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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Cheers Pat glad you've had a lovely Christmas, but take it easy for a few days then you will be ready to bring
Got hospital with Nev in morning then will find out what they think.
Thank you for my Christmas Card smile.gif
Hey Pat, watch you don't sleep in and miss the Bells. laugh.gif

I've been sitting here stuffing myself with a box of Swiss Chocolates. I wish someone would move them away before I make myself sick. wub.gif

Well I am off to bed and I will leave the chocolates down here. biggrin.gif
annie laurie

try taking garlie Heather i find that always works for me, slice it thin ohmy.gif



CHEERS thumbup.gif
Back safely from Hospital and good news Nev didn't need operation he had xrays done and Drs said it looked good so new stookie on attend fracture clinic 9th Jan2013, so that my social life starting again, smile.gif
Anne that's great news. Now you can both look forward to a happy and healthy new year.
Thanks Isobel smile.gif

Good Wednesday morning folks on Jan 02-13, hope all is well with
you .
' I have had a very quiet time after all of my Christmas festivities
and now it's time to tackle another new year , Well I think I'll
begin that tomorrow biggrin.gif although I've just remembered that I have
to get to the Pet store , for the cats groceries , ha ha . also rock salt
to help clear the ice from the driveway and front and back doors .
It is a lovely day here , though very cold but we just have deal with
it . ....Cheers , biggrin.gif Pat

Hi Pat, did you mind to feed the cat??

We had a nice quiet day yesterday after a hectic Hogmany and New Years Day. We spent the day watching the DVD of the 3rd series of Downton, having a break to watch Emmerdale and Corrie then back to the 3rd disc of Downton.
I still can't believe the way the Christmas Day show of Downton ended.
Apparently a 4th series is planned for September.

I was out just after 9am this morning and it was very mild with no rain.

I have taken down the Christmas decorations today, a few days earier than I usually do. I always took them down on the 5th January, but I wanted the house tidied up for the weekend incase of more visitors.
Right now the utility room is like a bomb hit it, but everytime we go upstairs we will take a box up with us.

Anne, how is Neville managing? I take it he is on the same crutches I had when I broke my foot.
Oh Heather I feel exhausted just reading your post. You are such a busy bee. I had a real lazy day . I seem to be having more of them lately. Got my flu shot yesterday. Got a wee bit of a sore throat tonight. Wondering now if there is a connection. Tomorrow going over to baby sit Kathryn's two for a hour or so. She wants to get rid of all the Christmas decor.
Anne hope all is good with you and Nev.
I have not been busy today Isobel. Except for putting a washing on then hanging it up, I have been very lazy curled up with another book that I have read before. Another Maeve Binchy, Evening Class.

I have to get to the Library next week to get more books to read. Well what else can we do in the Winter. laugh.gif

I'm sitting here with a glass of Baileys Irish Cream and enjoying it. smile.gif

It has'nt been a very nice day here , temp was about -3-4 C'
with very high winds , blowing snow all over open spaces
so I did'nt go out , anyway , I am now going to watch the movie ,
An Affair to Remember , a good oldie . Cheers , Pat
Good night Ladies , go easy on that Baileys Heather .

wee mags
today i started to take down the christmas stuff ,I must get rid of some i have too much ,iam off to make a wee cuppa now
annie laurie
All my decorations are all down now also,
That is it for another year,
Seems to me it flew by this Year,

Finally getting over this Bug i had, they are saying it is the Norvirus, Flue,

looking forward to Sunday night to watch Series #3 of Downton Abbey Heather,

They said on the Talk show there would be a Series #4 starting to film it in February,
when the cast were all on "Anderson Live Talk Show " out of NYC

