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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Hope it is a great show Heather
and you do enjoy it
Along with your grandson
biggrin.gif ..... Pat
Oh well Angel, it's a long time since I've been escorted out by a young man. smile.gif

But my escort being a poor student, guess who will be picking up the tab for taxis and drinks. laugh.gif
[quote name='Heather' date='11th Oct 2012, 03:04pm' post='3592112']
Oh well Angel, it's a long time since I've been escorted out by a young man. smile.gif

But my escort being a poor student, guess who will be picking up the tab for taxis and drinks. laugh.gif

Heather , thats why there are grandma's yes.gif
I have lined up a couple of show's for myself
in the New year , helps to break up the long winter.
Pat .

Heather hope you have a great night ,what a nice g'son you must have going out with his gran.So what if you have to pick up a few of the tabs, the thought was there. Let me know if its a good show, I would love to see it.
Well ladies, I really enjoyed the show, and thought it was well done.

The Theatre was packed and the show was very simply done with no lavish stage settings or big dramatic speeches.
I was also surprised at the amount of young people that were there. Every age group right from some children, to the oldies.

Based on the fact that Susan was born into an ordinary working class family.
Elaine C. Smith played Susan and narrated Susan' story from when she was born as well as acting and singing.

It was funny when at the beginning she started to rhyme of her family names starting with her parents. Pat, Bridget, then Mary, Kathleen Gerard, Bridie etc, then in a wee voice she said, 'we are Catholics', every one burst out laughing. With names like that what else could they be. laugh.gif

A few touching moments when the family celebrated Susan' 1st Communion, her dad sang Scarlet Ribbons to her.

Another touching moment was when her dad was ill. Susan asked her mum if dad would get better, and her mum said they would have to pray about it. The mum knelt down and blessed herself and started to sing the hymn, 'How Great Thou Art'. Susan kneels down and blesses herself and sings 'The Prayer'. Then the dad comes on and sings 'Scarlet Ribbons', while walking to the back of the stage going up stairs into a bright light so you know he has died.
It was amazing how three people all singing different songs to different tunes at the same time, all seemed to be in harmony with each other.

Some of the quips were typical Scottish, ye dancing, ye asking. The g'son had never heard that one before and was in fits laughing. . rolleyes.gif

The audience laughed, clapped and cheered through out the show and at the end gave the Actors a standing ovation.
Then the real Susan came on and the audience nearly brought the roof down, especially when she started to sing,' I Dreamed a Dream', everyone was on their feet clapping and cheering. She also sang ' When I was a Girl.

So all the night cost me was a taxi there and back. I did offer to take the g'son for a drink but he said, ' No thanks gran, I have Uni tomorrow and don't want to go in with a sore head'.
Jings it was only a pint of beer I was offering him not a barrell full. laugh.gif

Looks like you had a lovely evening Heather . biggrin.gif
Cheers , Pat
Heather sounds like a great night. I hope it comes here. I would love to see it.


Good morning Ladies , have a great day . biggrin.gif
thank you Angel biggrin.gif

Och Anne , thats no jist a wish
it's an order . biggrin.gif
by the way , those dancers are
just beautiful , cheers Pat
yes thought you would like the dancers so elegant eh
will be home from Ullapool by Tuesday biggrin.gif
Ach, i've seen better dancing up the Barraland. laugh.gif

just got this in my mail biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

A view on life.
"Places I've Been"
I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends, family and work. I live close so it's a short drive. I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump to get there, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore. I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go and I try not to visit there too often. I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm. Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older. One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenaline flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get! And, sometimes I think I am in Vincible but life shows me I am not. People keep telling me I'm in Denial but I'm positive I've never been there before! I have been in Deepshit many times; the older I get, the easier it is to get there. I actually kind of enjoy it there. So far, I haven't been in Continent, but my travel agent says I'll be going soon.

Good one angel laugh.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif Very good Angel.
wub.gif Hello everyone whats new I hope you are all well? I just popped in to let you all know I often think of yas and about the good fun the board brings forth for us all.I wish you all well and hope I can pop into see you all a little more often stay well everyone and definitely keep up the brilliant patter and chatter hehe Big Huggs from Lindamac xxxx
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Hi ladies, where are you all this morning. Angel, are you still in your bed or off galavanting again?

