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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Well ,I spent my day doing a good clean around the flat .What with my love in the hospital and the toe saga nothing has been done for a couple of weeks ,putting it mildly ,I kept on top of the bathrooms and kitchen but everything else got left .All is cleaned and polished and lookibng good .I picked up a bunch of little daffodils at my Metro store last weekend .What a joy to see them all blooming .six little pots of spring to come ,all while I'm listening to the storm that is on the way overnight .I guess it's already started for you Angel .Stay safe ,don't go out if you don't really need anything .This has been one of the worst February's I can remember .Hope March is kinder to us .Goodnight pals .
Rest in Peace Rab ,you wille missed.
You sound like your old self again Jakka. I bet the next think is getting ready and wondering just what to take to the cottage. Wont be long and we will all be complaining about the heat.
I think the antibiotics are at last starting to work. Last night was a much better night for us.
I hope you didn't get hit too hard in Niagara Pat . When I woke up this morning and looked out it looked beautiful ,snow hanging from the trees, like a picture postcard. I dont feel so bad about being closed in and sick.Then reality sets in and I am starting to wonder when is Spring coming.,
I 'm ready.Today is my garbage pick up , dont know how they are going to get in here. In the meantime all the garbage is out and getting covered with snow.This is the tail end of the storm that hit the mid west,thank god we didn't get it as bad as them.Enjoy your day girls.
I'm glad to hear you are all recovering and hopefully you will be feeling a lot better by the weekend.

I can't imaging Niagra covered in snow as it was summertime the two occassions we were there with my sister and her husband who live in New Jersey.
We stayed in a Motel the first time and I think the Best Western the second time.

It was very foggy here this morning, but now the sun is beaming down again.

I'm very bored and wish I had gone for a dauner in the town when I was out this morning.
QUOTE (angel @ 27th Feb 2013, 01:46am) *

Lovely song, lovely sentiments. thumbup.gif

Hi Jakka and Isobel , so good
seeing that you are both on the mend
and you Jean back to your old self and
about time too , biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

The weather in my neck of the woods
has been really messy , just heavy wet snow
that is melting as fast as it lands, which means no
shovelling , It was the USA midwest that got hammered .

Hope you have had a good day ,
you too Jean , Isobel and Samantha . Cheers.... biggrin.gif Pat

Liked your song Pat suits us today as this is our 53rd anniversary we have had a lovely day, Nev & I went for a Chinese meal and tonight the family came over after work and now my lounge looks like a florist shop, also got lovely chocs[am aff for lent Heather & Angel] some nice smellies and Nev got his favourite tipple Ltre Bottle of Rum, so now sitting peacefully and enjoying the rest of the evening
Glad to hear you are beginning to feel better girls and hope Jakka,s husband is feeling better smile.gif smile.gif
Happy Anniversary to you and your good man Anne! All the best.
Anne I hope you and Nev have a fantastic anniversary.
Anne, Happy Anniversary to you and Neville. smile.gif

Hi Anne , glad that you had a lovely day on your anniversary
and I think you also had nice weather .
Congratulations to both of you . cheers .... wub.gif biggrin.gif Pat.
good morming folks , It is still snowing here since yesterday
but we don"t have too shovel , the temp is actually quite mild
about 2'C. so the snow is really slushy .
don't have much to say , I will probably end up reading a book
as there is nothing of interest to me on the board's , at this time .
Cheers biggrin.gif ..Pat
Angel I'm glad we don't get as much snow as you do in Canada.

It was colder here today than in the last few days.

I did the shopping then tidied up then I curled up to read a magazine, I'm getting so lazy in my old age. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
I was so engrossed reading, that I nearly jumped out my skin when I heard a noise at the window, it was the window cleaner. When I went out to pay him he was laughing as he had seen me jumping up out the chair, he thought I was sleeping and he had woken me up. laugh.gif

Hi Heather , I am not long off the phone this evening
with my youngest granddaughter , she is a very
happy 17yr old , she called to let me know that she has
been accepted into Mc Master university and also Brock ,
she is delighted to have the choice of one or the other , so that's her in the same league as her older siblings , I too am so pleased , thats the four of them , two older already graduated and doing very well in their
work and now three more to graduate , I am so proud of them biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
One grandson , a cousin is in university and the youngest still in highschool ,
Six in total .

