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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Hi Heather have had lots going on between Nevs man flu, car being repaired after someone bumped us in Ullapool, then today we were at Gartnavel with Nev who doesnt have to see specialist for 6mths so good news there, now bliddy pc playing up so of to pc Dr tomorrow. Next week we are of down south to youngest boy and family for 1wk hoping might catch some of their sunshine.Hope you and maurice are well, im getti ng really bad at posting again need to shift ma fat bahookie and get started on it. I love coming on and seein g what people are doing and saying then I say will reply later im just so lazy and hate being like this catch you later smile.gif
Anne, that is good news about Neville. smile.gif

Your seem to be having a run of bad luck. Better days are ahead.

I have not been doing much these days, head stuck in a book as usual.
I finished reading a book today and it had a funny ending. wacko.gif It's as though there must be another book to follow up. I must remember to ask at the Library the next time I am in there.

Maurice and I are just toddling along as usual. laugh.gif

Well Heather , Here I am , half way through my two week vacation .
" Thurs. afternoon " , my older son and my d.i.l . BACK HOME HERE IN THE FALLS WITh ME , and preparing to take a suprise trip down to
Boston , Massachusetts , to meet up with his friends , who are travelling from Spain to Boston on a family visit .

I love suprises , but only when I know in advance , biggrin.gif .....

his friends are American but have lived and worked in Spain for a good number of years and they were so kind to my grandson when he travelled to Spain in the early spring of 2012 , so I am looking forward to meeting them .

I must say that , I truly love Boston ... and in actual fact , most of the New England states , because there has been so much history in this whole region in such a short period of time , I find it fascinating .

So Heather we are off in the morning for Boston , about
a nine /ten hr. drive depending on the traffic .

Hope my son booked into a decent motel via the internet ,.. Ha Ha
Take care , Pat

Hi Angel, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your Vacation.

One of the times we were in the USA visiting my sister, we all went to Boston and had a good time there.

We were on the ship where some young people gave speeches re-enacting the 'Sons of LIberty' and, The Boston Tea Party.
It was a good laugh, and we were all given feathers to stick on our heads and we danced about the ship singing. 'Throw the tea into the sea''. We all took a turn of throwing a sack into the sea, then it was hauled up for the next person to throw it. laugh.gif
Angel dying to hear all about it. Jim and I have been talking about going to Boston for a very long time. One of my neighbours in the street is from there.The only thing I know I would not like is their accent
I went round to the local shop for the Sunday papers. I was in the shop barely two minute's and when I came out the rain was chucking it down. I got soaked, and had to change my trousers when I got home as they were dripping wet.

Isobel I think you would enjoy Boston, Don't let the accents put you off. wink.gif
Hi Isobel:
I have been in Boston, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont and don't think I found any reason not to like any of the accents, I live in the east coast where we have our own accents, we just had a huge response to the post about the Glasgow accent, accents are different all over the world, some you might like better than others but to say you would not like their accent is very narrow minded, travel is suppose to broaden the mind.
I guess if we had any New Englanders on this post we would have another ExPow situation.
Well said, Petunia
Petunia, I have been in Vermont and thought it was lovely.
We stayed in a Motel that had a lovely swimming pool. I loved the way when driving down the roads at night, the tree's all had wee twinkly lights through them.

My sister's husband is an American, as are her children, so I'm used to the accent.

A couple of years ago we went to Cape Cod and stayed in the Irish Village, it was great with nice food and entertainment in the evening. smile.gif

Hi Heather ,
we got back from our trip late last night
so I slept long this morning .

We had a wonderful time in Boston , with
terrific people , who made us feel so welcome ,
I was reading your post about the
Boston Tea Party , Hope it wasn't Tetley tea
that was thrown into the harbour . biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Isobel @ 14th Sep 2012, 08:36pm) *
Angel dying to hear all about it. Jim and I have been talking about going to Boston for a very long time. One of my neighbours in the street is from there.The only thing I know I would not like is their accent

Hi Isobel , just to say that we had a lovely time in Boston ,
with the nicest of people , " my son's friends family ", who would not have us stay in a
motel , but insisted that we stay with them .
It was in fact a family celebration that went on for the whole weekend , we had a
wonderful time .

We did'nt get around Boston too much this time , but did get to the Quincy Market
and went into ' Cheers ' and had a drink , well maybe two , tongue.gif
Also the Italian district , the oldest in Boston , with really good places to eat
and the Old North end church , lots of history there.

On sunday afternoon , we left , with everyone hopefull that we will see one another .
again .
We drove up to New Hampshire and visited Portsmouth and Rye Harbour
I love being at the ocean ! also a little drive into Kittery , the border town between
Main and New Hampshire , there has been some changes since my husband and I
travelled there , but nice memories for me .

