they try to put all those who dont have the top of the line coverage on the generic stuff. I always thought once you were on high blood pressure or cholesterol meds that was you for life .

Hi Isobel , I was speaking with my sister today and she was saying
a few weeks ago while at her doctor , the doc said that my sister had not been taking her lipitor { Atorvastatin } generic version , according to her blood test , but that is nonsense because my sister would'n miss one pill , so to cut this story short , the doc informed the insurance company that the generic version was'nt doing the job for my sister
and now she is back on the Lipitor .

I don't know Isobel if once you are on those medication's thats it for life
but I quit taking the lipitor , actually it was during last summer
because I had heard on the TV that that medication had side effects
and I did 'nt care for that , so I put them in the garbage , but I must admit that I don't think it has made any difference . with or without them ,
also I think half of the medication my husband was on
hastened his death .... Pat
wee mags
aangel Itook Fosomax for years then our insurance changed ,and we had to get the generic version well after iIgot off the Fosomax my back started to act up so I told my husband no more of that for me I stopped the generic med back stared to give me problems , when i went to get an MRI even the nurse said she did not trust the generics ,she said that there must be some thing missing ,for if they can make a generic for so little and the original costs so much why?
Hi Mags ,I tried LIPITOR many years ago with terrible side effects .I now take a capsule called " Lipidil Micro"Been taking it for years ,no side effects .Now if I go to a new DR or emerg they ask me what it is for !!!!!! .New kids on the block ,never heard of it laugh.gif .
I'll sign off here and try Amazon for the book .
My love is doing OK .No more nurse visits after this morning ,toe still not that well but I'll try and get a second opinion next week .
Tell me ladies, what exactly is Generic medication? I have never heard of it.

It is freezing here today. I usually do my big shopping on a Thursday, but I was so busy the other day I did not get around to it. I went out shopping this morning and it was cold, wet and windy. Oh boy, was I glad to get home.

Nothing planned for the weekend, but checking out warm clothes for next week as I'm sure it will be just as cold in Dublin.

Tell me ladies, what exactly is Generic medication? I have never heard of it.

Heather , your doctor will prescribe a generic medication /drug ,
in place of the original , because it is cheaper , although it does depend on your medical coverage , Also it helps those Pharmaceutical
Company's to make more money . angry.gif

Also Heather if you want to know if your presciption is the generic
type , ask your doctor or your pharmacist . Cheers....Pat
Cant believe what a beautiful day we have today. It does make you feel so much better. Not sure what to wear ,going to the mall and dont want to be to warm but nor do I want to get cold.Just not warm enough for spring jacket yet.Dont want to get sick again. Just starting to feel a bit better.Hope you all have a great week end.
Nice here in my neck of the woods.Still a bit on the cool side but at least it isn't snowing .
I went on Amazon and ordered the knitting book ,Mags. Thanks for the link.I know I will enjoy making the dolls .
I've just been puttering around here .Nothing to go out for .I've a big pot of chili cooking so I'll bag that up and freeze it once it cools .I have eight pots full of daffodils so I had to cut back all the dead flowers and tie the leaves up .I'll plant the bulbs up at the cottage once we get settled .Now I'm going to go and stitch for a while .I can't just sit with idle hands .Have a nice weekend everyone .
wee mags
Nice to hear that Al is doing well now !!you have to get that bliddy toe back to nomal ,I hope you enjoy the book ,If you go to facebook and type in Knit your own Scotland you will see what other women knitted ,one even knitted a pie ,I will look it up for you and post it here okay dokay
wee mags
Jakka here is the pie I cannot believe some of the things some people make can you?
Mags that's funny, a knitted pie. laugh.gif
For football fans, I wonder if you can get a knitted pint of beer to go with the pie. laugh.gif

I have been very busy cutting and dicing vegtables as I have just made a big pot of Minestrone soup for tomorrow.
Now I am relaxing with a cup of tea and shortbread. smile.gif
annie laurie
Hello Mags,
Thanks for sharing the pictures of the knitted Food, fantastic very clever I think,
look forward to seeing the web-site

Glad you are feeling a lot better,
My back has been playing up again think i over did it [as per usual}

I agree with you re the Generic meds,
iIblame our Dr., for keeping my Husband on HP meds for so long as well
and at the same time saying his BP was good, then why 2 lots of medication,

all it did was make him gain weigh,
Then it was a massive Heart Attack, / Stroke,

