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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Hi Joyce, nice to see you back.

I got a parcel from America today with three football strips my sister bought in Philadelphia when her and her husband, son, daughter and g'daughter all went to see Celtic when they were playing there.
One strip each for my g'son and two nephews, Brendan & Kieran.
They are very colourful and in red print across the front it says,' World Football Challenge 2012'.
Below that are the Club Badge's of Madrid vs Celtic, and below the badges the names, Real Madrid, Celtic FC.
On the back it says, Saturday 8/11/2012 . Then a list of each teams players and picture's of a Madrid and a Celtic player and another picture of some of the Celtic team. On the bottom it says' Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia,PA.

They are so colourful that if the boys go out wearing them you won't miss them in a crowd. laugh.gif
Hello Heather , glad that you got the parcels , those shirts sure do
have a lot of reading on them but I do hope they get worn ,
maybe if the boys don't , biggrin.gif then maybe their mothers will . biggrin.gif

Scorching weather came to an end today , heavy rain and very humid
but it is supposed to be back to sunshine tomorrow , with normal temps.
I had son and grandson for supper today , kept me busy but very nice .
cheers Pat.
Hi Heather, The strips sound lovely and I bet the kids will be thrilled with them.
Seems like ages since I have been on here and had a good old nosey ...that will help pass some time for me as I am off work for two weeks.
Hop[e everyone has a lovely day x x x
What a nice sunny day it is today compared to yesterday, it's a bit blowy but dry.

I was out shopping along the Main Street this morning, going to the Butcher's, then the Library and when passing by Greggs Bakery an invisible lasso roped me in, so I came out of there with a bag of goodies. laugh.gif
I had intended going to the Forge but changed my mind with all the shopping to carry, so I just came home.

I was thinking about cutting the grass, but after all the rain yesterday I think the grass needs time to dry out.

Joyce, have a good holiday from work, get out and enjoy yourself.

Angel, I don't think the mother's would wear the tops. Although Brendan & Kieran' mum is another Celtic fan and goes to as many matches as she can, but being a Nurse her shifts restrict her from going to them all.

Good morning Heather , we have a nice morning here , with a nice comfortable temp. which is always a pleasure .
My D.I.L is having a yard sale in a couple of weeks and she is asking for her friends and family members to donate household stuff or whatever can be sold , with all proceeds going to a local organization that helps out children whose parents cannot afford to pay the high costs of enrolling the kids in sports , so that will keep me busy for awhile .
These yard sales are always worth a visit , especially when more than
one household is involved , everything from a needle to an anchor to
be found at giveaway prices .

This afternoon , I don't think that I will be cutting the grass but I
will get out and do a bit of digging .
You have a good day , Pat
Hi Joyce , I did say hello with a post last night but I see it's no show , so I guess I did'nt hit the proper button , anyways nice hearing from you and hope you have a great day ,, cheers , Pat

good morning heather , another fine day here .
I have had a problem with the downstair shower
these past days , and now I have the plumber comming in this
morning to fix it " I hope " and he should be here shortly.
Also Heather , I do hope that someone will return your ring .
Good Luck . Pat

Angel I hope you got your shower fixed. If you lived nearer I could have sent my plumber husband round, but the distance is a problem. wink.gif

Angel I can't believe I have found my ring half buried in the soil in the garden in a spot I have already searched a few times. yes.gif

I came into the house grinning from ear to ear and shouting,' Thankyou Saint Anthony'.
Maurice thought I had lost the place but was delighted as he knew how upset I was at losing the ring.
He said in future to take it off when gardening. I start off wearing gardening gloves then usually take them off as I seem to work better without them. wub.gif
Hiya, Had a nice wander into town today. I have been wandering a lot with my camera and taking snaps over Glasgow.
Weathers not been great, been nice to see a wee bit of sun!
Hi Joyce, nice to see you back on here.
Glad you got your ring back Heather and hello Angel hope you got your shower fixed, and to let you know im back to keep an eye on you two yes.gif
Hello again Angel, just to say thank you for my lovely suprise,which I found when I got home, your a wee toff biggrin.gif
Your right Joyce, the weather has not been great.
It's the wettest summer in 100 years. But we just have to go out and brave it or we would be housebound all summer.

I was hoping to get away for September weekend, but that Annewan put me off because her remarks made me check Maurice' Hospital Appointments and he has one on the Tuesday morning, the very day we would be coming home. sad.gif
Aye blame me as usual missus sad.gif
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 31st Aug 2012, 04:16pm) *
Hello again Angel, just to say thank you for my lovely suprise,which I found when I got home, your a wee toff biggrin.gif

I know Anne , I know Anne , L.O.L Take care .. Pat. rolleyes.gif
Well Annewan, I have to blame someone and you were the one who made me check the Hospital Appointment.

