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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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wub.gif Hello there Angel and all present , I hope you are all well and Happy ,Ive just been popping in and out recently and enjoying the boards again and may I say It is heartfelt when I say you all have great things to say and share. I just love the atmosphere of the GG boards yer a good lot I didnae know how much I missed ye untill I popped back in and now Iam hooked again reading everything I can hehe I shall see yas all around the boards nice tae be hame again .Love linda PS Iam not doing too much just a bit of shopping to get the sunday dinner in as I have the family and my wee grandaughter for sunday roast dinners each fortnight the alternative week they all go to their respective spouses family for sunday dinner,which is also good for Neil and I to get a wee break on our own to go to the beach or just chill out at home . biggrin.gif
Hi Lindamac, nice to see you back. How are the family and that lovely husband of yours doing?

Hello Angel, Annie & Isobel what are you all up to these days?

I've been out shopping during the week looking for a nice blouse, but could not get anything I liked. I guess I'm getting too fussy in my old age. All the clothes in the shops seemed to be made for the young one's.
Had my nose stuck in a book the rest of the time. rolleyes.gif
Hi lindamac,great to see you posting.Heather Annie and Angel.Not much going on here.No news as yet.
Well today we moved a few shrubs in the garden. Came in and did a bit of reading, had a lazy day. I think I am in for another busy week.Would be nice is something could happen tonight.
Weather is getting cooler for sure, mind you they are talking about 19% on Thursday, we will see. Its midnight and I think I should get into bed ,even although I cant sleep .Jim tells me its resting. Do any of you have the same problem, lack of sleep? I even bought one of the noise machines, I had it on the ocean I thought it helped but I am so used to it now, its doing nothing.So I am off to try my best to get a few hours. Goodnight all.
Anyone have any updates on Marion?
Isobel, I have suffered lack of sleep for years, and last night was a really bad one, the second one in a week.
I usually go to bed about 11pm and read for a while then lie for age's before fallling asleep. I've tried not reading and it makes no difference.
I couldn't get to sleep last night and got up about 3am and sat reading until about 4am. I went back to bed and got up again about 5-30 am and read until 7am went back to bed and was still awake at 9am. I fell asleep and woke up at 12-30pm. So I got at least 3 hours sleep, but wondered where the day had gone. laugh.gif

It's not as though I sleep during the day, I rarely do that.
The longest I usually sleep without waking up is 5 hours, that's a good sleep for me.
It's not just because I have retired, I had the problem when I was still working but not as bad as it is now. Neither do I lie on late as I usually get up about 7-30/ 8am.
Maurice said I need a hammer on the head to knock me out, and also said my mind is too active.
He could sleep on the edge of a razor, lucky him.

I was also wondering how Marion was. Maybe her cousin will come on soon to let us know.
I'm off to the UCM tonight, it's our Halloween Party and I'm looking forward to it.

Some of the women dress up and the best one gets a prize.

We are having a buffet, a couple glasses of wine, a dance and of course plenty of chat. yes.gif
The Bar is open to anyone who wants more than the wine. laugh.gif
I've been out shopping during the week looking for a nice blouse, but could not get anything I liked. I guess I'm getting too fussy in my old age. All the clothes in the shops seemed to be made for the young one's.
Had my nose stuck in a book the rest of the time.


Heather , I have the same problem . The fashion /clothing
industry , only caters to the younger generations , ie , mid 50s and
younger , and you being so small and petite I would have thought it
might be a little easier for you .
These past couple of years I have gained a lot of weight , and that
does'nt help either , because when I'm browsing through the larger
sizes , fashion is still geared to the younger people sad.gif
but I can still find a good variety in shoes biggrin.gif
Anyway ,you have a good evening and don't get drunk .
Hi Isobel and Linda , hope you are having a good day ,
Cheers , Pat
ll over. I cant think of my trip right now. Just want my daughter home and settled with her new wee daughter.
Its pouring rain here and has never stopped all day. God its so miserable.
Half of my post vanished . Oh well. Catch up later.

Great news Isobel , Hope mum baby and grandma are doing well
Cheers , biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Pat

Congratulations Isobel and Jim, another wee one to love smile.gif
Congratulations Isobel & Jim and to Kathryn and hubby, great news, whats her name?
annie laurie
Congratulation, To Mom & Dad and grandparents,

i am sure you will be able to get a good nights sleep now Isobel

Hope all went well and no hiccups

What name did they call the Baby, ?
Girls girls girls,NO BABY YET.Sorry if you read the post I lost the first part of it. I will let you all know as soon as anything happens.She will be induced on the 25th unless she goes on her own.AGAIN SORRY FOR THE MIXUP ohmy.gif
Well, you know we mean it - in advance, Isobel smile.gif wub.gif

of course we do Elma , and it won't be long now Isobel . biggrin.gif
good morning Ladies , not a very nice day here , it's damp and dreary
never the less , just have to get on with our business .
Have a good day , Cheers , Pat
I had a long lie in this morning to recover from all the dancing and drinking last night.
It was a really good night and we women had a good time without the men.