Linda, I think I'm following you around. Just look over your shoulder and I'll be there. laugh.gif

It was very misty here this morning, but the sun is shining now, but for how long is anyone's guess.

I'm not planning to do anything today, I am getting lazy in my old age. yes.gif
Morning ladies running late this morning, just so tired. Had such a busy weekend . looking after grand kids in between running round to my sisters place to see to them.I am going to have my hair cut this afternoon want it really short for my trip. So much easier for me to manage. Not raining yet ,but expected later today.
If a 'BLOKE' may squuuuueeeeeeze in.....?
I'm writing to my insurance company today regarding the big dent in my (nearly new) cars door!
I returned to the Park car-park yesterday to find a note on the windscreen (windshield Isobel etc! laugh.gif ) apologising for the 8yr old who threw open their door in his rush to get to the ducks and swans, thereby putting a few hundred quids worth of damage on mine! Still, it was nice to get an apology and admission. I just wish they had used their ++=== child-locks!
Nice and cosy in Rabs' workshop today with the heater on for the first time this winter. Brrrr thumbup.gif
Your welcome Rab. smile.gif

Jings Rab, after Claiming your Insurance, don't be surprised if the increase your Premiums.

That's what the Company our house is Insured with have just done with us. Increased our Monthly Premiums by 8 a month because we claimed early on in the year when roof tiles and a soffit were blown off the roof.

We have been with the same Insurance Company 35 years and could count on one hand how many Claims we have ever made.

Isobel, where are you off to and when?

hi Rab , that reminds me of a similar incident we had with our car ,
only it was not a child ,it was a senior person at that time , who
caused the damage , snd they too had also left a note with name and
phone No. , Anyway , My husband contacted them and he dealt with it.
However about a week later , three men came to our door , two son's
and a senior dad claiming that we were trying to rip them off , but
the work being done was through their insurance , anyway everything
turned out OK , once this family realized the cost of the damage that
had been done . " The joys of Happy motoring " sad.gif

Hi Heather , I have been up and about this morning , I have been
spending time in the garage , tidying up and making room for the
patio furniture to be put by for the winter , also I am hoping that this
week will be the last week of grass cutting until the spring .
Take care ... Pat
Heather & Angel: Yes, I do not intend to lose a penny. My insurers already informed me that the other partys' Insurance will cover the cost. Its just the inconvenience that is annoying - especially, as these thing are mostly preventable! Having said that, I opened my door last week in a breeze which threw back the door, ripped it out my hand and the sharp lower corner chewed into my calf! You should have seen me do that war-dance around Morrisons car-park - and the language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad.gif Stll limpin!
Hi guys, I would have liked to have just taken it easy today after nearly 3 weeks hosting my mate Colin followed by my daughter Kelly and her man. Trouble was I'd been neglecting my duties at the hotel for a few weeks and Bonnie doesn't understand what a few days off is rolleyes.gif , so it's no rest for the wicked ... but an early night tonight. tongue.gif
Hey, nice wee room this intit Rab? tongue.gif
Hey Rab, you better watch out that Isobel does not sue you for Defamation of Character.

Isobel, I will be your witness when you sue Rab and take him for a whack. Then he will really be cursing. ohmy.gif

Angel, when you have finshed clearing the garage, you can come here and clear our shed.

Hey Tee, that's some job you have when you can take time off to entertain visitors. wink.gif

I have been sitting here this long while doing Jigsaws. Now it's time to put the dinner on.
Just enjoyed a great afternoon backing Richard Hughes and Joseph OBrien at Windsor and Roscommon horse tracks.Yahoo!
Hey guys just reading these posts on my way to hair salon now. Rab watch your mail. Talking about insurance we are wondering what will happen with ours . I think I mentioned we had a big flood this year . My fault the laundry is up off the kitchen .To cut a long story short it overflowed,I left the taps running for about two hours. OMG You should have seen the mess downstairs in the basement. Water running down the wall carpet floating water coming out the pot lights. We are back to normal now but it took ages. Jim and I moved in with my sister. Joanne Raul and the kids came upstairs to live. Not something I want to experience again. But we are waiting to see just how much our insurance will go up. First claim in 36 years . Must go running late.
QUOTE (Heather @ 15th Oct 2012, 05:42pm) *
Hey Rab, you better watch out that Isobel does not sue you for Defamation of Character.

