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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Good morning Linda , my I can hardly believe that it is 3yrs since
Mikaylas was born , how time does fly . she is a lovely wee girl
and I'm sure that she loves her Grandma and of course Grandpa.
I do hope that your health is much better these days and life is good
for you . it is nice to see you posting again , so you take care and have
a good and happy New year , biggrin.gif God bless , Pat


Hello Elma , it looks like you won't be getting rid of the snow
anytime soon in your neck of the woods , We have had a
January thaw this past week , it's still pretty mild today
but now with rain ,looks like we will be back to normal after this
weekend .
I do hope that your daughter wasn't injured in that car accident
and that she will get her new car soon and then you will be back to
normal . Have a good Elma and take care .Cheers Pat.

Nice to hear from you Linda. Your grand daughter is beautiful and growing so fast. Can't believe I now have four. Hope you are keeping well . Elma ,sorry to hear about your daughter. As Linda says hope she was not injured. You can replace a car, its just all this waiting that is the pain.
Angel we have been left with next to no snow here with the rain and the very mild temps, I cant wait to see what the weekend brings. According to the weather channel we can expect a warm weekend 12 or 13 on Sunday. Now that has to be record breaking.
Heather I heard the Britain is brazing up for a deep freeze. Better look out the long johns eh. I have dance tights here with no feet,my two girls danced for years before they got married, and in the winter I usually wear them under my pants . Honest to god Heather they are great and make such a difference. Having no feet in them I can just wear my regular socks and no one would ever know. If you are able to get them its worth the buy.So cosy and warm. Just a wee bit of an effort to get them on the first time.
Today is nice here but as I am having my kitchen floor re grouted this Monday I need to start preparing. Would rather do this when I dont have the kids under foot at the weekend. This is all a result of the flood I had earlier in the year. A lot of the grout was damaged and some tiles have actually started to have fine cracks. Rather spend a few dollars now than have to replace whole floor later.Best get busy.Have a great weekend pals . Isobel
Hi all.

Isobel, I have had thermal long johns and a long sleeve thermal vest for a few years and I wear them when I go out in the Winter. They are cosy and warm.

I bought my husband thermal long johns and long sleeve vests for Christmas. Ofcourse I bought him a few other presents as well, among them a big box of Thortons Chocolates which he loved and was his first box of chocolates ever.
It always seems to be the women who get boxes of chocolates so he was very surprised and pleased.

Linda your g'daughter is lovely and growing up fast. I bet she is looking forward to being a big sister.


Morning Heather and Isobel ,
I was just reading your post and as far as keeping warm in the winter,
I bought those really thick tights , that I wear with a skirt and like
yourself I have the same type that you can buy without feet , worn with winter socks , great when you are wearing Pants , although sometimes in those Malls after getting bundled up againsts the cold weather , it can be
stifling .
Heather, I hope you are over your cold / flu . and glad that you are
being a good mammy to your husband . Take care Pat
How is you wee Mags , well I hope . biggrin.gif

Well Angel, how would these men survive without us, their mammies pampered them all their days.

I have a chest infection that is being very slow to clear up. That is why I am stuck indoors.

I am so bored that I looked through my odd balls of wool and started to knit another wee doll.

I just can't sit and do nothing when watching TV, that is when I do the knitting. smile.gif

I was doing Jigzone, but have done all the one's for this afternoon. A different group comes on in the evening.
Good morning girls ,hope you are feeling a wee bit better Heather. What are the wee dolls you knit?Just wondering if its something the kids would like.
No snow here now Angel really nice day. Jim has not been feeling to great sore throat etc...... you know how the men are . We are going to Markham tonight I just hope he is up for it, been looking forward to seeing everyone.Jim is watching the soccer from GB. It looks really cold.2% but I think its the dampness there that makes people cold.Its a mystery to me what is going on with the weather .Here we are in January no snow, 10% and sunshine a really nice day. Something not quite right about this picture.
Elma I know you dont want to hear this, but I think you are getting it all.Hope your neighbour is snow blowing for you .I hope we dont pay for this mild weather later.

