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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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good morning Isobel about 10 am , and it is still snowing here ,but it's a bit lighter now so I'll probaby get out and see what the damage is
smile.gif I have been reading the comments from the local
newspapers , it's been really bad not only here but out in the east
coast in Canada and all the way down that side into the states . sad.gif

Got up this morning to beautiful bright sunshine a fantastic day,cold yes but so pretty to look out at. Main drags are all cleared ,and most folks like you Angel are digging out. We dont have a lot of room here when we get a storm like that . Last time we had to arrange to have the snow removed out in trucks. This is a little private square and the town dont clear we have to do it ourselves.No big deal really, its only happened once in six years. We are ok for now just hope we dont get any more .
Heather hope the heater is working well for you . Also hope it was not to much of an upheaval.
Elma how are things up in the mountain. I know you love it there , but no wonder its so beautiful .Hope Jean got Al home, I hope she lets us know. Busy day for me .Have a good one all.
As far as we know it will take one possibly two days to install the new boiler. It is Scottish Gas who are doing the work.

I only hope they don't have to pull my kitchen apart as it is all fitted including the cooker. The hob is built into the worktop with the oven underneath.
We have a trapdoor in a cupboard and the men will be able to use that to get under the floor to do the pipe work. So we will have to clear that out into the utility room.
Apparently they will put back anything they have pulled out and the head guy will call us to check everything is in working order when the men are finished and call us again after a few weeks for another check.

My sister in New Jersey is snowed under, but so far we have been lucky as we have had very little snow. Maybe it will hit us when we least expect it.

Isobel we have the same problem as where we live is a small Private Estate, two Avenue's and a Path.
When the roads are being gritted our place is usually ignored as there are no through roads here. You only come in to this place if you are going to some one's house. One way in for transport and the same way out. It takes a call to the Council Road Works to get the gritters in here to grit the roads.

Today my neighbour cleared my sidewalk and the bottom of my driveway at the road , and an hour later the snow plough came along and
ploughed us in again , and I have now finally managed to clear all the ice and snow that they had dumped . you need to clear it so as cars can get in and out of your driveway, anyway my grandson called and he is comming up to help me tomorrow . and that is great biggrin.gif

Today my granddaughter Keira is being baptized ,so we are all like busy bees here.Will be at Kathryn's place for lunch.

Hi Isobel , hope you had a lovely day at the baby's baptism .

I heard on the radio this morning that pope Benedict is to retire at
the end of this month .
I think that is good news , his health has'nt been good and along with
his age , I think it is the right decision for him .. Pat smile.gif

Aye your right Angel. Benedict is the first Pope to retire in 600 years and who can blame him.
I certainly would not want to be working at 85 yrs old.

Isobel I hope the Baptism went well. Now we are waiting to see the photo's.

Although cold today it is at least better then yesterday when we had snow, sleet and more snow, but the ground was too wet for the snow to lie, it just melted away.

The family are just away. The g'children come in here and raid the cupboards to see what they can find to eat and drink. Between Pringles, Tea Biscuits and Irn Bru, I hope they can finish eating their dinner tonight.
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I have still to get mine from the camera. This one is from my sister.
Today Amelia is four and her wee party was cancelled on Saturday so I made her a cake and we will make tonight special for her when she gets home. Next weekend will be her party.
Isobel, Keira is lovely and her headband is really cute. thumbup.gif

She is so bright the way she is looking right at the camera. smile.gif

Isobel a lovely photo of Keira , she is just a wee beautiful biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
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annie laurie
Lovely Pictures Isobel,

looks like a happy baby, such a natural smile,

finally got my P>C> up and running again,
the mouse would not move anyone ever had that problem ?
mayabe i need a new one sticks constantly,
What a wee beauty, Isobel, love that one where she is laughing wub.gif
Your right Elma, that is a cracking photo of Keira. I think she is having a good laugh at everyone fussing about her. laugh.gif

