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Full Version: Whit Ye Dae'in The Day?
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It's a beautiful day and my grandson comes for supper ,
which will be fish but meanwhile I am going out for
a wee walk , biggrin.gif

Today I'm not doing to much but I just had a word with my niece
and she is comming round on Thurs. , to check out the christmas
decorations , animated figurines , and such like , that I no longer use. I am hoping that she will like most of this stuff before I take it to the Sallyann , I think it would be great for her as she is now starting her own young family .

Went to doctor´s today- just for a change, as I have had ear problem last few days and my sleep has suffered. She diagnosed a fungal infection and prescribed drops of boric acid in alcohol. Prefer cherries in brandy myself but I will persevere , although I think it will take some days to feel any effect. My left ear has given me problems for years now with tinnitus and throbbing. No good doing a Van Gogh as the problem is internal. La vejez no viene solo !
Ditto Bill, I have had tinnitus in my left ear for years, the kind of sound you hear when holding a shell to your ear.
I have never had an earache in my life, so I don't know where the tinnitus came from.

Been sitting reading most of the day and also made Pancakes.
La vejez no viene solo !

Bill , check out Eric Maisel , You tube unsure.gif

Today I drove my car the first time since I had that bad fall ,the painkillers were so strong and was advised not to drive whilst taking them, just felt total freedom being able to get behind the wheel again, och am easily pleased eh biggrin.gif

God for you Anne , thats the spirit,
Now does this mean that you are driving up
to Ullapool this weekend . biggrin.gif
If my g/daughter doesnt go before her time[27th I will wait till Mon/Tue cant stay to long as Nev has Gartnavel again 12th March going to play it by ear, so looking forward to new baby, cant believe Fraser is 3 in March already.
Are you organised for your trip, not long now biggrin.gif
Glad yer on the move again Anne wub.gif Ah'm goin tae see ma mammy the day tho, so could ye stay off the road until aboot four o'clock? laugh.gif
Rainy and windy here today. I almost got blown away going down to 9-30 am Mass as it's Ash Wednesday.
The Chapel was packed so it took ages for everyone to get ashes.

Going on to Morrisons all you could see was people walking about with black marks on their foreheads and the fish counter in Morrisons was very busy. laugh.gif
annie laurie
Still waiting to hear the results of my Biopsy
Taken last Week,

So I am off to have my hair cut this morning
and paid my car insurance,

{Keep my mind occupied right ?} rolleyes.gif
Annie, were you not told how long it would take to let you know the result??

Are you organised for your trip, not long now

No Anne biggrin.gif Not yet organised , never makes
the slighted difference to me . always panicking
at the last minute , tongue.gif

I've been busy today, took a washing down and hung another washing up then did all the ironing and put it away.

I just sat down here and the g'son comes in on his way home from College and asks me to make him a bowl of porridge, he said he is going to play football and needs fed first.
I asked him why he could not go to his own home round the corner and he just laughed at me. I know fine well he would be told to make it himself so I guess I'm the soft touch. rolleyes.gif
What are grandma's there for?No doubt he will be telling you that you make it better than his mother.

Annie no news is good news. I would say.

A beautiful day here , nothing of interest on the boards ,
so I am going out to do some shopping ,have a little walk about ,
and just take advantage of the sunshine . biggrin.gif
Just finishing off packing for trip to Ullapool for birth of 2nd G/G/ Child, hoping she goes on time and safely. biggrin.gif will keep you up to date
Good luck to you and family. Hope all goes well.

I did have a nice day today , although the weather did turn rather cloudy , Anne hope you have a safe trip and that all goes well . biggrin.gif

I spent the morning cleaning out the clothes closets ,
good job done , now to get them to the , Sally Ann .
maybe tomorrow .
Can you come by and do mine.PLEASE

Ha Ha Isobel , I just can't believe how all those
clothes have shrunk , rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif sad.gif
[quote name='angel' date='27th Feb 2012, 07:09pm' post='3570042']
Ha Ha Isobel , I just can't believe how all those
clothes have shrunk , rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif sad.gif

Isobel , my post is a reference to my Wardrobe .... lol
such as it is !
So whose clothes shrunk Angel, yours or Isobels??
You do know that saying your clothes have shrunk is just a get out from the truth which I dare not mention as I value my head. laugh.gif