Good to hear Nev is doing O>K> Anne,
Keep warm everyone
cheers ox

Good morning Anne , I see you logged in , I hope you had a good nights sleep and Neville is OK . I slept well last night , so now I am just bright eyed and bushy tailed biggrin.gif .
Today it is calm but very cloudy , I'm sure it's snowing somewhere ,
hopefully it will stay there .
I watched that Cary Grant movie last night , it was Ok but now I think
that it was a stupid movie , Well I guess times change !
I'll go out later and shop locally , so I will stay on the main road
"sidewalks " they are always quite safe for walking at this
time of year .
Cheers to everyone and Mags I gave most of my christmas Decorations to the Salvation Army a couple of years ago , and now
I only put out a few decorations around the fireplace and in the dining
area , this makes life more simple these days , which I need .
Pat . biggrin.gif

wee mags
Pat my kids say" you have too much Christmas stuff Ma" this a wee bit of my santas
Mags, I love your Santa's, they make a nice display. smile.gif

Would you believe our Central Heating broke down this afternoon. It's almost a year since the last time it broke down.
I checked my Bank Statement and we paid British Gas 400 to repair our Central Heating on the 30th January last year. I can't remember if we got a guarantee from them, but I will phone them on Monday and no matter what, we will still have to get them back out.

I have one of my warm Aran cardigans on to try and keep warm.
I have the cooker oven on and the door open to let out some heat. I'm sitting here in the dining room with my back to the kitchen door which is wide open as the cooker is directly across from the door. At least it is giving me some heat as I have always felt the cold very easily, and we always have big gas bills in the Winter. The sitting room is freezing.
Thank God for electric blankets, at least I know I will be warm in bed.
No comments please. laugh.gif

Remember when we were young and our mammy's always had the Irish linen sheets on the beds which were nice in the Summer, but would freeze us in the Winter if we did not have our hot water bottle's. ohmy.gif
QUOTE (Heather @ 24th Dec 2012, 11:09pm) *

Hi Stratson, nice to see you, how are you doing??

Have a virus which knocked me for ten xmas morning, Was so smart, had roasted bird night before, strained all my juices into pyrex jug, makes easy getting rid of fat, anyway needless to say could not cook or even stand in kitchen, I could not eat a thing , My son took the bird and stuffing which I had done separately to his house, did some veg so he was o.k. Had also bought Luxury Sherry Trifle,, had to call Doctor Friday morning, left prescription for antibiotics, son picked them up, Took 2 first day and 1 per day, finish course Thursday, One taken today with glass of water made me nauseous(not penicillin as am allergic) for a few hours, had a strong cup of tea, Got the head under the duvet and slept a few hours, every bone in my body painful. Son opened a can of Tomato Soup, it's first thing have enjoyed, Gone off my coffee, all my taste buds have changed,
Just had a cup of tea so off to bed and see what tomorrow brings, Hope am here to say "Hello".
Would dearly love to get out., not a Happy New Year.

I don't drink spirits probably if I did would not be in this state, wacko.gif
wee mags
stratson Ihope you are feeling better we were all down with a bad cold ,my grandsons had to go to the Drs the yougest one had double ear infection ,but everyone is good now ,except my oldest son who came for Christmas and went back with a cold,I thought i would show a few more of my Christ mas I used to have a large tree now I have what I call my Charlie Brown tree,
wee mags
here is another view
annie laurie
Your Tree looks lovely Mags,see you have a wee tartan Scots man there also,

Stratson feel better soon,
i have just recovered from almost 2 weeks of this Flue

Heather, you are like me I cant stand the cold or a cold house,
i remember growing up how cold our bedrooms were in the morning,

My Dad always had a rouring fire on in the morning in the living room and we would eat our breakfast with our coats on also to keeep warm,

My family are always telling me i have the central heating on to high ohmy.gif

had news from Australia this morning, and in S>A> the temp., is in the 40's
now there we have one extreme to another dont know which is worse,

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping warm, thumbup.gif cheers
I have warmed up a bit with the help of two glasses's of Baileys Irish. ohmy.gif Maybe it will help me sleep.

Annie, I have been sniffing and sneezing for a few weeks now, why I don't know as I always wrap up well when I go out, hat, scarf and gloves, but I can't get rid of this cold.
Now I have a nasty cough and if I still have it by Monday then I will have to get a appointment to see the Doctor.

