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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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Angel, can you tell me your secret ,I would like even half of your energy.Today is beautiful and I have sat here like a couch potato. Just no energy these days.

Isobel , that was only one day of the week , I'm very seldom that bright eyed and bushy tailed but I do have stuff to deal with this week , so that will keep me occupied . biggrin.gif
Tomorrow we are off to Roquetas de Mar for 2 nights at a nice 4 star hotel, where we often go. Off- season it is very cheap- 20 pounds each a night half board.

Mrs S has run out of reading material again and there are a couple of English shops there that exchange books. Mind you, I think we have as big a stock as they do. I read from time to time but I am very fussy, while my wife would probably devour a Spanish telephone directory, if stuck.

Anyhow it will be a brief respite from my washing-up chores and the hotel has 3 Happy Hours daily - in typical Spanish fashion, you don´t get one drink at half price but 2 drinks for the price of one, leading to a very cluttered table. It would be OK if we had the same tipple but we don´t.

The resort is less than an hour away and is ideal for a wee break, which we still need although living here.
Bill, I see the Hotel has a Fitness Centre, so will you go in there and get fit after the Happy Hours, or will you just go and lie down in the Spa and recover from drinking all that free booze?? ohmy.gif

I had a lazy day today and did nothing but curl up with the book I started reading yesterday and finished it today. rolleyes.gif
Have a great time Bill.Enjoy the relaxation. Heather Jim has just bought a Kobo reader with our air miles.We both read lots so I think it was a great buy.
Anyhow it will be a brief respite from my washing-up chores and the hotel has 3 Happy Hours daily - in typical Spanish fashion, you don´t get one drink at half price but 2 drinks for the price of one, leading to a very cluttered table. It would be OK if we had the same tipple but we don´t.

Well both of you have a nice time , hope the weather is good .
The hotel looks very nice and not far to drive for a short visit ,
looks ideal .
Thank you all. The fitness centre is out. I have never been fit and it's too late to start now. sad.gif
I did all the usual Friday Housework.

I was dusting the hall and small glass plate that hangs on the wall that has a map of the Holy Land that I bought when I was there a couple of years ago. I noticed a small Santa Claus tucked in at the top of it. I couldn't help laughing and wondering why I never noticed it before this as it has been there since Christmas. rolleyes.gif
The plate is very colourful so that's my excuse for not seeing the wee red & white figure.
I've left it there to see if anyone else notice's it. laugh.gif

Well Heather , I was busy running around here and there , and now glad to be back home. . The weather has been pretty nasty today , very windy with heavy snow squalls and at times , absolutely no visibility when driving " Scary " As I said glad to be home now , so will get some chores
done around the place .
Angel, just stay home and be safe. smile.gif

We have had very little any snow this Winter. I think we had enough last year to last a couple of years.
WE also have had a very mild winter here in Ontario Heather ,
I had only to clear away the snow from the driveway 3 times
Last winter , some times that in a day tongue.gif
The March springbreak began this weekend , it lasts about 10 days
so lots of the parents and kids head down south for a vacation .
the weather forcasters here are saying that we will be getting lovely weather and now I'm thinking , maybe I'll stay where I am and not go to
Glasgow after all . Naaaaaaaa , just kidding . biggrin.gif .
Angel its going to be double digits next week.Looks like Spring will be here soon. Clocks change this weekend.Not looking forward to loosing an hours sleep Saturday night.

Good morning Isobel , I know that you are probably
asleep at this time

as it is about 4'27 am , there was a bit of a car accident
this morning which caused a rumpus on my street ,
although as far as I can tell it was not too serious .
However the chances of my getting back to sleep are
definately impossible , so at this time I do not give a hoot about
putting the clock forward for daylight savings time
, I'm way ahead of it biggrin.gif so I will drag myself through
this day even if it kills me . Have a good day . smile.gif

Well another week beginning , hopefully the weather will be warm as forecast , We had a family dinner last night at my sons' place ,
we all us brought a dish of food , although the meal was a roast beef
dinner ,there was a vey good variety of different foods ,great evening with nice company and today my grandson comes for supper so I think we will have fish . hope you have a good day. cheers biggrin.gif
Morning all. Sounds like you had a good old feast there Angel. Nice when you are close enough to get together with the kids eh?I am now heading over to my daughters place to look after little Luke while Kathryn goes to the dentist.Being a teacher she tries to make her appointments during school breaks. This week is March break,and as you said its going to be nice .Can you believe it double digits. Cant wait to get my garden ready for the season. biggrin.gif
Well another beautiful day ,but as we had tickets for the home show and garden show we spent most of today inside. Mind you they say tomorrow will be about 26. Unbelievable weather. it more like summer. Gee I hope its not our summer.
I was out this morning shopping down the Main Street and the weather was terrible with the rain, sleet, snow and a wind nearly blowing me off my feet.
I know we had snow warnings but I did not expect stormy weather. sad.gif