It's ok for you to go off to Ullapool, but I can't go off to Dublin. sad.gif
Dont laugh we are back cos we couldnt mind which date Nev has Gartnavel[its the 12th ]anyway poor Maurice doesnt want to go rolleyes.gif

Good morning folks , it's very nice here at the moment
but rain is in the foecast .
My son is moving today to an apartment for short time
so I have a busy day ahead of me helping him move.
hope you have a great day , Cheers Pat.
Dont work to hard angel dont injure yourself rolleyes.gif

Having a very lazy day doing zilch not having any visitors today,family all busy and on holiday rolleyes.gif
so much for saying no vistors today ,just had a phone call,sister and hubby are calling in at 7.30 tonight,still havent seen the for a couple of so will be good to chat smile.gif
Happy packing Angel. wink.gif

I was having a lazy day then Maurice decided to cut both back and front lawns, when he was finished I went out and hoed the flower beds. On the way out that cheeky man with a big grin on his face said to me, " Be careful with your ring ". angry.gif

I finished reading my Library books, now I have nothing to read. Woe is me. sad.gif
Hi Girls, Hows things with you? Alls good here, I went a wander into town today was a nice day am enjoying having a stroll and seeing places I didnt know existed...AND I have lived in Glasgow ALL my life lol.... x
Hi , Joyce that must have been a terriffic adventure .

when I was in Glasgow I walked from the city centre
all along the riverside right into Partick ,
what a difference it was from my childhood days , it was such a lovely
walk , and seeing the people sitting along the banks having their lunch - break , taking in the wonderful weather at that time , just fantastic .
When I worked in the city , we usually had our lunch in the office or
went to Littlewoods , have a plate of Tomato soup and a sandwich .............ha ha , cheers
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 2nd Sep 2012, 02:13pm) *
so much for saying no vistors today ,just had a phone call,sister and hubby are calling in at 7.30 tonight,still havent seen the for a couple of so will be good to chat smile.gif

Hi Anne , I hope that your evening went well , you would all have a lot to talk
about .

Heather , my son is now in his new place , the move went well ,
and Anne I did not injure myself , rolleyes.gif

anyway both of you have a great day , you too Joyce .
cheers guys , Pat


A dull overcast day here but warm , looks like we will get more rain this afternoon / evening .
I've had a really good morning , the guys came in to shampoo
my downstairs carpeting , and it's looking nice . biggrin.gif
I'm going out for supper tonight Heather , so I'm looking forward to that , think we're going for italian , well it's a change ,
Take care , Pat.
Pouring rain here Angel, rotten weather for the kids first day back to school wub.gif but still very muggy cant complain tho after the summer we have had
what does summer look like pray tell we havent seen the sun for donkeys years honest laugh.gif

Hi toerag , nice to see your post , and yes it has been one miserable day
such heavy rain , looks like it will be unsettled weather for a while . Shame for the kids , with their nice new school clothes , they would,nt be able to parade with them . and this is the last holiday weekend of the summer , so I guess we now start thinking about christmas .
I had a nice meal this evening and as I was comming into the
driveway , there was the most beautiful rainbow , I'm sure it was a double , ..... low in the sky with such brilliant colours , so lovely.
Now would you believe that I hung a washing this morning and it's still outside , It can stay there , at least until tomorrow . tongue.gif
Anyway toerag , you take care , cheers , Pat .

QUOTE (Anne1 @ 4th Sep 2012, 08:42pm) *
what does summer look like pray tell we havent seen the sun for donkeys years honest laugh.gif

Aw Anne , thats really lousy , but maybe there is a chance that you might get some decent weather this month . Take care , Pat smile.gif
Hi all, I have just been watching the first part of Dallas and JR is up to his old tricks again. laugh.gif

My niece was round with the new pup, a Beagle she got a few weeks ago. Honestly, she talks to it as though she was talking to a baby. She said her husband and two sons who are both in their in 20s have it spoiled as they are always sitting it on the knees petting it.

The boys picked the pup's name, ' Paddy McCourt' after a Celtic Player and the name of the Celtic Supporters bus they go to the matches on. laugh.gif
Hiya, Almost bed time. Had a lovely day with my wee Mum and two of her friends, had them over for lunch, they sure cheer me up.
Hope everyones well x

Hi Heather , many years ago in Dumbarton ,we had a neighbour
who called her cat "Maggie Magee " biggrin.gif

I watched one episode of that show last season Heather , I hope it
gets canned . laugh.gif
hope you have a good day . Pat


Hello joyce , it's nice reading that your mother is up and about
now . Take care ..Pat.
Afternoon, Yes my wee Mums doing great for her age 89 now.
Hows everyones day going? Looks like we have no sun today in Glasgow...theres a surprise... rolleyes.gif Hope you all have a nice day x
Comin doon in buckets and blowin fur the kids goin back to school today, same yesterday but too late to save the fields of crops that have already died from lack of rain for the last couple of months,
been a great summer but its only September so hopefully more good weather to come.
Have a good day all.
I was out just after 9pm this morning and there was a cold wind that almost blew me away.