I have had the electric blanket plugged in for two hours now so the bed will be nice and warm.
So it's goodnight and God Bless.
Well folks I am trying not to complain about the cold. My girl friend in Australia called me over the holiday to tell me her brother in Tasmania had lost everything with all the bush fires.He and his wife are so lucky to be alive.Perhaps you saw it last week on the news....
Also a friend of my daughter woke up on Christmas day to find her five year old daughter dead in bed. Can you imagine on Christmas Day.
Makes all my problems so very small.So today I have been thinking of all my family and friend's .
Hope all my GG friends are well and happy.

Hello Statson , I am sorry to hear that you have been ill , and you are feeling pretty low , but these thing's you just can't rush , So you content
yourself Lady , don't worry! and drink up as much of that tomato soup
as you can . You take care , God Bless , ... Pat x
Try Tea , I like it better than coffee biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Isobel , thats really terrible news about your friends , and as you say , it makes us realize that we just never know the moment .
However , you now have got me thinking and I will write to my SIL
and her family who also live in Tasmania . cheers , Pat .


Heather , thats just terrible about your central heating going down again , I remember when the same thing happened to you last year
Hope it gets fixed on Monday .
Also , hope you get feeling better soon , try something else
instead of Baileys . cheers , Pat , biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


Hello Mags those are lovely Photos , I think that we should call you
The Santa Lady with the Charlie Brown Tree . biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Cheers , Pat.

Well miracles still happen. Our Central Heating came back on this morning and we don't know how it happened or why it stopped working.
Although we had no heating yesterday we still had hot water as the boiler was still working.

We can't figure it out and although Maurice was a Plumber & Gas Fitter, Central Heating was not known in his Apprentice days and he is too long retired to tamper with gas as his Gorgi Registration ran out years ago.
There is a Law that prevents anyone who does not have a Gorgi Registration from working with gas. If caught, they would be charged and end up with a heavy fine or a prison sentence.

He remembers too well going to house's to fix Gas Cookers or Gas Fires that the Householder tried to fix himself, and their lack of knowledge could have gassed everyone living in the house or blown it up.

It's a dull dreich day here and I have not been out the door. We were at the Vigil Mass last night and as our son and his family were also there, we got a run home. smile.gif

wee mags
Iam getting all set for my Downton Abby season 3 ,I love this show ,its on PBS ,first it has all about the Castle then the show ,looking forward to it thumbup.gif

Cheers Mags , Glad you reminded me ,
smile.gif , Pat
wee mags
just finished watching Downton abby ,boy Shirley McClain is going to go head to head with Maggie Smith looks like its going to be good ,,by the way i just also finished yaking down the last of my christmas stuff ,I have to do it a little at a time as my Back acts up when I lift too much
QUOTE (wee mags @ 7th Jan 2013, 02:17pm) *
just finished watching Downton abby ,boy Shirley McClain is going to go head to head with Maggie Smith looks like its going to be good ,,by the way i just also finished yaking down the last of my christmas stuff ,I have to do it a little at a time as my Back acts up when I lift too much

Your place is so christmassy it must take ages to erect and dismantle each year mags ,I love it all wish it could be up all year hehe mind yer back my friend take care it has to take care of you for a lotta yrs matey lol Iam glad you shared your piccys love your christmas tree mags your faimly must love it all and be so proud of ya.Take care my GG friend hope your New Year is a healthy happy one Love to you n yours .xxxx
QUOTE (Isobel @ 6th Jan 2013, 11:12am) *
Well folks I am trying not to complain about the cold. My girl friend in Australia called me over the holiday to tell me her brother in Tasmania had lost everything with all the bush fires.He and his wife are so lucky to be alive.Perhaps you saw it last week on the news....
Also a friend of my daughter woke up on Christmas day to find her five year old daughter dead in bed. Can you imagine on Christmas Day.
Makes all my problems so very small.So today I have been thinking of all my family and friend's .
Hope all my GG friends are well and happy.

