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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Well done Angel, now spend you winnings treating yourself. thumbup.gif
That just reminded me Angel and Heather, I haven't checked my 6/49 and BC/49 for yesterday yet. I'll let you all know how much I win, hahaha laugh.gif
Well checked my ticket sad.gif I had three numbers, on three different lines!! As they say on the Scratch and Win "better luck next time!" rolleyes.gif

Maybe one of these day's Elma
you will get all of those numbers
on one line .

I don't do lotteries , that $20's I won
was a $1 wager that I made with a
neighbour who is an Italian supporter. biggrin.gif

Hi Angel, what did you do to your hand to get it in a cast?

Heather , I was comming home from grocery shopping ,
came in the side door and going downstairs to the freezer
I tried to side step the cat and down I went ,
I did injure myself quite a bit , but all that has healed
just fine , it's this hand , it's my achilles heal ! smile.gif
my thumb and up to my wrist has been fractured
and already two different types of casts , I don't
think it is getting better so within the next couple of day's
if I don't feel any improvement ,
I'll just go back to the emergency and have another x ray done.
Cheers , Pat

ps , if it's any consolation for Italy , they were truly destroyed by the greatest soccer team on this planet .

Hi Elma & Angel,I do the Lottery every week but have not won anything in a long time. I quite often won 10 and a couple of times 46 but my luck seems to have run out.

It's miserable here today with rain pouring down. I was going to go into Town for a wander around as I have been trying to get new shoes for a while but can't get anything I like, but the rain put me off.
I did do an ironing so have not been too lazy and I was doing some knitting but got bored, as the TV is like the weather, rubbish. I always knit when watching TV as I just can't seem to just sit there doing nothing.

Maybe a brighter day will dawn tomorrow. rolleyes.gif

I've just finished reading a book I got from the library .
The story takes place just before and during WW11
and mostly the setting is a small town in Suffolk , it's
about a young widow , who forms an amateur orchestra
to entertain the locals and help mend her broken heart .
It is a very sweet story and easy reading .
Title is
La's Orchestra Saves the World .
Alexander McCall Smith .

Angel I am reading a book, One Last Summer, by Catrin Collier.
It's about an old German women who was in the Hitler Youth Orchestra and kept a diary since she was a teenager and gave her granddaughter Catrin, access to her diaries.
Although some of the characters are fiction the Historcal parts are true.

It's was chucking down rain about 6'0' clock pm and bouncing off the street. No wonder my roses, especially the roses on my miniture rose bushes are rotten away before some of them have a chance to open, it's all this rain. I was out deadheading them before the rain came back on.
According to the news we are to have 6 weeks rain in three days. sad.gif
Walked 3 miles today .Took me an hour 30 mins.
This is the furthest I have walked since my operation 4 weeks ago.
Maybe another month and I can get back to hill walking with Norrie smile.gif

Well done Jeep, good to hear you are on the road to recovery after your operation. Keep going. smile.gif

Where is Norrie on holiday to??

Hi Jeep , nIce to see that you are comming on like a house on fire
after your surgery , althought , I must admit I thought you and your wife had been moving house unsure.gif ,
anyway , you keep up that post operative excercise and you will
be fit as a fiddle in no time . laugh.gif
Heather, Norrie was on holiday in Benidorm but he is now back.
In fact Norrie and Clare moved some new furniture for me as i am forbidden to lift anything.
Good people those two thumbup.gif


Hi Heather , I have always enjoyed historical fiction
based on facts ,but just now I am enjoying the novels
of that particular Author I mentioned
the title is ----- 44 Scotland Street;
and takes place in Edinburgh
I don't know much more about it
at this time , but I'm thinking it will be fine. biggrin.gif Pat.
Angel that title sounds familiar. I think I may have read it a long time ago.

Hi Heather , Hope your weather has dried up , we need rain here ,
you guys are just to greedy with it , I'm looking at brown grass
not a pretty sight .
I went out for a short time this morning , before it got too hot , not that it was cool , anyway , our temp. here is over 90'C
humidity into the 40"s . I guess we should'nt complain , there are places in the U.S. with higher temps , and still no hydro after the storms about a week ago , really tough !. they can't even use fans . sad.gif
I won't be out this afternoon , I'm staying in the cool , Cheers , Pat

Hello Angel, is your weather not 90F, IF C YOU'D BE FRIED.! wub.gif

Just is not comfortable, wears you out. Poor soul, do not envy you.

