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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Well the thing is Isobel, we just don't know when our time will come.

At the end of April my sis-in-law was chatting away to her daughter on the phone one night and made no remarks about feeling unwell, yet she was found dead the next day. She had just turned 71 yrs old which is not considered too old these days.
I guess it's better than living with a serious illness for a long time, but her family are still reeling from the shock of her sudden death.

We have the Funeral of my Aunt tomorrow in Clydebank. She was 86yrs old.
One more try !

Heather , I did post you a while ago but there was a mix up
and now that post goes to the administrator, so it might possibly be late
and as I'm too tired to rewrite it , I'll just say cheers for now .....
and you too , Isobel smile.gif

It's another beautiful day here , temp 28'cel a bit warmer with the humid index . I do hope that your day went well Heather, also Isobel.

As for myself I am still getting over that stupid accident I had , although I am getting around just fine , I'm still not back to what would be normal for me , I not getting a lot of heavy work done around the house at this time but I do quite a bit of walking / more like strolling tongue.gif , this helps a lot
and now I'm off to do a little local shopping and take in some of that
sunshine . cheers , Pat

A beautiful morning here ,Temp about 32'cel and calm. I've spent most of it outside just puttering around , listening to the radio and having my tea and toast , of course with apricot jam smile.gif and later today going out for supper . .. So who ever reads this , "Do have a nice day biggrin.gif
We were only able to be in the garden for about 30 minutes this afternoon. OMG it was a killer so darn hot. We are just going out there now its almost 8:30 and its just perfect .The next two days is going to be the same.

Hello Isobel , it is about 9pm here , temp. around 33'Cel
and thank goodness for the central air , in the house and car ,
I remember when we first arrived here , I slept outside , just could not
handle the humidity , " unbearable " .. anyway I do hope all is well with you and family , Take care and have a nice day , Mon. biggrin.gif


It's a lovely day here , all the humid air has cleared and it feels so fresh and comfortably warm .
Heather I have been speaking with my son on skype this morning .
He has been in Kiev these past few weeks with his work but he says that , in the downtown core large T.V. screens have been set up for people to watch the world soccer championships , " Independence square "
He says that it is a fantastic atmosphere , anyway that will be over for him, as he will be home tomorrow .
This Saturday I am off to Toronto to spend the day with my daughter-in law , his wife, I'm looking forward to that , I just love to gallivant and take in some places of interest and maybe the Ontario Museum .
Oops , just have company , must go ! tongue.gif

Company has just left and my B.I.L. has informed me that it's
Euro 2012 Soccer , not The world Soccer championships .
That show what I know about Soccer .EH . unsure.gif
I have been in town today and booked our Holidays for Crete in July/ August for the two g'daughters and myself. Leaving husband at home to look after the house. laugh.gif
We have never been to Greece before so it will be a new experience.

Angel,I'm fed up with all the football on the TV this week. sad.gif
Enjoy yourself in Toronto.
I think I have been in Toronto twice visiting my cousin, after staying at Niagra Falls for a couple of days when visiting my sister in America.
I hope ypu like it hot, Heather ! We have been to Crete 3 times and our son spent 2 years there. A beautiful island, but I hope ypu are avoiding the lager-lout resorts.

I have been in town today and booked our Holidays for Crete in July/ August for the two g'daughters and myself.

Hi heather , I think that will be a very historically interesting vacation
and It's nice that you can take your granddaughters , I wish I could take mine on a vacation
but my granddaughters , eg , the15 yr does have a summer job , so that makes things a bit difficult and the other girl is now living out west .
I remember letting my sons travel to Greece when they where in High school , " with the schools' travel club " They had a wonderful time but came back home broke , Ha Ha , Anyway cheers , ... Pat

ps , I 'm having a bit of a problem with my computer , must be those wee gremlins

Bill, as I have never been in Greece before I don't know where the lager louts hang out.
My son also said Greece is very hot.

I like a walk after dinner but avoid being out late to avoid the drunks, that is why I prefer a Hotel with evening Entertainment.

We are going All Inclusive to the Nana Beach Hotel in Hersonissos.
It looks really good with lots of Activities.

Angel, I take the g'children on Holiday quite often.

As our g'son is off to Spain next week I thought I would cash in a Travellers Cheque to give him some Euros towards his spending money. I had a couple of those Cheque's left over from last year, unknown to the two g'daughters or I'm sure they would have found something they needed to buy. wink.gif
I went into the Post Office this morning and I had to, 1st get Sterling then buy Euros and the P.O.Clerk told me that Travellers Cheque's are been stopped and it is Master Cards we will get in future to withdraw Euro's from the ATM.
We have been through Hersonnisos, but stayed further along the coast at Elounda (Who Pays the Ferryman ?).

Nana Beach - how very apt ! Looks very posh.