Good morning Isobel , it is a nice morning , Hope Jim feels better
by this evening ,
also hope that we don't have any storms by next weekend ,My sister and I are going across the river to do some shopping at the Summit Park
Mall next Friday , I want a new coat and she is looking for new bed linen and stuff. I honestly don't go over there a lot but maybe I'll get a half
decent coat without having to take out a mortgage ,
and next Sat. I am going to a concert in Hamilton ,so I am hoping for good weather conditions . but so far definately no complaints about the
weather , very pleasant and temp. at this time about 11"C ,
any way you have a good day and also a pleasant evening .
Cheers , Pat.
Good morning all, a beautiful morning, blue sky and sunshine, temp is now -11"C....and no more snow!! I am thinking of going into our nearest 'big' (well pop 18,000) town. I was there last week and bought, among other things a sweater and jacket which I should have tried on but didn't! I have to take them back as they are a bit snug, you know what I mean smile.gif Hope I can get something similar as I really liked them.
Isobel, we get a lot of snow in the winter as our elevation is so high, Kimberley and Banff are the highest towns in Canada, so when it rains other places we get the other stuff!! unsure.gif
Isobel, these are the wee dolls I knit. They are not very clear in the picture, but they will give you an idea what I'm doing.
The stuffing is something like cotton wool and is washable.

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
These are lovely Heather, are they hard to make, they look it! biggrin.gif
Elma they are not hard to knit, they are just stocking stitch, one row plain, one row purl.
It's when after stitching them together and stuffing them you have to be careful, especially incase you make one arm or leg more stuffed that the other. You also have to careful with the face, eyes and mouth.
They are not very professional, but the kids love them. My g'daughter's got off with the first one's I knitted a few years ago.
I also knit childrens mitts that are great for using up odd balls of wool. Then I usually buy some Aran wool to knit childrens sweaters. I store all the wee things I knit until the end of the year when our Chapel has a Christmas Fete / Coffee Morning.
The sweaters are sold for a fraction of what a shop would sell them for.

These are three of the Pattern Books I have.

Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment

Very nice Heather . smile.gif
Heather I knit mitts and toques together with others in our Church. We have just sent a big bag to our local Transition House which takes in women and children who are running from home. We had a 'Mitten tree' over Christmas so gathered quite a lot of mitts, etc.
Today it's off to Church this morning then I expect my daughter to come over for dinner tonight, we'll probably have chicken thighs with the usual veg. thumbup.gif
Heather they are adorable. Must show this to the ladies at the league. We have a knitting group .Something like this would go down well at the Christmas bazaar.
I must look for the pattern and give it a try. Thanks Heather.
Isobel, I don't know if there is an Outlet in Canada, but you will find all the information in your search engine. Try: Jean Greenhowe's Knitting Patterns.
You buy them in Bookform with a lot of different dolls a shown in the picture's I put on.
I ordered my Pattern Books from Aberdeen.

There are lots of books to choose from, and one with Christmas Patterns with a knitted crib, Santa and Snowman.

You can also buy packs of wool, but I just buy from a wee shop in the Gallowgate that has a good selection of wool. Not much use to you. laugh.gif

The dolls are mostly knitted in Double Knitting with 3mm Knitting Needles.
I don't always stick to the colours in the pattern's so I can use up other colours of wool I have.
wee mags
loved the dolls Heather ,they made me think of when my mother was in Killearn hospital she made my oldest son a gollywog and he tok it everywhere ,but in his many moves he lost it ,Isobel I go to Lion brand yarn for my free knitting or crochet patterns they have loads also Michaels,and Jo anne fabrics have free patterns .I belong to a prayer shawl group in my church and we knit and crochet shawls ,I love doing it .the group supplies the yarn

good morning Ladies , it's a dull morning but it's ok , the temp has drop to -1 after 17/18 'C yesterday , so lets hope that will stop the flu bug on it's track , it likes mild temps , lots of people very sick with the flu.
I'm not doing anything special today , just the usual chores and stuff
around the house , I can hardly stand the excitement . lol
anyway you gals have a good day , cheers , Pat biggrin.gif