I also was on Lipitor and quit it
never even noticed any difference

My P>C> has been on and off then I found out to-day Shaw was down for 2 days so dont feel so bad,


Lovely sunny day to-day going to 10c,
wee mags
Annie yer Pc is like me one min iam fine the next its whit noo
Hi Mags ,loved the picture of the PIE.Scottish pies are one of my daughters favourite things .When she comes here after work ( an hour and forty mins away ) she always wants pies .She will appreciate a knitted pie biggrin.gif .If this new baby due at the end of May is another boy I'm sure Wallace will feature in his name so can't wait to knit William .It will be sometime in April before the book gets here and my fingers are itching .
wee mags
well Jakka at least you have some good news I hope you enjoy it ,right now Iam aking preemie hats for the hospital with all the odd yarn I have,Iam trying to learn how to make the flowers to put on them
annie laurie

If you like to crochet it is easier to Crochet flowers than knitting i find anyway

i knitted over 50 wee premie hats last Winter for the Hospital,
But nothing fancy just plain knitting some with stripes,

Good to feel better is'nt it I am sure,

Hi Ladies, I see you are all busy with the knitting.

I have finished the doll I was knitting and now I only have odd balls of wool, so I will just have to start using them up knitting childrens mitts and gloves.

The weather is miserable here today with snow, sleet then more snow. At least the sleet melts away the snow.
Well as a lot of you know ,my favourite craft is cross stitch .I've done all of the weans in the family .I'm working on the third Christmas table cloth .I thought they were cross stitch when I bought them on sale .No returns !!! .I only found out they were satin stitch when they got delivered , and take forever .My DIL got the first one and my oldest daughter got the next so this one is for my youngest daughter .There's big bows and berries in the corners ,small motif's all around the edges and a huge center with fruit and berries and bows .If I ever get it finished my next project is all lined up ,Knit your own Scotland stuff.I have to do some of them and I've got a nice picture of Snow Babies I want to do .Then we wil have our new babie here at the end of May so another baby picture to stitch .Just as well I can't sit with idle hands .In between times I do the "Chemo Caps " I usually take a couple of dozen into the Oncology dept where I took my treatment, every Christmas . As for today ,I just shopped around for a birthday gift for my son . rolleyes.gif
I really did mean new BABY wub.gif
Jakka, when do you have time to look after Al???? (Just kidding biggrin.gif ) I have been knitting little pull-on sweaters and caps to send overseas. We do this through our Womens' Group in the Church and we also give toques and mitts to our local Women's Shelter at Christmas.
Today is actually our Presbyterian Womens Meeting, we call ourselves the Mary Martha Group. We have our business meeting then sit and talk and fellowship with each other with our coffee and goodies thumbup.gif
Wont be long till that new baby arrives, hope Mum is keeping well.
Mags all the pie needs is some peas and you'd be all set. It really looks great. I think I may send to Amazon and get the book you were telling Jean about. Looks like something I would like to do. Jean you spoke of cross stitching your grand kids picture. How do you do that?Elma sounds like a good group you have at your church, I like the name you gave yourselves.Heather its much warmer temp here now, but its a miserable day .Not very bright and drizzly rain. Still the snow is melting and that has to be a good thing.Annie its funny you should say crochet is easier ,I find it the opposite.I had a Pm from Boots I think you may see her back on here soon. She was asking for most of you . biggrin.gif
It's been a very dull day here Isobel , but the temp. got as high as 15/16'C and quite pleasant , Yesterday, Sunshine and 18'C but promising to get back to normal by tomorrow , well thats how the cookie crumbles
at this time of year .
Not much else to say , hope all of you gals had a nice day . biggrin.gif ,Pat

who knows , now that we moved our clocks forward this past
weekend the extra daylight should make a big difference . unsure.gif
The snow finally took over and it was still lying this morning, but the sun was shining and melted it away. The weather is freezing cold.

I was round at a friends house today and came home with a bag of books. One of the books is ' Call the Midwives'. So I will enjoy reading that.

My sister who lives in New Jersey does Cross Stitch and she did one for me and framed it. It is a poem about sisters with hearts at the top and flowers around the poem.

We shared many secrets, the same mum and dad,
We shared lots of good times and a few that were sad,
Our memories we'll treasure, our love will not end,
I'm glad your my sister, I'm glad your my friend.