The photo's are all great. smile.gif
lovely pictures of Keira she looks such a happy baby Isobel smile.gif and I also love her wee headband

Lovely photo's Isobel , as I said earlier Keira is a lovely baby . smile.gif


Hi Heather , Did you make Pancakes today , I did'nt , that was something that I did when the kids were young and at school
but I made a bunch of waffle's and put most of them in the freezer .
Cheers , Pat smile.gif

Hi Angel, yes I did make pancakes today and I have just eaten a couple of them with a cup of tea. We will eat the rest of them before the day is out. smile.gif

I switched on my Laptop and the screen is just showing vertical lines. It was perfectly ok when I shut it down earlier on today.

I am using my husband' Laptop as he is busy shouting at the TV because Celtic are playing Juventus and losing 1-0 he is not a happy man. sad.gif

Thanks girls for all the feed back on my pictures. She is a happy baby ,like her mum. Didn't make any pancakes today . Just went to Tim Horton's for a coffee and a big Boston cream instead.
Annie I had my mouse freeze up on me at one time last year. Jim said it was because I was pressing on it to much. I am not patient when I am on the computer. Anyway I left it and the next day it was fine. Your sounds like it could be something to do with the pistols on the screen.My TV in the family room is giving us lines now and again and that's what it is.
Beautiful baby picture Isobel, the whole family are looking great!!!
Lovely baby Isobel ,a wee smasher .
We had our Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper at the Church tonight. Lovely meal, pancakes, bacon and scrambled egg, with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and whipped cream to follow. Good dinner, good company. Our Annual Congregational Meeting followed, I'm pleased to say my financial statements and 2013 budget were both passed! smile.gif
Elma, your Pancake Supper sounds more like a feast. laugh.gif

We awoke this morning to see snow everywhere and it snowed for a few hours. sad.gif

Being Ash Wednesday we were down at Mass, but had snow grippers on our boots.

Hopefully we will get some rain to wash away the snow.
Yes Elma that was like a feast. Heather we have had plenty sunshine but there is still lots of snow still piled high from last weekend storm.Thank god we have had nothing else. This will take a while to melt.
How is Al doing Jean?Went for my ashes today, then on to Tim's for coffee.Now heading over to Kathryn;s place.If I am there around 3:30 then she dont have to dress Keira and take her out when she goes to pick up Luke from the sitter.Fish and chips for us tonight so easy.
Hi Isobel,well we got him home last Friday in the midst of all that storm .he has been on a drip since then .We have a nurse coming in each day to change the drip and dressing .The antibiotics will finish today so that's one less thing to worry about .Can't say how long it will take the wound to heal .
My toe now seems infected .I'm back on a strong antibiotic and they told me if the inflamation gets worse or it starts to swell I've to go to emerg .Seems like it never rains but it pours .I'm supposed to keep off my foot as much as possible but with Al laid up that's near impossible .The girls both work full time and are about 1 1/2hours north of here .They get tons more snow than we do (they're in what they call the snow belt .If they come here from work it's about 7:00pm before they get here and they have to leave here around 6;15 am to drive back up north to work .
All we can do is keep our fingers crossed that everything heals up soon and make the best of a rotten situation .At least I can get an old pair of shoes on huh.gif
Like the song says Jean, one day at a time. This to will pass. I feel bad for you with that toe, it must be really painful. It it goes all red and hot get to the doctor. Glad to hear Al got home. He will get on the mend much faster now he is at home. Talk care Jean . Look after yourself eh.
Glad you got AL home. He is in the best place with the one he loves, have no doubt Al will be all the better for being in his own bed. Blessings and Love, x thumbup.gif