Thanks for all the info Heather perhaps its something I can sit and do in the garden when I am not reading. I cant sit and do nothing. Mags my sister still has the lovely shawl you sent her a number of years ago, and loves it. Angel your so right about the temps. Its really cold today. But hey its better than snow.
I cant use my kitchen for the next couple of days. After my flood in July , I knew I would have to have the kitchen tiles re-grouted. Well I wanted to wait till the kids left. However its going on longer than we thought and if I dont get it done now they wont pay.
We can have pizza tonight perhaps Swiss Chalet tomorrow and god only knows what on Wednesday. But it will be all done.
I tell you I will be more careful in the future. No taps will be left on unattended. Heading over to Tims to get some lunch.
annie laurie
Isobel, if you go into RED

they have a good web-site for knitting, also show some video's as well, very good variety almost everything

I found it when you sent me the pattern for the Scraf's also anaother good web-site is

i knit the Preemie Beanie hats for the new borns and give them to the hospital real easy to knit and good for using up little balls of wool i think i have done over 100 this winter, along with Touke's as well for their[hospital] bazaar

Heather the little Dolls look lovely,
It is the putting them together with me as you say you have to be careful about the stuffing,

Mags that sounds interesting having a knitting club at your church,
i love to knit wish we had something like that at our church

Ladies, we had more snow, not as much as Elma though, she lives about 8 hours away from me,
coldest winter we have had in five years, hard to get used to again
So now it is Ontario's turn for the mild Winter enjoy , biggrin.gif

Easter is early this Year, last week in March, so they say early Easter , early Spring, [from the Farmers Almanac]
Thought you would like to hear that Elma, tongue.gif

Love to knit dont know how i would pass the evening if I did'nt but I will have to get going walking in the Spring, as i am gaining weigh all this sitting, yes.gif

Jings we are a busy lot with all the knitting we do. smile.gif

Elma a mitten tree sounds nice. Do you have a picture of it?

I have often though about asking some of the women in our Parish about starting a Knitting Circle, but I'm a bit shy about it, they might look at me as though I'm daft. Maybe I should be a bit more brave.
With times being hard, maybe I could suggest knitting some sweaters in the Primary and High School colours. They could be sold very cheaply at some of our coffee mornings.

St. Bridgets Primary School Colours are green. St. Ambrose High School wear black sweaters.
So these are easy colours to get.

Annie you are right about Easter being early this year.
Ash Wednesday is the 13th February, Easter Sunday the 31st March.

Another four weeks and we are into Lent. ohmy.gif
Yes your right Heather Easter is early. Kathryn wanted to have Keira baptised in March. But she has to do it before Lent starts so it will be Feb11th.Or after Easter.
annie laurie
Thanks Heather,

You seem to be the only one on this board who acknowledges my posting, Cheers thumbup.gif
Thanks for the tips on the wool Annie .I used to get that Red Heart from Zellers but they closed in Georgetown.They also would have some good free patterns.
wee mags
Annie I joined the red heart site ,it is great lots of free patterns .the Red Heart yarn goes on sale here a lot ,I usualy buy it when its on sale 2 for $5 ,have you ever tried vannas yarn it goes on sale here lots of times but i have never tried it next time it does I will try it happy knitting and crochetting ladies
Heathwer ,have you seen the book " The Mc Scarecrow Family "?. It's got great Uncle Angus playing the bag pipes ,his weans and haggis .I changed the pattern a wee bit and gave him a kilt instead of tartan trousers .The book with all the clowns is another realy nice one .I've lost count of how many clowns I've knitted over the years .There are so many great books in her series ,Christmas ,Theme Dolls ,football players ,ballet dancers nurses etc .The list is endless .I don't knit as much as I used to .I do mostly cross stitch and I usually make a couple of dozen Chemo Caps and donate them to the hospital at Christmas every year .Wee Mags got me started on them when Marion first lost her hair and I've been making them ever since .
annie laurie
Zellers closed here also Isobel, last October, Target have bought out all the Zellers Stores,
I am looking forward to Target Stores, as i always shopped there in the States, great prices,

