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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Thinking about you Jean and also Al. Each day will get easier, and as Isobel says, you only worry about the things you can change.Hope tomorrow is a better day. xx
Hi Jakka, how is your husband today?

The weather here continues to be wet, at least it's better than having snow.

After doing the housework today I did some reading, then some knitting. Life is sure exciting. biggrin.gif

I wish I could talk my husband into going away for a few weeks to somewhere warm, like Tenerife. We have been there a few times and the Hotel we go to is really nice with good food and entertainment every evening.
Roll on the Spring.
Well we had some good news and thought he was coming home tomorrow and then the not so good news arrived .He won;t be be home for a few more days till they sort out the complications .The antibiotics they have given him are causing problems with his kidneys ,which are already impaired .The wires that went into his heart are infectcted and they have to find an antibiotoc that will fight the infection that won;t hurt his kidneys .Looks like a hard time ahead ,I don't mind the parking costs ,it's a HORRIBLE drive to the hospital and takes me an hour and fifteen minutes by public transit '.I just want to be with him 24/7 .I remember all the dates of this and that etc .He had a couple of doctors arrived today after I had left for home and he couldnt remember what they were teling him !!!.I kleep telling him 14weeks and we'll be at the cottage .All this behind us .Going to have an early night so good-night friends .
Cheers Jakka
Jean I know what you mean about the drive.I ended up taking the go bus when Jim was in. That way I could get on and relax, so much easier. Even if you drove to the nearest subway, and took the train down from there. Would that be any easier?
When you go in tomorrow why dont you ask to speak to his nurse.She can tell you what the doctor is saying to him.It should be on his chart.
Hope tomorrow is a better day for both of you .
I got up this morning to every thing covered in white frost. By the time I went out just before 10'0'clock, the sun had melted all the frost. It was so sunny I had to be very careful crossing the road as I was blinded by the sun. rolleyes.gif

Nothing planned for tonight unless I can drag the man out for a wee drink. Chance would be a fine thing. laugh.gif


Hi Heather , I do hope that you've got a date for tonight biggrin.gif
If not , just go by yourself , I'm sure that you will have a good
evening .
the weather here has been really cold with some snow fall this week
but today it is snowing quite heavily and the temp is about
-9"C , it all looks very pretty from inside the house but tomorrow
will probably pay the price with shovelling , ' that's if I feel up to it '
Cheers Pat ,biggrin.gif


Hi Jean , I know it's such a lousy day for you , the weather is awful ,
but I do hope that you will have better news about Al .
Cheers , biggrin.gif Pat

Hi Isobel , I hav'nt been watching much hockey these past couple of
weeks , but I see that the Leafs' won their game last night and also
against Buffalo , smile.gif
Did you get your Kitchen floor finished . Cheers , Pat

Hi Anne I see you on the boards , cheers , Pat biggrin.gif
Angel, I'm surprised we have had no snow since the wee drop we had a few weeks ago.

No date for tonight. Maurice always goes to the Vigil Mass at 5'0'clock, and I said I would meet him afterwards to go for a wee drink, but he said he does not feel like going out. sad.gif

I would not have the courage to go into a pub myself, I would feel like a scarlet woman.
I blame our mammies for that, because of all the warnings they hammered into to us when we were young about not showing them or ourselves up. ohmy.gif
It's amazing how after all those years those warnings still live with us. wub.gif

Hello heather , I thought that you meant the church dance .

I was never in a pub in my life until after I was Married ,
I remember my husband asking me what I would like to drink
and I just could'nt think of anything , but he was having a
Black n Tan so I said that I would have the same ,
actually it was'nt bad , laugh.gif He was never a liquor drinker only on
special occasion 's , although he did drink Guinness .
I learned all by myself about " liquor " Cheers . tongue.gif

Angel, if it was a Church dance then it would not be a problem as there are many women I know I could go with.
Usually I just buy the tickets then tell Maurice, 'Get your dancing shoes on we are going to the dance'. laugh.gif

Maurice was a black & tan drinker when he was young.

