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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Jakka, so glad you and Al are both on the mend, slow and steady wins the race! Holiday today here in Ontario "Family Day" just to break up the winter!!! Took my granddaughters to see "The Wizard Of Oz" in Toronto yesterday, we enjoyed that. Still lots of snow here but we must be getting closer to spring.....I think!!
Mags glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, take it easy kiddo!
Well I think I was a wee bit early in saying things were OK.Al has been having angina pains for a couple of days .We called every number we could think of today but of course it's a holiday .He refused point blank to go to emergency incase he was admited .As soon as the heart function clinic is open in the morning I'll be on the phone .
My toe did seem to be improving but now it is very sore on the pad ?? .The whole foot is swollen and the nurse who comes in to change the dressing on Al's chest didn't like the look of it tonight . I've been on antibiotics for three weeks now plus a week early on .Two different antibiotic ointments and daily cleaning with peroxide and the infection is still there .I'll be back in the GP's office tomorrow once we get Al sorted .What with one thing and another I don't know which way to turn blush.gif
Hi Mags glad your feeling better,winter will soon be over and we can all get rid of the coughs and colds. Right now my throat is killing me. When I got up this morning I was feeling fine, now I;m miserable. Jakka sorry things are not going so well for you and Al. Hope things get better soon.
Heather your we bird story made me laugh. When I lived back home in Glasgow my mother always kept the window open, she loved to get the fresh air in. I can remember a little bird flying around our kitchen and my sister and I screaming. The man across the landing had to come in and get rid of it.
Enjoyed family day sat here and did nothing. Well i'm off to bed really tired, and that's with sitting here on the sofa.Night all

Isobel hope you have a good sleep , I nodded off after supper
so here I am . 1:15 in the morning , I"ll be fortunate if I'm
asleep by 4am .
I hope you have a good sleep .... cheers biggrin.gif , Pat

It's been a worrying day for you Jakka , I'll keep you in my thought's
Cheers ................ Pat .

have a good day tomorrow Mags
and don't you be shouting at Mike. biggrin.gif
Well we saw our GP this morning ,as much use as a licorice watch .He told Al to start back on the meds they had stopped before his surgery even tho' we told him one of them they didn't want him taking !!!! We will get to see his cardiologist in the morning so fingers crossed she sorts things out . He took a look at my toe .Said he thought it looked better but didn't like the swelling on the underside of my foot as it could mean the infection has gone into the bone !!!!!.I had to go for an x-ray ,I've to stay on the anti biotics and he said I should stay off my feet and see him on Monday laugh.gif .How the h#$$ can I stay off my feet when I have to help Al to the bathroom and everything else that needs done .Just as well I can laugh .Hope you're feeling better Mags.
Oh dear Jakka, I'm heart sorry you are having such a bad time. Hopefully things will improve in the next few days. Take care.

I had a busy day today. Put a washing on and took a washing down from the pulley, then hung the other wash up. Then I ironed the washing I took down.
Why do we make so much work for ourselves and where does so much washing come from for two people.

The g'son was in and told us he got three Bs for his exams. He is at Uni doing Broadcasting Production.
He had to write an essay then make it into a film and put it on youtube, using other students as the actors. It was made in the Uni.
It's a parody on a James Bond movie using some music from one of the Bond films.
Fisk, the last guy to be shot is the g'son. laugh.gif

The man with the Plastic Gun.
New Central Heating Boiler and pipes were delivered today. The Engineer will be here tomorrow morning at 8'0'clock to start pulling our kitchen apart and put the new Boiler in. biggrin.gif
Heather good luck tomorrow. G'son handsome lad.

hi Heather , I saw the video before I logged in , it's pretty good
I enjoyed it , maybe they will all end up being international
actors eg Movie stars. biggrin.gif Hope there isn't to much of a mess in your house today
with having the boiler replaced

I'm not long home myself , I had a nice visit with my
granddaughters and D.I.L for three days, a really nice time
and I'm glad that I decided to drive , it was very good
both ways , so thats it for now . take care ..cheers Pat

The house is all back to normal now, but the old boiler and everything connected to it are lying out in the drive. Apparently it will all be removed in the next few days.

Setting the time to come on and off and the temperature is more complicated than the old boiler, but no doubt we will get used to it in time.