EH? Whit is it noo Heather? Are you OK? Explain please! Click to view attachment
Hi Linda , Nice to see you posting ,and that you are well '
How is that wee grand-daughter of yours , I bet she will
be keeping all of you on your toes . yes.gif

Hi Joops , I don't know anything about horse racing , except
to say that when I lived in Scotland , I would put a couple
of bob on the Grand National and also the Derby , and I was quite lucky, lol

Hi tomi , I do hope that you had a very nice time with your
family and friend and now all good things must come to an end ,
So it's back to the old grind for you . smile.gif

Hi Isobel , don't worry to much about your insurance ,
just concentrate on your trip . lol

And now Heather , please send your husband over here " on the double "
the upstairs toilet , ... the water won't stop running after it flushes
but luckily I am able to put the water off from the stop cock .
Now , if all it needed was a washer like the water tap , I would'nt have a problem .
I can do that myself . cheers , Pat smile.gif
Wow Angel, you can put a tap washer on, well that's more than I can do, but being married to a Plumber & Gasfitter I never had to learn. laugh.gif
The plumber is fast asleep just now, so I can't ask him, but when the water does not stop running, is that something to do with the ballcran??

Rab, do you have a short memory? you blamed Isobel' g'son for banging up your car. ohmy.gif

Jup, you had me confused there as I have a bro-in-law call Joseph O'Brien, but he has never ridden a horse as far as I know.
Angel, I have just been informed, that if it is a low level cistern it needs a new syphon. If high level it needs a new washer or valve. rolleyes.gif
Wow Angel, you can put a tap washer on, well that's more than I can do, but being married to a Plumber & Gasfitter I never had to learn.

Like yourself Heather , I did'nt bother when Andy was alive ,athough
I did have a pretty good idea , but after his death there was a lot of
stuff I had to learn , although these days Heather the big problem
is getting back up from under the sink . laugh.gif laugh.gif
So does it mean that your Maurice is'nt comming
to fix the toilet . LOL .

I suspect it is the syphon , biggrin.gif tongue.gif
No sorry Angel, he is too busy watching a programme of the 2nd world War. wub.gif

QUOTE (Heather @ 15th Oct 2012, 05:42pm) *
... Hey Tee, that's some job you have when you can take time off to entertain visitors. wink.gif

When we agreed on flexible hours, the boss didnae know what that meant to a Jock. tongue.gif laugh.gif
Angel, I did have a great time and wub.gif ... there's videos and photies tae prove it. laugh.gif

it's a really raw day here ,temp about 8'C but it feels colder
with the wind ,
Heather , I am going out this afternoon to return a new jacket that
I had bought for myself last week , I thought at the time it was a good
deal but no such luck , the stitching is dreadful , so it's the same old
story , you get what you pay for , although I did get a really good
pair of Brown coloured walking Rockport shoes at not
a bad price biggrin.gif .

hi Tomi , just send us a wee photy , that would be nice . biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Heather @ 15th Oct 2012, 08:07pm) *
Rab, do you have a short memory? you blamed Isobel' g'son for banging up your car. ohmy.gif

Heather, there is nothing wrong with my memory - I did nothing of the kind. Why should I? I think you have misread my post. Try it again! (Surely I don't have to spell it out?)Sigh. rolleyes.gif
Rab, I can't be bothered checking back, so don't worry about it.
All is forgiven, go in peace. laugh.gif

When I was out shopping this morning is was wet, cold & miserable..
I was glad to get home and get warmed up with a nice cup of tea and a one of Greggs nice big sausage rolls.

I'm hiding in here away from the football. Husband, son & g'son are not happy with the Scotland Manager, they are sitting there with their faces tripping them. angry.gif
QUOTE (Heather @ 16th Oct 2012, 08:42pm) *
Rab, I can't be bothered checking back, so don't worry about it.

