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Angel think twice before getting rid of the car.
I drove for years and it took me a long time to get used to not having a car.

Maurice was visiting his mum one night and the car was stolen from right outside her house. She was very upset about it, and after reporting it to the Police he had to get a taxi home. The next day his mum was found dead from a massive heart attack. For some reason Maurice blamed himself for being at her house that night.
He was very close to his mum and loved her to bits. He never bought another car again.

I loved driving and used to get into the car and go a wee run anywhere just to be driving.
When I was still working I was going to buy myself a car, but the Insurance Co. were charging me as a new driver, costing me a fortune even though I was on Maurice's Insurance all the years we had a car. So no car for me.

It's always the same when painting one place, it shows up the other place's so they have to be painted as well.
wee mags
no painting for me ,iam trying to learn to crochet flowers Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Jean, hope you have good news about Al, its magic what they can do nowadays! thinking of you.
no painting for me ,iam trying to learn to crochet flowers Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Mags , It's easier for me to paint and wallpaper
although when our son's were young I did a lot of knitting
for them and some nice sweaters for my husband and myself ,
then along came the grandchildren but those days are
long gone . A number of years ago I gave all my wool and knitting
patterns along with the needles , to the salvation army.
The last time I knitted was when I bought wool and a pattern
from the John Lewis store , " Buchanan Galeries " about maybe
15 yrs ago , on one of my visits .
Cheers , smile.gif Pat

Angel, I know what you mean about the driving, I dont enjoy driving anymore but it is a life line when you just wont to get out, sometimes cheers

I know what you are saying Annie but I'm not giving up the car
It's just an experiment on my part to see if I can survive without it
I do use the local transport quite a bit when I want a change .
Cheers , Pat biggrin.gif

I'm up very late tonight. I was watching Question time and the Leader of the UKIP Party, Nigel Farage was on it. He spoke more sense than Cameron and Clegg put together and got plenty applause from the audience.
No wonder UKIP are winning a lot of votes in England.

I did venture out today to do the shopping and met so many people I know it took me hours to get the shopping done. Maurice thought I had got lost. Well you can't rush past people, you have to stop for a wee chat. Sure you do. laugh.gif

I did venture out today to do the shopping and met so many people I know it took me hours to get the shopping done. Maurice thought I had got lost. Well you can't rush past people, you have to stop for a wee chat. Sure you do.

Yes you do Heather ! and it is always nice to meet folks when you are out shopping and maybe end up having a coffee , and a rare wee blether .
I went out myself this afternoon "Thurs." in and out of a few little stores . bought some odds and ends , and finally made my way home .
The weather today was pretty cold , about -6/7"C with lite snow flurries
but it was still very pleasant to walk ,
When it comes to shopping locally this is a good area , two supermarkets ,
a ladies store , dollars stores , two Pharmacies , dentist's , doctors ,
podiatrist's , optometrists , restaurants , fast food joints ,
Hardware store , bakers , travel agents laugh.gif Liquor store . beer store
post office , and more , all within what I consider a reasonable walking
distance , cemetery just down the road sad.gif hospital 5-10min. , Don't know
why I would ever won't to leave this area , also a half decent local bus
service so this is why I walk when I am shopping locally .

as I type this , I have just noticed that the snow has become a bit heavier and lying on the ground , hope it does'nt get any heavier as I am going out of town come Sat. . Take care , Cheers , Pat
Just had the snow plough round. First time this year. Not much snow but enough to require the plough Also very cold. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.
annie laurie
Heather & Angel i guess we all must have been feeling the cabin Fever[so to speak]
i also ventured out to-day the 1st in 4 days,

Temp., not to bad it was the wind that was colder,
So far no more snow here in Kelowna, B>C>

It is you guys turn now for the white stuff

Not to worry January is half over right ??????????????? tongue.gif cheers
Good morning girls,Snow on ground not much but I think more to come. Its very windy.I wont be out till tonight. I think Annie Laurie must have wished this on us. Never mind as you say Annie January's almost over.Its so nice to look out at ,sun is brilliant but the snow is blowing about.
OK Better get some work done here.