I blame Angel, she brought the good weather when she came to Glasgow then took it back with her when she went home yesterday.
This Laptop was driving me daft today. I signed on over two hours ago and the PC was in safe mode and I could not get on the Internet. I kept getting all the trouble shooting sites coming up but got nowhere with them.
Then I switched on the old desk top PC that I have had for years and runs very slow, but I went into and got an answer on how to get out of safe mode. It not only solved the problem, but also solved a problem I have had for a while when starting up the PC. smile.gif
Clever Lassie Heather
Aye Annewan, I remembered everything you taught me. laugh.gif
Aye Annewan, I remembered everything you taught me.

I wish I did ! Heather tongue.gif


Anne and Heather , just to say that I had a wonderful time
while in Glasgow , and it was exceptionally lovely meeting
up with with both of you , for me your are "the salt of the earth "
both of you call a spade a spade and so easy to have silly conversations with , I loved every moment . Thank you so much .
Sorry you could'nt manage Stratson , but , who knows , maybe another time . biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
It was nice to meet you Angel and I also enjoyed myself. It was a nice relaxing time just sitting there having a good gab. smile.gif

It was very thoughtful of you to phone me to say goodbye, but that is only until the next time you are here then we can have another good blether. laugh.gif

Yes it was a pity you could not manage Stratson, maybe another time you will feel up to it.
Me to I also enjoyed our day out and we did have some laughs, it was lovely meeting you Angel and as you say maybe again, Heather hope your behaving yourself.
Thanks for phone call on Sunday Angel glad you had a safe journey home biggrin.gif
Annewan, me behaving myself, sure I have been a good girl for Lent, but that's nearly over so watch out. laugh.gif

An interesting sort of day for me .
One of my grandson's along with a couple of his pals
just back from Spain , they began in Barcelona and travelled all over
that country , they had a wonderful time .
Grand daughter and her mother just back from Las Vegas,
also had a great time ,
My sister and her husband driving down to South Carolina
this weekend and wherever the spirit takes them .
My son , still working between Italy,Bulgaria and England
and of course myself just back this week from Scotland , where I had the time of my life . and I did have a lovely afternoon , having lunch with
Anne and Heather , biggrin.gif biggrin.gif . very nice people and so easy to talk with ,
I just felt instantly at ease . so thanks a lot ladies .

Angel, remember that day we were out for lunch with you and Annewan gave me my brolly back, the one I left in her car two years ago.

As it was raining today I had it out with me when we went down to the Good Friday Service in the Chapel. When we arrived home I remembered I had left it at the back of the Chapel to dry off and I came home without it. wacko.gif
Hopefully I will get it back tomorrow. rolleyes.gif

I do remember that Heather , and I hope you won't have to wait another two years for it's return , You might get a bit wet by that time. biggrin.gif
Happy Easter to you and your family . God bless
Angel I do have another brolly I bought years ago in America. It is cream with tiny Shamrocks all over it and I guard it with my life as a couple of the Irish women I know have threatened to swipe it off me if they get the chance. laugh.gif
Come on guys no pictures of your wee meet. I am looking forward to ours in Toronto, its become an annual event and I love it. As you said Angel its so easy when you meet folks from back home and we all have something in common being from Scotland. Can't beat it.

Isobel , Anne did post a couple of photos
on Dear Diary , eg. unless they have been barred . biggrin.gif tongue.gif

Hoping to see you in Bidaldi's for lunch.
That's great Angel looking forward to meeting you .I am going to take a look and see if I can find them.
A sunny cold and windy day here , My son came over and cut the grass and
did the edging , also took the car to the , " Do it yourself car wash "
I'm being spoiled today , I think I could get used to that . biggrin.gif hope all of you had a nice Easter .
I had a walk around Parkhead Forge today looking for new shoes but could not find anything I liked.

I then headed to the Retail Park to Currys for a battery for my Wireless Mouse but the assistant was not sure what kind of battery I needed. rolleyes.gif Next time I'll take the mouse with me.