Only kidding about the drinking. I had one glass of vodka and lemonade and one glass of wine, and two cups of tea with the Buffet.

Our music was provided by a guy playing the guitar and singing, and he was very good.
I was up there Line Dancing with the best of them although I don't know how to Line Dance, but I did my best. I did better with the Slosh and the Alley Cat. laugh.gif

So Isobel, they all thought the baby had arrived, well time yet before you go on holiday.

Surprise, surprise Angel, it's dry here, so far. smile.gif
hey y'all g'day long time no chat I just got back from Virginia was there for a week came home and had to go back again for another week, Yvonne is having some work done on her house and couldn't get time off of work so "Mom I need you" and u know Mom runs plus she was fostering 2 four mths old pups talk about the terrible two's man did they keep me running, these pups were war orphans from Ahfganiston, their mom got killed and pups were sent stateside to get adopted so Yvonne took two and so far there was four totaled three have been adopted and just one left which Yvonne still has, but I enjoyed it hope this one gets a good home soon.

hello Ria , nice to see that you are well and fit enough
to look after two pups, that is good , and I bet you
are glad to be back home , so take care and drop in
a little more often , cheers , Pat
hi Heather glad you had a good time sloshing about
at the halloween dance ,

Well I did a bit of sloshing about myself tonight and just
finished . I have been scraping the wallpaper off one
of the bedroom but it did take me two days , " It's that
age thing that is the problem sad.gif now thats it all ready too
be painted but I won't start that job till probably after Halloween ,
I'm not really sure about the colour , but I'll deal with that ,
maybe tomorrow , I'll see how things go , got other stuff to do .
Anyway , once again hope you have a good day , cheers Pat

It's now about 11.20pm , and I don't feel in the least tired ,
maybe I'll find another room and start scaping those walls .
. laugh.gif laugh.gif aye right !
If you are looking for some work to do Angel come on down to Georgetown and I will find you something to do.Heather glad you had a good night. I used to go to the Celtic club on the ladies nights,( the best )
Well Kathryn and Tom have just headed off to the hospital. They are going to induce her today. Should have some news later today.
Luke is so excited he is telling everyone he is going to be a big brother .
Today its going up to 22% ,we will see. Right now its only 14%.The last two days have been miserable. rain and more rain.
Aw good luck to Kathryn Isobel. smile.gif Such an exciting time.
Come on Isobel, we are all waiting on news of the new baby, has she arrived yet??

Happy stripping Angel, just make sure you do a good job of it.
I hope it's just the walls you strip and not yourself as we don't want you to be arrested as the Canadian Naked Rambler. laugh.gif

We only have the sitting room wallpapered as the rest of the rooms and hall are painted. It saves a lot of work with only one room to be stripped when we decorate.

I hope you had a nice day. smile.gif
Naughty , Naughty Heather wub.gif , the only stripping that I have done these past few years has been when Painting and wallpapering . lol,
and of course showering . and now I have , just about stripped off all
of the wallpaper in the house , that should make life easier , if it does'nt
kill me first ,

I have had a good day , plus the weather has been superb ,
glorious sunshine and about 22 + "C . .. fantastic , although it won't be
so promising over the weekend ,
at this time of year we will take all the sunshine
that we can get .
You take care now , cheers Pat

Hi Heather , this reminds me of the Slosh
What do you think ? wub.gif

Cheers , Pat
Just in from the hospital Baby Keira Isobel arrived at 10:10 tonight the 25th.
She weighed 10lbs 8oz. ohmy.gif Looks very much like Luke.
Mom and baby all well. smile.gif
Almost just heading off to bed.
annie laurie
Contratulation all round,

Seems like it was all the #"10" eh?

10lbs Baby pretty good size ,on the 10th month of the Year also,10.10 in the evening, thumbup.gif

Glad all went well

i am sure you are proud she is sharing your name Isobel, Cheers OX
Congratulations to you all Isobel. smile.gif It's lovely that the baby will be sharing your name, Isobel happens to be my favourite name. smile.gif
Isobel congratulations to the new parents and yourself.
I hope your daughter is well after delivering such a big baby.
Now it's all over you can go your Cruise with an easy mind.

I like the names the parents have chosen. Keira a nice Irish name, and Isobel after yourself. I bet you are all chuffed. smile.gif

Angel here is The Slosh Glesga style.

The Alley Cat.

Now I better go and get on with the housework, I only stopped for a cup of tea.
We are going to a Concert tonight down in the Hall. It's Songs from the Musicals.
Tea & sandwiches as usual, with the Bar for a wee drink. wink.gif

Beautiful baby , lovely name , now go Isobel and have
a beautiful vacation. cheers , Pat

Angel here is The Slosh Glesga style.

