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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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I have had one disaster after another today.

I brought in our brown bin and left the padlock for the back gate hanging on the gate as the green bin was still to be emptied.
Green bin got emptied, brought it in and padlocked the back gate, then went to go in the back door, the back door was locked. I forgot I had came out the front door. So there I was locked in the back garden as the key for the back gate is on the set of keys on the back door.

Tried calling Maurice who was having a lie down, but got no response. No point in trying to climb over the 6ft high fence as I would probably fall and break my neck. I looked through the fence into my neighbour's garden just as she came out to see what all the shouting was about. She had to go in our front door which was lying open and right through the house to unlock the back door to let me in the house.
We had a good laugh about me locking myself in the back garden.

Came in the house and lifted up a couple of pot plants I had left in the sink when I had watered them, turned round to take them back to the porch where they belong. One tipped over and the water and compost spilled out and I slipped in the water, fell right down on my knees battering the side of my head off the edge of the kitchen door. I now have a huge lump on my head and a throbbing headache.
I guess I might be lucky as about two years ago I slipped in the kitchen and broke a foot.
I only hope I have not cracked my skull. sad.gif

Well Heather , Lucille Ball could not have done it any better !
but looking on the bright side , you will at least have
time to recuperate before your vacation ,
take care Pat smile.gif

Hello Heather , I do hope that you are feeling better today
cheers biggrin.gif Pat
Angel, I have now been declared a disaster area.

I was having a cup of tea this morning before setting off to Mass. With my nose as usual stuck in a book, I reached over for the cup, missed it and knocked the cup of tea all over myself. wub.gif

Heather , hope it was cheap tea ,
that does'nt scald as badly as the
more expensive brand biggrin.gif
As for myself , it's usually a glass of wine
I end up wearing . Cheers , Pat

it's just a wee drap in a tall glass , you understand .!
Aye Angel, I believe you, thousands wouldn't. wink.gif

I always use Tetley tea bags, but I boil it in the teapot first.
I did not do anything much today. Except for cleaning out two of our bins i spent the day reading and knitting.
After Saturday I am trying to be careful and not get another bump on the head which is still very tender to touch.
I also also have a massive bruise on my arm that I got when I slipped and fell. I did not realise I had banged my arm so badly at the time as I was more concerned about my head.
I'm in a right state for going on holiday. rolleyes.gif

Hello Heather , it's good that you are taking things easy just now
I'm sure you will be fine when you go on your vacation .
It's about 10.20pm and I think we might be getting a storm overnight
already there is lighting and thunder but no rain just yet ,so maybe I should put off this puter .
I did have a busy night , had son and grandson for supper , I made
fish and chips with a salad and a couple of my own home grown
tomatoes off the vine , they are delicious , also hope that tomorrow
will be a bit cooler , anyway you take care and try to ignore that
massive bruise on your arm . Cheers , Pat


well heather our storm did'nt come to much last night ,
but we do have a beautiful morning , nice fresh air, tongue.gif
so I will get on with my day , taking the cat to the cat palour
and make an appoinment for an eye sight exam for myself ,and if it does'nt get
to hot this afternoon , I'll clean out the garage .
Have a good day ...Pat

oooooops should have been cat parlour .

Anyway that's the job done for about a month .
Spent a great afternoon with a cousin that i haven't seen in almost 25yrs,Had a great wee natter with her for over 3 smile.gif

Cheers Wits , that must have been nice to meet-up with your cousin again and have a good old chat biggrin.gif now have you made arrangements
not to wait so long in future between your meets , cheers . smile.gif

Also . we had a bit of a wind yesterday and it blew down a hanging basket
that was on a shepherds' hook " hook not being to secure I guess "
and it smashed into my patio table and the glass top cracked into
smitherines sad.gif I really liked that table , my husband and I had bought it years ago on one of or visits down to Florida , I guess ,I will have to go down once more to buy another . laugh.gif tongue.gif , Pat
Awe that's a shame Angel. No doubt the patio table held happy memories for you.

I got my hair scalped today and so far no mishaps.

