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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Angel, this is the email I got from my sister. It sounds really bad. I hope it does not come your way.

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service have posted a Hurricane Watch and Severe Storm alert for the Woodbridge area.

The National Weather Service predicts heavy rainfall, sustained winds, coastal flooding, and above normal high tides may impact Woodbridge through 12:01 A.M. on Wed., Oct. 31, 2012.

There is a probability that flooding will occur along creeks and streams and in low-lying areas of Woodbridge, Avenel and Colonia. The Woodbridge Police Department (WPD), the Office of Emergency Management, Township fire departments and EMS personnel, and the Department of Public Works are closely monitoring storm conditions. Residents and business-owners in flood-prone areas are reminded to move vehicles to higher ground and to be prepared to undertake emergency procedures should the Office of Emergency Management issue specific storm-related warnings. Should mandatory evacuation of flood ares become necessary, residents will be notified by OEM, police and fire via door-to-door notification. The Emergency Shelter has been estabished at the Woodbridge Community Center, 600 Main Street, and will be open as of 12 O'clock midnight tonight. THE SHELTER WILL HOUSE RESIDENTS ORDERED TO EVACUATE.

The Office of Emergency Management has established communications with State and County Office's of Emergency Management and Township utility and service agencies. Given the potential severity of the storm, residents should expect power outages. Area utility companies will work to restore service as soon as possible following the storm.

Woodbridge Township residents should tune to local TV news and weather reports, TV-35, or log-on to the Township Web Page for specific storm-related announcements. Woodbridge Township Reverse 9-1-1 alerts will be issued as necessary. For updated storm and weather-related information, go to the Woodbridge Township web page at:


Hi Heather , we will get the brunt of that storm tonight and into
tomorrow here in the Niagara Peninsula , with heavy rains
and Hurricane winds , but nothing to compare with what is happening in
the U.S.A. east coast , although , I am really worried about the great
Maple tree " it is Huge " that grows in my yard , should the wind blow it
down .... well , I just might be up the proverbial creek .

Obama was on TV at lunch time ,asking his people to heed the warnings that they are being given , because this storm is no joke .
Also , from our own provincial government , they will be
making a statement this afternoon .
I did get caught in some really heavy rain about an hour ago ,when I was out
but it is calm for the moment . cheers , Pat

Click to view attachmentWell I am sitting here wondering if I will be able to fly out in the morning. Its pretty windy right now and the worst is going to hit us tomorrow and Wednesday.Tell me can anything else go wrong for this trip.Posting a wee picture of my grand daughter four days old,
Keira Isobel
Beautiful baby Isobel smile.gif
Isobel, what lovely big eyes Keira has. She is a lovely baby.

I think it is best you phone the Airport early tomorrow morning. You don't want to go there and find out the flight has been cancelled.
You must be thinking this Cruise is jinxed. First you sister has an accident and has to cancel. Then you were worried the baby would be late, arriving while you were away. Now the weather is the problem.

I hope you do get your flight and you both have a great time. So cheer up and take care. smile.gif
wee mags
lovely baby ,lovely name ,I hope you call ahead as lots of flights have been cancelled here coming and going ,its very windy and we so far have been lucky still have elictricity and so far mike and I are still talking ,here is a photo of the wee stand we go to for shrimps and seafood ,it about 5 mins away from us but right on the water
Stay safe Mags
Isobel, what a beautiful baby, she does not look like a new born!!
Wee Mags heard them say on the news tonight that conneticut is getting it bad from th storm, Sandy, , as is New Jersey wher I think Gemini is, keep safe everyone. Isobel you know what they say a bad start is a good finish, have a great time, although I know it will be hard to leave that new baby!
Mags, I'm glad to hear your are all safe and well.

I have been out all morning and not long home. It's wet, cold and windy and I was glad to get home for a warm cup of tea and a couple of grilled pork links.

I did some shopping down the Main Street then went to Parkhead Forge, then on to the Retail Park for an indoor aerial for my wee TV as I broke the other one a few weeks ago.
I did not buy anything else as nothing caught my eye, except for a couple of nice tasty bites out of Greggs. smile.gif

I wonder if Isobel managed to get her Flight. I hope so.