I was out this morning and it's very mid outside.
I went to the Hairdresser to get my hair cut and she scalped me. I can barely get my hair around the thinnest of tongs. I am thinking of asking my g'son for a loan of his hair gel then I can go all modern as I think I would look great with my hair spiked up. ohmy.gif

I'm offf to the UCM tonight as we are having a Speaker, speaking on what I do not know. rolleyes.gif


Heather I would never touch your head , it's only those folks whom I consider to be meddling or sarcasm / wit , that is insulting and not humorous ,
and no Heather it is my clothes that have shrunk biggrin.gif
Haircuts , I had the worst haircut of my life two weeks ago , it's so bad ,
I just might change my mind about my trip , I even went to another hairdresser to see what she could salvage and it did cost a fortune ,
maybe we had the same hairdresser doing her rounds ,
for me it's a strand of hair at a time , I am so Angry about it. mad.gif
Anyway , hope you have an interesting evening .

Ah come on now Angel, your hair will have grown in the next few weeks, if not we can always have a laugh at it. wink.gif
Now I am in danger of the block. wub.gif

My hair grows quite quick, so I think in about three weeks it will look ok.
I did tell the girl to cut it short, but we were so busy chatting and having a laugh I did not pay attention to how much hair she was cutting off. wub.gif
I told her how to cut my hair , but I think it must have been my accent laugh.gif
Ah so Angel, you speak with forked tongue. laugh.gif

Och , No me , Kemo Sabe . tongue.gif
I never made it to the UCM tonight.
I just started to eat my dinner and suddenly felt sick, half my dinner went into the bin. I don't know what caused it because Maurice was ok, but a short time later I threw up everything I had eaten.
I'm still feeling a bit queasy so I took some Andrews Salts to see if that helps to settle my stomach.

Oh woe is me. sad.gif

hope you are feeling better by this time and having a decent sleep . smile.gif

My sister and I are going out tomorrow Wed. , we are going stateside ,
doing a little galavanting , although , if My hair has'nt grown
by that time , I'll be wearing a Hijab . biggrin.gif
Just do as I do Angel, wear a hat. I wear one all Winter when I go out.

My favourite for during the week is a wee red one with a skip, not unlike the caps the boys used to wear. I have three of them in different colours.
Then ofcourse I have my Sunday hats. laugh.gif

I did nothing today, just took things easy after last night.

This being sick is an ongoing problem which started when my mum died. It goes away for a while then starts up again for no reason.

Enjoy your day tomorrow Angel. smile.gif
Let me tell you my closet is getting quite empty. Two bags for the sally Al.I cant believe all these clothes have shrunk.Tomorrow I need to really work out at the exercise class.Angel I am having my hair cut on Friday. It also need coloured I am getting so grey.Heather I had no idea you could still buy Andrews liver salts. That was my dads cure fore everything. He would say you need a good clean out. We all laughed at that one, because he was usually right.

Isobel , over the years I have tried all of those excercise classes , even diets , but that never worked for me , "I just like food , all types " , laugh.gif
However there was a peiod in my life , maybe for about 5/6 yrs.
where I lost a tremendous amount of weight due to stress and worry because of the situation
regarding my aging parents life in dear old Glasgow , and then I finally
was able to quit smoking about 16/17 yrs ago , after umpteen attemps
during my life , and of course gained a lot of weight , and never been able to lose since then , but I consider being a non smoker after a lifetime
of it , to have been a great success , and these days by walking and swimming I just try to keep myself as fit as I can , and reconcile myself to
enjoying my food and that I don't have to be thin to be fit .


Enjoy your day tomorrow Angel.

Thank you Heather , we had a lovely day , mind you, the weather was'nt that great but we went in and out of the stores , bought a few treasures ,
had a lovely lunch and of course spent to much money , biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


Anne , how are things doing within your family circle at this time biggrin.gif
Angel your quite right to spend your money, why die and leave it for others to spend. Be good to yourself.
I don't stint myself, if I like it, if I can afford it, I buy it. smile.gif

I finished off my blue sweater and it's now washed and ready for wearing.
I have quite a lot of the red and blue wool left over so I have started knitting a childs aran sweater with the red wool. I'll use the blue wool up the same way and put them away for the Chapel coffee and sale morning in December.

