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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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wee mags
i have not stopped by as I have been gettting rid of some of the junk in my house ,its amazing how whenyou buy it you love it then a couple of years later you say what the heck was I thinking?
I know what you mean Mags, as I have a collection of ornaments I just had to bring back from place's I visited. Also things our son brought back when on School Holidays.
Now I tell the g'children not to bring us back anything from their Holidays, just to spend their money enjoying themselves, but I still get wee memento's from them.
God help our son when the time comes for him to clear out our house. rolleyes.gif

I have been busy the last few days finishing of some items I knitted for our Chapel Coffee morning which is on the 9th December.
I also came across the DVD of the 1st Series of Downton Abbey, so I watched that while knitting. I watched the 2nd Series last week.
I was doing some Christmas shopping last week and saw the DVD of the 3rd Series of Downton, so I bought it and gave it to Maurice for my Christmas Present and told him he owed me 25. laugh.gif

This Saturday is our Mass to celebrate St. Andrew's Day, then we go into the Hall for a buffet breakfast. I think I'll take my IPod with me to liven things up with some music.
The Primary School usually have a disco to celebrate and the children enjoy it, especially as it's held during School hours.
Hello Heather and Mags ,
Today I had a wonderful surpise , I received my first christmas gift.

My older son , whose job takes him all over the place , booked a flight for me to visit with him in Arizona , for ten days before christmas , then we both will return on the same flight , because he will then be home for christmas with his own family .
I have never been in Arizona , so I am looking forward to the christmas
season there .
So Tucson , Arizona , Here I come , Cheers , Pat biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
making a christmas cake plenty brandy in it thumbup.gif
Angel when reading your Post, I can sense your pleasure at that gift, it's a really great one to get.
I have never been in Arizona so you can tell us all about it.
Have a great time.

Possilboy, I hope you let those who eat the Christmas Cake know it is full of Brandy or they will be staggering all over the place. laugh.gif

I remember one year we had my husband's brother, sister and their families for Christmas dinner.
I had made a couple of choice's for desert, one of them being Sherry Trifle. My sister-in-law loved it and had a second helping saying it had a taste of Sherry, which sent my husband into fits of laughter.
He told her it had nearly a half bottle of Sherry in it, slight exaggeration.
I put the fruit in a bowl the night before and poured Sherry in it to let it soak into the fruit. The next day it looked a bit dry, so I poured in more Sherry then made the rest of the trifle. There wasn't a crumb of it left over. laugh.gif
Angel How wonderful for you. Both my son,s live down south so I miss them very much especially around christmas time but thank god for my lovely daughter and family. You have a fab time . cheers Margie. rolleyes.gif
making a christmas cake plenty brandy in it

So what's the big deal , Posslboy , ????

Is there a bettter way to bake christmas cake .
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Cheers .


Thanks Margie for your kind wishes ,

I do not have a daughter , but I am blessed with
Having two very caring daughter's-in-law .
You mention that your sons are down south Margie , I'm not sure
does this mean England or America .
Take care , Cheers , Pat


Way to go Heather biggrin.gif Your a girl after my own heart . laugh.gif
Cheers , Pat

Way to go Heather biggrin.gif Your a girl after my own heart . laugh.gif
Cheers , Pat

Way to go Heather biggrin.gif Your a girl after my own heart . laugh.gif
Cheers , Pat
It's freezing here today and the pavements are treacherous to walk on. So I think I am in for the rest of the day.

Call the Midwife has just started, so I will watch it while I do some Jigsaw Puzzle's on Jigzone.

Call the Midwife is also on on Christmas Day, but 15 minute's of it overlaps with the Christmas Day special of Downton Abbey. rolleyes.gif
So I will have to bring in my wee TV and sit crosseyed for the 15 minute's, one eye on one TV and the other eye on the other TV. laugh.gif

Hi Heather , I can't figure how I ended up with three posts
about your trifle unsure.gif , maybe it was a three for one special . rolleyes.gif
Hope you enjoyed you TV shows , cheers , Pat
Angel, it was a repeat and I had watched it before.

I got two 2013 Calendar's yesterday, one from St. Patrick's Missionary Society, Stirling, and the other from, Britain Needs Fatima. I buy some items from both those place's. smile.gif

I wouldn't worry about the repeat Posts, they happen now and again to all of us.
Angel, can you believe we are snowed in here, and it's freezing cold. sad.gif
I intended to go into town today, but I will just stay home.