The Minoan ruins at Knossos, just outside Heraklion, are well worth a visit. Some people have criticised them for having been restored - but who wants to see a pile of rubble? It is fascinating to see what remains of the oldest civilisation in Europe, dating back to c. 7,000 BC.

Enjoy and don't forget the Factor 20 and sun hat.

There is a big event taking place here in Niagara .

Nick Wallenda , High wire dare devil will attemp
to walk across the Niagara Falls this evening ,
thousands of people are expected to be there , also
US and Canadian TV are covering this spectacle .

Wallenda has been here for the past two months
practising for the show and finally it will happen to night ,
It is'nt my idea of entertainment , I won't be there , nor will
I watch it on TV , ' just too nerve wracking for me , but I do
hope that his walk will be a huge success .

I understand that the walk over the falls from the canadian side
to the american side should take about forty minutes .

Tori G
Hi everyone, well its night time here 9:20pm, all rugged up in bed with a head cold, tissues, lemsip, lozenges at the ready.
We've had some horrible weather lately, with lots of damage and power outages, atleast im inside.
Been awhile since ive been on GG blush.gif , so thought I'd come in and say hello, thumbup.gif

angel,... they were showing some clips on the news here tonight about someone walking on a tightrope over the falls or about to rather... scary stuff!

Heather,... enjoy your holidays, sounds really nice!

Hello Tori , hope you get a good nights sleep , you should put all that stuff away and make youself a good stiff drink unsure.gif
Nice that you did post and good to see you on the boards again
Do hope your weather clears up soon , also that cold ... cheers , Pat
Tori G
Still in my bed with the head cold, hopefully by the weekend it will have gone, but now ive given it to my wee dad, he hates getting sick, oh well you get that.

I was out the back yard today sitting in the sun while it lasts, such a lovely day compared to the last couple of weeks.
The sun is beaming down here today and I am trying to coax myself to go out and do some gardening. Yes I think that is what I should do.

Tori G, I hope you feel better soon. I always think taking anything for a cold is a waste of time as a cold will run it's course.

Good morning Heather , nice to see you guys have nice weather
it's also very nice here .
I spent the day on Saturday in Toronto , although I did find it a bit
to warm for me .
There was lots of sporting events going on and also outdoor
music . we went to the Hard Rock Cafe . and listened to some
of the rock music for awhile , Ha Ha , it was'nt bad at all .
visited the Market ,went in and out of lots of stores , also had a
a couple of really nice meals and a first for me was going into a pub
for a glass of beer , my D.I.L. had a Rum Mojito . biggrin.gif just sitting
outside watching the world go by
I just love being part of the hussle and bustle of big cities . it's so alive

Going back home in the evening the Go Tains where mobbed ,
they are very long and have two levels and we sat on the stairs lol ,
that was another first for me , No empty seats . with passengers all
over the place , I got home just before 10pm , tired but a most
enjoyable day . biggrin.gif

sounds like everyone is having a grand ole time except Tori (welcome back) I'm with Angel there Tori a nice shot of brandy and cold is all gone wink.gif went out yesterday shopping for sleeveless shell and white shoes you know classic pump and it was a no go so I will try again today and if not I am going have to order from catalog, weather is good here cool in the mornings and evenings but afternoon a bit hot/humid but Wednesday is first day of summer so have to expect that. I was talking to my pal in Australia Tori and I know this is your winter so bundle up a bottle o' brandy and away you go biggrin.gif
I had a busy afternoon, I did some weeding in the front garden and cut back a wild rose bush that came from goodness knows where, but it has small red roses growing on it so I don't like to throw it out. I then cut the grass in the back garden and I stopped for a cup of tea.

I have nothing to read as I have read all my Library books so I started to read a book I have read so many times before, 'Scarlett', it's the follow up to 'Gone With The Wind'. rolleyes.gif

Angel, you certainly had a busy and a good time in Toronto. It's good to get out and about. smile.gif
Tori G
Hi Angel ,Heather, Gemini and everyone well im feeling much better now, hopefully by the weekend will be just right, ha ha

Angel I forgot to mention the other day that the guy that was on the tight rope over Niagra falls was shown on tv, how scary it looked, glad he made it.

Well today I was still in bed other than hanging out the washing, cant wait to get better!!
Glad to hear you are feeling better Tori. You will soon be hanging out the washing again. laugh.gif

I spent today in town and finally got the Bank situation sorted out.

I bought a nice pair of Cream trousers and a few other odds and ends.