Click to view attachmentOMG that poor Mother n Father that sweet little baby girl 5yrs young gone just like that Oh isobel Iam so shocked by this news all of your news was sad but the little girl and her family oh how dreadfully painfull must that have been for that family to awken to their baby dead,My sister died christmas day as a grown woman and its 23 yrs since then and we still hurt my mother still cannot do christmas day even today,My brother died 2wks before christmas day this recent christmas of 2012 it was added horrors for my poor wee mum and all ofus realy however nothing I have heard of thus far can be quite as eye opening and shocking as that poor family losing their baby on christmas day Iam horrafyed and sooooooooo saddened by your story yes my dear isobel everything we think is bad or sad that is happening to us in our own lives theres always gonna be someone else worse off Oh God Help that wee family iam mortafyed for them and God Rest the weans wee soul in peace God Help the family suffering such a horrific loss Iam so so sorry for them all.Love Lindamac xxxwe must try to be contented and Happy with our lot in lives when one learns of such horror and sadness Isoble God bless you and all the people you have spoken of in your post.xxxClick to view attachment
Isobel that was a dreadful thing to happen to any parent, to lose a 5yrs old like that, but much worse on Christmas Day.

Was the wee girl ill or did her death just come out the blue, either way it was devastating for the parents.

My condolences to them.
Hi Heather , good to see that your central heating is working
but I hope you do have it checked out , or maybe just remember to put the money in the meter in future . lol .

Mags I watched Downton last night , I enjoyed it.

Linda nice to see your posts.
Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family
Cheers Pat biggrin.gif
No meter to put money in Angel. laugh.gif

Now for your cheek I will tell you all that happens in Downton as I have the DVDs of all three series.

Once upon a time there was Mary, Matthew and Cora, hmmm can't remember the rest of the cast. wink.gif
Oh no heather please dont tell us. Last night was great I sat down with a wee sherry or maybe two, and watched the first on session three. Two hours it was great.
Heather glad your heating is now working again. Lindamac good to see you posting.
Today has been busy for me. Kids back at work, grand-kids back with the sitter, so I got busy. I have cleaned out the hall closet. It was full of their hats scarves ,shoes.Also did the same in the laundry room. That was just done when my sister and brother in law arrived.
He had his cochlear implant turned on today . He can hear for the first time in years.Really exciting, next week he will go back for a little fine tuning.My sister is thrilled.
OK have to start and get ready for them all coming home.
No worries Isobel, I won't spoil it for you. smile.gif
Nice to relax with a sherry or two. laugh.gif

That's good about your bro-in-law, it's amazing what Medical Science can do nowadays.

You have been a busy bee today, while I have done nothing but read, knit and watch my soaps. Corrie & Emmerdale.
annie laurie





We have a great weather forecast for this week ,
temp. will be above freezing and will be as high as
9"c by midweek but with rain , that suits me just fine .
Cheers Pat . biggrin.gif

Me to Pat . Can you believe these temp. for this time of the year. God I hope its not due to global warming . Think how hot could our summer could be if we can go 9 above freezing now.
Heather right now in Corrie we are at Nick and Leanne's wedding. Are you much further ahead than us?
Well heading of to the mall got a couple of things to change.
Isobel, I think we are probably about 4/5 episodes ahead of you in Corrie. My lips are sealed. wink.gif

I was out in the garden today for ten minutes pulling out dead flowers and weeds.
My husband said I'm off my head as I can't stop coughing and snifling, but the state of the garden is annoying me.
I can't wait until Spring comes as there is such a lot to do in both front and back garden. I want to get rid of some plants and hoped to do it before Winter set in, but it was too wet to get anything done.