Apparently I missed a good night at the UCM on Tuesday night.
The Speaker cancelled so they spoke about the UCM in Uddingston who have invited us to their St. Patricks night on 14th March.
We are going to the Edinburgh Festival in August, then to Knock, Ireland in October. smile.gif
St. John's Evangelical Church which is practically next door to our Chapel are having a knees up on the 20th April to raise money for their Church funds.
We support each others Church this way. In fact I was kidding the woman who is organising it that she should stand outside the Chapel on a Sunday to sell her tickets. laugh.gif
rolleyes.gif gauin tae fix a generator this mornin (keeps damaging the brushes)auld guy77y.o needs it tae run his air con as it has been 40+deg here,he wont go near local mechanic coz hes a rip off merchant dry.gif wombat will fix it.for a bottle of scotch.
Well done Wombat. Enjoy the whisky. smile.gif

Hi Heather , well you have a nice little summer lined up for yourselves
I do hope that the weather will be really nice for you .
And Wombat do't you get drunk , Ok.

It's been a lovely morning here , temps around 7/8'C ,
so I decided to get out in the backyard and do a tidy up .
After my lunch
which is Grilled Cheese and bacon , biggrin.gif I am going
outside again as the weekend weather is'nt too promising .

How right you are about yesterday, a beautiful day here. Then last night the wind started up,it was awful during the night I felt like my house was creaking and cracking. At one point I was scared the bedroom window (large window) was going to blow in on us. still very windy here today. Now they are saying perhaps rain. Anything but rain please, hate it.Going over to my daughters place today ,she is starting to pack up and get her house ready to put on the market. She has been at it for weeks. Its hard when you are working and have two kids. They have so much stuff there for these girls. I guess all the kids are the same. My girls did not have anything like what the kids MUST HAVE today.Way to much, the kids don't know what to play with.
I also went yesterday to have my hair cut and coloured. Like many others my thick hair is thinning. My sister has a great head of hair but last year she bought a beautiful wig. Honest to god its so light and looks like her own hair. She has since bought another. One of my friends who is right now on holiday in Ireland went home with two. If you look up Vogue wigs you will see the stock they have fantastic and they are so light weight you forget you have it on. My sister wore it to our CWL Christmas dinner and many were saying where did you get your hair done Jean its beautiful. We were all laughing because Jean didn't want to lie but neither did she want to tell them it was a wig.I will try and put a link up.I am for sure going to get one for my holiday's. Going through a full day on the beach its nice to be able to pop the wig on at night.
Well Isobel according to my Hairdresser my hair is too thick and that is why she thinned it leaving me with a short back and sides. At least it's tidy if too short, but a couple of weeks will cure it.

I went out and picked up some of dead plants in the back garden today. It looks a mess as I lost a lot of plants last Winter so I will have to get some more this Summer and getting it looking tidy again. The same applies to the front garden.
Heather what is UCM? Hope you dont mind me asking.

As they say ladies , I'm just hanging out biggrin.gif did'nt get much sleep last night because of the high winds , also the wind blew open my storm door,
it was closed but not locked , but luckily the glass did not break ,
also I keep my patio table out all year covered with a weather protector
but the wind caught it , and turned the table upside down , again the glass top was not broken , smile.gif The wind does seem to have lessened now , I did'nt have to much damage , thank goodeness .
Angel, join the Clan, I did not much sleep either and don't know what a good nights sleep is.

Isobel, UCM> Union of Catholic Mothers.

I'm just finished making a pot of soup for tomorrow. Now what other mischief can I get up to?? laugh.gif

I'm just finished making a pot of soup for tomorrow. Now what other mischief can I get up to??

Heather , how about making the rest of your dinner biggrin.gif

It's around lunch time here and I have already spent most of the morning on Skype , speaking with family in N.Z., Aussie , England
and Scotland and a dear friend in the States , and of course my son , who is working in Italy and then onto Bulagaria and is based at this tme is England , he should be away for about 2/3 months depending on how this job turns out . biggrin.gif

I had a pretty good Mon. morning , firstly , the weather is beautiful
lovely sunshine , Temp . around -7/8 'C .
bought myself a new pair of Jeans over the weekend ,and I had to take them this morning to have the hem taken up ,
" just now my sewing Machine is giving me problems " .. but having to
get the hem taken up on pants for me is such a plus in my life , biggrin.gif .
Took a couple of articles to the cleaners and also Had an appointment
with the dentist ,... checked out my travel sickness insurance and now I am waiting for my grandson comming for supper . A very good day ,
all is as it should be . biggrin.gif
Curled up with a book, nothing great but readable then went out and did some gardening. Hoeing the borders and pulling out tons of weeds.

Now I have to think about what new Evergreen plants to buy.
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