Isobel i meant the Patterns on the Red Hart web-site
Dolls, etc,

Mags i must look for that name Brand of wool you mentioned sound nice

Stayed home to-day very cold and more Snow, I am not used to this, BRRRRRRRR wink.gif

Knitted 2 touque's while i was listening to TV i knit these touque's with a round needle real easy no sewing yes.gif well not as much


Good morning ladies another nice day here , calm with sunshine but a
tad on the cool side .
My project today is painting the walls leading to the side door
and that entrance , this will keep me out of mischief for a while
Cheers , Pat.
Jakka, I have the Scarecrow Family book and I knitted the mammy Scarecrow and it turned out great. I handed it in to the Christmas Fete.

Angel it is freezing here today.
I was only out for a short time. I got a taxi to the Health Centre for a Doctor's Appointment because I can't get rid of this cough I have. Then a short walk up to Iceland to get a few things, then a taxi home.

I did ask the taxi driver to put the cost of the taxi on my expense sheet and send it to David Cameron. The driver said that would not work as it's only millionaire Politician's that can do that, so I had to pay him myself, and me a poor pensioner. sad.gif

Ha Ha , Well Heather I don't believe that you are a poor pensioner .
Try being a poor pensioner in Ontario biggrin.gif .. Will I tell you ?
but I know that it is pretty cold in Glasgow , but if it is'nt very
windy it's not too bad at -1 or- 2 "C degrees .
Cheers , Pat , Bundle up ! biggrin.gif .
Angel, all I get from the Government is a free prescription and medical treatment, and a free bus pass. I have to pay for my reading glasses, but get a free eye test. I also pay for any Dental treatment.
We get no other Benefits..

I worked for 40 years to earn my Pension. Deductions for the NHS and tax were taken from my Salary all those years.

Our son' Secondary Education was in a Private School and we could not even get a bus pass for him. We were told it was our choice to send him to School outwith the local area and to pay his fares ourselves.
Our son was in fits laughing when I tried that, but as I pointed out, we were saving the Council money on books, jotters etc. which we had to pay for, so that's why I'm a poor pensioner. sad.gif
Annie we were really hoping that Target would come to Georgetown . No luck. My daughters and I love to shop there when we cross the border.
Hi Isobel, we are getting a Target here , they are taking over
Wall Marts , old building .
I wonder just who owns what , Zellers is still here ,
and I have heard that , seemingly there are such a lot of people
in this town who can't stand Wall Marts New Super store so anyway
Wall Mart is supposed to be setting up another original type store
in the building that Zellers vacate's
I don't know if there is any truth to that unsure.gif

My hairdresser told me ! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Heather , Millions of people have worked their whole life but have been very fortunate to being able in having a private pension from those working years , not everybody has ! ... and in their retirement , live with their own personal savings . Plus their government pension .
Regards our children's education , the Parent or the student has always paid for higher education through goverment loan's or parents taking out insurance policies ... here in Ontario . Me included
And as regards seniors benefits , we get less than you folks do in
Scotland .
Anyway Heather , that being said , I do hope that you get well soon the the weather picks up for you guys , cheers Pat
The Zellers in Cranbrook (our nearest town) closed last October and will be opening as Target in the spring. I'm not too happy about it as I have found Target in the States to be a bit like K-Mart.
annie laurie
Hi Elma,

I hate to disagree with you
i have found the quality of goods sold at Target to be very good,

Example i bought a stainless steel 4 slice Toaster at Target last Year for $19.95

The same Toaaster selling here at the Bay was $45, + hst

Also I always buy my Estee Lauder make-up in the States almost half price also,

How are you doing, ? did you daughter mange to settle up yet with ICBC ?