Spent all day watching Wimbledon. Really pleased Andy Murray is through to the finals.

Doubt if he will knock Roger Federer's crown off, good luck to him!

Keep the Murray name flying high! thumbup.gif

Nice to read you had a $20 win on Spain.

Don't spend it all in one shop! biggrin.gif
Sure it was an exciting match Stratson, and I was so pleased to see Andy Murray go through to the Final.
I will be biting my nails at the Final.
Go Andy go, do it for Scotland.

Wise girl Angel, stay in and keep cool. We stay in to keep warm. laugh.gif

Hi Sratson , of course it is " 90 F + " silly me !
I just hope that my Tomatoes plants don't fry
I'm in A/C so I'm comfortable .
I hav'nt been watching the Tennis Stratson . but
I have been keeping tabs on Andy .
I do know that the name of the game is to win
but to my mind it takes a champion to get to the finals
but as always there has to be a winner .
So , Here's wishing that it will be ' Andy Murray' this time thumbup.gif

As for the $20 biggrin.gif I'll keep it as a momento .
Hope you are keeping well , and nice to read your post
Cheers , Pat


Hi heather I do hope that you have a nice weekend
Cheers , Pat
Angel, my weekend was spoiled when Andy Murray failed to win Wimbledon. sad.gif

When he was interviewed after the match he was very emotional, and I cried with him. sad.gif

Good morning Heather , It is a beautiful one here , just after 8am
the temp is about 20'c and the air is so fresh , the heatwave is over for the time being .
I put out a couple of loads of washing already and gave the tomato plants an early morning watering .
Yes Heather it was too bad for Andy Murray , but I think he is a champion , He was up against " Federer The Great " but Andy I'm sure will have other chances .
Hope you have a good day biggrin.gif ... Pat
Heather, as Andy himself said, "am getting closer", he is a winner getting there. thumbup.gif

Just remember he is away home to his 5million house plus swimming pool to greet. hardly a loser!!!

He has a great team training him, he did play a good game. He can hold his head high!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel, wish to have some good weather, thankfully you are not getting fried like some of the e, coast of U,S,A,
Nothing like fresh air, eh/

Must feel good getting washing out to dry. That's a miss right now.

Stay well. biggrin.gif

Good morning to you Stratson , and the weather in part of the States has been terrible , with some of them still without hydro , I think that I heard on the news that some crews have been sent down from Canada to help restore the hydro in those places .
Wel ,l grandson is comming for supper today , so I better get on with
the menu . biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
You mind and take it easy , cheers , pat

Hello Heather , hope your day went well and also yourself
Stratson .
I had a very good day , My son came around this afternoon , Tues.
and cut down a couple of limbs from the trees and lots of branches,
and got rid of some wasps nests , thank goodness for that ,
He stayed for supper and went home around 8.30 pm
A very good day indeed . thumbup.gif , Pat .

Good day Angel, do you think you could send your son over to cut down some of the branches from the tree's that over hang our back garden??

An odd thing today.
Maurice was reading the Daily Record newspaper and there was a man wrote trying to find another man who was a Fireman in the same Fire Station as him. They were both among the Firemen who attended the Cheapside Street fire when 14 Firemen and 5 Salvage Corp men were killed and there is to be a Memorial Service in Glasgow Cathedral in August.
It was a Whisky Bond that went on fire and the building exploded and collapsed on the Firemen and Salvage Corp.
The man he is looking for is Maurice's brother who died four years ago.

I remember that fire well. We only found out about it when Maurice' sis-in-law came to our door in a terrible state as there had been a newsflash on the TV. We had not seen it as we were on another channell.
She left her son with me while her and Maurice went down to Cheapside to try and find out the names of the men who were killed. His brother was one of the lucky one's who survived, but he never forgot that fire or the men who were killed, it haunted him for years, especially as they had to dig the dead men out.
We lived in Shamrock Street at the time over at the George's Road end and we could see the flames from our window.

Hi Heather , I do remember that terrible tragedy ,
I think it was the worst fire ever in the history
of Glasgow.
The news article has also brought back sad
memories for yourselves .
The fire service , no matter the country , deserve
every penny they get if not more .
I for one am very content in knowing that those
brave men /women are there should I ever need
that service .

This morning I decided to clear out from under the stairs leading
into the basement all the junk that I had stored over the years
until I figured what to do with it , anyway , after I had checked
everything , including all my records and albums , our first movie
camera , I could go on and on , I decided at this time it is not junk
And I put the lot back under the stairs once more .
I'm wiped out ! biggrin.gif cheers , Pat

A bit of confusuon here Angel.