I was supposed to be going across the river today to do some shopping ,
but last minute changes , My sister has to babysit her young grandson,

Ah the joys of being a grandmother , so now our day out will be next
Friday . Today , brillant sunshine snow on the ground
temp. - 8"C Cheers , Pat . biggrin.gif
Looking out the window this morning it was like a nice sunny summers day, but when I went out to empty the bin it was bitter cold.

Got all the housework done then settled down to start stitching the doll together.
I'm now having a break while waiting for the next part of Corrie to start.

No snow for us so far. smile.gif
annie laurie
Lovely Sunny day here also,

Off to have my hair cut at 2pm,
Have been trying to grow it out a bit, but i cant stand it anymore cant do a thing with it at the stage, wacko.gif

Suppose to warm up over the week-end, however great to see the Sun shineing, as we get a lot of fogged in days here in Kelowna as we are in the Valley

have a good week-end everybuddy>>>>>>>>>>>cheers thumbup.gif
annie laurie
Heather ,
We are at the bit in Corrie, where they wedding has just beeen called off between Leanne and Nick

And Gayle is falling for her Mothers old Boyfriend honestly what next
But still I have to watch it biggrin.gif been following it too long now

Cant wait for the Midwife to come back, love that show,

Watch a rerun of Downton Abbey last night 1,2,3, loved it again, again,
Annie, I think Gail is being taken for a mug and that guy is out for revenge because she was responsible for breaking up his romace with her mother. rolleyes.gif

The dolls head is now stitched up and the legs sewn on. I have now started to knit the pantalets.

I'm hoping the time of the Midwives does not clash with Mr Selfridge.
QUOTE (Heather @ 18th Jan 2013, 09:03pm) *
I'm hoping the time of the Midwives does not clash with Mr Selfridge.

Heather have you forgotten about the +1 channels I told you about already. If they're both on at 9pm, watch Mr Selfrige at 10pm on freeview channel 33. Mary biggrin.gif
Mary, yes i did forget. Thankyou for the reminder. smile.gif
Baby sitting two grand daughters today. Joanne and Raul left at one right after lunch. Going shopping dinner out and a movie. Hope I make it to bedtime, ha ha, love them to bits , but they do wear you out.
Isobel, did you manage to survive the g'children? laugh.gif

We were covered in snow this morning, but it has now melted away.

It's too cold to go out and I don't know what to get up to. Probably just curl up with ' A Passage to India'. A book I got out the Library a few days ago.
I remember it was a series on the TV many years ago.

Have a good day everyone and keep warm. smile.gif
annie laurie

i cant belive the amount of snow you are all having in the U>K>
I see by the News CNN London has cancelled all flight in the last 3 days,

I only ever remember seeing snow once when i lived in glasgow, lots of frosty morning but not snow,
this must be global warming then eh?

Heather i watch Series #3 Downton Abbey last night {sunday] 2 hours of it was terrific,