Love Jessie
Nice one Heather .If you go into the gallery you might be able to find some of the weans I stitched .I don't know why the camera I've got takes pictures that I can't post but if I send the picture to another member they can do it for me .I didn't want to be a pest so stopped sending people pictures to post for me .
Isobel ,go to the Mary Maxim sight and look for" Stitch a Picture ." You send them a picture you want to stitch and they send you a chart with symbols and colours to use .I'ts not easy so be prepared for hard work .With the cost of the chart and shipping comes to about $30 then you have over forty colours of thread to by and the fabric to stitch it on then the streaching ,matting and framing .I was losing patience with the last one I did .My GGson -Gavin .In my daughters pool .Seventeen shades of blue .One stitch of this two of that etc.Not for the inexperienced .
Good luck if you try it .I've been stitching for over fifty years .
I gave the one I did of Gavin to my daughter for Christmas .She decided to put in her office so all her friends at work can see him .Most people on first glance think it is a picture ,on closer inspection thionk it's a painting and are amazed that it's painted with thread .He is now in her home thumbup.gif
Been busy this morning .I am usually so organized but not this time. Today I have been getting the holiday stuff out to see what I am going to take.Using a smaller case this time. Most days we will be on the beach ,so its a bathing suit all day . Its all the other stuff you have to take. sun screen , medications, etc. I always say I am not going to take as much but this year I am definitely not take ing much. Anyway that's what I am up to.
Have a nice time Isobel, just relax and enjoy it.

No sun screen needed for Dublin, just warm jackets, sweaters and a good pair of walking shoes.
I will take a couple of nice tops and two pair of my good trousers for the evening, but no dresses or skirts.

We are just taking the one big suitcase as it's only for four days.

The weather was milder today and made me feel once again Spring was on it's way. Well I live in hope. laugh.gif
Have a great time Heather. Make sure you hit a nice wee pub that has a good old sing song.You two behave now.......
annie laurie
Isobel, & Heather,

have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday, [wish it was me, lucky people]

All this week been Irish shows on TV for the up coming St Patricks Day,

I love the Irish Accent, biggrin.gif

Isobel i am the same put it in then take it out, but I am sure you will have enough, if you run out of something or forget something good excuse to buy it, laugh.gif

Be nice to hear from "BOOTS" Again, one of these days,

OXo thumbup.gif
Isobel & Heather, hope you enjoye your wee trip, and Jakka so glad to hear everything is better at your house!
wee mags
I keep looking foe the Movie "The Quiet Mqn" with John Wayne and Maureen OHara I love that movie,I think the song was "The Isle Of Inesfree" thumbup.gif
Mags, The Quiet Man was on our TV two weeks ago two days in a row.
You could probably get the DVD from Amazon.

We are all packed ready for off to Dublin in the green tomorrow. smile.gif
All warm clothes in the suitcase as the weather is no better in Ireland than it is here.

I will see if the 'Tart wi the Cart' is still there. That's the nickname the Dubliners gave the statue of Molly Malone. laugh.gif
hope you have a nice time in Dublin and don't be moaning at poor Maurice cos a know what your like smile.gif
Your windows are in the night. laugh.gif tongue.gif
Again Again, Again rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Aye, and I'm a fast runner with my sannies on. So there. yes.gif
Cheers to you all and my best wishes for a good celebration on Sunday.

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annie laurie
Hello Heather,

I am sure you will have a great time in Ireland especially since you will be there on St.Patrick's Day,
Dont drink to much green beer, laugh.gif

Someone once told me a long time ago St.Patrick was born in Scotland, is that Right ??????

Mags maybe if you can get The Quiet Man on your Computer

Real Gleaca day here cold and damp,

I am off to the Dentist at 2pm to-day,
Hi Pat, are you thinking this time last Year I was in Bonnie Sctland

Anne1 The Baby Pictures were Beautiful, they both look so much alike

Hi Pat, are you thinking this time last Year , I was in Bonnie Sctland

Yes Annie , I am and it was just beautiful weather
and I met Anne and Heather , they are both very nice people

About St. Patrick

Patrick was a Briton who when 16 was captured and brought to Ireland as a slave (ca. 405), escaped after about 6 years of forced service to a local Irish warlord named Miliucc, returned to his family in Britain, eventually studied for the priesthood in Gaul (France), was ordained as a priest--and then returned to Ireland as its new Bishop (ca. 432), established himself at Ard Macha (Armagh), and proceeded from there to convert Ireland to Christianity, Catholic Christianity.