The g'daughters were round today and were shocked at the huge bruise on my arm and I just noticed the other day there is an even bigger one on the side of my thigh. The bruises are all on the side that hit the door.
Next time I have a fall I will examine all my body.

Well done Wits, it's nice to meet up with long lost relations and have a good chat.

Good morning Heather ,
It is too bad about that bruising ,
but I guess , there is'nt much you
can do about it , maybe just wear a coat when you are in Greece , laugh.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif , only kidding lol.
We had a noisy night here with the thunder and lightning
and of course badly needed rain .
It's just before 7am here , not sure what I'll be doing
probably just a tidy up around the place and get
some reading done , so I will go and have my tea and toast
now , as there is'nt anything of interest to me on the boards so far .
Cheers Take care ...Pat
I am staying in bed, I have the flu.. nephew from Scotland living with me and he has been making me soup!!
Well done to your nephew MissT, as a good bowl of soup will have you up and about in no time.

I was in town today and blought a pair of good leather flat shoes, finally.

Angel, I think I will leave the coat behind as it might be too heavy for the suitcase. laugh.gif

cheers Miss T . , Hope that you are feeling better soon . smile.gif

Thats good Heather , finally finding the shoes that you like ,
now you can keep up with the kids when you go galivanting on your
vacation .
I won't be buying anything special ,when I go away , actually I have already spent more than enough this year , and I have promised myself not to buy anymore unsure.gif
So you have a good day , take care ,Pat
Angel it will the sannies for me on holiday, I can run faster in them. laugh.gif

That is all I have bought as I have plenty dressy and casual tops, so did not buy any new one's this year. Even my sandals are a couple of years old, but they do for me as with our weather they don't get worn too often.

Good Sat.morning to you Heather , it's pretty dull here , we have had these past couple of days "much needed rain " smile.gif which is great
I spent part of the morning watching some of the olympics,and now I will get myself ready to go out , and meet up with a few friends ,
Have a nice meal , interesting conversation with a few funnies added just for variety . you have a good day Cheers , Pat
Thought we were going to get a decent fall of rain today . Storm didn't last long enough,sun is shinning once again. Everyone's grass is like hay.One of my neighbours got artificial grass last year, it looks great but funny being so green right now.
I am heading off over the border to Lewistown, tomorrow, a lovely little town so quaint.Staying for a few days . Just had to get out of here for a few days.
annie laurie
Hope you enjoy your stay in Lewiston Isobel,

is that Lewiston NY< you are going to

MY cousin lives there, she married a guy from Niagara Falls, been there , nice little Town but just a little bit to small for me,[ don't like the big Cities anymore], but Lewiston, just a little to the small side although it is not that far from Niagara Falls


Well Heather , I do hope that you have had or still having a lovely vacation , As for myself , I have had a terrific little break driving to my favorite places and meeting up with old friends .

My Grandson came around this morning , showing off his very first car ,
He is so pleased with himself , and should be , he saved up every nickel for it , " it's a 2006 Honda " something or other ' a lovely car , very little mileage , so he is a very happy young 19yr. old .

Hi Isobel , I do hope that you had a nice time in Lewiston . Did you get much shopping done ? .

Cheers Annie hope all is well with you biggrin.gif
Hi Pat, I'm back from hot sunny Greece.
I had a lovely relaxing time and we had a lovely big room.

The Hotel was really big, 500 rooms spread over a big wide area, no tall buildings. It is a huge complex and we got lost a few times at first when wandering around it until we got to know the place bettter.
My only complaint is that it was miles from the town with a half hour service bus. The girls were not interested in a long travel into town, so we did not bother going.
Our room was what they called a bungalow with a terrace. It was low down and there was a small garden in front of the terrace with three flagstones across it right onto the pool area. So no problem getting loungers in the morning.
As the terrace was shaded we sat there quite often as there was a table and chairs for us and it was nice sitting there first thing in the morning with a cup of tea.
There was a good choice of food and I tried something different every day.