Keep warm, we still have snow around but it has not snowed for a few days but very cold, minus temp., blush.gif wub.gif
Trying to keep warm here too today annie laurie -25 today with a wind chill of -31, did not wan to go out but had a hair appt!!! Same again for tomorrow they say, we had a 30 car pile up on the highway at the top of our street on Sunday! people forget how to drive in the snow!!!
Hi toerag , I heard in the news the other day , that you guys just got hammered with snow , they said 3 centimeter's an hour , now thats a lot of shovelling , we hav'nt had a lot of snow , just now it's -15"C
much colder with the wind but we are probably the hot spot
in Canada
Hi Annie , I did see that parts of England got lots of snow with the usual Chaos , I hope that it has eased up for them . Cheers Ladies , Pat
biggrin.gif I had the wonderful pleasure to have had my grandaughter Mikayla for an overnight stay last night and had her here all day today (probably why iam exaughsted lol) anyhoo just enjoyed her wee nature and her personality blossoming before my eyes she will be 3 on Friday Rabbie Burns day andwhat an incredible 3 yrs it has been.We tend not to overly watch our own kids grow but we seem to have the added extra time to pay more attention to our kids children and their developments and compare them to their parent etc etc well today was just so lovely I saw Mikaylas little sweet personality come into play when she thought she was in trouble and she had that quivering lip and stare that developed the hugest single tear drop and she looked up at me and said "Gramma I don't want you to be angry with me I Love you Gramma" Awwww what can a Grandma do but to melt into sheer love as she sweeps the wee darling girl into her comforting hugg so tight and caring .I Loved this experience with Mikayla today she didnt want to dissapoint me and she didnt want to be in trouble nor did she want me to be unhappy all at once little darling she is,we just hugged for ages and it was sooooo soul and heart nourishing I just wanted to share it with you all My little Angel girl is growinginto a lovely wee girl with a sweet heart personality of peace and Love a wwwwww wub.gif
Hi Pat, still feezing here today, this morning it was -30 and the comedian on the radio says it will be a wee bit warmer tomorrow............ only minus -29!! ohmy.gif
Hi all, freezing my nose off here.Had to go out today to play our numbers !!!!!.My love will have his surgery on Tuesday .A bit complicated but they have all the bases covered .We have to drive back downtown again tomorrow for pre-addmission work etc .Not looking forward to that .Usualy if we have to go downtown we take puiblic transport .My love couldn't make it there on the TTC.(Toronto Transit ).My Question here is why don't the BURBS have the same resorses as the city hospitals ?????They can't do the surgery in our our local hospital so I have to drive 40 minutes downtown pay $ 23 parking for 2 hours and drive back down two days later and pay god knows how much to park because we will be there for hours this time for pre-addmission and blood work etc .Then I will have to drive back down to have him admitted .I can take the TTC daily while he is in the hospital but will have to drive and park on his release .I pay the same taxes as anyone living close to the hospital .Does this seem fair ????
All that really matters is that he is OK at the end of all this .He's in bits because I;'m doing al the stressful driving .Toronto City Driving is not easy .No left turns between 4pm and six ,no right turns between 4and six one way this and one way that .You get the picture . wacko.gif
Jakka, just hire a helicopter it will be faster. smile.gif

I think I am being attacked by gremlins.

My husband went up to the bathroom on Monday night for a shower and the bathroom was flooded. He checked the pipes but could not find any problem.
No sooner had we dried the floor but it was soaked again. He finally traced the problem to the radiator that was spraying out water. He plugged the place where the leak was with soap and taped it up. We hung a towel on the end of the raditor letting it hang down into a bowl so any more water could drip in to it.
The Gas Engineer was here this morning and we need a new radiator that will be delivered tomorrow.

No sooner had we dried off the bathroom but the kitchen light started going off and on. A new starter motor sorted that.

On Tuesday morning I had an appointment at the Royal Infirmary Alexander Parade at 10-40am.
I got a taxi there and arrived at 10-25am. Went to the Reception Desk and was sent to another area. Arrived at that area and was sent to another area, walking along corridors that seemed a mile long. Arrived there and was told to go to Castle Street and had to walk along a tunnel that surely was a mile long.
Got to Castle Street and was sent to a Ward, and on arriving there was told to go to the Elizabeth Building in Alexander Parade, the first place I was in. By this time it was 10-55am.
I gave up and went home.
I phoned to complain as I did not want marked down as failing to keep the Appointment. The woman I spoke to said the same thing has happened to other Patients and like me, she would have given up as well. wub.gif

So I paid 10 for a taxi so I could go a walking tour of the Royal Infirmary. wacko.gif

good morning Heather , my you two have been through the wars
hope things get better soon .
as for that hospital appointment , that takes the biscuit , I don't have
words to say about that , mad.gif

Jakka , I know that you have to do what you have to do , but would it not be easier for you to stay over , instead of having to go back and forward from the hospital , anyway I do hope that all goes well for you .
Take a couple of asprins before the drive , I swear it works . smile.gif
but then , I have never driven in Toronto . " thats scary "

Toerag , thank you so much for your kind offer , I'll be in touch , lol .
Cheers , Pat .