Annie , I don't think that it was Catholic christianity , I recall reading
it would probably have been more like the christianity of today's
Church of Ireland . unsure.gif smile.gif Pat.
Well here I am again ,I went for an x-ray on my toe today as the stupid thing just won't get better .They now think the infection might be in the bone .Where they cut it open on Feb 4th still is seeping crap but most of the pain is in the pad of the toe ,the ball of the foot and across the toes .I've been in pain with this toe since last November !!!!.Fed up and hoping to get it sorted before we go up north in 8 weeks .My right foot is twice the size of the left .Can't get a decent pair of shoes on .Clunking around in an old pair of moccasins that should have seen the bin months ago .
Oh, well that's my burden right now ,Al is slowly recovering ,very slowly !!.I wish it would warm up a bit .Life seems much easier when your not bundled up against the cold .Still had some snow today ,hate it angry.gif
Happy St Patricks Day everyone ,I hope you are all fairing better than me .
Jean, things will get better, its a rotten time of the year to not be feeling yourself! Yes more snow today, I could have screamed when I woke up this morning!!! My youngest granddaughter asked if she can go to Florida, when I asked her why she said no coats, no boots, no hats, no gloves so even the weans notice it!!! She is 4 years old!!!! Glad to hear Al is doing a bit better, "Rome wisnae built in a day!!" Slow and steady wins the race.
So whats the next step with your toe, when do you get the results of the x-ray?
Hope you heal soon jakka....I'm smiling here at Toerag's post about her wee grandaughter...Florida' ha ha...I asked my wee grandson on the phone what he was up to..he said "just hangin' out Papa"....they're funny wee buggers aren't they!
The weans make it all worthwhile.Now all of mine are way past being entertaining .The youngest grandson was 19 last September .Causing all kinds of heartache .WE are now enjoying Gavin our GGson .He'll be three in September and funny .A brother or sister due at the end of May so another new life to look forward to .
I won't get the result of the toe x-ray till I see my GP on Friday but I must say the whole foot seems much better today since I started the antibiotics last Friday .Keep fingers crossed that this is all it takes .
Hi Jakka , Looks like all is going well for you and Al
and I'm sure that will continue .
I was out this morning , hope you did'nt need to go out ,
It was such a raw day and with a wind that nearly bowled
me over, "now that had to be a big wind " biggrin.gif
I had taken the car to get some work done on it
and decided to walk back home " wrong decision ! , it was wild !
anyway here I am , have a few chores too do and I am making
a beef stew but not sure whether I will have it for supper or no .
I'll make up my mind later .
So you take care ,and God Bless ......Pat smile.gif
I had a visit from 2 lovely young firemen today to do a fire safety check in my flat and I almost passed with flying colours, my love of candles let me down slightly but, to be fair, they're there more for display rather than use. This is a free service offered by the Fire Brigade to everyone and I would recommend it. My parents had a near miss last week and the local firemen have been brilliant. They came back to check the smoke alarm, which needed a new battery, and also installed a heat detector in the kitchen. Mary thumbup.gif
Hi ladies, I'm home safe and sound having managed to avoid being crushed to death in crowded Dublin.

Would you believe it was snowing in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day, but stopped and cleared up before the Parade started.
A couple of Dubliners we were speaking to said it was the first time they had known it to snow on Paddy's Day.
It was really cold, so we stood for a while watching the Parade then went into a pub to warm up and watch the Parade on TV, then back out again.
I could not get a decent picture only the top of heads. laugh.gif

There were over 6000 marchers in the Parade with Marching Bands from Countries all over the world the majority being from America. There were 250 youngsters from Colorado State College Marching Band and 50 of them were staying in our Hotel, the rest of the Band were in other Hotels. They were moving on to Limerick on Monday to see more of Ireland.
The all American Marching Band was very impressive.

Heather , good to see you had a nice break
and enjoyed the parade .
The weather here has been lousy , Last year at this time
our temp. was in the mid 20'C with brilliant sunshine ,
This year , snow ,wind, freezing rain and temps. in the minus'
So what else is new , it's just the same old tale .
Cheers ..... Pat biggrin.gif

Glad you had a nice time Heather, hope Maurice had peace from you nagging rolleyes.gif
well 4wks today I will be in Spain roll on 17th April yippee. thumbup.gif
Angel is that a year since we three met in Glasgow and it was a lovely sunny day and also a day for good old laughs and chatting, and getting Heather out of the pubs[joking]
Nev got the all clear for another 6mths so that's another worry away smile.gif
Afternoon outing to Monklands Hospital to get My Radio Active Iodene, which means Friday is totally free from Doctors Nurses yippee smile.gif
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