There was no problem with crowding around the pools as there were three big pools and two small children' pools. You just walked through the pool area to the beach which was busy and also had loungers and parasols. smile.gif
Nice to see you all back from Holidays safe and sound Girls biggrin.gif
Pat, that was good you managed to get away and had a good time.

Proud g'son with new car. Did he take you a run in it to show it off to you???

Anne, you usually go to Spain, have you been away this year??
Sadly Heather we havent been abroad this year, been to Southampton, Newcastle and ullapool all with family, had a few Dr, hospital appoints kind of awkward to work round now next month Nev has gartnavel for tests again but will get a holiday soon. gald you had a lovely time with the girls
That is too bad Anne, but I understand the problem as it's the same with Maurice and after taking the bad turn on the Plane going to Italy a couple of years ago, he is not willing to get back on another plane.

At least you have been getting away here and there so it gives you a break. I can hardly get Maurice to go the length of the Main Street. sad.gif

I am seriously thinking about Booking up to go to Ireland for September weekend, then I will tell him after I have Booked it. Listen for the fireworks. ohmy.gif
I have been very busy today. I cut the front Lawn, hoed and weeded the flower beds then brushed the driveway and hosed it all down. yes.gif

Now I'm sitting here and don't know what to do with myself, I feel so restless.

Heather , just book up for Ireland , well , thats something to do .

whatever I have to do today , I'll just do it tomorrow .
Cheers Pat biggrin.gif
Quite right Angel. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow. laugh.gif

After me hosing down the driveway and back patio the rain came on and has forgotten to stop. biggrin.gif

Well there you go Heather , it does'nt matter how hard we work , it's just a waste of time .
However I am busy today catching up with my lazy day yesterday
and I'm just giving myself a break , " cuppa tea and a cookie.
you have a good day now , Take care , Pat
Angel, after a lazy day yesterday you will feel more like being busy today. laugh.gif

After doing the shopping today then dead heading the minature rose bushes I have not done much else except read a book. yes.gif

Hi Heather , I am sure that those roses of yours must be beautiful , biggrin.gif

Yes Heather I did have a good day , my older son paid me an unexpected visit and it was just a lovely afternoon well spent .
This evening on tv there was an advert about the new Movie called
" Hope Springs ", which reminded me that , when I was away I did
go to the cinema to see that movie , I must say that I thorougly did enjoy. It's about an older married couple , with the wife being bored to tears with their relationship , decides that she and the husband should get some marriage counselling , of course the husband does not agree , as far as he is concerned , life is just perfect , but needless to say they both of them end up with the counselling . It's a comedy drama with quite a few funny moments . biggrin.gif tongue.gif
With Tommy Lee Jones a favorite of mine and Meryll Streep ,
a great wee movie . Worth seeing . cheers , Pat


ooooops , Meryl Streep . smile.gif
Hi Angel, sounds like you and your son had a good old blether. smile.gif

This is very late for me to still be up as I usually go to bed about 11pm, but I had very little sleep last night, so I'm trying to tire myself out in the hope I will sleep tonight. sad.gif
We are off to a Cabaret tonight in our Parish Hall. I'm looking forward to it, a wee drink, a sing song and a cup of tea. What more can anyone ask for. laugh.gif

It has been lovely and sunny here today, I hope it keeps up for the weekend.

Heather , hope you have a good time
biggrin.gif tongue.gif
You got me up dancing with that one Angel. smile.gif

I have just finished my dinner and I have a feeling there will be a meal tonight. I don't know for sure as the woman who is running it phoned me the day after I came back from Greece as she knows we usually go to all these do's, but only mentioned the Cabaret. rolleyes.gif
Angel where are you and the other's hiding out these days, are you having a busy time like myself??

I just discovered the other day that I have lost a good pair of gold earings. I must have left them in Greece, as I know I took them with me. I cannot understand how I would do that as when we take all our luggage out of the room, I always do a search to make sure nothing has been left behind.
Those earings were one of my favourite's.sad.gif

I'm listening to that man o' mine next door in the sitting room shouting at the TV, Celtic are playing and winning so far.