I watched a good show on TV last night. It was a Caberet show with Kathleen Jenkins, The Overtones and Only Boys Aloud.
There was also a bit of comedy in it with Kathleen singing and Mark Benton who was playing the piano, butting into her song pretending to hit the high notes. laugh.gif
I really enjoyed it, and it reminded me of the good shows we used to get on TV on Sunday nights years ago.
I'm up late tonight Heather .

I had my grandson and his pal over for supper ,
all went well , he is a nice young man .
I must say that they really had me laughing most
of the night , I just love their patter , so witty .
Anyway they are now long gone and I don't feel
the least bit tired . Their girl friends gave them a ride home
Changed days , Eh

It's the same here Heather , no more variety type shows like we once
had , like the London paladium . Bruce Forsyth , I also think
that there was a comedian before Bruce,
Dickie Henderson ??? unsure.gif he was another who hosted the
Palladium , he was a funny guy .
I remember one of the jokes he told , it was about picking out British
woman holidaymakers in Spain , you could tell them a mile away
because , they all wore white cardigans , it was like a uniform biggrin.gif

I have a very nice photo of my parents on vacation , but it was'nt Spain for them ,
It was Girvan and she is wearing a white cardigan . Cheers , Pat
Angel, I remember the white cardigan's. Do you remember how we always also wore white gloves in the Summer. laugh.gif

Sound like a good night with the g'son and his pal, the young sure liven us up with their patter.

The roads are still bad here with the snow and ice. I have not been out the door since Sunday and spent the day doing some knitting and some reading.

At the moment I am reading: Bonnie & Clyde.
What a loathsome pair they were. I've lost count of how many people they killed and robbed when driving all over the State's when on the run from justice.

Maurice has ice grippers on his shoes that he bought last Winter, so the next time I am out I will buy them for myself.
QUOTE (Heather @ 2nd Dec 2012, 03:50pm) *
Call the Midwife is also on on Christmas Day, but 15 minute's of it overlaps with the Christmas Day special of Downton Abbey. rolleyes.gif
So I will have to bring in my wee TV and sit crosseyed for the 15 minute's, one eye on one TV and the other eye on the other TV. laugh.gif

Heather ITV has a +1 channel. Its on channel 33 if you have Freeview but Sky and Virgin are different so you would need to check out which channels they use. Or you can use the BBC iplayer or ITV player online. Mary
Hi Mary, long time no see. How are you keeping these days?

I will check out those Channels as we do have Freeview on both TV's, but we don't have Sky or Virgin.

Mary, I have just checked it out and we do get Channel 33. Thankyou very much for letting me know about that. smile.gif
Hi Heather , I do hope that your weather improves soon
so as you can at least get out , to keep you from getting
Cabin Fever . The weather here has'nt been so bad , although
today a lot of rain but as of yet not enough ice or snow to
worry about . I fancy those grippers that you have mentioned
I might take a look into those for myself .
I hav'nt been doing much these past two days
except cooking a special dinner for G.son and pal yesterday ,
and now thinking about what clothing to take with me on my trip
to Tucson , I understand it is very pleasant through the day but
quite cool in the evening , it's that desert environment I would
guess . anyway thats about it for now . Take care biggrin.gif Pat
Great gift for you Angel .I hope you have a wonderful time .I have the whole gang comming here on the 15th .My son lives in New York and both girls about 1 1/2 hours drive from here but grand sons and partners will also come here .It's lovely to have wee Gavin (G grandson 2) super wee boy to spoil .I've been busy with my baking but have left the "Millionairs Shortbread"till next week and then I'll be finished .
I'm always here Heather, just dont alway have any thing to say but enjoy reading everyone's posts. Glad you found the channel ok and rememebr that channels 4 and 5 also have +1 channels too.
Buy the ice grippers ladies (and gents), this is the 4th winter I've had mine and I couldn't live without them now. Several years ago I fell on black ice, ending up in hospital with a badly bruised back, so now I'm very nervous about going out when its icy. I bought mine on Amazon, at the time they weren't in the shop yet, and paid 20 but well worth it. Last winter I was in Poundstretchers and saw them for just 2.99 so bought them as Xmas stocking fillers for all my family. Mary laugh.gif

Thank you Jean .I am really looking forward to this trip.