Heather, my Mums in The Royal just now and I must say I've never been in a more confusing or frustrating hospital in my live. There has been absolutely no thought put into the every day use of the building. Even the Domestic on my Mums ward says she's worked there for years and still can't find her way round. The parking is even worse. I've made friends with the local traffic warden and he showed me all the places I can park, few and far between but thank God for my Blue Badge, still nor easy. Mary wacko.gif
I am still watching the kids I have had them all week . The sitter had surgery and is unable to look after them. Thank god tomorrow is Friday. I love them to bits but boy I am too old for full time baby sitting.Jean I do hope Al gets on OK. I know what you mean about driving to Toronto, Just hate it, I had to take Jim up and down to Princess Margaret for many many visits. Talk about High blood pressure.And as you say the parking is certainly not cheap.
I had to go out today for half an hour, the sun was blinding and the cold was so awful . My ears were just about falling off. Not sure what the temp was but recently it has been in and around-18. Roll on Summer.This is dreadful.
wee mags
Isobel I know what you mean about taking care of the kids its hard er as you get older ,i have had a bad cough and sniffles and so has my whole clan but I had it the worst ,well my youngest grandson was here for two days as my daughter did not want him exposed to all the sicknesses that are going about school right now so auld Gma had him but he is no bother he just plays and enterat ains himself now ,except once in a while he will say Granma sing your silly scottish songs for me
Awe the shame, awe you poor grannies awe worn our. laugh.gif

The Engineer has been here and put in the new radiator in the Bathroom.
I will probably be howling next week when the bill comes in. ohmy.gif

It was snowing a wee while ago, but it did not last long and the snow has all melted away.
Much the same S.S. of the city, all melting Just like rain..

Am enjoying being at home in this weather, about to get under the duvet and watch T,V, biggrin.gif
Best place to be Stratson. Mind and switch on the electric blanket to heat the bed up first. smile.gif

How are you doing these days?? smile.gif
Well survived the drive downtown yesterday .Found a less expensive place to park but still close to the hospital .I can drop Al off at the door and go park and be with him in less than 5 mins..Spent just over seven hours yesterday going over what will happen on Tuesday ,blood work ECG's Echoes etc.Very complicated surgery coming up but we'll have a quiet weekend and try and relax .One of my girls will come here Monday night and stay with me while the surgery is going on .My other daughter will come here wednesday after work and my son will come up on the weekend .No idea how long the hospital stay will be .They don't know how far the infection goes ,maybe into the wires that go from his infected pacemaker into his heart Could be days but who knows .He will be in good hands and that's all that matters .

hi Jean , I'm sure this must be a very stressful
time for you and the family , but my thoughts are with you
and praying that all will go well for your Love smile.gif
God Bless , Pat x
Hi Jean, Please keep us updated, and look after yourself.I am sure Al will be fine ,You are both in my prayers.
Thanks for the good wishes pals .I'm sure things will turn out OK.Just very stressful.This man has been the love of my life for over fifty years and if he's not OK after all this I'll be lost .
Jakka, it's obviously a very worrying time for you, but I hope everything goes well for your husband and you have him back home with you soon.

Take care.
It's cold, wet and miserable here today.,

I'm not long back from a Dental Appointment where I was charged 33-88 for two fillings and my teeth cleaned. ohmy.gif

On TV last night I was watching a Jewish woman tell about her experience in a Concentration Camp. It was very interesting and sad, but spoiled by the continous music played throughout.
I've lost count of the times films and plays have been spoiled by music drowing out what the Actors are saying. Sometimes it is so loud I just change to another channell
Even our 6'o'clock news has music playing during part of it and it is really annoying.
I can't understand why Producers of these shows feel the need for music playing whilst the actors are speaking.
That's my grump for today. sad.gif

I see The Quiet Man is on TV today. I've lost count of the times I've seen that film.
I remember one time we were in County Mayo we went to Cong to see where the film was made. smile.gif

I agree about the music Heather , sometimes you just can't hear a word .
weather has been really messy here through the night , Rain, Snow
and Ice Rain, roads are like ice rinks , very dangerous driving .
plus we had a power failure through the wee small hours , but it's now
biggrin.gif back on , or I would be mailing this lol .
I hav'nt been very well since the middle of last week , I still can't
kick this virus , I'm thinking , I'll go back to bed .
Enjoy thw quiet man . Cheers , Pat.

Oh dear Angel, your having a bad time and your weather sounds worse that ours.
Take a nice hot toddy and go back to bed. Take care.