When I read the letter in the Record it referred to the Kilbirnie Street Fire and I related it the to the fire in Cheapside, it is two different fire's where firemen lost their lives.
I phoned the man who put the letter into the Record and he put me right.

I did think the 40th Anniversary was a bit odd as I remember our son was just a few months old at the time of the Cheapside fire.
In the Kilbirnie Street fire, seven firemen lost their lives, one of them being a friend of Maurice' brother and the man who wrote into the Newspaper.
August is the 40th anniversary of the Kilbirnie Street Fire and he got a ticket for Maurice' brother to go to the Memorial Service which he said he will pass on to someone else.

I agree Firemen are very brave and one of my nephew's in America is a Fireman and his brother a Policeman, or as they say in America, a Cop. Their dad was a volunteer Fireman for 40years.
Morning girls just thought I would pop in and see if you lot are up to mischief yes.gif been running round like the proverbial blue a,,,,, fly never seem to be enough hours to the day. We went down south last weekend for Michelles big sports day but unfortunetly she didnt manage her personal best but her team got the relay medal,the day of high jump the weather was really awful windy and wet[not an excuse] she was really disappointed as she takes it all so seriously smile.gif smile.gif

Hello Anne,, I sse you have been a very busy wee soul , now that is
good , and Michelle has probably just had an off day , she will get
back in her stride for next time .
I have been busy this morning because I had to put out all of the
yard cleanup that was done the other day , this is garbage day,
plus a few other things that always need done and I never stop
bitching about it , still , I don't know what I'd do without the
aggravation .
Hello Heather , I don't know about the Kilbirnie St. fire but they are
all horrible incidents ,
It should'nt be to long before you go on vacation , when do you
leave ?I bet that you are looking forward to the day.
If you look in Stratson , Good Morning , biggrin.gif and keep away from
those bike bars . Cheers , ladies , Pat.

Hi Angel & Anne, another two weeks and Greece here I come.

My son and his family are off tomorrow to Spain as usual. Then a few days after they come home the girls are off again with me.

I got my Travel Insurance through yesterday and bought my Euro's today. I also bough 50+ Sun Screen Lotion ( no I'm not referring to my age tongue.gif ) as I don't like to get too brown. So just the suitcase to pack.

I have been out all morning and now I'm munching into a chocolate cream eclair. Yummy, I think I'll have another one. I did. rolleyes.gif

I also went to the Wool Shop in the Gallowgate and got the Washable Stuffing and bought another three balls of 100g wool, why I don't know, but they will come in useful sometime.

I might start to sew Santa together now that I can stuff him. laugh.gif
Doesnt seem that long ago you were getting ready for holidays, where has this year gone, ive left you some Baileys in the bar but watch out befor Angel or penny beat you to it. yes.gif

Anne , just white wine for me . tongue.gif
Ok have you large white wine in bar hurry before Heather gets it rolleyes.gif
Too late, I have been in and drunk the bar dry. tongue.gif
If yer no fast, yer last. laugh.gif
well we all know you will never be last rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

It's been another hot day here ,
Heavy rain and hail with thunder
and lighting all around us ,but nothing
in this area , so I guess that I will still
be lugging that great water hose . sad.gif
including the humidex , the temp is 38'cel

I've had a lazy day , did'nt feel like doing anything
but I will get something done after supper ,
which will be roast chicken served cold
with a salad of veg and fruit maybe mellon for afters.
Cheers Pat
QUOTE (Heather @ 14th Jul 2012, 12:02am) *
Too late, I have been in and drunk the bar dry. tongue.gif
If yer no fast, yer last. laugh.gif

Our local saying is: You snooze you lose!
I think I'm back up to Stirling today. Had an unexpected phone call last night from my Grandfathers great nephew who is over from Australia. I've never met him before but I did contact his son through Facebook last year, left my details and why I was trying to contact the family and had pretty much thought that would be the end of that. I'm so excited, I've been up since 5am this morning copying documents and photos. Mary biggrin.gif

Hi Mary I do hope all goes well for you
and that you have a great day . Pat . biggrin.gif
Managed to get some shopping with help of my son. Looking at the weather forecast so glad I did as looks like am being rained off till end of the week. Nothing new there then, tongue.gif

Sounds like your going to have a great day Mary, something else catching up on family members.
It is exciting cause your wondering what like they are,
By this time oof day all will be revealed, enjoy your time in Stirling. smile.gif

Hiya Angel, hope you manage to stay cool indoors out of the way of electrical storms.