Am going in to have a Bath/shower, is milder today, so will not be such an effort for me..
Supposedly tomorrow is going to be mild too. Just going to order groceries online this week, another chore less to worry about. Maybe get out for a breath of air later.
Stratson , are you happy with the on line grocery orders?. I see the van around here often .I am told its very good, and it only costs ten dollars. The guy carries the boxes right into the kitchen for you .P.erhaps something to think about as we get older
Hi Isobel I also shop on line at Tesco and for £4.50p they deliver right into the kitchen the guy then empties the crates and takes them away,I wish I done this earlier saved myself lugging shopping bags from car to house.
Jakka glad you got your husband home and he will get better quicker in his own bed smile.gif

hi ladies , good morning , it is quite a nice morning here
but not to sure how long that will last
this shopping on line I have never done , although I have thought
about it , I just hav'nt tried it yet , although I do know a few who
grocery shop on line and are very happy with it .
but last week I bought a new grocery buggy, so I will wait awhile
before trying on line , laugh.gif cheers Pat

Hi Jakka , Glad to see that you finally have Al home ,
and I do hope that you get that toe fixed , and AL continues to improve, as I write this Jean I have thought that if you get stuck regarding shoes , I have a stack of old one's to which you
are most welcome . laugh.gif
I do hope you have a good day Take care , cheers ... Pat
Jakka, I hope life gets a lot easier for you and as the other's said, Al will be all the better for being home and having his family around him.

Our snow is all away thank goodness.

Nothing very much going on today. Went back to the Doctor who finally gave me something to help this cough I have had for ages. Then I did the shopping which took age's as I met one of my niece's in the Supermarket and we stood chatting for quite a long time. smile.gif
QUOTE (Isobel @ 14th Feb 2013, 02:33pm) *
Stratson , are you happy with the on line grocery orders?. I see the van around here often .I am told its very good, and it only costs ten dollars. The guy carries the boxes right into the kitchen for you .P.erhaps something to think about as we get older

Yes Isobel, am more than happy with home delivery from ASDA. Groceries are all well within dates of my using them. The cost varies from £3'50=£5, depending on delivery slot. Only problem was a year ago, had ordered Nescafe Cappucino packs on offer foe£1.49. Was charged correct price.
I called their office and explanation was by time order was made up offer was over. I asked them to uplift said coffee, they did and credited with the cost..On a good day I shop at Lidl for all the bargains, Love that store. My son uplifts for me as cannot carry too much. They do not do deliveries. Shopping for my groceries is something I have always enjoyed. Too fussy , so my son says. biggrin.gif
I've never shopped online for my groceries, but the time might come when I will have to do that.

One of the Butcher Shops in our Main Street has a notice in the window saying; There's only one nag in here and it's not for sale. laugh.gif

It's obviously a fun way of letting people know they don't sell anything with horse meat in it.
We are now hearing more about horse meat in ready made meals. It makes me wonder what else horse meat is in.
I have two frozen Lasange in the freezer made by Morrison and I think I will bin them.
I used to alway make my own Lasange but got lazy as it was a lot of work for one person as my husband does not like it.

Hi One of the Butcher Shops in our Main Street has a notice in the window saying; There's only one nag in here and it's not for sale.

Heather , I thought the butcher was reffering to his wife tongue.gif biggrin.gif

Yesterday I decided to buy a roast and get out the mincing machine
hope it still works .

also hoping that they hav'nt yet managed to put horse meat into fish .
you just never know . Cheers .... Pat unsure.gif
Well ,Al seems better today .The PICC line came out last night so that was a step in the right direction .My toe was a bit better today .Not as swollen or red as it has been .Please keep fingers crossed it's on the mend .I spent the day with my oldest daughter .She was having Lazer eye surgery .We promised her this as a 50th birthday present .She's been wearing glasses since she was six or seven years old .So far things are looking good .We have to go back at 8:00 am to get things checked out .All the eye stuff had been booked long before the problem with Al and my toe .She wanted to cancel but it would have taken a couple of months to get everything sorted out again ,so we made her keep the appointment .Everything is looking good .Off to bed as we have to be up early in the morning to keep the appointment . thumbup.gif
Good news Jakka , as you say , it's beginning
to go in the right direction
Take care , Pat biggrin.gif

I am taking some time today to clean this Keyboard ,
hope I don't wreck it . unsure.gif
So if we get a gobbletegoog Post then we will know it was Angel cleaning her keyboard laugh.gif .