Hi, I have my last nightshift of the week tonight, looking forward to my weekend off. Hope you all have a nice weekend x
Hi Joyce, long time no see. smile.gif
I'm off to another dance tonight with a buffet to keep us going. smile.gif
The Hall is only five minutes walk from our house so it's nice and handy. thumbup.gif

I went into the Bank last week to pay in a cheque from our Building Insurance Co. for roof damage done during the storms early on in the year as it was made out to me and get one made out to the Building Co. who did the repairs.
I was asked if I had requested a new Passbook a few days before which I had not. I was told to bring in more identification as our Bank Account had been blocked. So I went in on Monday with more identification and was told the reason for the Account being blocked.

It appears someone went into the Bank a few days before me giving our name and asked for a new Passbook, but they had no identification so no money was paid out and no new Passbook was issued.
In a few days before I went into the Bank, my husband did answer a phone call from a woman given our Bank's name and asking for our Account number which he refused and hung up on her.
The Bank Security are still dealing with it and we can't get any money out until it is all sorted.
I phoned the Building Co. and explained the position to them, telling them the money is there but we will have to wait until the Security position is sorted out, but they will be paid eventually.

We are now puzzled as to who this person was as I think it must be someone who knows us, but also wonder if we accidentally threw anything in the bin with our name and Bank name on it as I usually shred anything personal, so now we will shred every piece of mail to be on the safe side.


Heather ,

sorry to hear about this Heather and it is so difficult
to figure how the low life can get your personal
information , and it does take a lot more than
shredding these days , but i guess it helps .
I will never stop being amazed in the way that the
intended victim is always , to say the least "inconvenienced ".
So now , how long will it take for you to have access
to your account , hope you have a few dollars in your
piggy bank , because the bank will definately not be put out
even if you starve .
Angel dont worry about Heather shes got more than one bank account[several more like it] honest.
Ive had messages on my mobile saying after your accident you are entitled to so much money makes you wonder how they find these things out eh.
Got my bags packed for going home had a good week even if a posed a wee bitty to much, lovely seeing the family but also lovely to go back to your own wee place laugh.gif
Anne , I'm glad to hear that
Heather is really a wealthy wee wuman biggrin.gif
that makes ones life so much easier
so I've been told .

glad that you had a nice time up in Ullapool ,
it is by the way a lovely photo , you have a
safe drive home tomorrow . biggrin.gif
A wealthy wee wumin am I, well it's great to get good news for a change.

The Bank Security called us and have advised us to close the Account and open another. Sounds odd to me and we have to wait for a letter from them to get this all sorted out.

If I get any more bad news I think I will crack up.
I thought it was bad enough going to a Funeral of a friends brother at Christmas. Then last Friday we were at the second Family Funeral in six days. Then my husband' brother phoned the other night to tell him he has been dianosed with Bowel Cancer. Last night we were told another friend is very ill in Hospital and her family have been sent for.
Is this all part of getting old when you feel that everyone around you is dying??
Oh I know what you mean Heather, Jim and I were at a funeral on Tuesday.Saw many old friends from way back. Got introduced to a couple of second wives. Life goes on, but it did make me think.Enjoy every second , on the way home Jim says lets book a wee trip somewhere, I said its only a couple of months since your last wee trip.Maybe I should start taking him to more funerals.What do you think?

Isobel , I think that you should listen to him !
there are times when I
wish that I had
listened to my husband
when we were together , before his death .

The spur of the moment trips ,
like maybe a little weekend down in Boston .
Or even out west for a week or two . cheers , Pat

Isobel, I agree with Angel, go girl go.

If it was me getting that offer you wouldn't see me for dust. I can't get my husband to go anywhere.

So if you don't want to go, tell you husband to stop off at Glasgow Airport and I'll be waiting for him. wink.gif laugh.gif

I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again. ohmy.gif
Well we finally got home from Ullapool after yukky journey the car broke down about 10mls from Perth so we had to wait for AA guy and took about 40mins to fix it so all I wanted was home to my own wee house and a big mug of tea which was magic when I got it. wub.gif thumbup.gif
Thanks girls I know you are all right, but I;m a real home buddy.
Guess what Kathryn had her ultra sound today ,my new grandchild is a girl. We are all so happy for her.

Isobel , thats good news
when is the baby due . biggrin.gif

There you go Anne , the joys of happy motoring
but you are both home safe and sound and
drinking a big mug of tea , What could be better ! biggrin.gif
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