Hi Heather ,Have you heard any word from your
sister , hope all is well for her . cheers , Pat
Angel, I have not heard anything as yet, but she will probably be at her work just now.

She works in the Tax Office which is just a short walk from where she lives, so she is always expected in no matter how bad the weather is.
The local Police Station is in the same building, and as her son is stationed there, she is well known to the rest of the cops, so she will be kept up todate with the weather reports.
wee mags
New Jersey was hit bad ,much damage was done,we were lucky this is my neighbours house
Tha looks bad Mags, but it looks to have just missed the house.

Our g'son was came over a short time ago to tell me that my sister contacted him via Facebook and asked him to let me know her and her family were all safe.
The only damage so far was a shingle off the roof and the garage window blown out.
The electricty in their area is off, but my bro-in-law put in a generator last week so that should be a big help to them.

good morning Heather , how is you .
I have been trying to call Ria but her land line is down .
anyway I decided to try her cell phone , and she answered
She has no Hydro , her basement is flooded , no phone except
her cell phone , I'm not sure how she charges that , and it will
be the 6th of Nov. before the hydro is back on , but she seems to
be managing . I was'nt on the phone to long , as you know cell
phone calls cost a lot and also she is using her's , only for emergencies.
but she seems to be well . and says she is lucky , there are others
in worst conditions . smile.gif Cheers Pat,

Hi Angel, yes things are bad in America.

Poor Ria, I hope she is OK otherwise.

I had an email from a friend of my sister who lives in Arizona who managed to contact her, she sent me the email using her iPhone, whatever that is.
My sister is also in New Jersey and like Gemini their Landlines are all down.

My g'son said my sister was able to contact him on Facebook using her cell phone, and although they have a Generator they have to be careful about over loading it.

We watched the terrible conditions in America on TV, and feel sorry for all those who have lost their lives and their homes.

I am wondering how those people will keep warm ,
because even with a gas furnace , which I have ,
it still needs hydro to work the fan , that's one of the reasons I have
always stayed with the gas stove , although it's not good to use for
heating for any lengh of time , it's still not bad if you are pushed .
cheers Pat .
Oh boy, I have just had two wee girls at the door all dressed up for Hallowe'en.

I used to buy some trinkets and keep spare change handy for the children when they came round the dooors, but the one's who lived here are all grown up now and there are very few children in our area and it's a few years since we had any children going around the doors, so I don't bother getting anything in now.
When I opened the door I was very surprised, and the girls stood there smiling away at me, so I had to think fast. rolleyes.gif
So I gave them a pound coin each and a couple of orange's and they went away still smiling. smile.gif
Good morning Heather , hope you will be having a good day .
It is a bit early for me this morning , and I don't have anything
planned or special to do , just that mundane sort of stuff so I'll go
make my tea and toast and see how the day goes . Cheers Pat .
Hi Angel, I have just finished the housework and now having a cup of tea.

Mind you, I still have a washing to take down from the pulley and put away and another washing ready to hang up. Then I will have an ironing staring me in the face, but I think I will just ignore it. ohmy.gif

It was pouring rain here a while ago, but now the sun is shining.

Nothing special to do today or tonight so it will be a quiet day in.

Hi heather , much the same as yourself this morning
After lunch I went out to the car , to put on the new road plates ,
I'm not sure but it think that it is similar to your Rd. tax ,
it goes on your licence plate each year on your birthday month
but this time I just could'nt get the Licence plate , it's cover and the screws
to match up with the existing holes , it was a bit of a nuisance .
took ma a bit longer than usual but that's it for another year .
It's a rather a miserable day here and cold ,the temp ia about 4'C but
feels more like 2'C .
I have plans for this weekend so if all goes well , I'm off again tomorrow
on my galavanting " I have really good D's.I. L .
So take care , see you when I get back . biggrin.gif , Pat

I have not done anything today except to curl up on the couch reading a book I got in the Library. It's a story about a criminal family and it's very good.
The Family, by Martina Cole. I've read another book written by Martina and it was also good.

So what are you up to today Angel and the rest of you girls?

It looks like Isobel got away on her Cruise, and I hope she is having a good time.