Am terrified of lightning.!!! Hope it all passes soon.
I had a very nice afternoon, thank you ladies, but I didn't go up to Stirling. There was a change of plan and he came down to me. Hope he had a nice time too. I gave him a copy of a photo I have of his grandfather and mine as small boys with their mother, whose name he didn't even know. Sadly his grandfather left Stirling at 16 and never looked back. It seems he never spoke about his life growing up or about his family, so anything and everything I had to tell him was a bit of a revelation. Its strange as my grandfather told us stories about his childhood but my resaerch has shown them to a lot of rubbish. Makes me wonder what happened in their young lives that made 1 cut himself off and the other make up stories. Bit sad. Mary
Sounds sad indeed Mary. It seems there must be some unhappy memories from their childhood when neither of them want to speak about it.

I was in Town today collecting my Travel Documents. Instead of tickets it's a Booklet you now get showing time, date of travel and return, also the name of your Hotel.

All along Argyle Street, in and out of shops and still cannot get a pair of flat shoes I like.

I went into M & S, and thought I was in the wrong shop. There is a wall where there was no wall a few weeks ago. Walked around and found another wall where there used to be doors. It appears M&S are being renovated and changing the ground floor with all the women's clothes there now except for the undies.

Hi Stratson, hope you are keeping well. yes.gif

Well Heather , looks like that's you all ready for your vacation ,
Now if you can just find a pair of shoes, laugh.gif

Stratson the temp today is about '36Cel and with the humidex it feels like "47 Cel. and still no rain for us , sad.gif You take care .

You had a nice day Mary , and that's good , Cheers ... Pat

Angel, I have plenty shoes, but I have had them a long time and the flat one's are surely stretching and sometimes I am walking out them.
At least on holiday I will be able to wear my sandals and sannies. laugh.gif

I did see some nice shoes, but the size 4 was a bit tight and the size 5 was too big. It seems to be getting harder to get half sizes.
There are a lot of Patent shoes in the shops just now, but I don't like them as I don't like patent. I always found them uncomfortable with no give in them.

Heather , Patent is fine for special occasions
where you can take off your shoes .
This morning I am moving the furniture around
in a couple of bedrooms , just for a change ,
I get bored looking at and doing the same thing
every day , so when I finish my tea I'll get back
to the job on hand . smile.gif Pat
Angel, go easy on the furniture moving or you will end up with a sore back.

I bought patent leather shoes once and never again.

I'm just out of a nice warm bath to ease my sore bones.
I was up a ladder today cutting hedging that has grown out of control. I have about eight bruises on my legs where branches were sticking into them.
I even managed to get a cut almost on the point of my nose when a branch stuck into it. laugh.gif
QUOTE (Heather @ 18th Jul 2012, 07:39pm) *
Angel, go easy on the furniture moving or you will end up with a sore back.

I bought patent leather shoes once and never again.

I'm just out of a nice warm bath to ease my sore bones.
I was up a ladder today cutting hedging that has grown out of control. I have about eight bruises on my legs where branches were sticking into them.
I even managed to get a cut almost on the point of my nose when a branch stuck into it. laugh.gif

Thanks Heather but my back is just fine for an old gal , lol

The doors to both bedrooms upstairs are directly opposite
it's just a straight haul throw from one to the other,
the furniture is big , triple size dressers and tall boys .
I just take out the drawers , unscrew the mirrors and
push and shove like hell , lol lol , my son will be
here tomorrow , he will put the miirors back on the furniture
as they are just too heavy for me to put on again . I can't
always be bothered waiting for him , he has enough
to do in his own life . although they do help when they can .

Hope you enjoyed your bath and gave your nose a good blow laugh.gif
I had a shower .
Take care . Pat

our weather is much cooler today , it's about 8.20am and 19' Cel
just perfect , fresh air , windows open and no air/conditioning
Rain still in the forecast but not a drop sad.gif
Anyway Heather , you have a good day . Pat
Hi Angel, I have not done too much today, except for the usual Thursday shopping and a bit of reading and a bit of knitting.

The rain is pouring down as usual. rolleyes.gif

Well Heather , it is about 2:50 am , I could'nt sleep
so I came downstairs , made tea and toast then cleaned out the fridge
and washed the kitchen floor , I will probably go around today like a
half shut knife . ....cheers , Pat

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