Heather , it's been a while since I have become so engrossed
in a book as not to be beware of what was going on , but Iam
glad you did'nt lose your balance . Cheers smile.gif P

Angel that;s fantastic .Its not easy to get into wonder you are so proud.My Kathryn was accepted there and Laurier . She ended up going to Laurier. Perhaps because her husband(boyfriend at the time) was going.Its been a long day here still not feeling so great so have just been watching the tele. Wishing all day I had a good book.
Well done to your Grand daughter angel. I'm slightly fragile today as I was out seeing the Jacksons in concert last night and I have to say they were absolutely fantastic! My daughter and I really enjoyed the show. Everyone was on their feet the minute they took to the stage. My feet are suffering for it today though, they're too old for that carry on now methinks! laugh.gif

It was worth it though, was a fabulous show! thumbup.gif
Angel, congratulations to your g'daughter. Sure it's always good to know they are doing well. smile.gif

Samantha, at least you got on your feet. When you can no longer get on your feet, then you will be too old. laugh.gif

I have been in town all day and I'm not long home. I bought myself two nice tops in M&S.

I was very bold and booked a weekend in Dublin to be there for St. Patricks Day.
I have not told the man yet and I know he will start complaining right away, so I will have to pick my moment. So if you hear a man yelling his head off, you will know who it is. wub.gif
True Heather @ being able to get up in the first place laugh.gif

You had a lovely day for out shopping for sure....and do you know what? You've just given me an idea of what to do for Paddy's day! I've never been to Ireland, we're always promising ourselves. Are you motoring or flying?
Samantha, we are going with Caledonian Coach Tours and staying in the 4star Carlton Hotel which is just outside Dublin Town and it is full board.
We have travelled with that Company before and always had good hotels, so I am looking forward to it.
We leave early Friday morning the 15th and return on the Monday 18th.

Google Carlton Hotel Dublin, it looks good. I had already checked it out before booking it.

The last time we went to Ireland for Paddy's day we were in Bundoran Co. Donegal and had a great time. But we knew Bundoran well as we had spent a few weeks there on Holiday.

We have toured round a few place's in Ireland and had a great time in Killarney, Limerick, Wexford, to name a few.
Thanks Heather.
Heather as a kid we used to go to Ireland every summer. Bundoran was one of our favourite places. I can almost smell the peat fire. It was a boarding house with the thatched roof.How I wish I could join you . Have a great time eh?
Today hopefully am doing as little as possible, totally shattered so maybe read a book or listen to my ipod with all my favourite music smile.gif smile.gif
I had a lazy day yesterday so got catching up to do today sad.gif best go start. Enjoy your day everybody.

I'm supposed to be going out this afternoon ,
visiting a friend and having lunch . smile.gif
Have a good day Ladies .
Angel just read your news about your G/daughter what lovely news for all the family smile.gif
Not been in for a couple of days .Well done to your GD angel .
Things keep improving here but it seems like one step forward two steps back .This has to be the worst start to a New Year we've ever had .The hole on my loves chest has just about healed .Big plus no more waiting for the nurse to come and change the dressing .We usually eat supper around six o-clock and she never arrived before six- thirty .We never wanted to start supper till after she came so every other night ended up eating after seven o-clock . My poor toe is still getting better but far from being healed .At least I can drive again .This is the good news .
One of the bathroom toilets keeps overflowing and flooding the place and on top of all the other crap one of the sockets in my kitchen is'nt working .I tried changing fuses and even replced the socket today .Still no luck .I found a number for a contractor on line today so I'll call him tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed it doesn't cost me an arm or a leg .He can have my rotten toe if he wants laugh.gif Still able to laugh ,I think . thumbup.gif
By jings Jakka, it nerver rains but it pours. I hope you get everything sorted out.

I was sorting clothes out today to see what we are packing for going to Ireland a week on Friday.
As the weather there is no better than our own, then it will be all warm clothes.
I decided I'm taking all casual clothes as it's only a long weekend. smile.gif
I take your hubby has agreed to go to Ireland with you or hasn't he even been told about journey,
We are of to Ullapool on Friday as its Alisha,s 1st Birthday on Saturday, cant believ its a year already biggrin.gif
Anne I told him yesterday and he said he was not going. I said I was going with or without him.