Hello Heather , I was visiting family yesterday and most
of today , Sun.

we did a power of walking while shopping and roaming around , I must say that as much as I have enjoyed this weekend , I now realize
that my knees are much older than I am . laugh.gif
anyway ,that's about it for now , take care , Pat

Good morning to you Angel, although it's almost noon.

I don't know if you get Downton Abbey where you live. It's a TV show just finished it's 3rd series here and it was very good. One of the best shows on TV in a long time, now I wonder what will replace it on a Sunday night.
We have a lot of TV Channells to choose from and each with more rubbish than the other.

Nothing on the agenda today except that ironing I have been ignoring, but I will do it this afternoon. Honest. laugh.gif

I have the 1st series of Downton Abbey on DVD, so I think I will watch it while I'm doing the ironing.

wee mags
heather I love Downton Abby Magie Smith is so good as the aunty ,I watch it on the PBS station here the third season begins in Dec ,Ialso watch Call the Midwife ,it makes me think of how life was when I was growing up
the weather here is getting cold and they say that we are going to have a norwester tomorrow so if Gemini looks in time tae buckle up again, hope all isw ell with you I think I will give her a wee call
Hi ladies , I too watch Downtown Abbey on public tv here ,
and do enjoy .
Well Mags , looks like you folks had better batten down the Hatches
in the next couple of days , might get a bit rough again .

It's been quite a nice morning here , Sun and clouds and a bit chilly
temp. around 1'C .
I have been raking and bagging the leaves this morning and came in for a bite of lunch , Soup and Sandwich , I will go out again and bag some more leaves . Cheers , Heather and Mags . Take care biggrin.gif Pat

Mags, & Angel, I've spent the afternoon watching two disc's of the 2nd series of Downton Abbey.
I couldn't find the 1st Series, it must be up the stairs in the bookcase somewhere.
Maggie Smith is really good as granny and a right snob.

Carson the Head Footman who runs the house is a bigger snob that the family he works for.

After Emmerdale finishes I will watch the 3rd & 4th disc.
Angel, I see like myself you have been busy else where.

I keep getting a message on the PC that the battery life is nearly finished. I thought as long as the battery was kept charged up they lasted forever, but apparently not. So I went to the Forge Retail Park to buy another battery in Curry's, but I couldn't even order it there, all they could do was give me a card with an email address to order the battery online.
I'm still waiting for a reply back and also the cost of the battery.

I came home and went shopping and the taxi I got home was one with a high step, so I held on the the top of the front seat to pull myself up and hit the top of my head off the top of the door. Wham, ouch. sad.gif

It was certainly not my day. Ach well never mind, at least I won 10 on the Lottery. I might go into town tomorrow and spend all my winnings. laugh.gif

Angel, I see like myself you have been busy else where....

Ha Ha , Yes I have Heather , we shall see how long that lasts tongue.gif

so you pc. has a battery , I never know that , learn something every
day .... you know heather ! If your pc is working for you ,
I would just ignore the message ,

That must have been a really low taxi cab , I can't imagine you hitting
your head on the roof , cause you are not a tall person , anyway
tell them you want compensation for the headache , biggrin.gif
with your winnings remember not to call that cab again .

It was a lovely day here , a wee bit on the cool side , but I
got outside again and raked and bagged more leaves
plus a few odd jobs done around the house , so quite a productive day.
I'll see you later else where tongue.gif cheers , Pat
You will have a better day tomorrow .

Just managed to start watching "Call The Midwife" and it did bring back loads of memories ,I had my son born in the Southern General .Delivered by a mid-wife.Both my girls were born at home in my bedroom in Partick .When the mid-wife arrived to deliver my second daughter she was a girl I went to school with !!!!!
Hi Jakka , hope all is well at your home ,
tell me , on which channel are you watching
that show and what do you think .

Like youself my first child was born in a Maternity home
but I could'nt get out of there fast enough ,
so I left very early on the second morning
with my baby , along with my very angry husband
who came by taxi before going to work , I also left
an even angrier nursing sister.
My second child was born at home , No problems . biggrin.gif

Good morning ladies.

Angel, I'm not that wee, I'm 5ft 2 inches. laugh.gif

It was not an ordinary taxi, It was a grey one with sliding doors and a high step and they are very popular with some of the men who use their cars as taxi's.