After getting off the Train and walking up the road home, a drunk was shouting his head off, and as I passed him he said he had been put off the Train because he did not have enought money as he was going to the Gallowgate and did I have a few spare coppers I could give him. He showed me his money and he had about 1-70, so I told him he could get a bus from the Main Street for less than he had.
I was scared to open my bag in case he grabbed it off me and I tried to hurry away as I have no patience for drunks. He then started shouting at another couple who were passing and the man told him off as just before I came along, the drunk had opened up his trousers in the street and started urinating in front of the man's wife. The wife and I told the husband just to ignore the drunk and the three of us hurried on to get away from the drunken lout who was about his 40/50s, certainly no teenager. angry.gif
The best thing is to ignore I didn.t know that was still going on over there we don.t run into it too much here as most people drive but no public urinating of course I live in the burbs so I don..t know what goes in the city huh.gif so when are you going away on holiday? and how is Jesse doing?

Good morning Ria , another scorcher here , which means I will probably stay indoors with the air cond. hope you managed to get
your new shoes .
I was out Mon. afternoon , did a little shopping ,bought myself nice dressy Capris' , a top and summer sandals with a wedge heel , really sharp stuff biggrin.gif , Am no deid yet yi know , lol .
Hope you have a nice day.

Tori , hope you're all over your cold by now and back to your usual
routine and the weather much better . cheers .

Heather your garden must be looking pretty good , after all that work ,
by the way , the Tomatoes that I planted in the large planter pots
are comming on like a house on fire , and flowering already , lol
thanks to the chicken wire , also , I did try the bleach on the Patio
and I think it did a pretty good job ,
So you have a good day and don't stop to talk with drunk
men anynore . cheers , Pat .
Hi Isobel , how you doing , ? smile.gif

Gemini, it did not happen in town it was when I got off the Train at Swinton I saw the drunk.
I told Maurice about it and he said even if the man had no money for his bus fare he would not have given him any, if he can afford to get drunk, then hell mend him.

I remember one time waiting for the train home in Queen St. Station, a drunk was annoying everyone going up to them shouting and quoting the Bible, when he came up to me I told him, 'get lost', everyone started cheering. laugh.gif

Jessie is fine but over worked. A couple of the staff in the Tax Office have retired and not replaced so the other staff have to do all the extra work and I think Jessie is getting fed up with it so goes off to their Trailer down the Creek every othery weekend to rest up. laugh.gif

Angel, well done with the tomatoes, now you have to grow lettuce and radishes which are very easy, then you can have home grown salad.

Good morning Heather , another scorcher here , around 34'C
Mid 90s F' . forecast says a bit cooler over the weekend , with
thunderstorms tonight , that should clear the air .

We always had a vegetable garden Heather , but when my husband
died , I seeded over it , to try and keep the workload down .
I just happened to take a notion on trying to grow Tomatoes
in containers and so far it is looking good .
You have a nice day ... biggrin.gif .. Pat

Angel, I'm glad someone is getting nice weather, it's like winter her with pouring rain and a cold wind.
I was glad to get home from the shopping and get a nice warm cup of tea. sad.gif
oh I hate hearing that the weather over there is not so good as Marion/Bob arrived there Wednesday for two weeks, I was so hoping they would get nice weather, as for the drunk I agree with Maurice if they can afford to drink then they can afford bus fare, Angel no I did not get my shoes and as far as the sleeveless shell before I decided to order from catalog figgered I had better check my storage boxes and sure enough I came across about a dozen shells, how about them apples ohmy.gif
See what happens Gemini when you look through clothes that have been abandoned, you find treasures.

We have had thunder roaring at us today and the rain pouring down all day. My poor flowers will be getting flattened if it keeps on. sad.gif

We are off to Barrhead tonight to visit Mauruce' brother, his son is picking us up, so that will save a fortune in taxi fares. yes.gif
We will leave the g'son in charge of the house with a warning, no wild parties, because you can be sure some of his pals will be round. laugh.gif

Hi Heather , sorry to see you guys having all that lousy weather
Lets hope that you do have a nice family visit tonight and that
your grandson is a good house sitter rolleyes.gif

Hi Gemini , glad you found those clothing gems in your storage box
I'm never so lucky " they never fit " but I always have a chance
with my shoes as that size is always the same . Cheers , Pat

Well Heather , I do hope that your weather has improved
and your house was still in one piece when you got back from visiting your B.I L .
I did'nt go for breakfast this morning after church , so I am sitting here eating an egg and round sausage , sandwich'd in an english muffin .
Not bad ! also made myself some coffee for a change but must confess I do prefer tea .
Yesterday, Sat. I got the upstairs' bedroom window's done , inside and out , changed the curtains and at this moment the washing machine
is busy washing curtains . smile.gif . I stiil have the downstairs to do and as the weather forecast is saying much cooler weather for this week , with very little humidity " thank goodness for that !... I should get on like a house on fire . cheers . Pat

Hello Ria , I hope that you are having a nice day biggrin.gif

Angel I still have the bedroom curtains to change but have put it off as I am waiting on a Painter to paint the bedrooms, then the summer curtains will go up.