Actually I am bored out my skull stuck in the house, but it's too cold to venture into town. rolleyes.gif

Heather , we are having a lovely day here , Temp. about 7'C ,
sunshine but a bit windy .
I've just had a normal kinda day here , nothing much to report
except to say that my grandson will be here for supper tonight ,
the days have been changed , because of his classes , anyway we are
having roast chicken and all that goes with it and I did make an upside
down apple cake for dessert . I'm Hungary biggrin.gif
Hope you feel well soon
Hi Isobel , hope your weather is as good as mine , cheers Pat.
Oh yes Pat weather great for this time of the year.Heather according to Joanne my daughter (RN) the cold air is the best way to kill the germs.
I would like to get into the garden but we still have the snow . If it goes up to double digits on the weekend as the forecast says, I will get out and take my Christmas spotlights out the ground. Right now they wont move.
Isobel, I know the problem.
We used to have starlights on stake's and we put in the garden at Christmas and some years we could not get them out because the ground around them was frozen.

Angel, are you trying to make us jealous with your good weather?? sad.gif

Angel, are you trying to make us jealous with your good weather??

Not at all Heather biggrin.gif , I am just happy that we are not up to
our ears in snow , it's nice to be able to walk on the sidewalks and of
course not a lot of snow shovelling .
Now today is lovely although cooler than yesterday 3'C with glorious
sunshine so I am going out for lunch and meet up with a couple of
friends for a Chinese meal . think we are to get rain over the
weekend .
After my grandson left last night , I cleared up in the kitchen, and settled down to watch some garbage on the TV . but I fell asleep for about 30mins. and that was me up for the rest of the night, so I slept long this morning.
I'll away now and get myself bundled up and go enjoy the sunshine .
Hope you are having a good day . cheers , Pat

Linda just been on the weather channel and Saturday is going up to 12% cant believe it. Sunday back down to 6% and rain in the forecast. I'll take it. No snow to clear. Poor folks back in Britain are going into three weeks of deep freeze . What is going on with this global changes. The weather has been strange all over the world.Glad your heating has been repaired Heather.
Last night on Corrie I was not surprised to see Nick in bed with his brother's wife. Is this the next story line?Poor old Leanne she just cant get it right. Going to pick up my mail now and go for a wee walk its too nice to be inside.
Hi all, it's been a cold misty day here today and that's me just looking out the window.
My husband goes for his newspapers every day and brings the weather forecast back with him.
Except for the ten minutes I spent in the garden yesterday, I have not been out since I came home from the Vigil Mass on Saturday.

I had another lazy day, well I did put a washing on and hung it up on the pulley. I'm ignoring the ironing until it can no longer be ignored. biggrin.gif
Think it's time I came to visit you folks in Ontario. We are having terrible weather in B.C. It has snowed all morning so now I have about 5 feet piled up in my front yard! My neighboiur came with his snowblower this morning and cleared my driveway but I won't be going out today. My daughter and I are sharing a car right now, she totalled her car just before Christmas and ICBC has written it off. The cheque hasn't arrived yet from them so she can't even go for another until it does. Now if the snow would just stop.....although our ski hill loves it thumbup.gif
Jings Elma, you really are snowed in.

Our weather forecast is predicting snow for us in the next few days, but hopefully it won't be too much.
wub.gif Wonderfull to pop in and find you all love me and greet me with that same Glesga warmth Ive known ever since Ive joined our beloved GG Thanks girlies so great to be posting as always love reading all of your posts too a very Loving and warm Hello Girls! right back at yas all lovely ladies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIve had my grandaughter for an overnight stay last night she certainly keeps me on my tootsies wants to paint and draw and do playdough and everything she can get her little hands and mind around its never dull so long as Milaylas around Grandmas hehe so needless to say grandmas tired and very very Happy to be tired due to my favourite lil girl int he world with me wub.gif Click to view attachmentThis is my little busy Bee after she shopped with some christmas cash lol busy I tell yas realy Busy!Click to view attachmentTo think she has her 3rd Birthday coming up on Rabbie Burns day too many Presents arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Of course now she has gone home I shall enjoy a seat and a wee glass of Red and watch TV in peace real adult stuff because when Mikaylas here all we get is kids shows lol Dowton Abbey Rocks Iam currently hanging pout for the 3rd set of episodes to kick off the ads tease me every night saying coming soon Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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