I like it , I like it , so sophisticated, laugh.gif
you have another good night , Cheers , Pat

Congratulations Isobel, glad all is well. Love the name they have chosen, you must be delighted to have her called after you. Now, as the others have said, enjoy your cruise. wub.gif
Click to view attachment

Luke and little sister Keira
annie laurie
Lovely Picture, good looking little Boy
Is your Daughter , home from hospital already
Isobel? ohmy.gif
Lovely to see your new grand daughter and what a lovely name. I am having my first grand child at Christmas, a little girl too. Looking forward to it. My daughter lives in the country but spends a lot of time with me as her partner works for a shearing team and is away a lot. She is with me now for a couple of weeks and then will be down again on 25th November until bubs is born.
Lovely picture Isobel. I like the sweater Luke is wearing, I bet he is very pleased at being a big brother. smile.gif
Congratulations on the birth of Keira Isobel she looks gorgeous as does big brother luke.
Isobel enjoy your cruise to me its the best holiday we ever had and we met so many different people and the food was to die for so enjoy enjoy enjoy smile.gif
Thanks all, Just getting ready for church. Dont know what to put on, the weather has been awful these past few days'So much rain. There is a hurricane called Sandy causing a lot of flooding in the states and part of northern Canada. I think we are getting the tail end off that. More rain forecast for today. I think I would rather have snow on the ground ,much prettier.
Isobel, I went to the Vigil Mass last night so I don't have to go out again today.

I forgot the clocks went back last night and got up at 9'0'clock thinking I had a long lie in bed, only to discover it was really 8'0'clock. biggrin.gif
Now we are into the cold wet weather I am switching off my alarm so I can really have a lie in. smile.gif

It's pouring rain here and very cold.
wee mags
Conggrats to all Isobel,love the new babys name ,her big brother is a handsome lad ,as for what Iam doing today ?we are getting ready for a storm named Sandy,Iam not looking forward to this one ,we are supposed to get the brunt of it lots of Wind so we are clearing all the stuff from the backyard
So Wee Mags, it's batten down the hatches and take cover. sad.gif

We think our weather is bad enough with the cold and rain, and although we get storms, we don't get the terrible storms, earthquake's and hurricanes some Countries get.
wee mags
Heather we are batten down the hatches and anything else that would fly away ,its not supposed to hit until noon tomorrow I think gemini is going to get it worse than us but you never can tell with these storms ,mike said thats why they have womens names { cheeky bugger isnt he} biggrin.gif
Mags, give Mike a whack on the ear from me. laugh.gif laugh.gif
Me to Mags. Keep safe . Jim is outside now making sure everything is safe . Wondering just how this may affect our trip.

Isobel , you had better keep checking on your airline ,
I do hope that all will be well for you . cheers Pat biggrin.gif
Everyone be safe and I pray you all get through this horrendous weather wee Mags Iam thinking of you pal and everyone else involved in bad weather areas take care yall.Love Linda xxxx wub.gif
QUOTE (Isobel @ 26th Oct 2012, 02:55pm) *
Just in from the hospital Baby Keira Isobel arrived at 10:10 tonight the 25th.
She weighed 10lbs 8oz. Looks very much like Luke.
Mom and baby all well.
Almost just heading off to bed.

thumbup.gif WOW! what a big girl Love her name I have 2 nieces with the very same name Kiera so glad all is well & lets hope mum and baby get on their feet real quickly andsafely God Bless that wee wean isobel & I just know as a grandma you will be feeling on top of the world enjoy yourselves everyone the joy a new baby brings is precious. wub.gif Click to view attachmentWe welcome you and wish you a very Happy Birthday year baby Kiera Isobel,Be well and safe and Happy little one.
QUOTE (Isobel @ 27th Oct 2012, 11:47am) *
Click to view attachment

Luke and little sister Keira

What a little cracker or should I say big cracker she came in at an excelent weight Isobel your wee Grandson Luke is a handsome wee darling too Best wishes to you all it will be such happy times at your family homes God Bless.Love Linda x wub.gif
Wee Mags, my sister' area is also on storm alert. They have been warned that creeks and streams will be overflowing, and there is a creek flows through the top of her street.
Emergency Centre's have been set up an the Police & Fire Dept are closely monitoring storm conditions.
Having a son a Cop and the other son a Fireman both stationed in the area, I'm sure Jessie & Tommy will get a quick warning.
Tommy has a Generator all set up in the Basement.

Isobel, have you checked your flight to find out if it is still on??

Yes Heather , it's looking like N.J. and N.Y,C. will get hammered
with this storm , In the news this morning already
along the east cost it is bad . the hurricane itself is still more
than two hundred miles from land , with a radius of over 800 miles
and it will strengthen as it gets into the warmer waters
Its a monster.

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