Today he asked how many days I had Booked for and I told him Friday to Monday, then he said he would go. laugh.gif

Ever since he took the bad turn on the plane going to Italy a few years ago and had to be given oxygen, he has been reluctant to travel, even though he bought the Portable Nebuliser Linda told him about one of the times she was through at her brother' house.

The last time we were In Venice he had it with him slung over his shoulder while we were walking about and it just looks like a camera case.

Imagine Alisha being one year old already. Time sure flies by. smile.gif
I hope things are looking up for you jakka. Anne, they're not weans long are they? Heather I hope you have a ball and your husband enjoys himself. Travelling can be a pain.

I did look into the Paddy's weekend thing but it was fully booked! Might just take the car, haven't made our mind up yet although the accommodation was the most difficult. Might just go Spain! at least it will be warmer! laugh.gif
Hi Samantha see your talking about Spain my son flies out tomorrow to try and get a place for a couple of months for us we ae hoping to go back to Cabo Roig again its in the Costa Blanca, have you been to spain before smile.gif

Might just go Spain! at least it will be warmer!

Ha Ha , don't bank on it , ... Pat
I hope that works out for you Anne thumbup.gif Angel, we just came back from Spain about ten days ago, weather was gorgeous! Just as gorgeous as the tapas and wine thumbup.gif
well angel hopefully we wont be going before May so maybe it biggrin.gif will be warm then

Hi Anne that's wonderful new's
will you be going to Alicante . biggrin.gif
will fly to either Alicante or Murcia , depends on what we get Murcia is about 20mins from where we would go and Alicante about 40 mins smile.gif
I have never been to Alicante, it it nice.

I wish I could get Maurice on a plane, I would be away for Easter.

He did not come last year, it was just the two g'daughters and me.

It's a beautiful day here , although a bit cold
but it is promising to get warmer
any I just go out this afternoon and do som grocery shopping

Hope all is Ok in your house Jakka ,
good afternoon Heather , you also Anne
and Isobel , Samantha , and where is you wee mags
Have a good day everyone biggrin.gif
Hasn't it been lovely sunny day here in Glasgow. Had to see Dr, today , was good to get out for a while.

Reading all your posts, glad to see all booking breaks. Heather, your quite right to just do it, life is for living. Were I well would be off like a rocket. Mind you have done my fair share of travelling.
Enjoyed every minute of it. Who knows what the future holds thumbup.gif

Anne1, you and Nev do well all the travelling, guess living all those years abroad is second nature to you, just pack a bag then off. Hope your son manages to get you fixed up, Have been in Alicante, in transit to Costa Blanca, Would be heaven lying in the sun and it beating down on you.
Hi Stratson, how are you doing??

We have been round quite a bit of Ireland and always have a good time there.

I remember one time in Wexford a friend and I went to the swimming pool and was surprised to see a notice saying, ' No Bombing'. wub.gif We calmed down when we were told it was a kind of diving the kids did which was not allowed.

Another time in Limerick we went into the Hotel Lounge and a crowd of women were having a good sing song and doing a conga round the room. I thought they must be a choir as they were all in tune with each other. I got talking with one of them and she told me they were all American Nuns touring Ireland because it was the anniversary of their Founder who was Irish. They were going back to America the next day and before they left for their evening prayers they all stood up and sang, ' God Bless America'.
The guy playing the piano was their Coach driver.
Had to check in with my doctor today,she thinks I am not clear yet. Anyway she sent me for another x-ray. I dont feel fantastic ,but 100% better than last week. Jim got a deal on a two week vacation in Dominican he thought it would do me good. Truthfully I am not really up for it at the moment.I wish he didn't go ahead and do this. I know he thought he was doing good, but I really cant get up for it right now. Just catching up on all the posts. So glad things are getting better for you and Al Jakka.Heather glad your hubby is going to Ireland with you .Anne I see you are off to Spain, great eh?Angel is been nice here but very cold.I heard them say the weekend was going to warm up.
Stratson and wee mags I didnt mention you in my post hope all is well in Glasgow and NJ.
Hi Isobel , nice to see that you are on the mend
and I do hope that your Xray will be clear .
It has taken me about 4weeks or so to get over
that virus , whatever it was ! unsure.gif .I was at the doc.
on Monday , he said all was fine , Lungs clear , blood pressure good
but as I still feel like a half shut knife , he has sent me for some blood
work , thank goodness we don't need to make an appointment ,
so I will go when the spirit moves me . I don't want to start taking
regular medications " Pills " for the rest of my days , Athough , I had been taking Lipitor for the last couple of years there is a very good chance
because I had quit taking those on my own a few months ago , he
said I just might not need them . smile.gif I think it's all down to this aging
business , I just can't tolerate it . It interferes with my life , lol.