We're not long in from the Vigil Mass and now I am grilling two sirloin steaks which we will have with a salad. smile.gif

Yes Heather , I did clean the keyboard
I think the computer it is now working
much better .
Tomorrow Sun. it is what I call my ecumenical breakfast ,
it does'nt happen every Sunday only when the
four of us can get together, it's really nice and very pleasant
Hope you enjoyed your supper biggrin.gif cheers Pat

Very happy to read the good news Jakka,It can only improve from here on. Glad your daughter went ahead with the lazer eye surgery .Jim had that two years ago .Wishes he had done it long ago.
What's an "ecumenical breakfast", angel ??
Pope's eye steak and eggs benedict.
laugh.gif Good one tongue.gif laugh.gif

What's an "ecumenical breakfast", angel ??


tawom , it's simply a word we use because
we belong , the four of us .
to three different chuches . absolutey nothing to do with
ecumenism . and for our breakfasts you are not too far out.
Welcome to the boards...... smile.gif

A ecumenical breakfast: Pope's eye steak and egg benedict. That's funny. laugh.gif

The weather is very mild today with some sunshine.

I've been up since 8'o'clock this morning and I'm bored and don't know what to do with myself. rolleyes.gif
Well my daughter is very pleased with her eyes .She is seeing things that she hasn't seen for years without her glasses.
Al isn't feeling as well as he did when he first came home from the hospital ,they stopped one of his meds but nobody told us when to restart !!!! .We're trying to get him in to see his cardiologist this Thursday .She runs a Heart function Clinic at our local hospital .Toe still improving ,long way from being better but on the right direction .All in all things are a bit brighter . Thanks for all the good wishes ,you are all good pals .
wee mags
I have not been on for a wee while i hadthe flu ,it got better then guess whit I got it wworse the second time ,then the other week i was feeling good started to clean all i had not been able to and neext thing I have a stomach bug ,Ihad to stay in the room when my grandkids came over as they have been sick off and on my little one has to have tubes in his ears ,as he keeps getting bad ear infections so the dr decided to have him go to anEar Nose and throat spec ,remeber in the old days you went to one Dr and he knew what was your problem now it takes four before they know what is wrong ,,Jakka glad to see your bundle is getting lighter thumbup.gif ,It is so hard when some else is sick and you cannot make it better ,but i will keepYou and Al in my prayers wink.gif
Hi Mags. sorry to hear you have not been well, but on the mend now.

Jakka, could you just phone the Doctor and find out about Al' medicine as it sounds like it has been stopped too soon.

A lovely bright sunny day here today again. I'm thinking Spring is just around the corner. Probably get hit with a foot of snow tomorrow.

We had an odd thing happen today.
I heard a funny noise in the kitchen this afternoon and when I went in to investigate, a bird was flying about the window sill trying to get out. How it got in the house in the first place is a mystery as there were no windows or doors open and our house's were built for Central Heating only, so no chimney.

I did leave the bathroom window open after I had a shower a few hours before this happened. The back door was open for two minutes when I went out to empty the bin after tidying up this morning. So if the bird came in on one of those occasions where did it hide for 4/5 hours??
As I said it is a mystery.

I was laughing at my brave man when we were watching the bird batter it's self off the window. He told me to open the window and he was shouting at the bird, 'shoo shoo', as he can't bear to touch birds. The bird finally found the open window and off it flew.
His dad used to breed budgie's and I always say something about them must have frightened him when he was young. Even when we had a budgie years ago he couldn't bear to touch it.
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