I still have my cough and have an Appointment with our Practice Nurse at the Asthma Clinic on Wednesday. She will have me blowing into a tube testing my lung power and asking if I am still smoking. I am always honest and tell her YES. So that's me for a telling off. sad.gif
My love came through the surgery OK but has a lot of other problems we didn't expect .Facing a hard time here .I'm being positive and looking at things as a glich we didn't susspect !!!!!!!!!!!!!. unsure.gif
Jean thats great news,you are a very positive person and you and Al will get through this. One day at a time.Thinking of you both.

Heather hope your cough has improved.You to Angel take care.

Today it was a record warm day here . I believe 15%. But boy we have had plenty of rain, give me snow anytime. All this rain is depressing. huh.gif
Thanks for that Isobel .What are you doing up at this time of night? Do you still have the weans???ha ha .I'm shattered tonight .Was up at 4:am to get my love to the hospital on Tuesday .We had to leave early because the fog was so bad I couldn't see the other side of the street .Drove back home last night after a very stressful day in the worst rain I have ever seen .Still a wee bit foggy .Busy ,Busy ,traffic ,more pedestrians than I've ever seen in my life .Most of them wearing black !!!!!.In the middle of one of the busiest intersectionis they were all dogging out and in the cars .Bike riders coming up on my side ,no reflectve tape ,lights or anything else .Arrived home an hour and a half later .My daughter said she was glad that it was me driving and not her ,because I knew the route .
We had a bite to eat ,after eight pm by this point ,had a couple of glasses of wine and tried to relax before we went to bed .She had to be up early again to make the hour plus drive north to her work . At 4AM the alarm that my love had set went off again ,my lovely daughter went into the room and tried to batter it off and the shelf it was on fell off..
If I wasn't laughing I'd be crying .I woke with the start at 4AM then the clatter when she tried to batter it quiet and the shelf fell down .No way we were getting back to sleep again at that time .
Had a stressful drive to the local transit this morning and was parked a long way from the subway loads of stairs to climb etc .Took over an hour on public transit to get me home .All the way thinking about the colmplications they found .Good Night , hope tomorrow is an easier day .
ohmy.gif Jings poor you Jakka Iam sorry you are having such a hard and difficult time I pray for your needs to be met in every sense for you and yours Gods Blessings be upon you and yours .Just read this post and felt so sorry for what you were going through straight from my heart Iam truly sorry your having a hard time take care God Bless. wub.gifI certainly hope your Loving husband breaks through and feels better asap!Click to view attachment Click to view attachment
Jakka, I'm sorry to hear the latest news about your husband.
I think the only way to look at it is that when these other problems are treated, it may well improve your husband' health for the better.
I lit a candle for him when at Mass this morning.

I was out early this morning and the weather was dreadful, I nearly turned back home. It was pouring rain and the wind was coming from every side. I was chilled to the bone even though I was well wrapped up in heavy coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots and yes the long johns. laugh.gif

When I finally got to Morrisons, the first thing I did was to have a pot of tea in the wee cafe they have there to try and get some heat into me.

I can't believe the letter I got today from the Health Centre enclosing a letter they got from the Royal Infirmary stating that I failed to keep my appointment last week.
After the run around I got in the Royal last week then phoning to complain, obviously the complaint did not reach the Doctor whom I was to see. His phone number was on the letter so I phoned and spoke to his Secretary and told her exactly what happened last week, she said she will let the Doctor know when he is in tomorrow.
Maybe I should take that with a pinch of salt, seeing that my first complaint went nowhere. wub.gif
Hi Jean ,I bet when the summer rolls round and you and Al are heading up to the cottage this will all be a distant memory. Right now its nothing but worry, try and relax, look after yourself. You are no good to Al if you get sick.Worrying wont change anything Jean, I have learned that.
I wish we were a little closer to each other , a wee cup of tea and a wee bleather is always good.
We are all here thinking of you and wishing for good news today.Take care Jean.

And to answer your question I still have the weans, house is a disaster most days , all I seem to do is clean up, but Joanne is hoping to move into their house May 6th. Keep you fingers crossed. Its been a long time for them as well. However on a positive note they are saving a ton of money.
sorry to hear your news Jakka, ive been looking in prayers of hope to see how your hubby got on

just thinking about you Jean , I do hope that you have a better day
today . Pat x smile.gif
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