I remember when doing a Coach Tour of Ireland the driver warned us that when in Wexford not to ask for a black & tan drink as that area suffererd a lot from the black & tan soldiers.
Angel yes the floor is done. Everything is back to normal, thank god.Had an overnight stay earlier this week at Niagara Falls.We had a room on the 29th floor overlooking the falls but as it was a bit foggy we didn't have the best view.Then at the casino in my excitement of winning $60 I lost my purse. However it all ended well, one of the staff handed it in. I tried to give her twenty dollars but they are not allowed to take it.Anyway all;s well that ends well.There are still good honest folks out there.
Click to view attachment
Just had a look at my last update ,boy was I tired ???? I hadn't even had a glass of wine .Well the news was a bit better today .We still don't know when he will be home .Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday .The infection in the wires wasn't as bad as first thought .I guess we got him to the hospital before the infection reached his heart .They are still working on the best antibiotic to give him as they still have to consider the site they took the infected pacemaker out of is still infected .It's all very complicated and I've had a long day .It's 8:30pm here and I haven't had supper so I'll away and have a bite to eat and try and relax . thumbup.gif
Hi Jean glad to hear things are taking a turn for the better with Al, just takes time, he is in the best place right now biggrin.gif Isobel glad you enjoyed Niagara Falls, just came back from there too but we did not go to the Falls, we were at Wolf Lodge with our granddaughters, they had a great time, (so did we!) yesterday was lovely lounging in the pool and snow falling outside through the big glass windows surrounding the water park, , was nice!
That's good news Jakka. smile.gif

It's been a cold wet miserable day here today, then a few minutes ago I looked out to see if it was still raining, shock horrow gasp, it been snowing, not heavy just a light covering. I just hope we don't get any more snow overnight.

I just finished reading a book I got from the Library and I'm still trying to figure out what it was all about. It jumped about that much from past to present I lost interest in it.wacko.gif

Hi Heather , I spent a good
part of the day , shoveling
but i am not doing anything like I did before , it's time to
lay down that shovel laugh.gif
I'm not getting as much reading done as I would have liked but I will get around to it .
Not much else to say at this time , our temps. are still in the minus range and getting colder but us guys can handle that , EH sad.gif thumbup.gif
take care , Pat

Angel, we don't shovel the g'son does it for us. smile.gif

Maurice bought me those grips you put on your shoes to stop sliding about. If we get more snow overnight I maybe practice walking about the driveway. biggrin.gif

There is enough food in the freezer to last us this week, so if we do get heavy snow I won't be going out.
Well shot down in flames again .I think they are playing good cop ,bad cop biggrin.gif .They told us maybe tomorrow .Next DR. says hopefully Friday .We've decided to just wait it out and we'll deal with it .They seem to be on top of everything but comunicating with each other !!!!!! .One dept ,says this ,the next dept says they shouldnt have said that .Pretty scary but I can see the logic ..Goodnight pals.
Take it easy Jean, the doctors will not let him go until they are sure he will be OK. I know it's hard for you. How are you managing with the travelling to the Hospital now?
My doctor 'phoned me tonight to tell my my Lab tests last week showed I have a bladder infection so he has called the drug store with a prescription for me. More pills, as if I haven't enough already sad.gif
Thinking and praying for both you and Al, please keep us up-to-date. wub.gif
Hope things go well for you and Hubby Jakka smile.gif
Spent half the day clearing out walk in cupboard as we have workmen coming Friday & Saturday installing solar panels[don't think we will benefit much as we have gas central heating] but time will tell

This Landlord we are under[ Sheltered housing ]do all repairs in winter time march last year put in new central heating and winter before they done all the kitchens, means your left freezing for hours on end but at least its done
Our snow has disappeared thankfully hope it stays away smile.gif smile.gif .

Good news this morning , that little 5yr old who was abducted from
his school bus down in Alabama about 7days ago is now safe and
sound , he had been kept in an underground den by his abductor
who also shot dead the school bus driver, anyway the police finally stormed the dug out and shot this nutter dead and got the little boy ,who is now home with his mother , what an ordeal for that wee soul and his parents . sad.gif

Angel I was glad to hear that on the news, Poor wee boy probably thought it was a game, when all the time his life was in danger.

The rain has washed all the snow away, thank goodness.

I spent the day sewing together all the parts of the wee doll I knitted, just got the waist band to sew on.
What an exciting life I lead. sad.gif

I was going to go out and tidy up the garden as there are a lot of dead flower stalks lying about, but Maurice convinced me it was too cold, so I didn't bother. biggrin.gif
Thoughts and prayers for you Jakka, is disappointing I know however is best they are definite. Bless, x

Anne1, It's the same here, always want to do work in winter. Last week they measured all my windows for new double glazing, Thought was gonna blow away, Am sure will be great when G,H.A. get it finished house will be warmer, workman tells me probably March when they are installed, I told him, if it's a bad day will not let them have access to my house,,,,,so there!!!

Heather, what the heck are you thinking about going out to do garden, Maurice was right. Do you like getting the flu? rolleyes.gif Here's me thinking you are a clever woman----not.

Off to bed, so cosy. Love ma bed! biggrin.gif
Ah well Stratson, we all have our mad moments. laugh.gif

At the moment I'm doing Jigzone on the Laptop. Well I was before I looked in here. wub.gif
I can't believe that Corrie is not on until 9'30 tonight. I settled down to watch Emmerdale then Corrie when my husband reminded me it was not on until later on this evening.