Isobel ,If you get the chance , make the trip , I think you would enjoy .
You have a good day ..Pat .

Angel, I'm glad you had a really good time.

I recognised a few of the place's you mentioned.

I have a few picture's of my sister, bro-in-law, Maurice and myself taken in Cheers, especially one taken standing in the corner where Ted Danson stood. laugh.gif

Have also been to the Quincy Market, then we went to the Italian District and had a meal in an Italian restaurtant. My sister took a picture' of Maurice eating an Italian meal, because he said he did not like Italian food, too spicy. laugh.gif
Another lovely morning here Heather , so I'll take advantage of the
weather and go walking for my groceries , meet up with a couple of
pals and have lunch , have a good , .. Pat
Been a nice day here, a bit cold, but at least had the sun. Went a wander food shopping and am going to head of to see an Adele and Amy Winehouse Tribute later on. Have a nice Friday folks x

Joyce , hope you had a nice time yesterday.

My plans for today did'nt come off as I had hoped
so I just tidied up , settled down and got some reading done biggrin.gif

Hello Heather , I do hope you are well . biggrin.gif
I'm back in the land of the living Angel.

I had a really bad throat and and aches and pains everywhere. I'm not very good at lying in bed so I lay on the couch reading books.
By Thursday I felt too bad to go to the Doctor and I had a feeling that if I called a Doctor in I would end up in the Hospital.
I'm feeling better now but have no energy.

A friend told me there was a bad bug going around and she had heard a few folk complaining about sore throats.

I looked in GG a few times but could not be bothered Posting, too lazy.

I have only been out once since last Tuesday and that was on Saturday to go to the Vigil Mass with Maurice.
I even missed the UCM tonight, and there is a Sister Mary from the Notre Dame Order coming to Speak tonight. I was looking forward to hearing her.

So what have you all been up to??
I'm back in the land of the living Angel.

Heather , glad to hear that you are on the mend ,
I'm sure that your energy will return and you will be
back to normal soon. .....Take your Vitamins and keep away
from that Baileys . tongue.gif
I have been feeling pretty good these past days , I think I will
will have to get down to Boston a bit more often , unfotunately our
trip was cut short by a couple of days , because my D.I.L took
a bad asthma attack , we had to get home fast , but all is well now.

Put my car in for a re paint job . it was looking much like
myself " the worse for wear" , I got it back yesterday and it's
looking good , " I'm wondering if there is a lesson in those last
couple lines . laugh.gif
Anyway you take care . Cheers , Pat
Sure Angel, it would be great if a wee paint job on ourselves made us look brand new again. laugh.gif

When anyone asks me my age, I tell them 35yrs old. My g'children used to believe it, but now they are older and wiser they laugh and say, " and the rest, "cheeky blighters".rolleyes.gif

Cheers Heather , hope you have a nice weekend . me too ,
It's really a dull day here but no rain , temp. about 16'C.
that suits me smile.gif and shortly I'm away out to cut the grass .
and pick more tomatoes . take care ........Pat .

Hi Angel, it's nice to know you are enjoying your tomatoes, all the better as you grew them yourself.

I have not done very much today except the housework that I usually do on a Friday.
The Doctor once told me I was a slave to my genes when he caught me doing the housework when I was supposed to be resting.
He said that to me when I told him it was the way I was brought. We girls were not allowed out on a Friday night, we had to clean the house from top to bottom.

It has been pouring rain here today as usual.
Hi heather , I've been on / off these boards all morning been busy on
Skype , it's just great seeing and talking with friends and family.

About that Friday night cleaning ,I remember it well , but mosty when I was in high school , as I got older , Friday nights where spent going out dancing with my pals , would have terrific times , it was girls night out ,
no boy friends that night , we left them to do whatever boyfriends did .

Hope your weather brightens up . cool.gif ...Pat

Angel I have had another very busy day.
Now we are into October I decided it's time to put up the winter curtains, starting with the sitting room.

First I had take the summer curtains down, then I washed the blinds. As they are the vertical kind and have 30 slats or whatever you call them, that took me age's. Then I washed all the window frame then cleaned the window's.
After a tea break, I ironed the heavy curtains which are massive and also lined as our sitting room window is 9ft wide and the curtains are ceiling to floor and wall to wall.
By the time I had hung the curtains I was worn out with a sore back and neck.

I'm not doing anything else today, I've done enough. yes.gif

Heather said
I'm not doing anything else today, I've done enough.