Really cold here
Pat OX
Hi Elma , It's been years since I was in Kmart and only once in Target
and I did'nt care for either one . dry.gif
Also , don't care for Wall Mart , I think I'll take up on line shopping biggrin.gif
Cheers Pat.
Hi Annie . biggrin.gif
annie laurie
Angel I also think the Pensioner in the U>K> are better looked after than the Pensioners here in Canada
not only money wise but they do seem to get more Freebie's [so to speak]
I think the free Bus ticket is a great thing you can travel all over Scotland Free {is that right folks?}

Here in B>C> Seniors pay $2.25 one way for a bus ride
quite a bit
Although i think you can buy a Yearly pass a lot cheaper but dont know how much, it costs
but then again people dont always have the money to pay out all at once
especially if all they have is O>A>P>
One cant live on O>A>P> Alone here they have to have other incomes etc etc

I have not beeen home in 10 years but my friends keep saying how expensive everything is compared to Canada the price of Houses shocked me 10 yrs ago,

But life goes on EH??????????????count our blessings could be worse

Annie , the more benefits a senior or anyone gets from their country
It simply means up go the taxes , and also I don't include our
government pension as a benefit , it is our right as Heather says ,we worked , payed into the system for years but unfortunately there are those you figure their social welfare benefit is a wage and to me a wage is a payment for money earned . although in the case of
disability benefits ,
now that's a whole new ball game . here or in Scotland .
Cheers , Annie Take care , Pat .
wee mags
as I read this I was thinking boy are we a buch of do gooders eh? we all like to knit crochet and give to others and may i say some of us are talented no me ,I try .as for the Red heart site I have printed a few patterns
Well today was a very busy day .I put on a huge pot of mince to make into "Shepherds Pies ".then I had to take my love to the pacemaker clinic as he had a problem .He will have to go into hospital as there is an infection around the pacemaker and wires leading into his heart .They will have to remove the the infected parts but because he is 97% dependent he will have to stay in hospital on a temporary pacemaker to make sure the infection has gone before they give him a new one .Probably on the other side .
mad.gif Im waiting for a plumber to install a new dishwasher for me so the house is upside down .All the stuff from my pantry is on my dining table and all the stuff from under the sink on the floor around the table .They were supposed to arrive this aft . but nobody came ,not even a phone call .PI@@#$% off .Don't need this on top of everything else .They will hear from me in no uncertain terms in the morning .
Heather have you seen the book with the "Licorice Allsorts " I did a lot of stuff from that one .
Angel ,don't work too hard painting .I got my pies made and in the freezer .Now we have to wait to hear from Toronto General Hospital to get in touch as our local hospital doesn't do the kind of surgery Al needs .Hope it won't take too long .
Long day so good night ,God Bless ,
cheers Jakka angry.gif
annie laurie
Wee mags,

To bad we are all scattered all over the place,
Would be great if we could all get together and have our own wee GG knitting club,

iI still cant get pictures on here since i change my system,


i hear you, yes.gif sometimes you just cant win for looseing right ?
What you get with one hand it is taken away with the other,

But i would not change my life in Canada for anything been here longer than i lived in Bonnie Scotland,
But still proud of my hertitage,

Glasgow Smiles better as they say right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OXo
annie laurie
Hope all goes well for your Husband Jakka, It is wonderful what they can do now with Heart Conditions

Slow down just take it one day at a time
I am sure this is a big worry for you,

Been there myself

One day at a time

God Bless
Pat OX
Morning all, I have not been out yet and I think I will stay in as everything is white with frost.
No snow yet, but I think it will hit us soon, well so the weather forecast keeps telling us.