I think it is some kind of wildlife programme that is on instead, which is ok for my husband as he loves watching all these wildlife programme's. wub.gif

such a beatiful day here , brilliant blue sky
a tad cold -7' C but no wind , went out to buy
some groceries because the weather channel says it is the calm before the storm , so we shall see what happens . cheers , unsure.gif Pat
Angel the sun was beaming down here today but it was very cold.

The family was round today and our g'son is all chuffed because his wee sister asked him to be her Sponsor for her Confirmation in May. smile.gif
Maurice was Sponsor for the g'son and I was for the other g'daughter.

Well everything is still up in the air .There are all kinds of complications .Now they are saying maybe Friday !!!, or next Wednesday .Depends what numbers they come up with .In the meantime ,I broke a couple of toes last December and I guess walking to help them I got an ingrowen toenail !!! .This nail became infected and my GP treated it with hot salt water baths and antibiotic cream .Didn't help .Saw him again last week and he put me on oral antibiotics and told me if the infection was still there on Monday I had to go to emergency and have them open it up to drain the infection .I went there after I left my love on Monday night and they took the nail off my toe and a lot of the infected tissue .Very painful .I've been going up and down the public transit with one winter boot and one of my loves slippers on, these past couple of days .Haven't slept well and scared about the impending storm .
I took the massive bandage off tonight and while it doesn't look very nice ,wasn't pouring blood .I put a smaller bandage on and I can get a shoe on so that's a step in the right direction .Talk about "Hop-along Cassidy " Al said at least no one would hit on me on the subway laugh.gif .and had wondered if anyone had offered this old lady that hadn't a pair of shoes any money laugh.gif .Just as well we can keep our sense of humour or we would go nuts .
Didn't sleep well last night so I'm off to bed now ,some start to a New Year .Cheers Jakka
Lucky white heather right enough Jakka. You certainly don't have your sorrows to seek.
The heather meaning the flower. laugh.gif

I was out eary this morning and it was not as cold as I expected it to be, but I was all wrapped up in my thermal vest, thermal long johns, hat, scarf and glove's. So I guess the cold could not get to me.

I should be getting on witht the housework, but I have just finished a cup of tea and couple of sandwiches in sausage and bacon after coming back from doing the shopping.
Now I have to go and get the work done. rolleyes.gif
Lucky white heather right enough Jakka. You certainly don't have your sorrows to seek.
The heather meaning the flower. laugh.gif

I was out early this morning and it was not as cold as I expected it to be, but I was all wrapped up in my thermal vest, thermal long johns, hat, scarf and glove's. So I guess the cold could not get to me.

I should be getting on with the housework now that I have finished a pot of tea and couple of sandwiches in sausage and bacon after coming back from doing the shopping.
Now I have to go and get the work done. rolleyes.gif

Well Jean ,you sure are having a rotten time at present. and I
can only hope that things will improve for both you and Al
I know Jean , that Al has been very ill but is there anything worse than a big sore toe especially at this time for you , smile.gif maybe you should consider giving yourself at least a one day break from travelling to the hospital , and give yourelf a rest ,
As I said to you at the meet , Jean , if you don't look after yourself
who will look after your love , also it looks like we are getting
hammered this weekend with a big storm , so you mind and take care .

Morning all. Sitting here watching the weather channel .Here we are thinking we are getting off so easy this year, might have known it would end. Big storm watch right now, 25 cm expected. Not sure how many inches that is but it sure sounds like a lot.Its been years since we had anything like this.
Thinking of you Jean. I think if Al is still in hospital on Friday you need to stay home.I was thinking of your toe. Two years ago I had an ingrown toenail I had to have part of it removed, and it was nothing like yours .I had no infection. But boy it was painful, so I can't imagine the pain you must have had and perhaps still having.
Hope you are feeling a little better Elma.
Heather you just put me in the mood for a bacon roll. I think I will go make one for our lunch.
Angel your area is also going to get hit. My daughter has just called her mother in law who lives in Welland cant make it here on the weekend . Joanne is just going to change the date for Amelia's wee birthday party. Its only family so easy to re arrange.
Get that shovel back out you are going to need it......

hi Heather , I don't remember ever having a sponsor for my confirmation
although my sister was the sposnor for our boys .
I just remember at my own confirmation , having a much nicer dress
than I did for my communion and Sister Mary St. Vincent "
she was a bugger laugh.gif I was scared of her , all she could do was bully wee 7yr olds telling us to move along more quickly down
the isle . cheers ...... Pat
Right with you Angel all I can remember is picking my conformation name. However I did sponsor my niece.
There was no Sponsors in my day either. It was just after my son was Confirmed that the Church started having Sponsors.