So you were off on your travels again Angel, good for you. Glad you had a nice time. smile.gif

Glad you enjoyed the Youtube the g'son made.
He is just in 1st year and it's a four year Course he is doing, but goodness knows what kind of job he will get at the end of it.
He already has a Degree in Peforming Arts and would like to be an actor. rolleyes.gif
Laying low today . I have been quite sick these past two days. Spent yesterday in bed. Great doctor I have ,she called last night to see how I was doing.
Isobel, I hope you feel better soon. Take care and take it easy.
Nice Doctor to check up on you like that.

The men came this morning and removed the old boiler, pipes, boxes and wrappping. thank goodness.

It's very cold here today, but no snow so far.

I hope that you are well soon Isobel ....,

Heather , Now you just go and have a comforting bath
as will I , with a glass of wine, '
I am off tomorrow to do a little state-side shopping
Take care .. Pat biggrin.gif
Hope you are feeling better soon Isobel .Hope you are enjoying the nice warm house Heather .
Things seem a wee bit brighter here .I don't want to count the chicks before they hatch but the cardiologist we saw on Wednesday morning took control and sorted out a lot of stuff .We still have to see the kidney doctor as his red blood count is very low ( this is what is making him weak and tired ).He takes an injection once a week to help his kidneys make the enzyme that makes red blood cells and his cardiologist wants the dosage increased .We have an appointment for March 4th but we're hoping for a cancelation in the meantime . The hole in his chest is closing well ,should be ok in a week or ten days .Another step in the right direction thumbup.gif .My toe has been a bit easier these past couple of days so maybe that is on the mend .I took my last antibiotic tonight .Lets hope I don't need anymore .
Long day today so goodnight pals . happy.gif
Pneumonia again. Not feeling so great. This too will pass. Thank god for the antibiotics. Glad to hear your toe is doing better Jean. Things are also looking much better for Al.No doubt Pat is grabbing all the bargains across the border.I should have a day over there once the weather gets better.
Hope you are keeping snug and warm Heather.
Hi Isobel , I do hope that you will be feeling much better
in a few days .

The last couple of day's for myself have been good .

On Thurs. I lost my bank book but did'nt realize this
until the evening , so it was'nt until Fri. before I could
phone my branch to tell them my sad story , and
they duly enformed me , that they had my book , a young
man who had found it had handed it into the bank, such a relief
and so nice too know that there are still some decent folks
around. they did'nt have any information on him so I will put a few
extra dollars in the plate tomorrow at church .

Isobel , I did'nt get any bargains while shopping today but we had a
lovely day , my D.I.L picked up a few nice buys , we roamed
around browsing here and there and had a very nice lunch at the
Galleria Mall .
I was a bit disappointed with the "Tailor and Lord dept. store"
I really thought that I would get a coat there but not today .

Macy's and JC penny and the Burlington coat factory, loads of coats
but not for me , The Story Of my Life smile.gif
So we will try again another time , but all in all it was a very nice day.

I do hope that you are well soon , take care , biggrin.gif Pat

Hi ladies, this seems like a nice thread to introduce myself. I'm new here and look forward to contributing and chewing the fat with you all.
Hi Samantha ,welcome to the boards .I'm not usually so depressing ,but I've got a lot of rotten stuff on my plate right now .Keeping fingers crossed things will brighten up soon .Great people on these boards sov make yourself at home and just chat .You'll find all sorts of topics to chat on .Cheers jakka13

Good morning Samantha , Hope you are having a good day and
all is well with you .
We had some snow overnight but it seems to be melting . maybe signs
of spring . but it was a bit messy when I was out this morning .
Anyway , welcome to the boards Samantha , hope you do enjoy.
biggrin.gif cheers .

Hello Anne , I do hope that you have had a nice day
I did'nt do very much today , but I did get a washing
done , went to church this morning , put a roast pork in the oven
for dinner , which will do a few more meals , nothing strenuous
and yes I did go out for a little walk . , So how was your day .
Cheers , biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Pat
Hi Pat, glad you had a nice day with your D.I.L shopping isn't it funny when your not wanting to buy a coat you see loads, but when you do you cant find anything.
Went out for lunch today and done a little shopping nothing fancy, bought 4 new pillows and a toilet seat, needed new pillows cos new bed arriving Tuesday
Havent been so hot myself went to Cinema to see Les Mis but after sitting 3hrs ended up with stiff neck and shoulders Thurs it had spread to other shoulder Friday thought I would end up in Hospital couldn't move my top half at all, got heat pads that done the trick thankfully
Sorry to hear your not feeling so good Isobel so take care and rest, Glad your foot is better Jakka hope your hubby gets better soon smile.gif
Welcome to GG Samantha hope you enjoy your time on here smile.gif