Samantha . I heard the Celtic score , although I am not a big fan
of soccer , I wish it would have been different for you and I now
suppose Heathers husband is down in the dumps . but never mind ,both
of you will have a little mini vacation next weekend . that , I hope will
be terrific for all of you .
Hello Anne , I do hope that you have a lovely visit with your family
in Ullapool with good driving conditions and lovely weather ,
remember to keep that Neville away from the stairs .
Stratson it looks like you me and wee mags are all wall flowers this
weekend and that includes you Jakka , but I'm sure all will be well .
Take care Ladies , God Bless , Pat.... yes.gif
Hi Ladies. it's good to hear you are all getting a bit better. It's this weather that gets us all down and sad to say, the age thing.

I got my hair cut today and it is really cropped. I was flicking my fingers through it and the Hairdresser laughed and said that was her job, I told her, 'I can't help it, it's my age'. laugh.gif
Thanks Angel intend to enjoy Alisha,s birthday whilst I am there. Today got letter from hospital saying I get my Radio Active Iodene on 21st March lets hope it does something positive been waiting along time for this maybe give me a wee boost of energy or something , so be good girls when im away, hope you get good results Isobel take care smile.gif smile.gif
Isobel, is a shame your feeling down, I understand exactly how you feel, your just not up to all the hassle, you just want to rest. Have been that way now for a couple of years, mind you am really quite happy at home, have accepted my lot. Have done it all. Take care of yourself. x

Angel, glad you got all clear from Doc. Your right, it's the ageing thing biggrin.gif

Like Isobel have no desire to be going anywhere, feel lucky can get some time on my P.C.
Feel human just conversing with my buddies on here, Feel as though have always known you and majority on here.
Just got request to send Meter reading, am all electric, probably be a whopper as this cold weather have all on to the max. Can't stand being cold..
Just thinking Angel, perhaps you need to get back on your Lipitor. I know how you feel about taking pills, frankly I would not live without mine. It worries me that am becoming a little forgetful.
When am in great pain I know have missed my medication, immediately check and sure as fate have done,

Anne1, am flummoxed, why do you get Radio Active Iodene, Have never heard of it.
Have a great weekend and enjoy Alisha's Birthday, oh how the time does fly.Bless. biggrin.gif
Isobel, as Jim booked the Holiday then let him do all the packing. Just think of the surprise you will get when you open your suitcase on arrival and see what he has packed for you. ohmy.gif

Angel, what is Lipitor and what does it do for you?

Heather , Lipitor or the generic form " Atorvastatin ,
is used to bring down High cholesterol levels smile.gif
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 7th Mar 2013, 04:32pm) *
Thanks Angel intend to enjoy Alisha,s birthday whilst I am there. Today got letter from hospital saying I get my Radio Active Iodene on 21st March lets hope it does something positive been waiting along time for this maybe give me a wee boost of energy or something , so be good girls when im away, hope you get good results Isobel take care smile.gif smile.gif

Hi Anne , My mother was on Radio Active Iodine ,
she used to go to the Victoria for treatment on a regular basis
at that time she was in her mid fifties .
She suffered from an overactive thyroid . sad.gif
Angel wouldn't mind if I looked as if I have overactive thyroid but because of my age body working wrong way still not to worry hopefully will feel better for it, take care speak soon, Ullapool here we come smile.gif
Heather there is no way I could let Jim pack.His case would be full of shoes and underwear. Enough said. Today I have just had a shower and feeling much better .I had my hair cut and some highlights put in yesterday. The highlights hide a multitude of the grey.I had a call from the doctors office last night ,she wants to see me today ,must be the x-ray results.I to am on Lipitor, the generic version. I guess they try to put all those who dont have the top of the line coverage on the generic stuff. I always thought once you were on high blood pressure or cholesterol meds that was you for life.I am on both and also thyroid medication.I went from someone who would hardly take an asprin to now having to take four pills a day.Annel I am sure you will know the difference after you have your treatment.Enjoy your time away.
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