Well looks like you have been busy once more getting
your baking done , and having your family around I'm
sure will just be lovely .
I'm not doing much baking this year , I'll just leave that up
to others now , My sister does quite a bit so that will be fine .
" I'm getting lazy in my old age " smile.gif
Today I have a bit of running around . Drive out to the Vet.
to pick up my Cat's rabies shot certificate . I need that because
I board her out when I go away , then go to the hairdresser ,
also pick up canned coffee from Tim's for my son , see about getting
snow tires put on the car on another day and if I have time I will
see about a flu shot , I'm just thinking , maybe I'll stick that proverbial broom , "you know where as I go along " biggrin.gif cheers , Pat

Good Morning Heather and Mary , Have a nice day .
wee mags
Good morning ladies my but you all have been busy this weather,as for me I have been setting up my christmas stuff ,I was at my daughters last night they have a santa come in his truck ,he brings the boys one of the small toys they asked him for ,I love to be there to see the wee faces as the firetruck arrives with Santa and his elves ,
Good afternoon ladies, our Avenue is like a skating rink today, so I'm staying home again, but I will have to go out tomorrow to do the shopping. sad.gif

Mags, lovely picture of Santa and the boys getting presents.

I remember when young how excited we were when going to see Santa in Dallass's in the Cowcaddens. Our mum sent us on ahead and we had to wait for her outside Dallass's door as there was a Doorman there and he would not let children in without an adult. When he turned away we used to slip in as it was too cold to hang around.

Mary, you don't need to have a lot to say, just drop in to say hello. smile.gif

We got a couple of Christmas Cards delivered today, so I will have to get a move on and start writing ours tonight, especially for my relations in America and Canada so I can get them posted tomorrow.

Mags , thats a really nice photo of the kids and Santa,
nice of you to post it , , takes care , Pat biggrin.gif
Hi Pat, hope you have a wonderful time in Arizona at least we know you will get good weather, Jean the girls had a great time at Justin Beiber he "forgot" to sing Happy Birthday to Hannah but when they came out their wee faces were lit up like a Christmas Tree!! It was well worth it to see their wee faces!!! Mags great photos of the kids with Santa!!!

Thanks Toerag , this will be a first time visit for me , although
over the years we have been close but never quite made Arizona .

I'm glad that the kids enjoyed the show , although , I heard on the news that some folks got ripped off by some fraudster who sold them
fake tickets . What a shame ! , thinking you are going to see a show
and then get turned away . sad.gif

I do hope you guys have a great day , and also myself , Ha Ha , so I
will get on with it
Cheers , Pat
Pat, did you have yourself a great day? laugh.gif

I braved the elements today and was slipping all over the place.
It was not too bad when I got to the Main Street as the pavements were mostly clear of the ice and snow.
I was going to buy ice grippers today, but our local Cobbler's shop was closed. sad.gif

I went to get my my hair cut and the Hairdresser scalped me. ohmy.gif
Next to the Post Office where it cost me 14 to Post my Christmas Cards, but it was sending cards to all our relations in America, Canada & Australia that did most of the damage.
I still have more cards to write, but they are mostly for friends and family who live locally.

Next visit was to the Butcher then Morrisons and I have bought enough food for meals through the week incase the weather does not improve. If it does, I will have to go into town and hopefully finish off getting the rest of the Christmas Presents.

Yes I did heather biggrin.gif did'nt see all that was on my shopping list
but I got a great deal in shoes , which I know was a bargain because I have been checking them out for the past couple of weeks and today
the Rockport shoe store had some specials on , so I managed to get the shoes I wanted , two for the price of one ,
I could'nt believe my luck Ha Ha ,
Also I did buy those grippers , $10 , and probably , had I searched a bit
more , I might have seen them at a cheaper price , but , Lord they are
ugly biggrin.gif , I'm thinking a plaster cast look's a lot nicer . laugh.gif
maybe even the snow tires on the car might look better , Ha Has Ha ,
Anyway I had a great day and also the weather is pretty good ,
hope yours gets better soon ,
You know Heather , It does make a big difference if people would clear
their own sidewalks . we do here , because it's safer and if someone was to slip on your sidewalk you would be sued , The town council's cant't do it all , they clear the main road sidewalks and highways , and I think that's pretty good , anyway once again , Take care and God Bless . Pat

Two pairs of shoes for the price of one pair, that was some bargain. ohmy.gif

Pat, my sister says the same as you about clearing their sidewalks, I guess it does make sense.

It's easy for them as her husband has a snow blower and after doing their area he does the same for older neighbours whom he has known since he was young.
When they got married they bought a house right across the street from his parents, so he is very much a local lad.