I should think so Heather , I'm wiped out just
reading your post . biggrin.gif
Well I've had an easy morning , just a tidy up,
My grandson is comming for supper tonight , but I will continue
my easy day and just make a beef stroganoff for our supper .
with vegs. and jello with fruit for dessert , Cheers Pat
Angel, enjoy your supper with your g'son. smile.gif

I think I overdone it today. I forget I am now 35yrs old and not 15yrs old.
Aye and the rest says you. laugh.gif
Oops, double Post. wub.gif

Naw Heather , I believe you , laugh.gif
I'm having a lazy day today.
I was out early this morning and did some shopping and also went to the Library to get a couple of books.
It was a cold windy morning and I was glad to get home to a warm cup of tea, a scotch pie and a chocolate eclair. smile.gif

I have just finished reading a book I bought in Greece. The Island, by Victoria Hislop.
It's about Spinalonga, the former leper colony in Crete. It's a very interesting story and I really enjoyed it, although the characters in the book are fiction, it told about how the people sent to that Island managed to cope with life.

Funny enough, there was a woman from the Leper Society gave a talk at Mass on Sunday about leprosy. She was a very good speaker, and yes we had a collection to help those with Leprosy.
Apparently Leprosy was prevalent in the UK from the 10th to the 17th Century.
I did not know that.

I hope you are having a good day Angel.

Hi Heather , I am having a ggod day thanks !
I have been out most of the morning ,
Paying my car insurance , getting the clean air
testing done for it and paying the road tax as well
It always seems to me that the whole of Canada
is doing the same as me on the same day . biggrin.gif
lineups everywhere .

That book your reading , I'm sure that I too , would
find it interesting .
I wonder were Britain segregated those poor souls
during those times . Cheers ,Pat
Angel, after spending all that money I guess you will be going out busking. laugh.gif

I did the shopping today and bought a chocolate fudge cake, because one of the g'daughters like myself is a chocoholic and I knew they would all be round today.
We couldn't find any birthday candle's so we stuck a big candle in it and the g'daughter carried it in to Maurice and we all sung Happy Birthday to him, then we had a good laugh at the size of the candle.

The 11yrs old g'daughter has joined the Shettleston Harriers and goes twice a week. She was telling us how much she is enjoying it. They do warm ups then run around the track.
Maybe we have a future champion in the making.
Her dad, ( our son) also did a bit of running when at School, and in 6th year was the School Sports Champion.

Hi Heather , it is a lot of money but that's it for another year smile.gif

I'm glad you and the kids had a lovely day for Maurice's birthday
and glad that your 11yr old is involved in sports . I'm sure that she
will enjoy .

It has been a beautiful day here , temp. I think about 25'C.
with sunshine . I have spent most of the day outside in the yard
getting a good bit of work done for the comming winter weather,
I've still a bit to go , hope the weather stays dry .

This is our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend , but I am not having a big
family get together this year , "I just can't be bothered anymore " but we have booked a table for four and will have a nice thanksgiving dinner
out for a change.
Well Heather thats about all for today , although the weather channel
is forcasting single diget temps. for the weekend .

Autumn , I guess
cheers , Pat


ooooooooooopsis forcasting single diget temps. for the weekend .

should be single digits ,


Good morning Heather , I woke really early this morning ,
I ended up yesterday Fri. having a very busy afternoon
and I went to bed about 10pm so it was about 3.30 or so when I
got up this morning , I will probably collapse around 10 am .
Anyway I do hope that you have a nice weekend . cheers , Pat

Angel, what a time to get up. ohmy.gif

When I'm up at that time I usually have a cup of ovaltine then go back to bed.

We were both up early this morning as we had to go for our Flu Jabs. Then I went to the Hairdresser and got my hair cut.
Next I went to the Library for a couple of books to read.
Now I have just finished making a pot of Minestrone Soup for tomorrow.

Now I am just relaxing.

Have a good weekend yourself. smile.gif
Happy Thanksgiving to all here in Canada! Turkey on, everything else ready to go, so have a great week end!
Happy thanksgiving to all here in Canada. Mine is not going be be as I had expected. Its my turn to host so turkey is in the oven all the veggies are ready to go on.Just sitting here for a wee rest before they all come.
My sister Jean who just lives round the corner from me had a bit of a fall earlier this week and fractured her hip. She had surgery the next day and believe it or not go home today . Once I feed everyone here I will take some round for her .
Not only does this put a bit of a damper on today it changes all our plans for our trip to Australia. Oh well on the other hand Jean is doing pretty good , so we have a lot to be thankful for .
Happy Thanksgiving Ladies ,
No cooking for me this year , we are going out for dinner
And tomorrow I am again invited out . biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Isobel , I do hope that your sister makes a good recovery
Cheers Toerag biggrin.gif
Hi Toerag, Isobel and Angel. smile.gif

Isobel, that was a bad accident for your sister to have. It could take a while before she is up on her feet again.