Isobel it was our dragon of a Teacher who gave us our Confirmation name's. I wanted Bernadette and she gave me Mary. I complained to mum, but she agreed with the Teacher. So when the Bishop said Mary, I said Bernadette. He must have thought he had a very confused child in front of him.
Now when anyone asks me my Confirmation name I say ' Mary Bernadette '. laugh.gif

I had the toenail on the big toe of my left foot removed about 30 years ago, because it was ingrown, and treated in a way that it never grew back on. It bothers me now and again with a lot of throbbing and another Doctor told me the nerve's on the toe were damaged when the toenail was removed.

Now when anyone asks me my Confirmation name I say ' Mary Bernadette '.

Heather , and I say "Mary Therese" biggrin.gif
but I never tell anyone my christian name !

That's dishes all washed &dripping dry. Do not have a dishwasher, no space for one else would have one. Will be put away before I retire for the night which is usually 8 or 9, all depending on T.V. programs, Am up every couple of hours, seldom have a good nights sleep.
At least am well rested.

Did very little housework, catch up tomorrow,,,,Like a sparkling house for Fridays.(If am fit)
Saturdays like to use oven to full capacity get casserole and roast done.
Have not done baking in years, anyway am having a go Tuesday, making Banana Pancakes.
Hard to believe is Lent already.

Heather(off Topic) never had a sponsor for communion or confirmation in my day either, that would be the 30's and confirmed early 40's..
Q,T, tonight then This Week, like those programs. A good nights viewing, thumbup.gif
Stratson, your not off topic, in here we talk about anything and everything.

I couldn't tell you the last time I had a good night's sleep. I lie awake for about three hours when I go to bed, then when I do get to sleep, I wake up about every two hours. I've tried all the hints and advice, but nothing works. sad.gif
Well we think Al might get home tomorrow !!!!.He has to have a pick line in and they did that a couple of days ago but it seems there's a kink in it and it has to be sorted before they can let him come home .He will need antibiotics for four weeks so we will have daily nurses coming to change his dressings and see to his IV.
My son is driving up from Buffalo tonight in this storm and he will drive to the hospital tomorrow to get his Dad .
The toe is a bit better .The dressing they had put on the toenail was hard as a rock with dried blood and was forcing the broken toes up .I took the dressing off last night and put my own one on .Much better .I even got my shoes on .We can see a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnell. thumbup.gif
I think the sleeping thing affects us all as we get older. I am lucky if I get three hours a night .After that I am looking at the clock every hour. Great news Jean. Al will improve faster once he gets home to his own bed.
Storm watch here ,but so far only a small amount of snow on the ground.
Heading off to bed with my book. Talk tomorrow
QUOTE (Isobel @ 7th Feb 2013, 02:59pm) *
Angel your area is also going to get hit. My daughter has just called her mother in law who lives in Welland cant make it here on the weekend . Joanne is just going to change the date for Amelia's wee birthday party. Its only family so easy to re arrange.
Get that shovel back out you are going to need it......

Isobel , I have two shovels , one for each hand biggrin.gif
I do have a snow blower ,but half the time I can't get it started ,
these last two years I have spent enough momey on it ,
and at this point in time , I probably should buy another but I don't think that it is worth the expense now .
and if the shoveling gets more than I can handle , I can always get someone to do the job . cheers , Pat . keep cosy .

From my kitchen patio door this morning.
well Isobel , that drift will keep the drafts out biggrin.gif
and as the days goes on it might just get deeper .

the snow drifts on my house are on the opposite side
this time , away from the driveway and paths so I won't
bother with those drifts , not unless the wind changes .
then that will be a different story

I see that the east coast will be getting hammered again
thats on top of what they have already , glad I'm not
there at this time . cheers.........Pat biggrin.gif
Angel when we saw the way the drifts were going across the driveway we decided to take the two vans out the garage and park them on the driveway. It is working, less snow on my driveway to shovel.
Hope you are OK in Niagara.
Oh dear you are really getting the snow in Canada. sad.gif

We have had a mild day with no snow and no rain. Can you believe that?

It was an expensive day for us as we have had to order a new Gas Boiler as we have been having trouble with the one we have. As this is a more modern one to be put in on the 21st of this month, hopefully it will show a difference in our gas and heating Bills.
So on that day we will not be able to cook or have heat so I will have to make some dinners in advance that can be heated up in the microwave. wub.gif
Now is the time for all you folk in Ontario to move out west tongue.gif We haven't had a snowfall for almost 2 weeks, still lots of snow on the ground but today we have had a beautiful day, blue sky and lots of sunshine. Vancouver and the coast have only had a few days snow this year but that still doesn't tempt me to return, I prefer living in the mountains thumbup.gif

Hope you do not have a big mess getting you new hot water heater
installed Heather , cheers... Pat

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