My son was born in Oakbank Hospital and I was in there for eight days as I had to get stitches after the birth. Not because he was huge, he was about seven pounds, but I think it was because I was a wee skinny thing and he was in a hurry to be born.
I was only in the Hospital about half an hour when I was rushed out to the delivery room and my son was born 20 minutes later.
When I was taken back to the Ward, the other women told me they were amazed when the Nurse told them I had a wee boy as some of them were in Labour all day and night, and I was just in the door and delivered so quickly.

This is my teabreak, so I better get back to finish the housework.

Well Heather I have spent a good part of the day
taping the baseboards and around the door frames
so as I can now get started with my painting project .
Cheers Pat biggrin.gif
We had the family round today with their Christmas Lists I had asked for.

I don't believe in 'take what you get and like it'. It's just as easy to get their wish list to choose from according to how much you want to spend, then you know they will happy with what they get.

I always warn them they may not get everything on their lists as it depends on the price of the items.
But I had to laugh at the g'son's list as beside one of his items he wrote' I really want this'. laugh.gif
It's, Assassins Creed 3-Xbox 306

So if the weather is decent this week I will go into town and get the Christmas presents bought.

I told Maurice I want the 3rd series of Downton Abbey. yes.gif

I have been very busy today getting the last of the Winter curtains down.
Maurice cleaned the upstairs windows while I cleaned the downstairs one's.

I started cleaning the blinds in the Utility room and left then half done as my neck was aching from the strain. These blinds are 8ft wide and just over 4ft deep.
It was the people who owned the house before us who had the Utility room built on, but why they got such a big window put in is beyond me.

I still have another window to wash and also the windows in the Porch. mellow.gif
I'm glad the window Cleaner does the outside of the windows, it saves us the bother.
wee mags
I went daft the day , rolleyes.gif made an apple cake .and three meat loafs , i Will send one to my daughter it will save her from cooking when she comes in from work ,the others we will have and send some to my Grandaughter she like it as well I have not cooked like this for a while it felt good
I'm the same Mags, I have not baked in quite a while. I keep promising myself to get back to it, but have not done any so far.

I usually make a selection of buns for Christmas and New Year, and I will do them this year.
I promise. laugh.gif
Hi Heather and Mags ,
looks like you are both doing well
I did'nt do any cleaning or baking today ,
but I have been busy with my painting project ,
which means I am wiped out and it's gonna take
another coat , did'nt think I'd get away with only one. wink.gif

My grandson comes for supper today, but I have decided
we are going out for supper , I can't be bother'd cooking .
Mags , Hope all is well weatherwise for both you and Ria
Take care .. Pat biggrin.gif
By jings we are a busy bunch. rolleyes.gif

I wonder if it is anything to do with us being Scottish women, when everything in the house must be shining clean for Christmas & New Year. laugh.gif
I was in Town today doing my Christmas Shopping.

The g'children told me I could get most items from Amazon or in HMV in Argyle Street.
I went into HMV and wandered around like a lost soul until I saw one of the games on the g'son's list.

A young woman assistant came over to me and asked if she could help me in with what I was looking for and I showed her the three lists. I asked where those items were and she said she would get them for me.
Off she went with the lists and came back in no time with all but two items. One item is not due out until December and the shop did not have the other item in a small size.

That young woman was one of the nicest, most pleasant assistants I have met in a long time, usually you are told what area of the shop to look in and left to get on with it.

So except for two items, that is the g'children's presents bought. Now I just have to figure out what to buy the older one's in the family.
Hi Heather , looks like you had a very good day with your xmas shopping
it is always so nice to get a pleasant assistant when you don't know your way around a store , especially when technology is involved ,lol
I used the Go train service today and went to Toronto , the weather
was beautiful and it was so nice to walk about , I did'nt do any xmas
shopping but I did buy myself some new C.Ds and visited
the St. Lawrence Meat market and bought some nice Roasts , " beaf and
pork , " and a Ham .
I had lunch in one of the downtown restaurants , Salmon Chowder
with a nice crusty roll and a tall glass of freshly squeezed O.J
it was very nice , although when I realized that on the bill , they charge you 12% for a gratuity , that got right up my nose , I had heard of this practice before , but had never came across it , anyway
it was quite a bit less than my usual tips. so I suppose that's ok . laugh.gif
Hope you have a good day ,, cheers , Pat
Aye Angel, it's like a rip off when they take a tip for granted and you get it added to your Bill.