I did some more weeding today, then some knitting now playing games on the PC as husband and son are away to the pub to watch Italy V England. Come on Italy. smile.gif

Hi heather , I watched the game , Italy could'nt score during reg. time
but did win in penalties 4/2 , they did deserve the win but I was
hoping that England just might do it .
I think Italy now plays Germany , I'm hoping to see Germany
in the finals . I watched them play Greece , and Spain play France .
so in the Semi's I think it is , Spain versus Portugal
and Germany versus Italy . smile.gif
Angel, I watched the score while I was playing all my old LPs as I usually listen to music when on the PC.

I will disagree with you as hope Italy beat Germany. laugh.gif

HA HA HA , they hav'nt a chance Heather !, Italy could'nt buy a goal
in todays' game , they better practice to shoot between
goal posts , laugh.gif laugh.gif
Angel, tongue.gif angry.gif so there. laugh.gif

Hi Heather , I ended up having a beautiful day Tues.
My son called saying his car was acting up and that he had an
appointment and needed a ride , so I took the opportunity and went
with him .
It was only about a thirty minute drive and the place where he was
going , was near the marina on Lake Erie , the weather was
just lovely with a stiff breeze that was perfect for the sailing yachts,
I loved watching them sail and wished it had been me smile.gif and I also
had a nice walk about ... The area was quite busy with senior couples
doing the same and very chatty , when my son came back we had
lunch and then home , it was a very pleasant three hours .
Hope you had a nice day and Hello to you Ria . cheers , cool.gif Pat

Hi Angel, sure it's ok for some folk who can just jump in the car and go off to visit nice Lakes. laugh.gif Glad you had a nice day.

I have had a lazy day as I spent it reading mostly all day. I did start sewing some of the piece's of Santa together that I knitted but can't go any further as you have to stuff some parts as you go and I read about a new washable stuffing that is out, but have not been able to find any shop selling it.

I also bought another two bottle's of bleach to give the patio it's second wash, but the weather has been too wet and the rain woud just wash the bleach off. I soak the patio and let the bleach dry in, so I'll just have to wait for a dry day. rolleyes.gif
Well Heather , while you where busy doing those mundane sort of
chores , I was watching one fantastic soccer game , such a pleasure to see how soccer should be played ,, to bad there had to be a winner ,
which was Spain in penalty shots . biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
So far it's bad news for you Angel, Germany 0 Italy 2. Come on Italy. laugh.gif

I guess Italy took your advice and learned to shoot between goal posts. laugh.gif

Heather , I lost interest after the second goal , .....
Thats why I pm'd you , by the way , I do agree with what your reply to me said .

BY THE WAY ........... I THINK THOSE GOAL POSTS WERE SHIFTED , laugh.gif laugh.gif

I tried you recipe for Empire biscuits today , it was very good
but our flour I think is finer and I had to use more flour ,
but they are very nice , thanks ...Pat
Germany 1 Italy 2 Three cheers for Italy. laugh.gif

By the way Germany scored from a penalty.

Is that Spain v Italy for the final?
My son will be supporting Spain he always does, unless they play Celtic. laugh.gif

Glad you enjoyed the Empire Biscuits.

I have a busy day ahead of me , so hope you have a good one
Heather , cheers , Pat
would you believe it. a few days ago i opened up a twitter account and since then i have been waiting anxiously to see if i get any "followers"... Well today i opened up my home page and "whopeee" two followers yes.gif but guess what !!!.....Two young ladies from nevada with unmentionable user names shock3.gif Awe jings wit did ah dae wrang ??????

PS there will be a fee for anyone wanting their contact details lol

Hey Doug , maybe they are
native Nevadians " Indians "
you just never can tell . laugh.gif

Hi Heather , hope you had a nice day
I did'nt do much today , we have
had lovely weather but , the humidity is
building up once more , so I did'nt go very
far this afternoon , My hand is giving me gip
today , although a lightercast was put on
I don't think it is healing , I will probably end up
going back to have it x rayed . cheers Pat.
Hi Angel, what did you do to your hand to get it in a cast?

Boo hoo, Spain 1 Italy 0, but still the first half, so plenty of time to go.

I gave the back patio another bleaching today now that the rain has stayed off.
I have not done much else except read, the same as I did yesterday. I also started knitting another pair of mitts using up some of the spare wool I have. This pair will suit a wee girl as they are pale pink.
It's a long way to Christmas so I will have plenty of time to do more knitting for the Church Christmas Sale of work.

Ugh, Spain have just scored another goal. sad.gif
Oh well Angel, Spain won and my son will be jumping with joy.
He will probably be opening the bottle of wine his son brought back from Spain yesterday and both will be celebrating. laugh.gif

Well done Spain.

Hello Heather , I won $20 on a bet that Spain would win laugh.gif ,
will write tomorrow , cheers Pat
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