Billy Cotton biggrin.gif

Now it's really before my time..................... Honest biggrin.gif

Max Bygraves


Billy Cotton biggrin.gif

Now it's really before my time..................... Honest ! biggrin.gif

what a mess ! if these boards go any slower , they will stop
I could not edit at all , I would have done better with an
eraser yes.gif

Ha ha ha Pat, yes still very slow laugh.gif
Anne , I just noticed your pm/s , Ha Ha , nay merr room there .
biggrin.gif . {pat .
yes just noticed I sent it 4 times must be getting old biggrin.gif
yes just noticed I sent it 4 times must be getting old

No You Anne , # 1 rule on these boards ,

Never blame yourself , it's always somebody"s else's
fault .
Pat............. yes.gif

Good night Anne , try and have a good sleep , biggrin.gif
Just woke up at the end of the OSCARS .Don't know who won what or who wore what .Couldn;t care less.Tried to stay awake for my love but lost it .Both feeling a bit better so fingers crossed we are finaly on the mend . thumbup.gif

good morning Jakka , I do hope that you are right biggrin.gif

I hope that you have a much better day . Take care , smile.gif
Jakka glad to hear you are both feeling a bit better.

I didn't watch the Oscars either, as I have no interest in them.

Lovely sunny day here today, it's like Spring.

I was just thinking this morning that I must get back to the swimming pool and lose those extra inches off my waist I put on during Winter and eating all those choclate's I got at Christmas. I still have more than half of the big box of Roses chocolate's to finish off.

My husband was down at the Doctor this morning then he took a walk along the Main Street as he decided to buy a Carbon Monoxcide alarm. On the way to the Electrician shop, he passed Greggs the Bakers with the result that he came home with a box of chocolate cream eclairs, cream buns and doughnuts.
With so much temptation, I could not resist having a chocolate eclair with a cup of tea.
Yes he did remember to buy the alarm. laugh.gif
Double Post. rolleyes.gif

Hi Heather , I just logged on , to send a couple of PMs
I noticed that you have been filling your face with all those
Choc Eclairs, " you are a geedy girl " tongue.gif but I hope you did enjoy.

I don't think that I will be doing any swimming this year ,
athough believe me I should . I'll give it some thought
when the time comes . so take care biggrin.gif Pat

Angel, on the front of Greggs box it says; Open to temptation. laugh.gif

Well I did open the box and temptation was too hard to overcome ohmy.gif
your so easily led astray Heather eh smile.gif tongue.gif
Hi Annewan, so if I put a plate of chocolate eclairs in front of you you would not indulge, Aye right. wink.gif

After doing some shopping today I have been very lazy, reading, knitting and in between watching the Al Jolson Story on youtube.
I remember seeing the picture and Jolson Sings again many years ago in the Astoria.
My eldest brother was a great fan of Jolson and had a lot of his records that he played a lot and we always enjoyed listening to them. smile.gif
I'm no a fan of chocolate or eclairs, but I do like Al Jolson thumbup.gif Been a while since I watched The Jolson Story but I do remember enjoying it.
cheeky girl Heather I could resist choc eclairs because am being a good catholic girl for Lent and haven't had so far so there cheeky.I also like the Jolson Story. smile.gif
Nice to see you posting in this Topic Samantha, watch out for the Heather wan biggrin.gif
So Annewan, as you are not eating sweet things for Lent, can I take it that you are putting the money you save into the wee SCIAF box?

Maurice takes a SCIAF box every year and puts his loose change in it.
No I don't raid it. I can hear you thinking that. ohmy.gif
yes do have the SCIAF box always do,,,, and yes thought you would probably be a box raider laugh.gif
I'm telling my mammy on you. Your a cheeky big lassie. angry.gif
Hi Samantha , I love this song
it was played at our silver wedding anniversary
a long time ago although now , it does make me feel sad
. Cheers smile.gif Pat.


ooooooops biggrin.gif

Hi Anne and Heather , there won't be much money in your
SCIAF , if you are both dieting . biggrin.gif
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