I'm expecting a parcel from America this week.
My sister and her family all went to Philadelphia to see Celtic playing the other week and she bought three Celtic t-shirts, one each for my g'son and two nephews and posted them on to me.
She has been a Celtic fan since young and always went to the football matches with our dad, and if Celtic are over in America playing, she always tries to go and see them. yes.gif

That big cheer I just heard from next door means Celtic won 2-0. yes.gif

Heather , I have just answered your post " Really I did "
but it has disappeared into thin air , I will write tomorrow
Cheers Pat biggrin.gif
Hi Heather , me again , It is a lovely morning here , not to muggie ,
these past few days weatherwise have been cool and so comfotable
but it now looks like we are heading back into hot Temps by tomorrow .

I do hope you find your earings and they are at home .

Good that your husbands soccer team won , and he is happy .
You should hear me , when I am watching the hockey games ,
Also , hope the boys get their team shirts soon .

I have had a terrific harvest of Tomatoes , so now I am in the throws of making tomato sauce , hav'nt made any in about 12 years , so I will get myself busy with that this morning .
Take care , Pat biggrin.gif
So Angel, we will be seeing you down the Market with a Tomato Stall. laugh.gif

Searched the house even emptied the hoover but no sign of the earings. They should have been in the box with the other jewellery I had with me. sad.gif

I wonder if there will be anything in the parcel for me. Better not be a football strip as I would not be seen dead in one. My sister wears one at the Paddies Parade. laugh.gif

Where is that Annewan these days, away travelling again I suppose.
Anne has'nt been around much for awhile Heather , but I do hope she is well , Cheers Pat biggrin.gif
[quote name='Heather

h I just discovered the other day that I have lost a good pair of gold earings. I must have left them in Greece, as I know I took them witme. I cannot understand how I would do that as when we take all our luggage out of the room, I always do a search to make sure nothing has been left behind.
Those earings were one of my favourites too
Oh dear heather I know the agony of losing precious jewelry when I was at a wedding in Sydney a few wks ago & I stumbled and fell against the car due to my heels sticking into the grass ,in my great attempt to stop myself falling comletely over, I reached out to grab the open car door ,unfortunately the 1 carat diamond ring my husband bought me for my silver wedding scraped 3scratchy scrapes that are long and ugly ,anyway in my disgust at what happened as the car is hubbys new car,I pulled the ring off and placed it into the consule of the car ,completely forgot I had it there.
when I returned home after a very long drive I still forgot to take the ring out of the caruntil later that night,I sent my husband Neil out to get it when I realised that night it must be still in the car, to my horror he returned saying he pulled the car apart and the ring was gone and perhaps it was my own self that got rid of it when I grasped and clutched at a load of sweety wrappers and rubbish to put into the bin in a roadhouse when we stopped for a loo break OMG Ive lost my silver wedding dayDiamond ring and it is most likely never gonna get found amidst the rubbish dump it will end up in. my heart is acheing at it all that was the 1st and only 1 carat diamond I had even if it was slightly flawed and lacked full clarity & we got it for more than half price, it was mines and I loved it & now it is gone forever Boohoo Iam soo sad.I understand your sense of loss of your favourite piece of jewelry I know what it feels like to lose something so dear to the heart.Love and regards Heather xxxLinda xxx
Ah Linda that is so sad.

My earings were a Christmas Present and although not cheap I am annoyed at my carelessness, but your ring was a special gift. If it had been one of my special rings I would be in a state as well.
Check to see if your House Insurance covers the loss of your ring, if so, just say you lost it when you fell.

Hi Heather , It is a scorcher today , I was out for a time this morning
but now I'm glad to be back home inside the house , it's much cooler.
Im just having a lazy day , with nothing much to talk about .
Cheers , Pat
Lucky you Angel having scorching weather, it has not stopped raining here today. sad.gif

I'm just after finishing a big ironing, and now having a rest and a cup of tea. smile.gif
HI Everyone, Lost my password for here and decided tom request a new one and come back and have a wander round. Hope your all having a nice day. x
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