I did not do very much today. I took a washing down from the pulley and hung another one up. Where does all the washing come from for two people??

Had my nose stuck in a book inbetween washings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you folk living in Canada. smile.gif
Thanks girls of all the good thoughts. Jean is doing pretty good very upset about her trip but hey what can you do. We have so many other things to be grateful for. We are looking forward to seeing our new grand child ( a little girl) due on the 18th of this month. Our fourth grand child.So we have exciting times ahead. God willing all will be well.
It was pretty cool here today and I believe we may have some frost overnight. The weather is changing for sure. Time to get the winter gear out again. What a thought eh? ohmy.gif
Isobel, it's not long now for the new g'daughter to arrive. Another baby to cuddle. smile.gif

I was out just after 9'o'clock this morning doing the shopping and it is a cold frosty morning.
The grass was white with frost.

It's the UCM tonight, so I will be well wrapped out when I go out.

I was told the Sister from the Notre Dame Order who gave a talk two weeks ago was excellent. I was sorry to miss it.


Hi Heather , It is pretty cool here today but it is pleasant
so I just might bundle up and go out for a walk ,
I 'm thinking that after your frosty night , just maybe you
guys will have an Indian summer , now that would
be nice , I'm sure .

I hope that you have a nice evening at the UCM .
biggrin.gif Pat
Well I have just come home after going up town with my daughter. She is matron of honour at a wedding on Friday. Lets hope that baby dont come before Friday.Boy is it cold ,what a change. I wanted to move some plants in the garden but it will have to wait for another day , just dont feel like doing it.
wee mags
in the name of the weeman you lot have made me tired ,angel and heather your a couple of work horses .but as long as you can do it good for you. Toerag,Isobel,and Angel I hope your thanksgiving went well Sorry to hear of your sisters fall, tell her I said hello as for me its been one dr after another ,I liked the old days when you went to the dr and he knew what was the problem ,now its ,you have to go to this one or the next one

Mags' I just caught your post as I logged out , so I've came back again.
Yes , I did have a terriffic thanksgiving and I did'nt cook a darn thing this year , Had dinner out on Sunday and invited to a family dinner on Monday ,
Sorry that you have not been keeping to well , but I do understand
what you are saying when it comes to dealing with the medical
profession , You have to be fighting fit , to come up with the energy to see these professionals , and as I'm lazy by nature or age " unsure.gif unsure.gif , I just don't bother , anyway you take care .
Cheers Pat biggrin.gif
Lovely morning sun shining with a little nip in the air, heavy dew on the grass. Took the dogs a walk.
Took my car in to see the body shop as a lady hit me in the parking lot the other day I was parked she was backing up only a scratch on the bumper, did some laundry and hung it out, went to the store for a couple of items I needed to bake then took the dogs to the beach for a walk not a soul there came home and baked my muffins.
Glad you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Most of the dents on my car are caused by shoppers leaving the
grocery carts all over the parking lots ,to much bother putting them
back in their place , eg ,the shopping carts , mad.gif

Been busy in the kitchen this morning . made a
pot of soup and got some baking done .
Have a nice day ...Pat

Isobel so sorry to hear about your sister, hope she is on the mend, there will more time for holidays when she feels up to it. Mags you are so right, the doctor send you to this one and that one then they all have a wee bit info about you, and the one does not know what the other is doing so frustrating! take it easy! cool here again today and there was a bit of rain earlier but off now, enjoy your day everyone.
I think all you who celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving will enjoy this. laugh.gif

Turn up your sound.

Cheers Heather , biggrin.gif
wee mags
noo that wis funny Heather
Hi Mags, long time no see. smile.gif

Well ladies, tonight I am off to the Kings Theater to see the Susan Boyle story,' I Dreamed a Dream', and being escorted there by my g'son.
This all came about when last week I mentioned I wanted to see this play and Maurice said he did not want to go.

Yesterday I was handed an envelope showing two tickets had been booked for tonight's show.
Again Maurice said that by the time he got home from an afternoon Hospital Appointment, he would not feel like going out again. The g'son was quick to say,' I'll go with you gran'. I told him it was ok as one of my friends would go with me and this play was not really his thing.
But the g'son insisted he wanted go as he had read the show had got a lot of good reviews and was interested in seeing it.
I can safely bet he talked his dad into buying those tickets as a treat for us, pointing out that,' if g'dad does not want to go, I'll go with gran'.
What a rascal. I'm sure his dad saw through him as well. A night at the Theatre at his dad's expense. laugh.gif
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