Now the rain is on. So what's new about that. wub.gif

Joyce, it's good to hear your Mum is doing well, and your taking good care of her. yes.gif

Jings Angel, are you telling me that Dallas is that bad it should be canned??

Jings Angel, are you telling me that Dallas is that bad it should be canned??

Heather , you just might enjoy it . I never cared for the original
series , but then I'm not a lover of soap opera's , I don't even like Coronation St. and the whole world Loves that, so I guess , it takes all sorts . Have a good day , biggrin.gif Pat


Hello Petunia , hope you too have a good day .
Cheers biggrin.gif
wee davy
and the whole world Loves that

Make that the whole world -2 people, angel. shock3.gif
hello everyone,

I was reading all your posts and it brought back the memories of living and growing up in Glasgow. How I do miss it. I can just imagine the accent with the words, and I miss my mom and dad and their conversations to each other with such a thick accent.

Today I am working at my son's restaurant (he is the chef) and I love to come on the glasgow boards and read about what you are all doing today in Glasgow. I am looking foward to coming to Scotland next year (first time back) and taking in all the sights and sounds of a busy city. Hope everyone has a great Thursday.

Ok wee davy , whatever you say , biggrin.gif unsure.gif
Rosemary, I hope you have a good time when you come back to visit Glasgow. smile.gif

We were another family who went our Holidays to Saltcoats, but that was in the 50s, usually in July.

Mum always went down a few months prior to the Holiday and booked a house or a couple of rooms.
Walking down the road from the Railway Station there was a tearoom, and dad always took us in there for a Fish Tea to start off the Holiday, gosh we felt like toffs. laugh.gif

I remember spending nearly all my pocket money in the Amusement Arcade and being so glad to win some money back.
Maybe the weather was better in July because we always went in the sea for a swim.
Happy days right enough. yes.gif
Hi Heather, I can't wait to come home I am so looking forward to it.

I also remember the amuesment arcade, we lived in a house right behind it for that two weeks every summer. I also remember the tea room near the train station. Thanks for a nice reply
I loved hearing from you. I hope you have a great day.

Rosemary, I took a day trip down to Saltcoats 2/3 years ago and could not believe the difference in the Beach & Town.
The lovely sandy Beach that I remembered from years ago was like a building site, and the street that had all the shops was completely different.
The Tea Room is now a Cafe.

I think the Beach was under re-construction and there was a lot of new buildings and more house's being built.

I felt quite lost in a Town I used to know so well as we used to wander all round the Town. I think the open air swimming pool was also away.

I felt as though someone had stolen my childhood. sad.gif

I guess time moves on and place's change with it.

Maybe all the building will be finished now and the Beach & Town look nice again.
hi girls a few old memories of saltcoats
and again
this is me on the rocky shore saltcoats 1958 in the front my cousin john mclaughlan in the back
Possilboy, terrific picture's. yes.gif

They bring back happy memories, especially arriving at the Station and all cheering as we were now starting our Holiday. laugh.gif

I don't remember the name of the street where all the shops were, but we just referred to it as the Main Street because that is where we could buy everything as there was a good selection of shops. yes.gif
good old memories of Saltcoats Possilboy thank you biggrin.gif
Where have you been hiding Annewan? rolleyes.gif

Rosemary, if you have been away from Glasgow a long time, then you will see a lot of change's all over the place.
You will probably get a shock when you see George Square, that I now call ' Red Square'. The Council have made a right mess of it. angry.gif

Possilboy, what were you doing in that last Picture?
I think you were trying to cross over without walking on the cracks. laugh.gif
Hi Heather have had lots going on between Nevs man flu, car being repaired after someone bumped us in Ullapool, then today we were at Gartnavel with Nev who doesnt have to see specialist for 6mths so good news there, now bliddy pc playing up so of to pc Dr tomorrow. Next week we are of down south to youngest boy and family for 1wk hoping might catch some of their sunshine.Hope you and maurice are well, im getti ng really bad at posting again need to shift ma fat bahookie and get started on it. I love coming on and seein g what people are doing and saying then I say will reply later im just so lazy and hate being like this catch you later smile.gif
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