On the way home from Mass I usually get the Sunday Paper's at a garage near me, but there was no Sunday Post's left today and I was too cold to go to another shop.
I bought the Sunday Express and Maurice did not fancy it, so I told him he could go round to the corner shop and maybe get one there. No deal, as he always goes to the Vigil Mass and thinks it's my place to bring in the Sunday Paper's as he get's them the rest of the week. ohmy.gif

It's freezing here today and I was all wrapped up in scarf and hat, I always wear gloves so I had on a nice warm wooly pair.
today is what I call my " Sunday Ecumenical Breakfast "
After mass a couple of us meet up with four pals from the Anglican,
and presbyterian churches and go to a restaurant , were we have a
good old gossip and listen to dirty jokes biggrin.gif it's just a great time ,
when we can get together , they are funny gals .

Anyway , it is just another lovely day here , so I am going outside to see what can be done , It's just too nice to be staying indoors .
So you have a good day and read those papers . tongue.gif Cheers , Pat

Coming out of Mass and telling dirty jokes, shock, horror, gasp. laugh.gif

Put them in the joke Thread. biggrin.gif

It's a miserable day here today, cold wet and windy. I was chilled to the bone and that was me just going out to empty the bin.

I am so tired today as I had very little sleep the last few days.
Does anyone know a cure for insomnia?? sad.gif

Heather , maybe a good shot of that Bailey's might do the trick. biggrin.gif
I'm off again ,nothing worth a mention on these boards
this while back . Cheers , Pat
Angel I did not have any Baileys, so I had a glass of Bristol Cream Sherry and still had a sleepless night.
I usually go down the Main Street on a Tuesday, but I was so tired I stayed home and started clearing out the cupboard in our bedroom. On the shelf there are 16 handbags in every colour under the sun and I cannot remember the last time I used any of them. One of them is a black leather one my mum bought me for my 17th birthday. smile.gif

Thee is also a briefcase I have not used for years and it is full of photographs. So I spent a lot of time going through them and wonder why I have never put them in Photo albums as there are three of them also in the cupboard.

See the treasures you find when clearing out cupboards. rolleyes.gif

I've also started clearing out clothes to hand in to the Mary's Meals group we have in our Parish.
wee mags
Heather dont you just love cleaning out old handbags, you find all sorts of things like the money you hid so that no one would find it even you ha ha rolleyes.gif
Mags, I never found anything worth while. I guess I must have looked in them another time.

But last week I put on a coat I have not worn since last Winter and found a 5 note in the pocket. smile.gif
I have a habit of putting change in my pocket when I can't find my purse among all the stuff in my bag.
Jings, I go away for a few days and everyone vanishes. Have you all joined Isobel on her Cruise?

I was out early this morning and it was cold and frosty. A hat, scarf & gloves day.

I was along the Main Street shopping, but did not buy anything exciting, just butcher meat and a visit to the Library for some books to read. rolleyes.gif
Four more sleeps for us to take my granddaughters to see......Justin Beiber!!!!!! He is performing in Toronto on Saturday night they just love him and as its Hannahs birthday she is spending it with Justin Beiber....... her and forty seven thousand other kids!!!!!!!! I can just hear the screams now!!! She says gramma can you get him to sing Happy Birthday to me? i wish!!!!!!!
Hi Anne ,have a note sent into him that a lot of girls in the crowd are celebrating thier birthdays with a trip to see him and you might get lucky .It won't be personalized but he might just sing it .
I started my Christmas baking today ,along with redoing the grout on my bathroom tiles and getting my aquarium up and running .We had to shut it down before we wen't to the cottage as the fish got sick and died .All it takes is one sick fish from the store and you can wipe out your tank .We left it empty all summer and just now got it ready for some new fish .
Enjoy the concert with the weans Anne,I can't believe they have grown up so fast .
cheers JAKKA
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