Jakka, I hope everything goes well for your husband.
I have never heard of the Licorice Books. I tried to find it on the Internet but got nowhere.

I was reading on the Internet about a terrible accident in London.
A helicopter crashed into a crane on top of a Tower Block and exploded killing two people and injuring many others.
Jean just reading your post, what a worry for both of you .Hope Al get's his pacemaker soon. I love the Toronto General, great hospital. My Kathryn was born there.I know what you mean about the mess, my place is disasterville right now. Kitchen floor is being re grouted and painted guy was here yesterday back this morning at 7:30. Watching more tele than usual , Cant do much more when workmen are here. Cant get out, but that's not a problem as its very cold. Breakfast TV is just saying next week the temp's are going to drop way down. This year we have been spoiled with the mild weather.So this is going to be a wake up call for all of us.
Heather that sounds like a terrible accident, I must watch and see if its on the news here.
Kids are up , must get them breakfast.
Hi Heather ,just saw the report from London on our Breakfast TV show .Just terrible .
The book I was talking about is Jean Greenhowe's "Bazaar Knits"It's got forty novelties to make .The one with the clowns is called the RED NOSE GANG .The Little Gift Dolls is a nice one and the Mascot Dolls are nice to.
Waiting for the hospital to call and waiting for the shops to open so I can find out what happened to the dishwasher guy .
Morning Isobel ,like you fed up with the mess.
good morning Jean , I was just reading up on some of the posts and realize that my own post to you just shortly after you had posted , is'nt on the thread , I don't know what happened , but anyway , just To let you know that I am sorry to hear about "' Your Love '" smile.gif and hopefully all will
be OK soon and that he , Al . will be back eating those meat pies
I hope you give those dishwasher people laldy when they finally deliver your dishwasher .

My painting is doing fine thanks , God Bless , Pat .

ps . Just had to put right a couple of typing mistakes . unsure.gif
Angel, what are you painting now??

My neighbour's son is a Painter & Decorator who works for himself. She was saying the other day that he was not busy, so I told her the next time he is visiting her ( he lives in England ) she can tell him I want my hall and bedrooms painted and I am not looking for a thankyou job, I will pay the going rate.
No sentiment attached to business.

Just after doing an ironing, now I don't know what mischief to get up to.
I've knitted as much of the doll as I can, but now I need pale pink or pale peach wool for the head. The pink wool I have is to pinky, if you know what I mean.
If I'm out tomorrow then I will get the bus to the Gallowgate and buy the wool I need.

I've got to be careful with this doll as the pattern is for a topsy turvy doll and I'm knitting it as a single doll, so I had to be careful with the length of the legs.


good morning Heather , we have a dull day here but not to bad
I hope your wee doll is a success.
it's too bad that you have to go into the Gallowgate for the wool
do you take the Go train or the bus . " Although I'm sure you could
afford a Cab " laugh.gif laugh.gif , just kidding , I'm trying myself at this time to see how I manage my life without driving , I can say that it aint easy
and I will have to change my way of thinking , should I decide to
quit , eg. while I'm still ahead of the game .

I was painting walls leading to the side door , it not a big area ,but what happens is that , that leads to more painting .
I have thought about getting a painter in , but the truth is , I think that I do a better job , although Albeit a lot slower these days sad.gif
I have grandson comming for supper today so I had better get
moving .
Cheers Pat .

annie laurie
The plane accident in London,could have been a lot worse so they say,
There was no passengers only the pilot on board,
happen at 8am in the morning busy time people computing to work,

I listen to CNN it is 24/7 News from all around the world,

Another cold day here also in B>C> but no snow but still lots on the ground, [YUK}

Angel, I know what you mean about the driving, I dont enjoy driving anymore but it is a life line when you just wont to get out, sometimes biggrin.gif cheers
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