I found a pail of sand grit in the shed, so I put it down on my driveway and along the front of my house.
It's been raining all day and I am hoping it won't freeze during the night or the pavements will be like icerinks tomorrow.
Hi Heather & Angel I haven't been on much felt I had nothing much to add to boards so gave myself a wee rest from them.
This week ive been on the go the whole week, Monday finished Christmas shopping, Tuesday had an appointment at Diabetic eye clinic, Wednesday out with my family[9 of us] for eldest daughters birthday ,today wrapped last parcel for Ullapool gang, Tomorrow getting hair done Saturday going to 60th Birthday Party, then Sunday of to Ullapool to play Santa, also middle boys birthday Monday so another wee party at ULLAPOOL
Posted all my overseas cards last Friday and sent my local ones Monday, so pretty organised[I Hope]
Nice to be back chatting again fare missed all you cheek you two[especially thumbup.gif wub.gif
Annewan, you sneaked in there. wink.gif
Click to view attachment

Hi Girls,I'm home after the most fantastic trip. This is Jim and I on the ship. I thought 20 days at sea would be to much for me ,but it was wonderful.I will give you all the details in the next few days. Just trying to get back to normal. With all the time changes we are both feeling really tired.

Welcome back home Isobel , that is a lovely photo
both you and Jim look wonderful . cheers , Pat
Isobel, what a lovely couple you both are.

Your husband is very tall, I bet he has to duck when going in doors.

One of my son's pals was over 6ft tall and had to duck or hit his head off the door jam. laugh.gif

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your Cruise.
lovely picture of you both Isobel so glad you enjoyed the cruise, we enjoyed ours would do it all again smile.gif

Anne , nice to see your post's and also to see you're feeling much better , you have had a busy week so I do hope that you get a bit of a rest in Ullapool unsure.gif smile.gif
I got your card , thank you , I will mail mine on Monday.
I'm going away this Tues but I will be back a couple of days before
Christmas , anyway I do hope you have a lovely time with your
family . Cheers , Pat biggrin.gif
Have a lovely time in Arizona Pat with your family,and enjoy the break smile.gif
Great picture Isobel, looking forward to hearing all about your travels, how's the new baby?
QUOTE (wee mags @ 5th Dec 2012, 03:26pm) *
Good morning ladies my but you all have been busy this weather,as for me I have been setting up my christmas stuff ,I was at my daughters last night they have a santa come in his truck ,he brings the boys one of the small toys they asked him for ,I love to be there to see the wee faces as the firetruck arrives with Santa and his elves ,

Love the photo. This is what Christmas is all about, for the children.
Of course also to celebrate "The Birth of Jesus".
Merry Christmas everyone.
Been real busy since I got home. I will post some pictures of my trip after Christmas. I dont seem to be able to get into the picture Gallery.
The kids are all great, they were all here yesterday. Cold here now but still no snow. What is going on with this weather?Not complaining . It suits me fine. I do hope you all have a very happy Christmas.

This is Amelia giving us a song and dance.
Click to view attachment
All four Amelia, Luke, Lilah and our new little one Keira, six weeks old now.

Click to view attachment
Lovely picture's Isobel. The children look great. smile.gif

Nice to see you Stratson. A Holy & Happy Christmas to you. smile.gif

I spent the day in town and got more Christmas Presents.
The town was vey busy and I was worn out by the time I got home at 5pm all ready for my dinner.

I did stop off at Mickeydees for a cheese burger and a cup of tea, it kept me going for a while.

I also bought a couple of Celtic DVDs, one about the Barcelona Match and another called, 125 Years.
Beautiful picture of all your Grandchildren Isobel smile.gif
Stratson a nice picture , all the best to you smile.gif
Isobel your family photos are lovely .
Glad you had a good day Heather ,
Hamburger n , all . biggrin.gif
Oh dear, wasted for going tae bed now ... Just spent an hour and a half watchin' "Chewin' the Fat" on YouTube. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Great pictures Isobel ,I'm having a rotten time here .Three sets of lights didn't work ,of course not altogether .I have icicle lights all around the inside in my living room so it was one set on this wall and one on that etc..Then the bows on my balcony all got blown to bits in the ice storm we had last night .I\ve had pictures falling off walls , friends in dire straights and things ordered on line not being delivered .I check with the source but from their records they say they were delivered !!!!.
I made Millionairs Shortbread today ,put on some Christmas Music and tried my best to sing along .I'll have a houseful this weekend (16 for dinner ) just hope what I ordered gets here for Friday or else I'll have to rush out at the last minute to buy gifts . blink.gif
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