I take that as a sorry then? Heather, I'm not going to lose sleep over it, but. if you can't be bothered, I would be obliged if you would please consider what you post more carefully in future. Thanks.

Goodnight Heather biggrin.gif
And Goodnight Rab .. biggrin.gif
Ah go on Rab smile, your on Candid Camera. I thought you were jokingly blaming Isobel about the note left on your windscreen about the wee boy who dented your car. sad.gif

What a miserable day here today. I did intend to go into town and buy myself something nice, but the constant downpour of rain put me off. Instead, I have spent the morning reading one of the books I got out the Library yesterday. smile.gif
Same here Heather pouring rain. Miserable old day. Weather man says that's it for the day.Went down to Burlington yesterday looking for a pair of good walking sandals for my trip. Every store was full of winter boots. I did get a pair of sandals ,came home pretty happy with them .Then my two started" Omg mum never thought I would ever see you in such grannie sandals ,could you not have got something a bit more modern."
Oh well I was thinking of all the walking I may be doing and trying to be sensible. rolleyes.gif
Must get busy here and try to get some work done. Had hoped to get into the garden ,so many things need cut down for the winter.We also want to move a few things.Have a good day all.
Your quite right Isobel in getting comfortable sandals. If your going to be doing a lot of walking, then there is no point in tottering about in uncomfortable footwear.

Any Country I go to I like to go walk about and see everything.

Where are you off to and when??

I wish I could talk my husband into going away for a few weeks. Hail, rain, sleet or snow I would be in town booking up. I have hardly seen more that a few days in a row of sunshine since I came back from Greece in August.

hello boots , I see you on the boards , I hope that you have had a
good day , I have nothing to write about , although I did get a wash done , and spent time baking tonight .
I guess I should get a life biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Morning , I m off this morning to take my daughter to the doctor ,baby due today ,so far nothing going on. I think this should be her last visit. She dont feel like driving today so I thought it best I go with her and do the driving.
I hope this little girl gets a move on, I dont feel good about taking off on a trip if the baby is not here. Kathryn had such a bad time when Luke was born.Heather we are doing a cruise, first one I am not fussed about being on the boat .Jim has been on at me for years, so this is it the big one before we get to old to enjoy it. We fly to Vancouver then change there for Hawaii. We booked a hotel there for four nights . We board the ship from there and then we are on board for 20 days . Stopping at a number of places Including New Zealand then finishing in Sydney. Staying there for five days . Then we fly to LA.staying there for three days. Then home. I have been looking forward to this for over a year . Its costing a fair bit and now my sister cant make it ,so its just Jim and I . Must go . have a great day, talk later.
Isobel, I hope everything goes well with your daughter.
I can understand your unease at going away with the baby not yet born. Hopefully the baby will arrive before you go away, then you can go away with a light heart.

That is some Cruise your doing, with all the Countries you will be visiting you will certainly enjoy it.
Mind and bring back lots of picture's.

I have never been on a Cruise, but always liked the idea of going on one.
I like boats, but I have only been on them for a couple of hours sailing to France, the Isle of Man and over to Ireland many times.

Now I will have to go and do the ironing I put off doing yesterday. rolleyes.gif
annie laurie
Hi Isobel,

I am sure you will enjoy every minute of your cruise,
Cruising is the way to travel, i love it

fingers crossed Katherine's baby arrives soon, safe and well,
The say every Birth is different, so i am hoping she will have not to bad a time this time round,

I loved New Zealand better than Australia, but then we did not have to long in each City, to really compare,

you will be so relax once you get on the Ship, you will forget you are cruisiing as this is a good time of Year [weather wise}
Sounds like a great Cruise, wish I was going, tongue.gif

Enjoy safe trip

thumbup.gif laugh.gif

Good afternoon ladies , I have spent some of this morning
getting out winter clothing and putting away the summer wear, and
quite honestly I don't know why , todays weather for this time of
year is great, the temp is about 14/15'C a calm wind , lovely
sunshine. it is so pleasant . smile.gif
I think that I will take a drive down by the lake when I have finished
my lunch .

Isobel , Hope all is going ok at your house , ie according to plan
and that you sister is doing good .
Hello Annie Laurie , How is you ?
Heather , hope you have had a nice day . cheers , Pat

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